Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Australian Marriage Equality - new add (video)

If this is the sort of thing Australian Marriage Equality is going to produce then I guess it will mean less lives of the LGBT lost in a plebiscite. 

Watch as simple common sense is displayed to the christians and doubters. 

Personally, it's simply about how I love David. I was married to my late wife and found indescribable love. The only difference with David is that he's the same sex as me. 

I became a citizen of this country in the early '90's as I was impressed with it's take on fairness and it's strength on minority inclusion. My mind hasn't changed on that. despite the Canberra horrors over the past 15 or so years we have all witnessed.

I still hold much faith in the Australian people.  

I know one day, I hope soon, that David and I can be married.