Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Kim Davis fake photo claiming 100,000 supporters in Peru :s

The Kim Davis christian media juggernaut is steaming ahead folks. This picture is of a rally held for her in Lima, Peru, of 100,000 Kim Davis supporters that was presented to all at the hate fest where she was just about knighted for her bigotry. 

Her lawyer Mat Staver preacher firebrand presented it thus:

Turned out it was a total fake. There wasn't a rally for her at all.

#LeaveTonyAlone twitters :) - rightists cry a lot

The rightists are mourning Abbott's loss as their glorious team leader. 

#LeaveTonyAlone is now a twitter thing. 

I dedicate this post to Andrew Bolt (missing his nut) and Ray Hadley.

The impossibility of succeeding in todays capitalism

Says it all. Slaves to the corporations.

"We are not gays" - 91yr old fossil Mugabe at UN

This is the sort of bullshit that sees HIV and other diseases spread throughout the gay world in Africa. To assert no gays exist in Zimbabwe is to assert humanity doesn't exist there. Like it or not gays exist wherever there is humanity.

To criminalise gays and leave them without rights is to drive them underground. They won't seek help for HIV as they'll be too scared of exposing their sexuality. It's only logical that HIV therefore increases in such an environment.


Establish christian world domination and kill the gays - US christian

More love from the christians.......

A least he's honest and no beating around the bush. He wants a christian Taliban and put everyone under that law. Hmmmm, I wonder if his clothing has a mixed blend of fabric?


Vitamin pills are largely useless - Nutritionists

Especially when you think you're taking vitamin pills to make up for a poor diet. It's the same old story I'm afraid; there's no substitute for a proper diet and exercise. Forget the magic pill. There isn't one. In fact the magic vitamin pill may even be harmful.
Health experts have expressed concern and dismay at an increase in demand for unnecessary and sometimes harmful vitamin pills. 

Between June 2011 and June 2015, the proportion of the nation buying nutritional supplements, including vitamins and minerals, in a twelve month period increased from 36 per cent to 42 per cent, Roy Morgan reported last week — an increase of 1.5 million people. 

An advocate for better-researched medications blamed extra demand on heavy industry lobbying and marketing. 

“Wholesale vitamins to the general public is a total waste of money and can actually be detrimental to health,” Friends of Science in Medicine vice president Emeritus Professor Alastair McLennan said. 

“The vast majority, and I’m talking 99 per cent, of the vitamin-taking public are wasting their money. And some vitamins, in excess, can cause harm.” 

A leading nutritionist warned the new research suggested a growing number of Australians were “self-medicating” with supplements in an ill-advised attempt to correct poor diet. 

“The problems in the Australian diet concern an excess of saturated fats and sugar and salt and a lack of dietary fibre. And not a single one of those four major problems is solved by taking a vitamin supplement,” Dr Rosemary Stanton told The New Daily. 

“It’s disappointment to see this increase in the sales of vitamins without any decrease in the sales of junk food.” more  

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Emailed sister about psycho nephew and GBH conviction

I think they're away on school holidays as they're not answering the phone. Anyway I've emailed a long thing to her about the result of the court convicting my nephew of grievous bodily harm to David on new years.

Feeling a bit reflective about it now. Neither my sister or I realised our brother would be so capable of such despicable behaviour; to defend his nearly 30 year old son and make excuses for him, lieing to his solicitor and the court about what happened, after coming in to our own home and having his son bash David like he did. 

What a revolting family they are. His two sons are thugs relying on their father to get them out of trouble. He is a father of two thug sons who he sees fit to defend in times of their thuggery. Even when it comes to his own immediate family.

Why am I not surprised? He was always going to put his sons ahead of me. He hated me growing up. Thought I was spoilt by my mother after his had died. Accused me at Dad's funeral of enjoying the christmas presents he paid for on the farm working milking the cows. Well he's shown his true nature now hasn't he. 

Needless to say I've fully related to my sister just what a complete asshole he is. I'm not religious at all, but if ever the word "evil" fit it's with him and his thug family. I've told her about the lies, the imaginary balcony, the lack of remorse, the lack of any apology for causing such injuries to David whatsoever. I take great pleasure in never seeing him again in my life. 

When he dies I'll repay the fuckin favour. He lied saying David spit on both me and him. I'll go and spit on his fuckin grave. Touche asshole.

My sister has always thought good of him. Not after this she won't.

