Saturday, 25 February 2017

"We've got your back" - NRA head to Trump (video)

I know it's a 20 minute video, but rarely will you see such a display of Orwellian psychotic speaking. It's full of Doublespeak from Trump's Ministry of Truth. A stunning example of the fascist's takeover of the White House, the presidency, and the sheeple following it all. Honestly, I'm loath to use the Nazi thing, but this is Nazi-ism.

I spent the 22 minutes watching this in disbelief and almost shock. It was heavy with propaganda rhetoric, void of reality. It was almost preaching an ideology, using key words and phrases to demonise the left as enemies of the US. 

The most disturbing thing is that this man is a powerful member of the conservatives and holds much sway over the White House. I'm so glad I'm not an American right now, it would scare the fuck out of me.

Slovenia gets marriage equality, while Australia still waits

Whilst Australian LGBT continue to wait for the Lieberals and Turnbull to recognise our human rights, marriage equality is moving forward in other countries. Some to the great embarrassment of Australia which is still lagging behind the modern world. It's shocking that in 2017 David and I are still considered second class citizens under the marriage act, when Australia used to be such a forward socially progressive country.

The latest country to get marriage equality is Slovenia. I didn't even know where that was apart from eastern Europe and had to look it up. 

Yes folks, Slovenia has beaten Australia to marriage equality, whilst Australia is held captive to the far right bitter middle aged white christian back benchers of the federal gov.
Slovenia permitted same-sex marriages for the first time from Friday under a law giving gay couples largely the same rights as heterosexuals though barring them from jointly adopting children.

The head of the unit in charge of weddings in Slovenia's second largest city Maribor, Ksenija Klampfer, told Reuters the first lesbian wedding would take place there on Saturday.

"We are very happy and proud that we will perform the first same-sex wedding. We believe that such marriages are an important step towards formation of an inclusive society where people have equal rights," Klampfer said.
A number of other European Union states have legally recognised same-sex marriages, including Britain, France and Spain, but the issue remains contentious in many other EU countries. Reuters

Friday, 24 February 2017

Peter Dutton for PM? - Abbott WTF? files (video)

The Lieberals are at war folks, repeating the mistakes of the previous Gillard/Rudd gov. Abbott has gone to the press undermining prime minister Turnbull saying his gov is drifting to defeat at the next election. In doing so he's come up with insane plans to bring the gov back.

He wants to get rid of the Australian Human Rights Commission (in keeping with his christianity there) and also the "theology" of climate change (in other words he still thinks "climate change is crap"). He actually believes that this is what Australians want, and that the Lieberals are drifting too far left and becoming "Labor Lite". Such is the delusion world in which he lives.

Of course this has caused an eruption in the media against Abbott by fellow members of the federal gov. Most notably finance minister Cormann, once a staunch ally of Abbotts, ripping in to Abbott in an interview which he called Abbott's media stirring "sad", the word picked up and used by Turnbull as well against Abbott.

But if that wasn't enough proof of Abbott's psychotic state, rumours are that Abbott is pushing for Peter Dutton to become prime minister, giving him gushing praise. Watch him describe Dutton as some kind of saint or something. What fuckin planet is Abbott on?  


NRA says it will defend Trump - armed Trump-etes attend town hall meetings (video)

Only in America....
In news from behind the wall, the NRA has released a propaganda video claiming that those who protest against Trump are simply in to making trouble and anarchy. The solution? The NRA says they are.

Caitlyn Jenner calls Republican Trump bullies "sick" - video

Team Trump has decided to get rid of the Obama law that protects transgender students in schools saying they can use the toilet of their choice.

In response to this Jenner, also a Republican (yes being LGBT goes across politics) calls the bullies weak and sick, and points out that Trump promised to protect the LGBT. She ends with telling Trump "Call me".

Thursday, 23 February 2017

An honest story of using Ice (video)

This video isn't about me but somebody else that's used it. They tell their story in the most honest of ways.

That said, I've been there. I worked full time and used it. And no I didn't fall to bits at work, but I did have issues on the Tuesday after a weekend with no sleep. At times I would go from Friday after work to Sunday night without sleep. The dealer was fucking me so most of it was free. Enough said.

I always look back on those times as an escape from reality. I just couldn't deal with life at the time. I've wondered on occasion if I'd still be alive today if I'd not had that escape then? Who knows? I hate to say it but the ice I had along with the sex got my mind off everything for three days at a time, and perhaps it did help me to not top myself.

However I've always been a strong person as far as drugs go, and whenever I wanted to stop I simply did. I've known druggies that couldn't, and I never understood that. I stopped Ice on my own, no help. I just decided I'd had enough.

