Sunday, 31 July 2016

Labor wins last seat of Herbert by 37 votes! - Hooray!

Cathy O'Toole, conquering hero
Lieberal feathers are flying all over the place folks, as the recount has ended with Labor's Cathy O'Toole taking the seat by 37 votes, thereby unseating Lieberal Ewen Jones. This now leaves the Lieberals with a majority of only 1 in the lower house.

Given the fact that the lot of them appear to be at each other's throats, how long will it be before it all comes crashing down?

The Lieberals are still in election shock/denial. Surely this can't be true? They may even take court action over it, whatever that means. If they did that then the whole election should be run again as some booths ran out of bloody ballots FFS in Queensland and people couldn't vote.
The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) finished recounting votes in the Queensland seat on Sunday, after the first count put Ms O'Toole eight votes ahead of sitting LNP MP Ewen Jones. 

In a statement the LNP said it was "examining a number of issues reported to the party to determine if all Herbert electors were given the opportunity to vote". 

"As soon as it is possible, the LNP will decide its next course of action," the statement said. 

Ms O'Toole said Mr Jones had congratulated her on her win and was not worried about the possibility the LNP would ask for another election in the seat. 

"Ewen has assured me that they will be out of the office as soon as they possibly can, the fight starts immediately to ensure that we are getting what we need in our community, I will let others worry about any so-called challenges," she said. 

"It is 20 years since Labor has held the seat of Herbert and I am the first woman that has held this seat, that is an enormous celebration for the people in this community." 

The result is expected to be formally declared early this week but earlier AEC spokesman Phil Diak confirmed Ms O'Toole won the recount. ABC

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Fresh allegations against George Pell - demands for him to step down

Pell in his pool days
Pell and Abbott ate together regularly
*Update: Pontiff breaks silence on Cardinal Pell sexual abuse claims  

Police are now investigating multiple allegations referred to them by the Royal Commission into child sex abuse here in Australia against Cardinal George Pell. Pell is currently in the Vatican as the financial boss, but some are now calling for him to stand down from his position whilst police investigate new allegations against hin reported to the royal commission.

The ABC's show airs a full half hour report on it all last week, which you can watch here. Police are saying they will fly to Rome to interview him if need be. The allegations are varied across time from different people, including Pell molesting boys in a public pool and Pell standing naked for some time in front of kids in the change room. 

Victims now worry he may never come back to Australia to face these allegations.
LOUISE MILLIGAN: Behind this woodpile, behind this shed, lives Damian Dignan. Damian Dignan was the taskforce witness who suggested police contact Lyndon Monument, his childhood best friend at St. Alipius. As they grew up, they occasionally discussed their experiences at the Eureka pool, though they both say these days they aren't in contact and haven't been for a couple of years since well before Taskforce Sano detectives ever met them last July. Damian Dignan also told police he remembers playing the throwing game with George Pell at the Eureka pool. 

What would he do? 

DAMIAN DIGNAN: Grab you. Around the testes, around the anus. LOUISE MILLIGAN: How did it make you feel? 

DAMIAN DIGNAN: Scared. Oh, scared, but hurt. Ah, very forceful around the anus. 

LOUISE MILLIGAN: Could there ever be an interpretation that it just so happened that his hands slipped down there by mistake? 

DAMIAN DIGNAN: Fair enough, one time. It got to a stage where every time he picked you up, it was there. And, not much fun, no. 

LOUISE MILLIGAN: In his statement, Damian Dignan told police, "Father Pell was making me feel very uncomfortable when he was grabbing me on the penis and testicles and throwing me in the air. I never said anything to Father Pell when he grabbed me around the penis and testicles because I was scared of him. Towards the end, Father Pell began to hurt me around the crotch area when he threw me into the air. I didn't like it and I knew what he was doing was wrong." 

So what did that make you decide to do in terms of your attending the pool? 

DAMIAN DIGNAN: Ah, not really go there. Um, not swim there. ABC transcript  

Greg Sheridan rips Turnbull gov a new asshole - The Rudd Affair

Greg Sheridan
Not that I make a habit of reading Greg Sheridan in The Australian newspaper, but this is certainly the most scathing piece he written about the Lieberals I've ever seen. More so as he's usually at the head of the Lieberal media cheer squad, with The Australian one of Murdoch's flagship bugles.

