Sunday, 20 November 2016

Trump anti-gay supreme court candidate appeared in gay mag - NSFW

My my how the world turns. I saw this a while back but it's very interesting now as the guy is on Trumps list of candidates for the supreme court of the US. 

Meet Bill Pryor (above), who is vehemently anti-gay. He wants to make US gays having sex in their home illegal and punishable by law. Only thing is, he's posed nude (allegedly) for gay magazine Badpuppy way back in his college days. Badpuppy back then was hardly known.

Of course he denies it, but others have confirmed it was indeed of him. Not to mention that you can tell it's him just by looking at the pics.
What is the public to make of revelations that Pryor once was featured on a gay porn Web site? It clearly raises questions about rank hypocrisy, dating to the beginnings of Pryor's political career. It also raises the specter of Pryor being ethically compromised to the point that he is the victim of not-so-subtle blackmail, forced to participate in rulings that he knows are unlawful, at risk of his secrets being revealed. Most importantly, federal nominees typically are asked during the confirmation process about potentially embarrassing or compromising information in their backgrounds. If Pryor failed to disclose the gay-porn photographs, or did not answer a specific question truthfully under oath, it could be grounds for a Senate investigation. 

G. Thomas Porteous Jr., a federal judge in Louisiana, was removed from the bench in 2010, and one of the articles of impeachment against him involved charges that he intentionally misled the Senate during his confirmation process. 
Alabama law-enforcement officials became aware of the photos at in 1997, not long before Governor Fob James appointed Pryor attorney general. An investigation ensued, and multiple officials familiar with that process have told Legal Schnauzer that the photos are, in fact, of the Bill Pryor who now sits on the U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Sources say the photos were taken while Pryor was a student at Northeast Louisiana University (now University of Louisiana Monroe) from 1980 to 1984. Legal Schnauzer
That's from 2013, I have no idea what's happened about it since then. Surely though that to be a candidate for the US supreme court there would be serious investigations into his appointment as a judge in the first place?

Bill Pryor, on
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