Abbott's first radio interview with his talk back mate

This interview is why he wasn't fit for the job and lost office. He isolated himself into a clique of yes men who told him what he wanted, completely devoid of reality. He still denies reality today, still claiming he could have won the coming election. He's still saying it wasn't his fault.


Peter Greste calls on Australia to end asylum secrecy - Democracy Now

Our political leadership, particularly Tony Abbott, comes under fire internationally by Peter Greste who was himself locked up in immigration detention.



Chris Brown banned from touring Australia - The Feed

Seems a bit much to me given everyone else they let into the country. Or then again, wonder what my psycho nephew thinks about this story then? He's been convicted of grievous bodily harm.

Pope visits the sick and poor :s

There was apparently a visit from the Pope to the US. Meh.


God will destroy our military might! - US christians

For today's christian nuttiness, here is the assertion that the US became great militarily and economically because christians, and now the US will decline because sin.


Monday, 28 September 2015

Turnbull Mal Brough being investigated by the feds - facing 2yrs jail

New cabinet minister of Turnbull is being investigates by the Australian Federal Police over his diary stealing of the Gillard gov's speaker Peter Slipper.


Turnbull gov buys back copper phone network that Howard gov sold

Fuckin rocket scientists these Lieberals. No fuckin brains.

So Howard privatised Telstra when he was in gov and sold of the copper network infrastructure. Now as part of Turnbulls fucked up National Fraudband Network he needs the copper network for to get from the node to the home. This is instead of replacing the network with fibre optic cable and getting decent net speeds.

So Turnbull is buying it back.

The big advantage? The lawn doesn't have to be dug up. Oh the humanity!  
He also praised the fact that the under the new agreement, lawns would no longer have to be dug up, which they previously needed to be so that fibre could be laid. 

Shadow Communications Minister, Jason Clare commented on “Tony Abbott’s Christmas present to Australia”, saying: “Merry Christmas Australia…Today Tony Abbott has bought back the copper network that John Howard sold last century. To keep it working he is going to have to spend billions of dollars over the next decade – and all Australia will get from it is a second-rate NBN.” more

Washington to get heaps of wind turbines - Joe Hockey to freak

SSJoe's likely going to end up as the Ambassador in Washington. He's going to have to cover his eyes though as the mayor of Washington DC is going on a massive wind turbine build. SSJoe thinks they're a "blight on the landscape" of course.
"I drive to Canberra to go to Parliament, I drive myself and I must say I find those wind turbines around Lake George to be utterly offensive," he said. 

"I think they're just a blight on the landscape." 

Soon after, Mr Abbott famously joined the fray, declaring wind turbines to be ugly, noisy and potentially harmful to health. 

Mayor Bowser obviously doesn't understand. She's just signed a deal with a wind power company to supply 35 per cent of her powerful district's government buildings for the next 20 years, with a vow to take the share of renewable power to 50 per cent of her city's needs by 2032. 

The city has purchased 100 per cent of green power via renewable energy certificates since 2012, but now wants to lead the US in supplying itself directly from renewable industries. 

Washington will take the entire output of the 46-megawatt South Chestnut wind farm, its turbines scattered around three villages across the DC border in southern Pennsylvania. It's the largest wind power deal ever signed by an American city. Read more  

Danny Pintauro of "Who's the Boss" is HIV+

I guess each to his own, however it does seem a shame that HIV has been so stigmastised as to have to keep it a secret for 12 years. Being open and honest about it in my experience is quite cathartic as well as reducing the misconceptions and demonisation of the disease.


HIV meds to become free in NSW next month

Wow, this is excellent news. The new Baird Liberal gov promised before the election it would absorb the co-payment itself, and what do you know they've actually made good on that promise. Yes, a Lieberal gov actually didn't lie about something *faints* Certainly puts th\e federal Lieberals to shame.

From the begining of next month there will be no more co-payment for HIV prescriptions for public patients in New South Wales. 
From 1 October 2015, co-payments for Section 100 (s100) Highly Specialised Drugs will be paid by the NSW Government for NSW residents who are patients of NSW public hospitals or authorised community prescribers in NSW. 

This means that patients treated by NSW public hospitals or by authorised community prescribers in NSW will no longer need to pay the patient co-payment for s100 Highly Specialised Drugs. 