He actually does a very good job of ripping the entire Turnbull gov to pieces. One of the few times I actually agree with the man. The gov is paralysed. All of them are still shell shocked by the election. The last seat of Herbert after the recount shows Labor with it's nose in front by 35 votes with preferences to come, meaning the Lieberals would have a majority of only 1 at 76 seats. So much for the double dissolution eh Turnbull?
The Liberals under Malcolm Turnbull now resemble Labor at its worst in the Rudd-Gillard years — ill-disciplined, rancorous, incapable of producing or sticking to good process, making the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons, essentially paralysed. 

The bizarre decision by Turnbull to refuse to nominate Kevin Rudd for the position of secretary-general of the UN, and the appalling process that surrounded the decision, speaks entirely to the weakness and instability of his position within his own party. 

The first week and a half of the new Turnbull government has been a deeply unedifying spectacle of the complete breakdown of cabinet discipline. Minister after minister, from Scott Morrison to Arthur Sino­dinos, have publicly canvassed their views on the Rudd issue in advance of a matter scheduled to be discussed by cabinet within a few days. 

That even Sinodinos, the Cabinet Secretary, for goodness sake, engaged in this public airing of internal cabinet matters — including a truly unfathomable state­ment that Rudd as secretary-general would “seek to over­shadow the Australian govern­ment” — is testament to a chaotic government of all against all. The Australian
 I think the key word is paralysed.



3 years of Lieberal gov brings Australia to brink of recession

I've said it all along. You can't cut endlessly into the economy and expect it to grow. It's not rocket science. Sacking untold public servants means all those people don't have money to spend anymore. The gov not investing in the economy means a lack of stimulus. Hacking into the unemployed and ill means they have less money. Eventually the whole thing grinds to a halt. 

Dire warnings are now starting to emerge over Australia's private debt levels at 210% of GDP. They say recession is coming and house prices will crash. The whole economy has been fueled by cheap money. And what does the Turnbull gov do? Raves on about a gov surplus and wants to keep cutting. 
"We have borrowed ourselves so much to the hilt that we are now dependent on that continuing to rise over time and it simply won't," he told the ABC's The Business. 

Many believe the Reserve Bank has been a steady guiding hand to the Australian economy in the years since the GFC, but Professor Keen believes it has guided the economy "straight toward the shoals" by encouraging households to borrow with low rates which has led to asset bubbles. 

"They don't know what they're doing," he said. 

"Our debt level according to the Bank of International Settlements, private debt level, has gone from 150 per cent of GDP to 210 per cent of GDP." 

He argued that means a large part of the growth that Australia has enjoyed since the GFC, while many other countries plunged into recession, has been fuelled by a 60 per cent rise in household debt. 

"Ireland did the same thing when they called themselves the Celtic Tiger and they don't call themselves that anymore," he said. 

"Spain was doing the same thing during its housing bubble and we've replicated the same mistakes. ABC  

Friday, 29 July 2016

The banning from The Oxford Hotel!

Coaster from the very gay friendly Midnight Shift

Our new default pub is now the Midnight Shift. The staff there are lovely. The redesign is brilliant, and it's $4 beers all day. Must be the longest happy hour in Sydney. What's more the bouncers are not the gestapo thought police.

Last night David took me out with his tax return money (I'm still waiting on mine) and we had a very pleasant time there. During which David went for a walk to see if there was any dancing happening - I can't dance myself and generally end up as the table guard keeperer. 

There wasn't much happening was the report, but he also reported that he went into The Oxford to see what would happen. Strangely there were no bouncers on the door despite the hour (has the pub sacked them?) so he walked straight in. To one of the particularly nasty power mad bar persons there who pointed at him and yelled "out!"


If I'd have been there I'd likely have given him a Hitler salute and said "Zig Heil!". What a nut. 

Seriously though, the pub owes David and I a groveling apology, yet they respond by banning him (and I guess me too but I couldn't be bothered to find out to be honest). Since sending the complaint the other day they haven't even bothered to reply, which is disgusting behaviour in itself. But to be called a fag by one of their bouncers is just unforgivable.