Today I don't want to go near Ice. Enough was enough. 

Discrimination issue with bouncer update - further snowball

I'm supposed to keep all this confidential, but fuck that. This isn't a big blog and I'm quite happy to update the situation on my little corner of the internet. I will however not mention the name of the pub in this here post; those who've been reading for a while will know which one I'm talking about on Oxford St.

So things have been moving along in the past 3 or so months with the anti-discrimination board. 

To recap, because David was barred over more venues after the homophobic thug bouncer discriminated against me (saying to David "You can come in but I'm not letting that fag in" referring to me) and David was involved in a shouting argument with said bouncer post that, the bouncer then got him barred at other venues at the top of the Oxford St "gay mile". The anti-discrimination board has deemed that as victimisation, and made it a second complaint along with the first incident.

They contacted the pub where the first incident happened which replied, the letter of reply being forwarded to us in snail mail. It was mostly rhetoric about how wonderful the pub was, as well as the wonderful bouncer who the management couldn't imagine such behaviour from such a saintly person. It included lies that David had been at the pub earlier that day and was too pissed to be admitted (he wasn't, which we produced the Opal bus record of when we both got to Oxford St that day) and he was allowed to come in anyway. It was me refused entry not him

There was nothing addressing the pelting down the road at David making us think he was going to hit him, with the other bouncer stopping him.

The letter, as well as trying to smooth over the incident, attempted to demonise David by saying he'd been trouble there before (WTF?) and that David in the yelling argument was just the sort of behaviour that they didn't want him to do. Again, David wasn't refused entry, I was. David has been going there for 20yrs and has never been refused entry or barred from another drink.

Needless to say my reply to the letter was particularly factual and cutting, after the initial hysterical laughter just about picking myself up from the floor. I ended the letter with the words that a friendly pub (let alone a gay friendly pub) would listen to it's long term clients and try to resolve the matter to their satisfaction, not double down against them siding with a thug bouncer.

And finally, the pub has been forced to inform the anti-discrimination board of the company that the security guard was from, along with the names of those on duty that night. Hence there are now two more complaints along with the discrimination and victimisation associated with the pub. The two more complaints are to the security company that the bouncer is employed at. 

The board has now contacted said security company after this guy, wanting a written statement of his version of that night. Being the thug he is I'd guess that might be quite a challenge, as I think his knuckles are dragging on the ground.

He's going to bloody shit himself. No sympathy here. I hope he loses his job over it. He's got no right to be working as a security guard IMO.  

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Brain injured, amputee, denied Disability Support Pension - Australia (video)

You can only assume this gov is about killing people. We've already had a suicide of a robodept victim, now we have further examples of the gov putting people on the unsurvivable Newstart when they're demonstrably unable to work.

In this case a person with brain damage and and amputee. What effect being denied the DSP by a person with brain damage on their mental health isn't known but I'd say extremely predictable; severe depression and all that goes with that. The man has worked all his life.

Perhaps he could now reapply with depression being a factor in his disability as well? 

Whatever the case, I can't help coming back to the politicians and how easy it is for them to get their entitlements. Why can't they go though Centrelink like the rest of us? Why can't they be under the same stringent bullshit as us pawns?

“While I accept that your right, dominant hand is non-functional as a result of the amputation, there is no objective medical evidence to indicate that there is a severe functional impact on activities like turning the pages of a book, using a pen or pencil or using a keyboard or carrying most objects with your functional arm,’’ the officer said.

The department believed he could work at least 15 hours a week in a sedentary role and put him on Newstart.

His wife Sue said there was no way her husband could go to work with his disabilities.

She said she very much doubted an employer would take him on at his age with his medical conditions.

Another setback was he could not drive.

“It’s ridiculous and we suspect it is all to do with the Disability Pension being more than unemployment benefits. DSP is around $725 per fortnight and Newstart is $488 per fortnight.

“He has worked and paid taxes all his life and this is how the government treats him. He now feels disenfranchised. Courier Mail

The Milo problem.....Ugh!

I'm so disgusted with this man I don't know where to start. I only post the video of him to show what he said (there are others BTW).

His latest bla is that he's trying to gloss over and apologise for using his free American speech to endorse paedophilia, but to me that's unacceptable. The guy needs to humble up and get some serious psychological help.

One of the most galling things that he said was that paedophilia among gay men and 13 year old boys was going on more than anywhere else in society. That may have been his experience in his personal life, but it's not the experience in the gay world. Did the priest identify as straight?.....

