Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My partner's 1st boyfriend murdered - SBS doco Sydney gay murders

School teacher Wayne Tonks (screen capture)
 *Update: ‘Deep Water’ Is The Crime Show That Every Australian Should Be Watching. Junkee
We finally got around to watching the Deep Water documentary from SBS last night after downloading it for the telly (torrent here, SBS on demand here). 

David has often spoken to me about Wayne Tonks, a school teacher in eastern Sydney who was brutally murdered by one of his students because he was gay. Part of the doco was about Wayne and it bought back many memories for David. 

I don't know how serious the relationship was as that's not for me to say, other than that David still talks about him and at times wonders if they'd still be together today had he not been killed.

Had nightmares all through last night. It's not every day you see crime scene photos of your partner's first ex after they were killed in one of Sydney's most publicised gay hate killings.

Needless to say there are some things about the killing that have never been released to the public (and no they won't be here either). David was interviewed by the detective on the doco who talked about the crime scene and how he'll never forget it. Wayne Tonks died a most horrible and painful death.

Crime scene photo (screen capture)
The other thing about the doco that was extra disturbing was the fact that police themselves were bashing gays. Cops in unmarked cars roaming the streets were known for gay bashing by the cops themselves.

Many might think how strange it is that a gay friendly place like Sydney has such a dark underbelly of hostility and hatred towards gays in the very recent decades. The Mardi Gras parade with all it's glitter and spectacle might indicate otherwise. 

However the LGBT didn't get to where they are today without having to fight tooth and nail every step of the way. The Mardi Gras, born out of a protest march, celebrates the tenacity and Pride that has overcome so many obstacles. 

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  1. Hi David. I watched Deep Water again last night. I was a journo in Sydney around that time. It was terrible. I was appalled by the mentality that existed at the time. And now I've read about Peter. I am so terribly sorry for your loss, and hope you find some peace and happiness in the future. You deserve it.