I don't see how the Oxford is going to last long term. I remember when it was standing room in the main bar only, but now hardly anyone goes there. The word is out around the place that the new management has turn it into a straight bar, illogical in the heart of gay Sydney. And now they've had that homophobic thug at the door. Not exactly welcoming. The beers are over $6 too after they did those ghastly renovations with wallpaper that looks like it's from a demented artist from the '60's. The food is restaurant priced as well. The management there just doesn't seem to have any idea. Most of the locals that drank there are now down at The Shift.

I've also sent off the complaint to Alex Greenwich, the gay independent NSW MP citing the broader issue of over policing on Oxford St in general. Cripes, how dangerous can a bunch of poofs be? The most we might do is throw a Molotov glitter bomb. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Sea Shepherd campaign to stop BP drilling Great Australian Bight

Donate here
BP, responsible for the biggest oil spill in history, now wants to drill off the remote Great Australian Bight.

In these days of fossil fuels being abandoned for green energy, to drill for more oil is insanity. But to drill of the Great Australian Bight is in itself even more insane. If a spill happened there's nothing nearby to control it, if it was even controllable.

Now Sea Shepherd is taking up the cause and fighting for the planet. Please donate here if you so desire.


Full frontal interviews Republicans over "Black Lives Matter" movement in US

Obviously I don't pretend to know about the terrible racial problems in the US, but I did find the video a little bit encouraging at the end. When they're in front of a black interviewer they see them differently that through the eyes of Republican rhetoric and talking points ("All lives matter"). People are people and some of them expressed a serious desire to understand what black people go through regularly.

In that sense I found it similar to the issues around the LGBT. When your in front of a person you may not have wanted equality for them in the past, but when you see them as simply people like you the attitude changes.


"Life Is Hard" - Dorian Reland (video)

This is from a new Twitter follower, Dorian Reland.

Oh my. You may not want to play this one at work :)  Very catchy tune. 


I am inebriated, goodnight ... :s

I am rather over the top with beers at the moment. David got his tax check back before mine and has set about outings the last few days.

I therefore appear to presently be pissed as a fart.

That is all for tonight.

May the universe smile on all you and all your families X X X 


Man pulls gun on kid in US movie theater - kid was kicking his seat

Apparently everyone in the US will be much safer if everyone has guns according the the NRA over there. Well in this case at least not if you're a kid in a movie theatre kicking the seat in front of you. Despite assurances by the NRA of more safety with more guns, this kid found himself at the receiving end of a gun barrel. 

Now in Australia with our strict gun laws we can be assured that nobody will get a gun pulled on them in a school, a nightclub, or a movie theater, including children. But of course the US NRA corporation doesn't want people to know that. They make way too much money out of death for that.

 Like Orlando, when gun sales went up after the event.
According to the local TV news station KFVS 12, police were called to Paducah’s Cinemark Theater on Saturday morning, responding to calls that a gun was drawn inside the cinema. A man told one of the officers on the scene that another man sitting in front of him and his son grew irritated that the child was repeatedly kicking the back of the other man’s seat. 

Witnesses said that a fight broke out between the two men after the aggrieved audience member cursed at the boy. As the father was winning the brawl, the other man pulled out a gun, asking, “What the [expletive] are you going to do now?” Raw Story  

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Moonlight Serenade - Glen Miller :)

I always think of Rose on The Golden Girls when I listen to this.

Downloaded the best of Glan Miller thinking that this would be the only song I liked. But I love them all after only the first listen. How wonderful such old music is making a come back now digitally.


Monday, 25 July 2016

Marriage equality plebiscite - First dog on the moon :)

First dog on the moon takes a closer look at the marriage equality plebiscite! I think the sarcasm involved nails it :)   Like you get married for babies and think of the children!


Jon Stewart reports on the Republican convention - video :)

In the words of Spock, "fascinating".

Jon Stewart does a guest appearance on the Late Show over there, and points out the shallow hypocrisy of the Republican media cheer squad. They condemn Obama for things they now praise Trump for. Really interesting.


George Christensen goes bananas about the unemployed :s

I say bananas because he might as well bark at the moon with the zero chance this has of getting through the new senate. What a nut.

He wants proposed Lieberal tinkering at the edges with superannuation, dumped in favour of cutting people of unemployment after 6 months. The unemployment benefit that's impossible to live off anyway.

If Christensen thinks that people on unemployment are rorting the system, or bludging, perhaps he should try living off said benefit himself for at least 6 months. All $240 or so of it a week. Looks to me like he could use a good diet.


