Tuesday, 4 September 2018

CNN report, Morrison's dark side - refugee children in jail, Nauru, Manus Island (video)

The very dark side of PM Scott Morrison
Our new prime minister Morrison has a record on this when under Tony Abbott. He implemented "Operation Sovereign Borders" to stop refugees coming to Australia by boat to seek asylum. It involved actually turning back boats as well as locking people up in offshore detention centres. Including their children.

Morrison with his family
Morrison, happy clappy Pentecostal, was quite happy to be part of locking up parents and kids and telling them they'd never be allowed into Australia. What is it about some christians that seem to revel in inflicting pain on other human beings?

There's a very dark side to our new prime minister Morrison. He has been the architect of untold suffering of the refugees he locked up on Manus and Nauru, with the gov standing solidly with him in the creation of that. A gov made up of mostly white middle aged Catholic men BTW.

It's appalling that Morrison can go around now as the new prime minister and present himself as a "daggy Dad" with lovely family pictures with his two daughters. He appears to have no empathy or understanding what it might be like for his family if he and his wife and children were locked up in jail in Australia's offshore gulags. Or in fact no regret at his role in doing just that to refugees seeking help.

No qualms about using those people for his own, and his party's, political convenience. No notion of his bible about doing to others what you'd do to yourself. He seems bereft of all morality to not only play such a role in human suffering, but to have no regrets about it either.

This is a very dark time in Australia that our gov has so callously acted against human beings as they have, and now even darker that the architect of that suffering has now become our prime minister.

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