For him to say, in his media position across the globe, that paedophilia is more common in the gay world than others is false and treasonous to the LGBT. How dare he! It perpetuates the lie that gays are paedophiles, the lie that has seen us demonised for untold times in history. It's not true, as the video below shows (which I will post yet again for the benefit of those who may not have seen it before). Saying gay are paedophiles is one of the lowest insults I've ever come across, after bringing up my daughter. Vile on so many levels.

He has made his popularity out of being a troll and using "free speech" to offend people for his own entertainment and clicks. He has thrived on demonising others (like transgenders who he recently said were suffering a psychological condition). He's taken great celebration in doing so. Are we now supposed to accept an apology from this sicko asshole trying to save his career?

The LGBT will be the last to feel any sort of sympathy for him. He's used his far right politics to have a go at us; if you have a go at one section of us you have a go at all of us. That's how the LGBT works. Queers stick together no matter what our queerness. Across the world. 

This guy is some kind of mentally twisted fuckwit who's used the modern media to make his own insulting fame. He's a fleck on the skirt of the LGBT. He's not one of us. He's mentally ill needing treatment, and not at all worthy of the position he's managed to get.

I'm sure there would be many other Milo type people in therapy. They just haven't had the drive, tenacity, and pure luck to end up where Milo did. I hope none of them ever do.

Taiwan's push for marriage equality (video)

Taiwan may well become the first country in Asia to get marriage equality. Here's an add from there supporting it :)

Love and acceptance; simple.....

A world of back pain

It started 3 days ago, this being the third. Felt some discomfort in my middle back to one side and by the next day I was pretty much crippled with pain. Hard to say but I think it got worse yesterday, or at least it was a worst day. Felt like I'd been stabbed or something. Hurt to breath and a cough was agony with sharp intense pain shooting. Lying down seemed to make it hurt more, with a couple of nights back me getting only a half hours sleep from it. Moving about the house was also very hard as just the slightest movement the wrong way and I'd be shouting out in pain.

This morning I'd managed to sleep most of the night thankfully, and the pain seems slightly duller than before. I'm hoping I'm through the worst of it. 

Seeing my doctor tomorrow (I have to as I need a few prescriptions) and that will definitely be a thing in the visit. There was a while back too this happened, I put it down to some kind of severe muscle spasms. They can be extremely painful, but this pain is bloody out there.

Pain is very isolating I noticed yesterday. Suddenly my whole world was about this crippling pain and I retreated into myself, human interaction became outside of the pain bubble I was in. Must of been the expression on my face, David kept asking "are you OK?" Didn't want to worry him but being a nurse he was quite aware of what I was experiencing.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Robodept: "Just contact Centrelink" - Brandis :s

What an astonishing display of ineptitude and being hopelessly out of touch with average Australians, by George Brandis last night on the ABC's Question and Answer. After all the public furor about robodept and people being unable to get through to Centrelink over it, often waiting hours on hold, and after a 20yr old man suicided over it, Brandis says if you want to question the debt "Just contact Centrelink".

There was immediate laughter from the audience, but Brandis seemed unaware of why and kept going, digging himself in further and further. He goes on to say a bit later "Or you can visit your local Centrelink office"!

Far out. Is he on drugs? Does he not realise that Centrelink will send you home telling you you have to ring up or do it on line? Does he honestly think that you can casually call Centrelink and get through within minutes?

I think politicians should have to go through Centrelink to get their entitlements. Why not? It's public money. Let them suffer under the microscope like the rest of us plebs. 

Monday, 20 February 2017

ANZ Bank says for gays to hold hands in public :)

As it's near Mardi Gras time for the year the ANZ Bank has put out an add for gay people to hold each other's hands in public. Interesting.

One thing about Oxford St's "gay mile" if you're sitting in one of the pubs and can see outside, you've never seen so many straight couples holding hands. It's as if they're trying to make some sort of statement. You just don't see such a display in other areas of Sydney.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

F-35 can't fly near lightning storms - lemon files

Far out, what a bloody lemon. You could throw a rock and it'd fly better than this monstrosity.

So the new wiz bang F-35 lemons can't fly within 40km of a lightning storm. That number again, 40km. If they do they may have their fuel tanks ignite. Lovely. So all an enemy plane would have to do to get away I guess is to fly near a storm? *sheesh*

There's also the previously reported problems that it can't turn fast enough etc. 

Thankfully the gov here appears to strangely cautious, very unlike the gung ho Abbott. Still, I dunno why they just don't cancel the whole deal. What a dead set waste of money. And they're going after poverty stricken welfare recipients for money FFS. 

US Air Force Lieutenant General Chris Bogdan, who heads the US military's $16 billion JSF program, admits the F-35 Lightning II jet can't fly within 40km of a lightning storm because its fuel tanks could ignite.