In the initial roll out, the NSW Government will pay the co-payment for HIV antiretroviral therapy, Hepatitis B medicines and clozapine (maintenance therapy) dispensed in the community pharmacy setting. more  

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Abbott's first post spill interview - it was everyone else's fault!

The man has learned nothing from his ousting. Still delusional of his self importance and talent, he blames the media, the senate, Labor, and the Lieberals themselves for his downfall. Incapable of seeing his own failures, in his mind his was a good gov that got a raw deal by all. 

He even defends the 2014 disaster of a budget, and says Turnbull has now a good foundation laid for the election. Tellingly, he uses the fact that no policy has changed under Turnbull, to back up this claim.   
“I never thought, having watched the Labor party implode, that the Coalition would want to venture down the same path,” he said. 

He also suggested that nothing, apart from the Liberal party leadership, had changed. “In a policy sense, there is very little departure,” he said. 

“Border protection policy the same, national security policy the same, economic policy the same, even same-sex marriage policy the same, and climate change policy the same. In fact, the rhetoric is the same.” 

Abbott credited himself and his two years in power with giving Turnbull and the new treasurer, Scott Morrison, “a very strong foundation” from which the Coalition could seek re-election, which he said would be in the nation’s interests. 

Abbott said he would not make a decision about his future before Christmas, but believed he was far too young to stop working. 

As well as repeating his criticism of the press, Abbott also blamed the Senate and the opposition for his downfall. more

Fools - Troye Sivan

People try Virtual Reality porn for the first time

The mind boggles.

Looks like a bit of fun but I'd rather have the real thing :)


Australia now has no minister for disability- WTF?

Outrageous! Do we not exist? Do we not matter?

Turnbulls reshuffle of his cabinet now sees Australia without a minister representing Australian disabled people. You can spit the dummy about it here 
Dear Prime Minister, 

Congratulations on your recent ascension. 

One of your first moves as Prime Minister, was to reshuffle the Cabinet. There was much talk about the big winners. But, the big loser of this reshuffle was clear. The individuals that lost out were not demoted ministers, they were Australian’s with disabilities. 

Your choice not to appoint a Minister for Disability, leaves Australians with a disability, without a voice in Cabinet. 

We find this decision impossible to stomach, as do the undersigned. 

Prime Minister, reverse your decision, and give Australians with disabilities a representative in your Cabinet. 

NSW Labor Team spit the dummy

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Kim Davis awarded at christian taliaban hate fest - US

What can I say? They want their religion in all publicly elected representatives. There's a word for that. It's called the Taliban. The fact that it's christianity makes no difference.

BTW the Family Research Council is a recognised hate group against the LGBT.

The award is called the "Cost of Discipleship" award. Lot's of creative imagination gone into that :s


Doritos "give money to a bunch of godless sickos who bash christians" - christians

The US christian melt down continues over the Doritos flap, who have dared to support a minority, being the LGBT.


Nephew found guilty - assualt causing grievous bodily harm

Got a call from the police yesterday to tell us what the outcome was for court on Monday. Both David and I left after my testimony to avoid seeing any more of psycho nephew. This was the final court appearance for the bashing that he gave David on new years.

The Lawyer of psycho managed to create just enough doubt around the stomping as for it not to be proven beyond doubt. That was pretty much all the good news for psycho however.

He was found guilty of the assault to the point of causing grievous bodily harm. "Heavily" fined for it and given a two year good behaviour bond. The magistrate was very close to jailing him. Also a two year Apprehended Violence Order against him with David.

The good behaviour bond is more serious than it sounds. It means he can't put a foot out of line for two years. If he does he can find himself back in court and be re-sentenced on the original assault charge; in other words be sent to jail.

It's been a long nine months. Now I'm free to get the help I need from my psychologist in regards to the bashing. We feel vindicated now of the serious nature of the assault. To think psycho's brother wanted me to "sort this out nicely"! Like getting bashed like that was just run of the mill life sort of thing. To think my brother lied, made excuses, and said David "deserved it". Talk about showing their true colours. I guess I'm glad we found out early and not down the track.

There is also the victims compensation for David in the pipeline, whatever the magistrate has deemed the appropriate amount, paid to David in due course by the NSW gov and then they go after psycho for the amount paid. He doesn't know anything about that yet :)

I'm also considering contacting the dept of immigration about the possibility of getting him deported back to New Zealand on character grounds. He's not an Australian citizen, and the story goes that he came here to escape debt in NZ.