The Walking Dead season 7 trailer!

The season premiers in the US Oct 23rd, so the torrent should be available to download here Monday 24th.


There's also Fear the Walking Dead, which starts next month in the US on the 21st August. Again, the torrent should be available Monday 22nd here in Australia.


Plebiscite "one final insult" - Victorian premier Daniel Andrews

Labor premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews has written a letter to Turnbull to oppose a plebiscite for marriage equality. In it he describes the plebiscite as the imposition of "one last hurdle - one final insult".

Indeed having your human rights debated is very insulting. 

*Update: Why a Prime Minister of honour should dump same-sex marriage plebiscite

"I'm not letting that fag in" - bouncer at The Oxford Hotel

David and I are boycotting The Oxford Hotel after our experience with one of their gestapo type bouncers on Sat night. Once a very gay friendly pub, I don't know WTF they're doing having a bouncer like this hot head on their door at night.

What's more the bouncer all down Oxford st are linked, so if one nutter makes a decision about someone, all the bouncers on every pub there are informed and the person is then barred from all the puds for that night.

What other area in Sydney has such an extreme level of policing/security? You have to wonder what's going on with the powers that be. I mean it's almost anti-gay.

In any case I have just emailed a rather lengthy complaint to The Oxford Hotel, of which I've pasted below.
We wish to make a complaint as long time customers of The Oxford and the treatment we received by the bouncer on the door Sat night. 

My partner David and I had approx 6 beers at the Midnight Shift and decided to visit The Oxford before going home. The bouncers at the Shift didn't consider either of us a problem or felt the need to cut off drinks. Upon arriving at the door of The Oxford the bouncer considered myself to be drunk and refused entry to me, which was no biggy as we'd have just gone home. However he used the word "fag" referring to me which is the issue. 

His exact words were "I'm not letting that fag in". 

We walked away and thought about just getting a cab home from there, and in doing so chatted with the other bouncer at the door of the pokies room who David has known for years. However the bouncer who called me "fag" was watching threateningly from the other door. A shouting argument enshewed between David and the other bouncer over his use of the fag word, with David calling him a homophobe as I moved him further down the street away from the pub. 

Suddenly the bouncer left his post at the door and charged down the street at David. The second bouncer at the pokies door was forced to intervene, by way of which he stood in the way of the charging bouncer with his hands raised. I don't mind saying I feared for David's safety. After that we left walking down the street and away from the pub. Shortly after we purchased a few beers at the bottleshop on the corner and got a taxi home. 

This behaviour by the bouncer was completely unacceptable and unprofessional. One would have to ask what a homophobic thug is doing on the door in Oxford St? In the past The Oxford has been extremely friendly to the LGBT community. David and I met there nearly four years ago. 

The bouncer also said that the pub was "under new management". What that has to do with anything I don't know, unless he was hinting that The Oxford Hotel is no longer going to extent the same friendship to the LGBT as it has in the past? We certainly won't be going there again and will be telling everyone we know of our experience on Sat. It's a small community and word gets around.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Lyle Shelton of the ACL on The Feed - gay man interviews him

I can only say that the gay interviewer is a better man than me as far as being polite goes.

Watch as said gay man interviews Lyle Shelton of the Australian Christian Lobby. He has the nerve to out and out lie, among other things saying that straight parents do a better job at raising children, and that Australian law doesn't discriminate against the LGBT.  


"Cavalcade of bullshit" - Republican National Convention; Angry Aussie :)

Angry puts his views forth of the clown show that is the US Republican National Convention.

It's hard to describe how much of a side show the RNC is looking from down under. Insane. Window dressing. Acting. Words sort of fail me at this point.


Catholic priest Pell's perilous painting - wins 2016 "Bald Archy" prize :)

Winning painting this year of Pell with a dick for a nose
The 2005 Bald Archy Prize winning portrait of George Pell and Tony Abbott.
Australian catholic maniac George Pell has won the apparently prestigious 2016 Bald Archy award in Australia. I suspect it's a piss take of the Archibald prize but I digress.

