Thursday, 8 February 2018

Barnaby Joyce grilled in interview over "private" life/pregnant girlfriend (video)

Our adulterer and glass jawed deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce
Update: Gay rights campaigner slams ‘hypocrite’ Barnaby Joyce as his ex wife speaks out on ‘devastating’ affair 

On the ABC's 7:30 report last night Barnaby Joyce was questioned over his affair with a staffer, getting her pregnant, and subsequently leaving his wife of 24 years along with his four kids to shack up with the 20yr younger girlfriend. All this happening with the deputy prime minister when he was preaching "the sanctity of marriage" to Australia and him quite happy to have our private lives debated in the public arena for months.

Here he replies to all the innuendo after the main stream media frenzy on him began yesterday. It's appalling to see him in this interview, the precious petal crying foul because his private life was now out in the public arena for discussion and debate. Everything he says in this interview should be seen in the light of the postal survey on our LGBT lives that he was so willing to hoist on us. Everything he says about himself is what we were saying about us in the survey. 

But instead of taking it on the chin and getting on with the circumstances hoisted on us, it's clear that Joyce has a glass jaw. His circumstances weren't even hoisted on him but were of his own doing. Now it's news for Australians to digest he can't take the heat. Imagine if we were to have a national vote on his personal life like we did ours. The snowflake would melt. He's happy to dish it out, but the coward can't take even just a little bit back.

This isn't about his marriage breakdown and all the sordid details of the new pregnancy. It's about his hypocrisy during the marriage equality debate and his own preciousness. Indeed it's one rule for us LGBT and another rule for Barnaby Joyce. 

Questions are being asked as to why the main stream media hadn't reported this earlier. It was the worst kept secret in Canberra. Questions about whether it was newsworthy or not just don't cut it. How different things might have been if it had of been widely reported during the marriage equality survey! Surely in the debate about our personal lives that alone would have made it newsworthy if only for topical reasons. But it wasn't. The Canberra press gallery decided Joyce's personal life was out of bounds. Shame they didn't think that about us eh.