Saturday, 1 October 2016

Private schools funded $1billion, public underfunded - Gonski

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After carrying in waste paper from my job when my daughter was growing up, to her kindergarten and primary school, I've been livid about this for at least 20 years. My daughter now is 25, but that has done nothing to my outrage at the unfairness of the private school funding delivered by John funding Howard and his cohorts of privatisation. Indeed he set the bar.

What so Gauls me is that the taxes I was paying through my fucking nose were going to fund rich schools that my daughter didn't attend and had no hope of attending. I was on an average wage looking after both my disabled wife and bringing up my daughter. It was entirely a struggle that I'd never want to go through again. Yet my poor taxes were going to fund luxury private schools that Howard decided to subsidise for the payers.

However the obvious has come to the fore under the Gonski review. The one that Labor fully funded but now the Lieberals are having trouble funding (I wonder why eh?). A study carried out lately under the aspic's of the Gonski reforms, have identified extreme overfunding by the gov of very rich public schools. 

If parents want to send their kids to private schools that's fine, but why should the taxpayer subsidise it?
Mr Goss said removing generous indexation rates for over-funded schools would not fix the school funding system alone but would free up funds to distribute to needy schools in both the public and private sectors. 

More than 150 private schools across Australia received funding above their Schooling Resource Standard in 2014, according to the Department of Education. 

The Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) measures how much taxpayer funding each school is entitled to based on a formula including special loadings for disadvantage. 

By combining this data with school finance information on the My School website, Fairfax Media calculated the funding entitlement and over-spend for all the nation's over-funded private schools. 

The analysis shows Daramalan College in Canberra, which received $14 million in government funding in 2014, is the most over-funded school in the country in dollar terms. 

The school received 198 per cent of its SRS entitlement, meaning it should only have received $7 million a year in funding according to the Gonski formula. 

It was closely followed by Oakhill College, an independent Catholic school that sits on an expansive 18 hectare site in Sydney's Castle Hill. 

As well as an indoor swimming pool and gym, the school's website says it has a recording studio, photography lab and a farm complete with livestock. 

Oakhill College received $15.7 million in taxpayer funding in 2014, which is $6.8 million more than its funding entitlement. 

Melbourne Grammar School, which charges fees of up to $32,520, was the most over-funded school in Victoria in dollar terms. It received $7.3 million in government funding, more than the $5.1 million it was entitled to. 

Meanwhile, some private schools such as the Rossbourne School in Hawthorn, which specialises in educating students with intellectual disabilities, received only 67 per cent of its funding entitlement. Herrick Presbyterian Covenant School in Tasmania received just 41 per cent of its entitlement. Sydney Morning Herald  
Why is the gov targeting welfare recipients, of which my group on the Disability Support Pension have 45% of us living below the poverty line, when they are chucking money at private schools like this?

Honestly, there's no rocket science involved in this. As a parent of a public school child years ago it was as blatant as day. Honestly, just because you're poor doesn't mean you're stupid. Us poor are very aware of being ripped off you know :) 

*As if it wasn't obvious*.....