Other than that I'll be talking to my sister here in Sydney about my brother and what an asshole he is. Until now nobody has suspected he would be capable of such behaviour. 

Friday, 25 September 2015

Mecca stampede kills over 700 - invisible sky man fails :s

Fox news does a total freakout at the Pope's climate change message - US

Hilarious. Apparently the Pope isn't infallible. Especially if you're on Faux News. Watch as they categorise climate change as a "hard left" issue and actually proclaim that 70% of South America is all warm and fuzzy about the US. FFS!


They hate me because I'm a woman! - Peta Credlin

Oh spare me. You want equality then pull the bloody woman card when it all gets too rough? 

You should have performed better bitch. How dare you assume that your performance would have been interpreted differently if you were a bloke! What an insult to blokes!

Accept it. You were judged on your merits. 

And FFS do something about that dark eye make up.


Tony Perkins is a hate group leader, nothing more - US

Despite the airtime he's been given in the US, Perkins is nothing more than a hate leader spouting lies and more lies about the LGBT. However he became a media darling to conservative outlets, he's a fringe dweller not representative of mainstream christianity let alone mainstream US.


Big penis size is no excuse to not wear a condom

Harlem hate pastor goes bananas at protestors :)

OMG! Give this man a Valium!


Abbott gov wanted to investigate Bureau of Meteorology - global warming stats

More on Abbott's Gestapo thought police. 

It's no secret that Abbott thought climate change was "absolute crap" and his war on renewables. His denialist ideology of "coal is good for humanity" saw him decimate the green industry in Australia, drying up investment virtually overnight. Australia was "open for business" but not for renewables.

Now, through freedom of information, it's come to light that this ideology went even further. Abbott actually wanted to investigate the Australian Bureau of Meteorology over claims in The Australian newspaper that the bureau was changing it's temperature readings to give credence to global warming.

*slaps face vigorously* Fuck, did we really have this Abbott gov? Yes we really did :s  It just seems surreal now, like a night TERROR!© that we couldn't wake up from.
Former prime minister Tony Abbott's own department discussed setting up an investigation into the Bureau of Meteorology amid media claims it was exaggerating estimates of global warming, 

Freedom of Information documents have revealed. In August and September 2014, The Australian newspaper published reports questioning the Bureau of Meteorology's (BoM) methodology for analysing temperatures, reporting claims BoM was "wilfully ignoring evidence that contradicts its own propaganda". 

With seven of Australia's 10 warmest years on record being in the last 13 years and warnings climate change will bring disastrous impacts for Australia, the accuracy and integrity of temperature information is crucial. 

The BoM strongly rejected assertions it was altering climate records to exaggerate estimates of global warming. more   

No direct link between Halal certification and TERROR!© - Aussie cops

The extremist Bernadi launched a senate inquiry into Halal certification in Australia, sure he'd find evidence that it was being used to fund TERROR!©  He's not having any luck in that regard however with both the Australian Crime Commission, and Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), saying there is no evidence of any direct links between Halal certification in Australia and TERROR!©
Angela Jamieson is the national manager of compliance at AUSTRAC, which monitors the flow of money into and out of the country, flagging suspicious transactions and financial activity. 

"Of the information identified from this monitoring of reported financial transactions, none of these have been assessed as related to funding of terrorism with regard to halal certification fees," Ms Jamieson said.


The Australian Crime Commission gave similar evidence to the inquiry. "We have found links between money laundering, terrorism and serious and organised crime but we haven't found any direct links between halal certification and the funding of terrorism," said Hamish Hansford, the ACC's national manager of strategic intelligence and strategy. 

"Since this issue has been highlighted in the press, we've been on a heightened lookout for any links between halal certification in our intelligence holdings and to date we have not found any direct linkages." more
What a complete waste of taxpayer's money and senate time this inquiry is. One would hope that the culling of Abbott and Co from the Lieberals would encourage a more moderate tone than to demonise Australian Muslims.  

Abbott gov linked Greenies to TERROR!© - anti terror booklet

This book was in the pipeline of the Abbott gov and has just been released on Monday. It's an anti-TERROR!© booklet to go out to schools around Australia. In it Greenies are given as an example of radicalisation. 

The online response has been swift

Green groups are not happy being labelled Terrorists.

Didn't someone in the Turnbull gov think before going forward with this? Like oh yeah, this was how crazy it was under Abbott, better just bury this one. Abbott's thought police are no more.