"Will this problem occur in the future? No, because we have the known fixes for it and we will fix it," Lt-Gen told ABC TV.

The Lockheed Martin JSF is a fifth-generation combat aircraft featuring stealth capability - low visibility to radar - and advanced sensors to detect enemy aircraft.

But the program has experienced technical problems, rising costs and delays.

Australia is looking to acquire up to 100 JSFs to form the backbone of the RAAF air combat fleet.

So far, the federal government has firmly committed to just two.

But in last year's budget the government deferred signing a deal for the next 12 aircraft for two years.

A JSF critic, US defence analyst Pierre Sprey, told the ABC the JSF was inferior to the widely used F-16 - an aircraft dating from the early 1970s which remains in production.

"We have an airplane that can't turn to escape fighters, can't turn to escape missiles, sluggish in acceleration because it's so big and fat and draggy and doesn't have enough motor for the weight," he said.

"My prediction is the airplane will become such an embarrassment that it will be cancelled before 500 airplanes are built."

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Midnight Oil have reformed for a world tour! *faints* - video


Midnight Oil, compete with Peter Garrett and his maniac moves, have reformed for a world tour, complete with all new songs singing about what there's a lot to sing about presently! *faints*

Peter Garrett way for a time my local member in the Kingsford Smith Electorate, but he joined Labor to do that and was a totally hopeless sellout back then. I could tell so as most of what I pulled him up about near the end where just form letters without I heart in it. He resigned after Rudd took over from Gillard as he said Rudd was some kind of megalomaniac or some shit and he just couldn't work with him again. Rudd lost the election BTW to Abbott....

But now he's gone back to his roots, making protest through the Midnight Oil band and all that involves. I'm so looking forward to this!

This is one of my favourites from times past:

Midnight Oil - US Forces by jpdc11

Trans is a "psychiatric disorder" - gay homocon Milo on Bill Mayer show

Being Transgender is no more a "psychiatric disorder" than being gay was in the 1950's. I personally know people who are transgender and they aren't at all like the fuckiwit Milo purports. They are kind loving people who've gone through so many struggles they're lucky to have not suicided in the face of the society they live (especially the US). 

Those I know have monogamous relationships if they have a partner, and they in no way are predators of any kind. The notion that they are is akin to the notion that all gays are paedophiles. We are not; 99% of us are not. The predominant paedophiles identify as straight.

Would you like a straight paedophile pissing next to your young son at the trough?

The same demonisation that happened to gays over a century, the US Republicans have now moved it on to target the transgender people of their country. Despicable. Here in Australia we just can't understand how they could do that. WTF is wrong with these politicists? It's outrageous in 2017.

So here we have this Milo bloke Who evidently Bill Mayer saw fit to have on his show to freely preach his shit.

I've long unsubcribed Mayer from my YouTube feed after he had that dick head Charlie Sheen get on there and give Mayer a full interview about some herbal remedy that was supposed to cure HIV, Mayer in this case also agreed with Milo about transgender people being a danger in toilets. 

No evidence, opinion.

Trump's WTF? press conference (video)

Well all you retards over there that voted for this moronic mentally ill pussy grabbing wannabe, you have to wear this. This is all your fault. Look at the puppet show we have as the "leader" of the free world.

I've watched a few of these Trump presser WTF? videos from over there, but this one was the funniest :)

Centrelink robodebt victim suicides

Are you happy now Tudge and Porter, in that rarefied atmosphere inside your parliament bubble?

Sadly, a popular young man has suicided, his family and loved ones claiming it was an $18,000 Centrelink robodebt that pushed him over the edge. Like many of us he suffered mental illness; severe depression and panic attacks. He wasn't good with money because of this and completely unable to deal with the supposed debt. He bore the brunt of the robodept system, getting harassed with continual letters and the outsourced merciless debt collectors that Centrelink let take over the debt, despite the fact that Centrelink records showed his vulnerable condition. 

I'd say it was only a matter of time before somebody suicided over this. Perhaps it's not even the first one, but it's the first one I've seen reported.

His girlfriend had begun screening his mail. The letters were too much. They were inducing panic. Rhys Cauzzo was 28 years old, a musician and florist living in Melbourne. Cauzzo suffered severe depression, for which he was medicated. It was a condition he shared with his mother. Late last year, he began receiving aggressive letters from a debt collection agency called Dun and Bradstreet. They represented the Department of Human Services, which demanded the “immediate” repayment of almost $18,000 paid to him by Centrelink. The letters made clear that failure to do so might trigger legal action, or the “garnishing” of his wages.