Pell is depicted with a dick for a nose, I'd suggest for obvious reasons. He is allegedly part of the catholic church's child paedophilia disasters in Australia, making excuses for them and moving them on. He's now the money bloke for the pope in Rome. Lovely :s 

And these assholes reckon they're the moral guardians of humanity FFS.
Titled 'Nothing to Say', the painting is the work of artist Pat Hudson, a first time entrant in the Bald Archy, which is a parody of the more serious and revered Archibald Prize.

"It's a great honour and a big surprise," Hudson, from Templestowe in Victoria, said.

The 2016 contenders were unveiled in Canberra in February and the artist said he painted the portrait in response to the controversy surrounding Cardinal Pell at that time.

At the time it was unclear whether the Cardinal would testify at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

He later gave evidence via videolink from Rome over his handling of alleged abuse by Catholic Priests within the church in Australia.

Cardinal Pell is not the subject of any allegations of abuse before the commission.

"Through all the tragedy and adversity of what actually went on, it seemed there was a sense of absurdity to it with the church's response, so that's what I was trying to capture in the picture," Hudson said. ABC

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Troye Sivan's new release - Wild, with Alessia Cara

Troye Sivan with his mum
Troye Sivan, who's mum has a petition going to save Safe Schools from team Turnbull's religious right, has released a new version of his song Wild. 

He teams up with an Alessia Cara, who I've never heard of being the old fart I am :s  Interesting video as it features a lot of gayness :)


Big biffo aftermath - The Young Turks

An interesting commentary on the near punch up that enshewed previously. It appears right wing-nut Alex Jones is now saying he was invited onto the set, which is strongly denied.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Young Turks RNC live stream invaded by right wing-nuts - huge confrontation!

Oooooh Myyyyy gooooooood. This is a huge confrontation between the Young Turks and the right wing nutters. Alex Jones and a Roger Stone.

It nearly got to a bit of biffo. Just avoided by much protest from The Young Turks team. 

Good to see fire in the belly from the left. Often Australians just seems so non-caring about politics, even though it may deeply affect their lives.


NBA ditches all star game North Carolina over anti-gay laws :)

Haven't followed North Carolina much lately, other than noting the stubbornness of the state gov there. But this event latest happening is momentous in the extreme. North Carolina has lost the NBA all star game scheduled there over it's ridiculous bathroom laws that have demonised the LGBT community. The economic impact on the state is described as "dramatic".

Good on you NBA! Bloody good on you for taking such a stand!

They have stood up for inclusion and diversity. What a great story to come out of the US in the face of so much hatred and backlash against the LGBT over there of late.
The issue is centered on North Carolina’s House Bill 2, a law that mandates transgender people use public restrooms corresponding to the sex listed on their birth certificates. The law also omits LGBT people from North Carolina’s anti-discrimination protections, forbids local governments from widening LGBT protections and excludes all forms of workplace discrimination lawsuits from North Carolina state courts. 

“While we recognize that the NBA cannot choose the law in every city, state, and country in which we do business, we do not believe we can successfully host our All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by HB2,” the league said. “… We look forward to re-starting plans for our All-Star festivities in Charlotte for 2019 provided there is an appropriate resolution to this matter.” 

Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan had been counting on All-Star Weekend as a signature event for his franchise, and the economic impact of losing the All-Star Game for the franchise and region promises to be dramatic. Yahoo  

Trump says he'll protect the LGBT from ISIS - asshole alert

What a fuckin bullshit and despicable speech grab. Trump uses the LGBT politically to say that he'll be Mr tough guy on the ISIS ideology. Wafer thin window dressing of a turd.

No mention that his vice president is the Indiana governor hater of gays that we all heard about. This is nothing more than the lamest of attempts to shore up the bleeding obvious; that the Republican party is now an LGBT hate group. Empty rhetoric and entirely meaningless. 


The bloody Turnbull internet is really pissing me off!

I've had enough and I'm not going to take it anymore!

I'm seriously frustrated with the fuckin Turnbull internet. It is seriously fucked.

As I've said we have ADSL2+ in eastern Sydney. It used to work OK but now that Australia has Netflix and the like. So at about 5pm onwards the whole Sydney network gets put under serious strain from all this streaming video. So what used to work fine is now shitting itself, despite fairly OK speeds of around 10-15Mbps.

What does this mean for us here? It means in the evenings it's common for entire sections of the internet to not work. Facebook won't connect. YouTube won't connect. It's a lottery of which sites will go down on which nights. 

