Monday, 30 November 2015

Guns inscribed with christian stuff - only in the US :s

Good grief. Do the gun nuts over there have any idea how much the world is pissing themselves laughing at them? Ha ha ha ha ha ......................


Trump the weakling - Angry Aussie :)

Why does Trump make excuses about the stuff he says?


Panti Bliss on stage with U2! - video

Omg omg omg omg omg.............! Fantastic! Panti Bliss joins U2 on stage during their Dublin concert.

 photo hop.gif photo bliss.gif photo sheep-1.gif  

Post shingles pain? - aching sore legs :s

Haven't been having a very good time of it lately with my legs. The gout pills appear to be slowly working and the swelling through the day is little by little reducing. However that's causing a lot of intense itching on the skin as the fluid reduces, keeps me awake and drives me nuts sometimes. Am putting some of David's special moisturising cream on them which helps. My left ankle was incredibly sore for a while too, could hardly walk at times.

Am getting other pain too though. The last time I felt anything like it was when I had the shingles on my legs and back. It was full on and diagnosed late (stupid doctor I saw at the time told me it was an allergic rash FFS). Being a late diagnosis it wasn't treated in time and I've read that shingles nerve pain can come back years after getting it. Being as the pain is so similar I'm guessing it's that.

Legs are aching from my lower back down, constant sort of pain. Not throbbing, just constant. Toss and turn at night. The other night the only way I could get any relief was to sleep on the old lounge for a bit until it seemed to settle down.  

60,000 march for climate in Melbourne

There was one in Sydney yesterday but I couldn't get there.  This is in Melbourne on Sat. Far out.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Vultures circling Mal Brough? - Slippergate

Given his confession on 60 Minutes in front of the whole country, I just can't see any way out of this for Brough. He's admitted to procuring the confidential diary of speaker Peter Slipper, and therefore involvement in the Lieberal opposition's attempt to bring down the Gillard gov.

They got Slippers head, at much personal cost to Slipper (He was found innocent on appeal over misuse of Cabcharge) and continued to attack the Gillard gov over it's now lost Speaker. Pretty much that the Gillard gov was really fucked up losing it's Speaker and now having only a majority of one in the lower house.

Of course the hypocrisy of it all when the Abbott gov lost Bishop as Speaker who was involved in far bigger misuse of funds than Slipper ever allegedly was. Remember the helicopter charter to a Lieberal fundraising event?


Thanksgiving fast outside Gitmo - "Wtiness's Against Torture"

Activists and a group calling itself Witness Against Torture have held a fast outside Gitmo in solidarity with those on hunger strike inside. There's still over 100 people locked up there, 47 of them have been cleared for release.


Turnbull gov rated worse than Abbott's; GST talk and living costs - Poll

Well this is rather a surprise. Perhaps Malcolm the messiah has limits to his ability to hypnotise the public? I mean a turd is after all a turd, no matter how much calmness you assuage the voters with.

Cited from the focus groups is talk about increasing the backwards GST tax and therefore worries about the cost of living as being the central issue.

This is at a time too that the gov is trying to keep secret how little tax large corporations pay in Australia, and revelations of shonky tax dodging financial portfolios of the prime minister himself. No amount of calm-speak and "all-is-roses" will change the poor being unfairly shafted over the bonnet of Malcolms GST increase.

Maybe Malcolm isn't the messiah after all, and he's just a very naughty boy. 

Or perhaps this all just confirms that Malcolm's popularity at the moment is simply because he's not Tony Abbott. You could probably stick a talking parrot in his place and still get the same poll numbers. Preferably a calm parrot that was very loving and hypnotising. Nicely groomed with a soft lulling voice.....
The fragility of the Turnbull government's lead in the opinion polls has been exposed by new research which shows voters marking down the government's performance in every policy issue of concern since Tony Abbott was replaced. 

And fears about border security and immigration are back on the rise. 

The work, carried out by JWS Research, warns that cost of living concerns, driven by talk of an increased GST, are acting like a sea-anchor in terms of stoking voter anxiety and pessimism. 