He was sick and incredulous. In a private notebook, he doodled a man with a gun in his mouth – behind the figure, instead of blood, was a spray of dollar signs. His girlfriend, Brit, tried to help, ensuring letters weren’t overlooked in Cauzzo’s increasing unwillingness to inspect them. Meanwhile, Cauzzo called his mother, Jenny Miller, who lived on the Sunshine Coast. The two were close, and during what she called his “dark times” she had often flown down to see him. “He rang me distressed,” she told me. “I told him he needed to go in and talk to them. And he did that. In the meantime, Dun and Bradstreet were making demands for money within seven days. People with severe depression don’t handle financial pressure. And these numbers didn’t make sense. He was always anal about keeping financial records.”

The anxiety wasn’t just with the amount owed, or the aggression with which it was demanded – it was the fact that the amount requested seemed fantastical. “It made absolutely no sense to him,” Brit says.

In January, in letters of demand seen by The Saturday Paper, the debt collection agency had revised its figure to $10,283.81. Neither Brit nor Jenny is sure why Centrelink had suddenly made a significant reduction to the alleged debt. Such revision has been frequent in the department’s so-called robo-debt system.

The debt collection agency visited Cauzzo’s home on January 3. They received no answer, and left a calling card in the letterbox: “Need to speak to you about an urgent matter.”

On January 26, Cauzzo went out with Brit and friends to see some bands. Brit says he was a “little distant” but otherwise fine. When they returned home, Brit and some housemates left to get dinner. Cauzzo stayed home. They were only gone an hour. When they returned, they found Cauzzo’s body. “He didn’t leave a note,” Brit tells me. “It wasn’t planned. It was a flip.” The Saturday Paper

Teens blackmailed men on gay dating apps caught - one man suicided, Canberra

Thanks to the friend on Twitter for the tip.

I don't have a smart phone myself, neither does David. Even if I did I'd be very wary of these gay hook up apps where you meet up with a perfect stranger. You just don't know what you might be getting into. I'm sorry I'm just old fashioned, I prefer going to the pub and getting pissed to meet someone :)  At least it's face to face. That's how I met David, wasn't planned or anything, we just hit it off straight away.

Some gays seem very casual about the apps however, like it's another part of their lives and no big deal. Those sorts of people are open about their use of the apps and wouldn't be open to blackmail. Everyone knows about it anyway.

However others, for whatever reason, want it all to be discreet. It's these sorts of people that were targeted by 4 teenagers in Canberra. Hook ups arranged but after they met the men they saw were threatened with friends and family being told unless they coughed up money. Likely I guess in unsafe situation with violence threatened along with it? The cops usually don't tell the media everything, especially with an ongoing court case.

Sadly, one man has suicided over it. They might as well have used a bullet IMO.

All the teenagers have been denied bail.

One of the most outrageous things about it all is that the youths claimed they were "targeting paedophiles". FFS, 99% of paedophiles identify as straight.

The amounts demanded ranged from $150 to $1,000.

A 15-year-old, two 16-year-olds and an 18-year-old appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court today, where each was denied bail.

Police told the court one of the alleged victims in New South Wales had taken his own life.

The court heard other victims had been identified by material found on social media and other accounts belonging to the group, as well as stolen mobile phones.

But police told the court most were reluctant to complain, because of embarrassment.

The court heard one of the boys told police the people they were targeting were paedophiles.

Police argued against bail, citing concerns there could be a risk of interference with evidence or witnesses.

Magistrate Margaret Hunter agreed, rejecting arguments from the lawyer for the 18-year-old that he was only charged over one of the incidents and had nothing to do with the alleged victim who had died.

"This appears to be a gang scamming this unfortunate individual," Magistrate Hunter said. ABC

Friday, 17 February 2017

One Nation candidate attacked gays, Muslims, blacks, Indonesians on Twitter

Another One Nation wack job in the coming Western Australia election. Where on earth are they finding all these fringe dwellers? Remember, the Lieberals are giving One Nation candidates their preferences for this election.

Richard Eldridge used to have a Twitter account under the name of "Ned Kelly" which is now deactivated. Not before he had some rather controversial things to say however.

"The Adani Files" - GetUp (video)

GetUp has put together a comprehensive and detailed report into Adani's history of serious environmental disaster and tax dodging.

It's madness to give this company $1 billion of taxpayers money and let them loose on the Great Barrier Reef. The gov doesn't even know which Adani tax dodging subsidiary the $1 billion would go to.

The Adani Files are here.

You can also share The Adani Files with your local MP here.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

"Alliance Defending Freedom" listed as anti gay hate group - Abbott made speech there 2016

At this point cast your mind back to Jan 2016, and the furor here in Australia at Tony Abbott attending a meeting at the US based Alliance Defending Freedom to make an anti-gay speech in New York. It was well documented in the news here thus:
Former prime minister Tony Abbott has told a conservative Christian group in the United States that allowing same-sex couples to wed will contribute to "the erosion of family", a stance that drew a swift rebuke from his openly gay sister Christine Forster.

