Monday, 1 May 2017

Abbott (PM from the backbench's) says gender quotas are "anti-men"

Abbott's ministry after 2013 election. Quentin Bryce (middle) wasn't part of it BTW, she was the gov. general
Oh my fuckin god. 

Thank the people of Australia that this man is no longer our prime minister, Julia Gillard got him so right in her misogyny speech. To think though that this vile human being is still in the federal parliament and running the show from the back benches is grotesque in the very extreme. He is a hateful and bitter man, yearning for the days when women couldn't vote.

If you don't believe me, all you have to do is read his latest radio rant. I have not the faintest idea what he's trying to do here. Alienate all the women of Australia from the Lieberal party? Grandiose himself as the hero of his imagined manliness? Expose to Australia how hopeless he is without Peta Credlin?

Honestly, I've seen Abbott around for a long time, but reading this shocked me to the point of jaw droppingness. I thought I'd heard all his bullshit hatred, and then he comes out with this:

The former prime minister used his regular slot on 2GB on Monday morning to blast a proposal from the commission that commonwealth government use its leverage to boost female participation in the workforce.

 The commission has floated a proposal as part of a Senate inquiry under which the government would require contracted organisations to demonstrate efforts to improve gender balance, with an ultimate goal of reaching a 40:40:20 gender balance (40% men, 40% women and 20% unspecified, to allow for flexibility).

 Radio host Ray Hadley declared the proposal “PC rubbish”. Abbott agreed.

“Well this is right,” the former prime minister said.

 “There are lots of things we can’t change but one thing we should never do is fail to call out politically correct rubbish.

 “There is a lot of politically correct rubbish around. This latest attempt by the Human Rights Commission to start yet again dictate to business how they should do their job shows why the AHRC has long outlived any usefulness it might have, and we just don’t need this body.” Abbott said

Australia did not need bodies like the AHRC “bullying, hectoring, persecuting”.

 Hadley said the government needed to make a definitive statement knocking the proposal on the head, declaring the headline tomorrow should be “thanks very much for the advice”.

 Abbott finished Hadley’s sentence: “But pull your head in. Exactly right.

 “Obviously we have to give women a fair go, but some of this stuff sounds like it’s just anti-men.”

Hadley observed that there were hardly any men left teaching infants and primary school, and he noted “young ladies” did their best to coach school sporting teams “but they don’t have the same expertise in certain areas as they have in other areas, it’s just a fact of life”.

 Abbott said one development that would lead to long-term change would be to get more “good conservative women into the parliament”. The Guardian 
I honestly have no words...... rare for me......