"While the published polls show the new Prime Minister has greater support among voters in his role than his predecessor, and has turned around support for his party in the polls, this has yet to translate into improved performance scores on the issues that matter the most to Australians," the research says. Australian Financial Review    

Protests at the bombing of Syria - UK

Protests have spring up online about Syria, and #dontbombsyria is now a thing. Along with assorted other versions.

Some interesting stuff coming up on there. Like the no brainer picture above, or the video below. A plea in England from 1998 to not bomb Iraq.



NRA's latest dummy spit at Australian gun laws - US

Australian guns being destroyed in the Howard gun buy back

In the upside down world of the US National Rifle Association, giving nutters access to guns is just fine and dandy. See it's the nutters that are guilty, not the guns.
Mr LaPierre described the Oregon killer as "a copy-cat loser" who "asked his victims if they were Christians, then killed them". 

The killer's access to guns was not the problem, he argued. 

"The killer had one thing in common with the last killer and the ones before him: He admired other mass-murderers and craved public attention," Mr LaPierre wrote. nine news
Such an argument is completely nonsensical. Should we therefore give drunk drivers access to innocent cars? When they kill someone from driving drunk, do we just say "Oh well, the car was innocent"? Does that therefore mean that we should let drunk drivers drive? Of course not.

Same thing for guns. Should we give fuckwit loony's access to innocent guns? When they kill someone from nutbag shooting, do we just say "Oh well, the gun was innocent"? Does that therefore mean that we should let fuckwit loony's fire automatic and semi-automatic guns? Of course not.

The NRA as usual is talking out of it's collective ass. The facts are that 100 people die a day from guns in the US. A Paris attack every day. No amount of demented and twisted logic will change that. All terrorists need to do is open a few gun shops and let the population do the rest FFS.

Australians are very proud of the success of our gun laws. It does get quite annoying to see all the time the NRA in the US kicking us over them. Especially when it's mixed up with misinformation and lies. Australia doesn't have a "gun free society" as the NRA accuses us of in the article, any more than we have a car free society. We just don't let the nutters shoot them. 

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Douche of the Year - The Feed :)

Marriage equality rally Sydney two weeks ago

I myself am all marched out on this. How many more times do we have to march before the unrepresentative swill do something? Never the less, there was a march two weeks ago in Sydney, this video showing the speakers at the town hall. 


F35 could break pilot's neck on ejection! - Senate pushes for inquiry into buying F35's

Just a another little minor issue with the F35 lemon. Turns out the half a million $ helmet is badly designed and too heavy. This causes another minor issue, that of pilots who are of lighter weight could very well have their neck broken ejecting the plane in emergencies.
The US Air Force officer who heads the JSF program, Lieutenant-General Chris Bogdan, told a congressional hearing this week that the problem was caused by the helmet throwing the pilot's head back and forth during the high-speed ejection.

A test carried out in late August revealed the initial catapult from the cockpit forced the pilot's chin down, with unacceptable force in the case of pilots who weighed less than 62 kilograms.

The head was then forced back after the pilot leaves the cockpit and encounters "wind blast" because he or she is still travelling at hundreds of kilometres an hour, he said.

It is then thrown forward again when the seat's parachute opens.

"We take this deficiency with the ejection seat and the safe escape very, very seriously," General Bogdan said.

The manufacturers are having to redesign the helmet - which itself costs more than $500,000 - to bring its weight down from just over 2.3 kilograms to less than 2.2 kilograms.

The space-aged helmet, which itself costs more than $500,000, allows the pilot to see through the body of the plane in every direction thanks to six external cameras.

General Bogdan said the various manufacturers including Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and UK-based firm Martin Baker, which makes the ejection seats, would bear the cost of the fix. sydneymorningherald
Meanwhile, the Greens are now pushing for a complete senate inquiry into the purchase of the F35 lemon after Canada pulled out of it's purchase of them. The thing costs a fortune and is a plane designed to do everything, but which can't do anything very well. Jack of all trades and master of none.
A push to examine the wisdom of Australia's planned $24 billion fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters - ranking as the nation's largest ever defence purchase - is underway in the Senate. 