Australia awakes from the Abbott nightmare - First dog on the moon :)

First dog channels the Australian consciousness once again, and says it all with a single cartoon. This is exactly how we're all feeling down under.

As an Australian too, I'd like to apologise to the world for the two years of Tony Abbott that was inflicted upon it. Alas, it was much worse for us at home here.  

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Morrison is a hopeless deluded treasurer - 7:30 report video

OMG! He's SSJoe mark 2!

We're going broke! Fuck the welfare recipients! 

What about making the corporations pay fuckin tax then?

What a blithering idiot. Hopeless. Fucked in the head. 

He wants austerity to kill us all! Take all the money out of the economy and let the poor eat cake.

It's worth noting that this turncoat is the only Abbott minister that has been promoted.


Don't have a divisive marriage equality pebiscite - Western Australia gov

We now have an entire state parliament, with a Lieberal premier, telling the Turnbull federal Lieberals to ditch the plans for a plebiscite on gay marriage. That FFS you Canberra bludgers do your fuckin job, represent the fuckin people, and have a fuckin conscience vote (well words to that effect).

Fucks sake Malcolm, make your prime ministership historic. Are you a fuckin leader or bound by the deals that got you there. Are you really going to abandon your principle for a deal made in hell? You've a lot of political capital on this, and you will become more popular for doing it. Nobody is going to turf you over it. FFS lead us, make history. Steal Labor's thunder. I double dog dare you.
The Western Australian parliament has called on the Australian government to abandon plans for a plebiscite on marriage equality. The state’s Liberal premier, Colin Barnett, warned that putting the issue to a public vote would be divisive and destructive. 

Barnett, who restated his position in support of civil unions over marriage equality, likened the marriage equality debate to that surrounding WA’s decision to decriminalise abortion in 1998. In both cases, he said, a difficult decision had to be made, and it was for elected members of parliament to bear. 

“If this issue were to go to a referendum or a plebiscite, I think it would be very destructive,” he said. 

“I think we would see some of the worst sides of Australian society, and I do not believe that should happen. I think we would see people marching in the street on either side of the debate, and we would see acrimony, personal insults, abuse and the like.” 

Barnett made the comments during a debate in state parliament on Wednesday night. The debate was over a motion from Labor MP Lisa Baker, who moved that the state support marriage equality and called on federal parliament to do the same. She argued: “I have the right to marry the person I love. It is not a gift to be bestowed by others, nor is it something we should have to wait to receive when others feel comfortable and ready to give it.” 

The motion was amended, at Barnett’s request, to say the state parliament urged the federal government to abandon plans for a plebiscite on marriage equality and “urgently” hold a free vote in federal parliament. 

They should accept their responsibility and deal with the issue, as this parliament accepted its responsibility and dealt with the probably more difficult issue of abortion and choice,” he said. more  

Gays are gonna kill Kim Davis - christians

Yes folks, us gays are going to kill anyone who doesn't agree with us. Well according to the paranoia of the christians. 

OMG they're onto us!

In 50 years these people are going to look pretty bloody stupid.


Porn star Josh duggar fucked wants his wife to leave him

More details have emerged from the female porn star that Josh Duggar had extremely over the top rough sex with. You know it's extremely over the top particularly when someone in the industry says so. So bad was it for her that she has said this about his wife:
He is a complete, 100 percent, total fraud," she says. "I think that after I come out, there will probably be plenty more girls after me. I actually really hope that his wife leaves him and takes his children away from him. more
Josh is currently in "rehab" in a christian fundie place where they rely totally on the one off experience of accepting jesus as you're saviour to over power all other bad influences in your life. Yeah, that'll work.....

This porn star at one point says he was choking her on their first encounter. The second encounter was agreed on when he promised to be gentle. However gentle to Josh only meant pulling her hair. She was so concerned about the first time that the second time she hid her phone under the pillow in case she needed to call the emergency people. He also fucked her without a condom.

Why hasn't this publicly fucked up sexual deviant, who played around with his own younger daughters, been charged with anything?

The whole photo report is here

Latest Kim Davis interview video - ha ha ha ha ha ha ......

Oh my god I am absolutely loving this shit. 

Not sure why exactly. Perhaps because when I was very young and stupid I was a wacko pentecostal? Because now their crazy far out wackyness is there on a world stage for all to see? 

