Thursday, 28 June 2018

Daughter home from hospital already with new baby :)

A party animal is born

Daughter rang today saying she left hospital yesterday. Wow that's a quick turnaround after having major surgery. She said it was healing well and wanted to go home. Her husband has taken a few weeks off work for it for support and a midwife is coming around every day to check on how it's all going after the cesarean. BTW all free through Medicare, thank you Medicare.

It's a period now with them to get baby into a routine, which is extremely important as any parent knows. Think she'll be a really good mother with all the training and qualifications she has in child care. Said they'll present baby to us after a couple of weeks of routine-ing :)

Meanwhile she's been taking pictures aplenty. Yes folks, these are the days of instant communication and picture taking, that can be sent across the world in the blink of an eye. When my late wife and I had our daughter back in 1990 we were still using film in the camera and there wasn't a lot of people that even had an email address. It was 5 years before Windows 95 burst onto the scene. There was no Facebook, no YouTube, no Twitter, and the internet was all dial up (if you could even be bothered with it). It's another world now. The internet revolution has been so fast sometimes it feels like I've jumped into a Sci-Fi movie.

Felix investigates 

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