Greens defence spokesman Peter Whish-Wilson on Friday has urged the Senate's standing committee on foreign affairs and trade to inquire into the suitability of the stealth jet for Australia's strategic interests. 

The move comes after the election last month of new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on a promise to abandon plans to purchase the troubled fighter. 

Officials from Australia's Defence Department told a Senate hearing a Canadian withdrawal from the F-35 project would not have a cost to Australia, only for US Air Force Lieutenant-General Chris Bogdan to soon afterwards estimate the price of each aircraft would likely increase by up to US$1 million. 

"This is about the public's right to know how their money is being spent and if we are getting value for money," Senator Whish-Wilson said. 

"I would like to see many of the criticisms levelled at this procurement answered by a wide range of experts and discussed in detail at this inquiry." The Age 

Punch ups and violence - Back Friday sales, US

And I thought it was rude of people to push past me on the travelator :s  We've got nothing on this here in Sydney. WTF is wrong with these people?

Check out the two guys in a massive punch up. Far out. Brainwashed Neanderthals.  I don't care if they were giving the shit away, I'd never subject myself to such stupidity.


The big holiday sell - buy, buy, buy!

Apart from a lot of very bad memories around Christmas and news years, one of the reasons I detest that time of year is the bullshit marketing you have to endure in it.

I went to the local mall the other day which was already in a frenzy of Christmas buying. All the decorations up, crappy mall music, people everywhere. I walked in and the first thing that entered my mind was "conformity". They want you to be one of the brainless buying drones that think that happiness and family loves comes through a purchase at a checkout. 

At the food court there was the din of hundreds of people, all stuffing their faces in a fake mall environment and eating crap from the eateries around them, the noise of the crowd echoing harshly off the hard walls and easy to clean tiles. People pushed past me on the travelator, too eager to buy than to politely wait with the rest of the rats. Frustrated husbands getting dragged around the mall by their wives possessed with the capitalist orgy they were in the middle of.

What a nightmare. I couldn't wait to get outa there.


Friday, 27 November 2015

Trump mocks disabled reporter - not fit to run a chook raffle

As suffering disability myself having to live off the Disability Support Pension, in my mind Trump has now gone where no politician has gone before. I would be rightly outraged if someone mocked my health issues or mental health issues.

In disagreeing with the memory of a disabled reporter, he mocked his disability. He knew he was disabled as he'd met the guy in times past when the reporter was covering Trumps business shenanigans. 
Kovaleski suffers from arthrogryposis, a congenital condition that limits the movement of the joints and weakens the muscles around them. As a reporter at the New York Daily News in the late 1980s and early ’90s, he covered Trump’s business exploits and met with the developer on several occasions. Politico
Trump claims he doesn't remember. The pictures tells a different story. Trump even says in the video “Now the poor guy — you ought to see the guy..."

What a disgusting and degrading man this is to the whole US political process. He's not fit to run a local chook raffle let alone the White House as leader of the free world. 

He's even worse than Abbott, and that's really saying something. I think even Abbott makes him look stupid. He's grown up in privilege and money, simple as that. He has no brains. 

Cruz says cow scat "kill the gays" pastor Swanson "not explicit" - Rachel Maddow report

Now that fascist fuckwit Trump appears to be losing support over his fascist fuckwitism, fellow loony Cruz is about level pegging with him for the Republican side. This means he could end up being put up by the Republicans to run against the Democrat candidate for the president of the United States.

In doing so Cruz has become the far right religious fuckwit. He was one of the candidates that attended the cow scat pastor Swanson's "kill the gays" extravaganza of "religious freedom" to do so. Cruz has not apologised for his appearance there, making it much more than the proverbial dog whistle, but pretty much an endorsement of Swanson's extremist religious fuckwitism.

Too say that they're not his views is a pathetic token gesture, a crumb for the middle ground. Being there and speaking at the event was certainly more than a crumb for the extremists. However questions asked by the Maddow team have gotten the sum result of two words about Swanson's calls for gay deaths; "Not explicit". WTF?