She's completely and utterly brainwashed by pentecostal fundamentalism. She can't even think or say anything without including god, and bla-ing about the invisible sky man. Hopelessly entrenched in her religion, she's happy to throw the odd Molotov cocktail out of the ditches towards the enemy. No doubt her church is praising the lord that she has been given this opportunity to "witness for the Lord"! Ha ha ha ha ha...... Utterly hilarious!

Behold folks, the moral child. The pentecostal. The religious fundamentalist. Like a child they have to follow a rule book to claim their morality. Forget a conscience. Forget compassion. If you don't follow their particular interpretation of a 2,000 year old rulebook written by desert nomads then you're fucked in their eyes. It's either their way or you're on the highway to hell baby. Black and white thinking (pun intended).

Indeed for Kim Davis it's black and white; a "heaven or hell" issue.


Abbott's demise - Angry Aussie :)

Honestly am still slapping my face wondering if the political death of Abbott has all just been a wonderful dream. But no, it's actual reality. We no longer have a nightmare for a prime minister, and it looks like much of Team Abbott has been culled too. Yes folks, the Abbott era is truly over. We now have a prime minister with at least half a brain, a huge improvement on the vast expanses of vacuum that existed in Abbott's head. This can only be good for the level of political discourse in Australia now between the gov and the Labor opposition.

So Angry reviews the happenings of Abbott's demise. Predictably, he's as astonished as I am that Abbott was so delusional that he couldn't see it coming. Like he seemed to think that simply by saying he was a good gov then he was. Psychosis aplenty. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Typical homophobe reaction to gay add - video US marine

This video is from the US but honestly it would fit into any similar situation here in Australia. A drunk ex-military man goes bananas about what is happening to his country; in this case it's the poster of a gay add at a bus stop.

Like any other thing (take your pick) disagreed with in such circumstances, the bloke chucks a fit about it and goes like WTF? at what's happening in his country he fought for. If it wasn't the gay add it most likely could have been something else he'd find offence with. But then again, maybe not?

In any case he smashes the sign and rips out the add. I post it here as it's so typical homophobe bla. 

I'd just like to say after that, that my father fought in WW2 for my freedom. He's dead now, but I expect that the blood of his brothers on the battlefield was shed so that I would have the freedom to express my sexuality openly in a free society. He was an asshole as a father but he went to war for the right reasons.

Something that today's generations could learn from. 

He didn't go to war so I couldn't be free to express my sexuality. He didn't go to war so a bigot could rip up a sign of somebody doing that today. He didn't go to war to watch a fellow war veteran denigrate his war effort against fascism and hatred. 

If my father was alive today, he would detest this despicable man. 

Kim Davis interiview national telly - US

I cannot understand how a public official, elected or not, could make such a stand for bigotry and not be stood down by her superiors. Here in Australia there would be such a public outcry if a local council elected representative wasn't doing their job in such a way as to attract national attention and outrage. The state premier would step in and do something. Elected or not she'd be moved from her position.

If it even got that far. The bigoted bitch wouldn't have had a national stage like she's gotten there. 

Where the hell are her superiors? Where is the Democratic party demanding her membership card? Do the political superiors above her agree with her? How can you flaunt the law in public office like that? Astonishing.


USA "A gangster for capitalism" - Abby Martin & the rise of empire

Abby Martin is back, after her very successful series of "Breaking The Set". In this her first episode of Empire Files, she examines the rise of the US into an empire spanning the world, it's use of power for power projection only and not the spread of democracy.

It's spends 53% of all it's tax $ on the military, and just 6% on health.

One famous US military person mentioned in the video is quoted saying something not widely known in the US. Apparently he's a constant subject of military fame over there, but few appear to know that in his military service he called himself a "gangster for capitalism". That man was General Smedley Butler.
I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country's most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.

I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.

I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.

During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents. General Smedley Butler 

Australian economy sees $30million of gay weddings off to NZ

That's so far. Since New Zealand legalised gay marriage there have been 500 Australian same sex couples go across the Tasman to get married.
New Zealand is proving to be a massively popular destination for Australian same-sex couples to wed, with the number of couples doing so in the last two years reaching 500.

