Saturday, 1 October 2016

Amnesty Int. against marriage plebiscite - christians go bananas!

Sample of respectful discussion from the god squad
Yesterday I tweeted about this little article from Amnesty International that had come out against the Australian marriage equality plebiscite. Entitled "6 reasons to ditch the marriage equality plebiscite" it was an innocent little summary going over the basics of why the plebiscite was a terrible idea as a solution to the human rights issue of the LGBT being unable to be married in Australia. 

Upon looking at the comments below however, the christian homophobic bigots were out in force. Nearly every single comment was from someone all offended at Amnesty for opposing the plebiscite. The comments included the usual assertions about gay marriage; slippery slope to incest, polygamy etc. They also included  other lies such as the "majority of Australians don't want the law changed", and that marriage equality "isn't a human rights issue". 

I dunno how they expect people to swallow such tripe. Do they think just because they say so then it's true? Are they used to being believed without question? Needless to say I had a bit of a stab here and there in the comments, not for the sake of the bigots posting there but just to give the other side of the story for anyone reading. Posted simply as "Peter".