Fairfax Media revealed this week that Mr Abbott would travel to New York to speak on "the importance of family" to the far right Alliance Defending Freedom group.

In the speech Mr Abbott declared that "we need less ideology and more common sense" but reaffirmed his strong opposition to same-sex marriage. He urged policy makers to pass on the institution of marriage "undamaged" to future generations and said most children would prefer to be raised by a mother and father. Sydney Morning Herald
Well now the US Southern Poverty Law Center has added the Alliance Defending freedom to it's list of anti-LGBT hate groups.
The Southern Poverty Law Center on Wednesday announced it has designated an anti-LGBT legal organization as a hate group.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which is based in Montgomery, Ala., describes the Alliance Defending Freedom as “a legal advocacy and training group that specializes in supporting the recriminalization of homosexuality abroad, ending same-sex marriage and generally making life as difficult as possible for LGBT communities in the U.S. and internationally.” The Southern Poverty Law Center on Wednesday also released a series of anti-LGBT statements that current and former Alliance Defending Freedom staffers and their supporters have made. Washington Blade
So there it is. Our prime minister of two years spoke at a hate group. What a disgusting vile party it is that we now find governing us. And they fuckin call themselves christians FFS. 

Gov threatens tax hikes if $4billion welfare cuts are blocked (video)

Well here we go. Us on welfare who dare to pay rent and eat, will be further demonised by this gov as the cause of tax increases.

The gov has chucked a hissy fit about it's $4billion cuts to welfare getting shot down in flames in the senate, and threatened Australians with tax increases unless the senate changes it's mind and passes it's cuts. Such is their so called negotiating skill :s

No word however on the $50billion it want to give to corporations, or that the gov is spending like 10 Labor drunken sailors. No word on their fiscal incompetence. Nothing about getting rid of the carbon tax and mining tax. Nope, they want to gouge us welfare dependents to bail them out of the mess they've gotten themselves into.

"Obviously, in the final analysis, if the Parliament were not to pass spending reductions, if the Parliament were not to legislate savings, then we need to ensure that we bring the budget back to balance and that we pay for government spending then, of course, tax increases become the only option."

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said it was a "penetrating glimpse of the obvious" that "those who oppose savings measures are by definition supporting tax increases, if you assume that they want to bring the budget back into balance".

The government argues that the NDIS was an "empty promise" not fully funded by the former Labor government.

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen accused Mr Morrison of having a "massive tantrum" in response to its Senate difficulties.

The pathetic irony of the government threatening tax rises when they are also promising a $50 billion tax cut for big business seems to escape this government," he said. The Age

Senate rejects religious discrimination on marriage equality

A cross party senate inquiry has moved forward on marriage equality co-operatively, and rejected proposed discrimination against gays by secular celebrants who have religious views against gay marriage. 

Those taking part in the inquiry have been buoyed by the level of agreement across party lines, and so encouraged that marriage equality may actually come to pass in this term of gov.

Personally I can't see it happening, but I hope I'm wrong. I still think that the only way to achieve marriage equality is to get rid of this gov.

A Senate inquiry into marriage equality has unanimously rejected several proposed forms of discrimination against LGBTI people, including the ability for civil celebrants to reject their weddings.

The Senate committee on the government’s same-sex marriage bill exposure draft released its consensus report on Wednesday, winning praise from advocates and raising hopes of cross-party co-operation to legislate it in this term of parliament.

The report recommends creating a new category of independent religious celebrants who would be allowed to refuse to marry couples on the basis of the celebrant’s religious belief.

Civil celebrants would be required to marry any couples that are legally allowed. Ministers of religion would retain their current right to refuse weddings on grounds of sex, sexuality and family status.

The committee recommended removing the ability to reject same-sex weddings on the basis of “conscientious objection”, noting it was “unprecedented” to allow the concept to justify discrimination against a class of people.

However, the ability to reject gay weddings based on religious beliefs, including for “religious bodies and organisations”, would remain. The Guardian

ACL wants "gay panic" defence kept in Queensland :s


A petition by a Catholic priest that has gained nearly 300,000 signatures has been the catalyst for Queensland to finally get rid of the "gay panic" defence for murder, which is still on the books and still being used. The gay panic defence is that a man can claim a gay person came on to him and he panicked and therefore killed the gay. The murder charge can then be dropped to manslaughter.

