Thursday, 14 July 2016

Ireland's marriage equality experience - it's about LGBT being people (The Feed)

One of the benefits of being online, and I think one of the purposes of this blog that has developed over time, is that other humans come to know me (and David) as just another couple. Of people.

When people know people, the fear of difference and the religious indoctrinations of us being evil and wrong fall aside. No longer those who know us see us as as such, but simply as who we are. We are your neighbours and friends. We're members of your families. We're already part of the community. We don't have horns coming out of our heads and our heads don't spin around and vomit. Society will not end if our love is recognised by the state.

Ireland's experience is that; marriage equality passed because the yes campaign made it about simply us being like everyone else, albeit different sexuality. That was what bought it home to Ireland. BTW the advice from Ireland is to avoid a plebiscite on it.

At a personal level, this isn't about ideology, religion, or politics. It's about David and I and our love we share

To have a plebiscite on our love is an insult to our love.

Imagine straight people agreeing to a plebiscite to say yes or no if their love was real?