The worst for me personally is that at times this blog won't connect. This blog is very important to me as it gets my mind off things and exercises my brain. In doing so it helps with depression and dark thoughts. So when I can't connect to rave like a lunatic it's a huge issue for me; I simply have to rave darlings! The reason yesterday was only two posts. Just after finishing the second one it went nonconnectable. 

I thought maybe it would help plugging it directly into the Ethernet connection on the PC instead of using the WiFi, but to no avail. There's nothing wrong with the hardware or speed.



Olden days gay photos :)

Haven't visited Homo History for ages. A lot of new stuff there.

For some reason it's quite fascinating to look at old pictures like this of gay people. It's so different from the cleansed view we have of the past from movies and the like. 

The reality is that gays have been around for as long as humanity has.  Pictures like these show the true reality from the past.

The last few decades of severe anti-gay thought stems from fundamentalist religion of late, whatever religion that may be. 


Thursday, 21 July 2016

New resources minister defends fossil fuels and doubts climate change

Solar power in India

Looks like we've got another blocker folks. I guess they're a dime a dozen in the Lieberals.

Our new resources minister Matt Canavan tells if his doubts about climate change and that taking fossil fuels out of the world will create poverty. 

Yes, he actually uses the poverty argument. FFS! I assume for places like India where coal will be soon (if not now) more expensive than solar power. Certainly not what poor people would want to buy. 


Troye Sivan's mum wants Safe Schools saved - has petition to Turnbull

Australian gay singer Troye Sivan, who has been very busy lately with the success of his music, had a good experience coming out as gay to his family. However as a young person his mum realises that this isn't so for everyone.

Unfortunately Safe Schools suffered a religious intervention after the Lieberals chucked a hissy fit about gay marxists apparently infiltrating and taking over Australian schools. It was pathetic honestly, as Turnbull caved to these lunatics of Bernadi and Christensen. Despite many schools across the country thinking the program was worthwhile and taking it up, Turnbull pulled the funding.

Hence she's got this petition going for the Safe Schools program to address bullying of the LGBT in Australia's schools. It's already up to 26,000 supporters. You can sign it here
My son Troye Sivan told us he was gay at 14. It made me nervous - I’d heard horrific stories of homophobic bullying and kids being suicidal at school. What’s worse is our education system won’t fight it - Malcolm Turnbull hasn’t renewed Safe Schools funding.

Gay teens are 14 times more likely to kill themselves in Australia. Despite this, most schools won’t opt in to the program unless it’s made compulsory - it’s frightening. Troye was was terrified but needn’t have been - his coming out video went viral and we couldn’t be prouder of him.

But Troye was lucky. Thousands of gay teens battle aggressive intimidation, exclusion and even attempts of suicide. To exclude anti-LGBTQI bullying programs from schools is beyond cruel. I’d like to think all parents would fight for a system that makes their child feel safe, not worthless.

Please sign and share my petition for the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Education Minister Simon Birmingham to extend the funding for Safe Schools and make it compulsory for all schools to have the revised program. sign here  



Wednesday, 20 July 2016

"Log Cabin" Republicans rip Republicans a new asshole - invoke Orlando

Cripes. Even the Republicans are horrified at the new Republican platform that they're taking to the election of the next US president. Albeit they are the lefties of the party. They're calling it the worst anti-LGBT policies ever from the party in it's entire 60 or so year history. 

Gee that's not a long time for a political party is it. The Australian Labor party is way older than that. But I digress.....

The Republicans appear to have gone so far to the right as to embrace the religious bigotry of far right christianity. I thought that the US had a separation of church and state but the Republicans look like they've thrown that notion right out the window. In doing so they're abandoning the mainstream voters as never before. What stupidity.

The US has always been hugely to the political right of Australia. We're generally centre left sort of thing, comparatively. So we always expect to see very right wing stuff coming out of a US presidential election as a matter of course. But this shit is just bloody out there. Right out of the ball park.

I'm wondering what Cori Bernadi will come up with next in Australia after his wacky US mates have gone even more nuts?




Queen goes bananas at Trump for using their music


By the look of it the rock group Queen is furious at Trump for using their song as walk in music on stage. Adam Lambert for example has tweeted the above picture, apparently retweeted by Brian May.

Queen has already denounced Trump for using their music to walk on stage.