You'd think this was a no brainer to get rid of such an anachronistic and discriminatory law, but incredibly the Australian Christian Lobby has made a submission wanting to keep it. How the hell getting rid of it would be discriminatory to women as the ACL asserts is completely beyond my comprehension.

The defence has been used by people accused of murder to claim they were provoked by an unwanted gay sexual advance, reducing their criminal responsibility to manslaughter, and allowing the perpetrator to avoid life in jail.

But Australian Christian Lobby Queensland state director Wendy Francis said that if the partial defence was removed it would mean we were saying "groping a woman is OK" as the legislation was already gender neutral.

"We are actually removing something that at the moment, groping a woman is not OK," she said.

"I think there are unintended consequences."

Mrs Francis, speaking at a parliamentary committee hearing on Wednesday, said the ACL opposed the changes to the legislation, saying they were dangerous, particularly for women. Brisbane Times
Honestly, What The Fuck? What is wrong with these people?

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Gays use "Nazi-style mind control" - One Nation candidate, WA (video)

Hanson and "gays use Nazi mind control " Michelle Meyers
OMG! I'm being Nazi mind controlled by teh gayz!
Update: One Nation has yet to distance itself from Meyers.

OMG! They're on to us! Our evil plot has been revealed!

You see, according to this Western Australia One Nation candidate (apparently personally vetted by Pauline Hanson herself) is convinced that we LGBT are using Nazi mind control techniques to convince Australia of marriage equality. I kid you not. Honestly, I've just been able to stop laughing to the point of being almost breathless!

This despite the fact that the Nazi's reviled gays in concentration camps thinking we were all sicko mental fucks.

Michelle Meyers has declared in Facebook posts of hers, that this is so, taking on the WA seat of Bateman in the soon to be state election there. 

OMG! Do I really have this mind control power? Just lay your hands on the PC darlings mind control recipients, and let the colours run in to your brains..... 

"Are you wondering why even some Christians are being swayed by the gender industry's pitch and push 4 same sex 'marriage' and acceptance of fake families?", the One Nation candidate asked.

"It's not by accident; it's by a carefully contrived but disingenuous mind control program, melded together by two Norwegian homosexuals who graduated from Harvard – one of whom has since prematurely passed away.

"It's by a design convert to the general public but fully practised and promoted by the LGBTIQQMA/P community.

"Utilising many of the strategies developed by the Soviets and then the Nazis, they have gone on to apply and perfect theses principles so as to make them universal in their application – but with devastating results considering the counter productive nature of such 'unions'."

Ms Myers then goes on to say Christians needed to stand up and stop being duped by "those whose interests are self-serving but unnatural, unproductive and unhealthy".

In her post she continually calls people with children in gay or lesbian relationships as "fake families" The Age
I note she uses an extreme number of letters for LGBT. I mean I'm gay but it's just convenient for me to type the four letters for convenience and everyone knows what I mean here. Perhaps I should put an I at the end for intersex? But for me LGBT means everyone. I'd say she uses all those letters to be sarcastic. I haven't the faintest what they all mean :s

BTW this wacho-ness even got up in federal parliament because the desperate WA Lieberal state gov has made a desperate deal with One Nation on preferences to limit the damage of losing the state election shortly (yes Labor is a shoo in for that one) saying that One nation are moderate now.... WTF?

Turnbull's answer is to compare One Nation with Labor's preferences with the Greens, and to lie about the Greens policies. The Greens have always stood up for us from way back before marriage equality was even an issue likely to get up in parliament, and when such things were  considered by the mainstream as radical. You simply can't compare the Greens with this One Nation Wacko, and for Trumble to do so shows how pathetic the Lieberals have become.

Interview with disabled man - NDIS not a "burden" on society

Newspaper claiming I'm a burden for being on the Disability Support Pension
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was started by Labor and now is in the hands of the Lieberals. Treasurer Scott Morrison appears to think that it's a burden on the budget. In his latest failed attempt to get 2014 budget welfare cuts through the senate, he used the NDIS as leverage saying that the cuts from welfare would be directed to funding the NDIS. He failed with the numbers lining up against him in the senate.

Here we have a most interesting interview with a paralympic disabled person, who goes through and points out how disapointing it is that the NDIS has become politicised, and that it's not welfare as it will fund itself. The NDIS, from what I can gather, is about enabling people with disabilities to engage in society and become employed, or contribute in some way to society rather than just being at home all day unable to do anything. A very honest and heart felt interview.

I myself know little about the NDIS, despite that it's already been rolled out across NSW. To me it sounds like another gov bureaucracy all set to tell me what they can't do for me because I can't jump through their hoops. I'm probably wrong but it's understandable I'd feel that way after our Centrelink experiences.

