Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Q&A examines marriage equality chances this gov term (video)

The pleb is dead folks, but evidently that's not going to stop the "right wing dinosaurs" of the Lieberal party from banging on about it at every opportunity. 

However now there's a very clear answer as to why Labor and the Greens are blocking a plebiscite; because they asked us about it. Yes, they actually took the time to consult the LGBT to be a part of the decision making process in Canberra, something that the Lieberals never did. We never asked for and never wanted our human rights to be voted on in a public slanging match.

The Lieberals had that excruciating 6 hour hand wringing meeting last year dreaming up the plebiscite. Where were we in that process? In fact Abbott branch stacked the meeting with the National party of which 80% of them voted against teh gayz.

Again, the fact that Turnbull made a deal with the right wing dinosaurs of his party isn't the problem of the LGBT, and neither is the fact that civil war may erupt within the Lieberals if Turnbull allows a free parliamentary vote. 

They only have themselves to blame for the nightmare they've painted themselves in to. David and I shouldn't have to bear the cost of their ineptitude and prejudice.