Wednesday, 20 July 2016

"Log Cabin" Republicans rip Republicans a new asshole - invoke Orlando

Cripes. Even the Republicans are horrified at the new Republican platform that they're taking to the election of the next US president. Albeit they are the lefties of the party. They're calling it the worst anti-LGBT policies ever from the party in it's entire 60 or so year history. 

Gee that's not a long time for a political party is it. The Australian Labor party is way older than that. But I digress.....

The Republicans appear to have gone so far to the right as to embrace the religious bigotry of far right christianity. I thought that the US had a separation of church and state but the Republicans look like they've thrown that notion right out the window. In doing so they're abandoning the mainstream voters as never before. What stupidity.

The US has always been hugely to the political right of Australia. We're generally centre left sort of thing, comparatively. So we always expect to see very right wing stuff coming out of a US presidential election as a matter of course. But this shit is just bloody out there. Right out of the ball park.

I'm wondering what Cori Bernadi will come up with next in Australia after his wacky US mates have gone even more nuts?