I got a phone call earlier today from the charity bringing around a box full of fruit and veges once a week for only $12, to check on the latest bla about my present condition, medications, what more I might need perhaps. They're required to do that as they recieve funding from the NSW gov. At one point as I was explaining things the lady said "sounds like you're going through a rough time". I haven't thought about it really, but maybe I would be eligible for some kind of NDIS help. 

It's just the thought of dealing with another gov dept and all the hassles involved with that. Probably another mental health issue. Sometimes I don't even want to leave the house, let alone engage with bureaucracy.

Jacqui Lambie shows her true racist colours - Q&A video

For a few moments the discussion on the ABC's Question and Answer descended last night into an unedifying screaming bitch fight between Jacqui Lambie and Muslim guest Yassmin Abdel-Magied. Perhaps Tony Jones could have intervened a bit earlier, but who knows really?

What I couldn't get over were the views of Lambie. She comes out with some really simplistic brain dead stuff. 

Like Muslim refugees will stop Australia from looking after it's needy. WTF? The only thing stopping Australia looking after it's needy is the Australian gov and the priorities it puts on the money it has to spend. Trying to cut $4billion out of welfare whilst giving $50billion to tax dodging corporations for example, is not the way to look after the vulnerable in our communities. You don't blame refugees for using resources when the gov hasn't allocated them to you, you blame the gov. As Lambie even said herself "because the gov doesn't want to spend the money on them".

But probably the most astonishingly stupid thing that came out of Lambie is the assertion that it's all about what the majority wants, not a minority. That's not democracy, it's mob rule. Trumpism. A gov's job is to protect minorities from such bullying by the mob, not support it. Being in a minority myself, are we not people? Do we not have rights simply because of who we are? Are we to have rights taken away because the mob says their rights are more important than ours?

I'm a duel citizen too, albeit just from New Zealand, but even Kiwi's are getting deported now after 30  or so years in Australia because they spent time in jail in New Zealand even before they came to Australia. Where does it stop? If you're going to demonise one minority, then who's next? The Kiwis are taking our jobs! They're taking our dole! They're criminal bludgers! Ban Kiwis from entering the country! Deport them!

As Penny Wong once said, "You can't argue against prejudice". 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Gov wants to change Native Title Act for Adani coal mine

A recent federal court decision means that all owners of native title must agree on a decision about the use of their land. This directly impacts the Adani coal mine as there were only 7 out of 12 people who signed the Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with Adani, leaving the door wide open to a challenge to Adani in court over it's use of the land for a coal mine.

However now George Brandis wants to change the Native Title Act with an "Adani Amendment" to avoid this court challenge. An extraordinary length to go to to protect the mining company Adani. All this for the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere contributing to global warming, to be shipped through the middle of the Great Barrier Reef after the reef is dredged. Absolute insanity. If it gets off the ground that is.... 

Brandis said the draft legislation would be ready by as early as Monday afternoon.

The announcement came on the same day W&J opponents lodged a fresh federal court action to strike down the Adani deal.

The prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, had last week authorised the introduction of “urgent legislation to legislatively reverse the effect” of the WA decision, Brandis said.

It would restore the previous legal “status quo” established by the Bygraves decision of 2010, that majority decisions by a claimant group guaranteed a deal, he said.

Brandis said the laws would uphold not only 123 ILUAs currently registered with the National Native Title Tribunal, but also agreements that were not yet registered.

Adani has applied to the tribunal to register its ILUA, which represents the traditional owner consent it needs to gain funding from most international financiers.

The National Native Title Tribunal announced it was reviewing the impact of the ruling on existing ILUAs. The Guardian
Needless to say, the W&J people are outraged. This from the email:
The document Adani is trying to pass off as an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with our people is a sham. It’s illegitimate because it was engineered through rent-a-crowds, deceit and dishonest tactics.

We launched legal action last year to expose their ruse, and now we are taking action in the Federal Court to have this fake agreement struck out.

We are working hard to knock out Adani’s claim that it has the consent of the W&J Traditional Owners for its proposed Carmichael mine. It never has. It never will.

 Adani and their backers are terrified about our defence of country succeeding. So much so that they’ve asked their mates in the Queensland mining lobby to demand the Feds change the Native Title Act to get around us. And that’s exactly what the coal-loving Turnbull Government is trying to do!

But they’re missing the point. Regardless of what dodgy deal the Liberal National Parties and Labor try to pull in Canberra, we still have grounds to continue our action in the Federal Court to have Adani’s fake ILUA struck out!

We will never give our consent to this mine on our country. We will fight this proposal until it is defeated.

There will be no surrender of our land rights or our dignity as a people.