Since marriage equality was legislated across the Tasman Sea in August 2013, 264 Australian female-female couples have exchanged vows in New Zealand, and 236 male-male couples have done likewise. more
There is a figure quoted for a wedding of $65,000 in another article as an average spend by straight couples in Australia for their weddings.
A fresh focus by Turnbull on the equality of love would soften the national narrative, not to mention unleashing billions of dollars of potential spending on confetti, cars and venue hire. 

For there is no spirit on earth more willing to throw money to the wind than an expectant bride or groom. 

The average couple spends $65,482 on their nuptials, according to the latest annual "Cost of Love" survey by the Bride to Be magazine. There's no reason to think gay couples will be any more restrained. 

The 2011 census identified 33,714 same-sex de facto couples living in Australia. If only half of those decided to get married, that would unleash more than $1 billion of economic stimulus. 

Stationery shops would sell more paper. Wedding venues would take more bookings. Photographers would get more jobs. Retailers would sell more clothes. 

Of course, gay couples may spend less, over time, on other things. But the weddings boom would generate a valuable economic kickstart. Read more
Making a total of $32.5million that the Australian economy has lost directly to New Zealand, directly as a result of the illegality of marriage equality. 

Senate rejects plebiscite for marriage equality - wants conscience vote

The senate has finished it's inquiry into the best way forward for marriage equality in Australia. Their conclusion is a resounding no to a plebiscite and a firm yes for a parliamentary conscience vote. The reason being for the very real damage that would be caused to the LGBT by the very real attacks directed at them by the "traditional marriage" lobby.

With the LGBT having hugely higher rates of mental illness because of the criticisms against them that they already face at times in the community, to have a national debate with all the nutbag haters coming out of the woodwork and putting those views to air raises significant fears for the well being of said LGBT. To put it mildly.

And why shouldn't those bloody Canberra polies do their bloody job anyway. Why should David and I's life become a bargaining chip in Turnbulls grip on power? We are so sick to death of our lives being politicised in this way. FFS the pollies should just represent the people for a change and not their own interests. Isn't that what they're there for?
The Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee have rejected a plebiscite as the best way to deal with marriage equality after their inquiry deemed legislation “a matter of urgency”. 

Upon hearing submissions from a varied group of both opponents and proponents of marriage equality, the Committee led by Independent Senator Glenn Lazarus dismiss a plebiscite as costly and potentially harmful to the LGBT community and their children by delaying positive action. 

“This issue of marriage equality involved people, and people will be attacked through very nasty and very aggressive advertising campaigns,” Senator Lazarus said. 

“Quite clearly people that are for and against marriage equality would rather have the Parliament decide the outcome rather than going to a plebiscite.” 

The report offered only one recommendation, which reads; “The committee recommends that a bill to amend the definition of marriage in the Marriage Act 1961 to allow for the marriage between two people regardless of their sex is introduced into the Parliament as a matter of urgency, with all parliamentarians being allowed a conscience vote.” more   

Surprise new secret TPP talks announced in Atlanta

Update: Send a message to the Lieberal representatives here to can the TPP.

Obama the fuckin stubborn asshole just won't give up on this. New there's been another last ditch effort arranged in secret and announced at the last minute for trade ministers from all the countries to meet in Atlanta, US.
The TPP, a centerpiece of Obama's push to reassert U.S. economic power in Asia, would link a dozen nations stretching from Japan to Chile that account for two-thirds of the world economy and one-third of global trade. more
This is not about trade, it's about US power projection in the Pacific region. Or to put it more bluntly, to export US social failure onto the rest of us giving corporations a massive power grab across much of the free world. This isn't Obama pullung the strings, this is Obama the puppet, doing the bidding of the corporate power that put him in office. 

You can contribute to a frantically late organised campaign to disrupt and protest against the meetings here.
An effort to land a massive Pacific Rim free trade agreement within weeks is under way, raising the prospect the wide-ranging Trans-Pacific Partnership could dominate the final stretch of the Canadian election campaign. 

Chief negotiators for the 12 countries involved, including Canada, will begin meeting in Atlanta on Sept. 26, and trade ministers will join the next week, possibly Sept. 30, a Canadian government official said. 

The chances Canadian voters will be confronted with a sweeping trade deal before they have chosen a new government have suddenly increased tremendously. “I don’t imagine you start talking about a ministerial [meeting] unless you think you’re going to land something,” a Canadian official said of the move to set a date for what is seen as a final push for an accord. more

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Morrison "badly misled people" - Bitter and twisted Abbott

The Lieberal Abbott knives are out. As Abbott is now just a back bencher but still in parliament, Turnbull really needs to pull the fuckwit into line. Publically trying to destabalise the gov. How very Abbott. How much of this bullshit is Turnbull going to take?
I spoke to him on Friday, not a hint of a warning, so I'm afraid Scott (Morrison) badly misled people.  more  
But really, Abbott saying Morrison "badly misled people"? Ha ha ha ha ha ....... Karma is a bitch Tone.


Eric Abetz dropped as senate leader and employment minister :)

Another of Team Abbott's members has been booted from the ministry by Turnbull. Another hopeless fuckwit of the Abbott era bites the dust. 

He was well known for his stupid opposition to marriage equality, saying the most ridiculous things.


World can switch to 100% renewables by 2050 - report

Forget the coal lobby and the fossil fools. A new study shows that the world could achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050, reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero.
100% renewable energy for all is achievable by 2050, and is the only way to ensure the world does not descend into catastrophic climate change . Dynamic change is taking place in the energy sector. Renewable energies have become mainstream in most countries, and prices have fallen dramatically. The report shows we could transform our energy supply, switching to renewables, which would mean a stabilization of global CO2 emissions by 2020, and bringing down emissions towards near zero emissions in 2050. 

Fossil fuels should be phased out in stages The Energy [R]evolution proposes a phase -o ut of fossil fuels starting with lignite (the most carbon - intensive) by 2035 , followed by coal (2045 ) , then oil and then finally gas (2050) . The rate of phase - out of oil and gas matches the rate of depletion of existing oil and gas fields. So exploration for new fields should be seen as high - risk investment as the “assets” may be stranded. more
Why oh why are Australian state and federal governments still investing in coal and the like? There's is unlimited energy all around us. To dig up a new coal mine at the expense of the environment is insanity.   

Having gay thoughts is a product of evolution - study

How interesting. A recent study has indicated that having gay thoughts is part of evolution, in the need for teamwork and allies going right back to the dawn of humanity. In fact it's seen as a disadvantage to have thoughts exclusively of the opposite sex.
Because progesterone, which is produced by both men and women, is associated with affiliation, the researchers concluded that homosexual thoughts can go hand in hand with the need to forge same-sex alliances, which can be traced back to the teamwork of the earliest hunter-gatherers. 

Dr Diana Fleischman, the report’s author, said: “In the paper we talk about why homosexuality persists, and we do explain why. 

"From an evolutionary perspective we tend to think of sexual behaviour as a means to an end for reproduction. 

"However, because sexual behaviour is intimate and pleasurable, it is also used in many species, including non-human primates, to help form and maintain social bonds. We can all see this in romantic couples who bond by engaging in sexual behaviour even when reproduction is not possible. 

“Having some degree of attraction to the opposite sex is a type of adaptive behaviour, and in any adaptive behaviour you will see extremes of the spectrum, hence some people will only be attracted to members of the same sex. 

“But the research suggests that having exclusively heterosexual thoughts is a disadvantage – it’s better to be a little bit attracted to the opposite sex.” more
So how's that then. Turns out the ones going against the natural law are the bible bashing exclusively hetro christians :) 


Have been totally utterly exhausted today. Couldn't wake up this morning. I guess a week of no sleep, stressing out and partial migraines have taken their toll. Psychology explains it like a rubber band that's been stretched tight for a long time and then suddenly let go.

We're still laughing about the imaginary balcony psycho reckoned we had yesterday in court. Fuckin hell man, if you could've seen the look on their faces when I said "We don't have a balcony". Brilliant :)

Other thing is they'd have not been able to tell my brother before he gave his testimony, so I'm sure the prosecution will have asked about what happened on this alleged balcony. Almost wish I had of stayed now. 

Anyway we'll find out in due course what the outcome was. Suppose I could email the local cop shop to find out quicker, but can't be bothered. Honestly don't care WTF happens to psycho now, we've done our bit for justice. 

Monday, 21 September 2015

Brandis canned from the arts portfolio by Turnbull :)

Brandis, another fuckwit, has had Turnbull take the Arts off him. There will be few tears shed from the Arts world, with many artists contributing to the protest facebook page The George Brandis Live Art Experience. A very tasteful site indeed.


John Oliver says goodbye to Abbott - Australia

Abbott must have been hilarious to watch offshore. If only it was as funny for us watching at home :s