Looks like Maddow isn't going to let this one go.....


"I'm very comfortable in my role" - Malcolm the messiah (interview)

This the first decently long enough interview I've seen of our smick new shinny prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. 

So far I've been entirely unimpressed with his performance as opposed to his rhetoric, in that fuck all has changed in gov policy since he turfed the Abboteur. However comparing this interview with that last train wreck one of Abbott's shows a stark difference, almost night and day. 

 photo reflection.gif Messianic Malcolm sort of sucks you into a smooth talking vortex. Like a counselor guiding you to an imaginary placid lake like they do. Everything is fine. All is calm. Hear the waves gently lapping at the shore. Abbott is gone. The sounds of nature. Calmness and niceness. A plodding considered approach. I'm not Tony. No troops in Syria. I am genuine. Peace and tranquility. Ahhhhhhh.............

He's very very engaging in what is a close up interview where you can see all in HD. It's evident that there's actually a brain inside his head. What's more he's even able to articulate intelligent thoughts. Without slogans. He seems sort of like a normal human being. 

In this interview he talks of all the latest stuff, but I was more interested in his style and the way he comes across on telly.  I think in all the cacophony of the last few years of pathetic pollies, Australia may have actually stumbled onto a leader capable of, well, leading. I mean after all, if he can hold his lunatic Lieberals together that's pretty promising.



Cats in 39 degrees :)

We had another record breaking day of heat for November in Sydney with it being 39 degrees (102 F). Again hot dry winds from inland Australia. 

The cats spent the day lounging, like they were in some pride or something in the wild. Crazy things went into the kitchen where it was hottest in the house. Seemed to really like it for some reason.

I felt quite sick however by the end of the day. Nauseous and couldn't eat dinner after we made it. Thankfully it cooled down quickly with a change of wind from the south.  

44 years in jail - released to an alien world

Otis Johnson spent 44 years in jail from the age of 25 years old. Before mobile phones, the internet, computers, VHS and BETA, and around the time when colour TV was a new thing.

He went to the middle of New York and couldn't believe his eyes. He thought perhaps everyone had become gov agents or something as they were all walking around with ear pieces and talking into devices. He also couldn't believe how people can walk around looking at those things without looking where they were going. Something I myself still don't understand :s


We are One People - A message to ISIS and the Trumps of this world

The ISIS strategy is to divide the west in fear and hatred of each other. People like Trump are swallowing it hook line and sinker.

In times like these we need to be united together, not scared and hating each other.
   To all those extremists who would divide us, and to our fellow citizens and leaders who must choose how to respond:

We citizens of the world have grown wiser. We see the game to drive us apart. To use horror to make us turn away from each other in fear, and turn on each other in a spiral of brutality.

And we resolve, today, that every act of hate and cynical manipulation will only bring us closer together. We, Muslims and Non-Muslims from every nation of the world, resolve to love each other more fiercely than ever before, to listen more deeply to each other than ever before, and to let the pain of each fresh atrocity committed in the names of our faiths or nations or cultures be the birth pangs of the more united, more loving world we are determined to create.

We will build that world, because the truth is on our side. The truth that we are all one people, one tribe. Our fates are bound together, and together we will rise, undivided. sign world petition here

Thursday, 26 November 2015

HIV+ blokes read hateful messages on dating apps - video

Wow. I never got into dating via computer stuff when I was being very "naughty" :)  I mean why bother when there's sex clubs just up the road where guys are there face to face all wanting the same thing? No messing about.

Although one guy asked me once "Are you clean?"  I honestly didn't get what he was talking about and simply said "Yes I just had a shower". It finally clicked later on at home when I had a bit of a light bulb moment.

But seriously, it's amazing the ignorance that's out there on these apps about HIV. It's incredibly stupid to just take it for granted that someone doesn't have HIV just because they say so. They may have it and don't even know it yet, which means without medication the virus is very easy to pass on in sex, even more-so if recently infected. It would be far safer to rely on a guy who was open about his status and his viral load being undetectable.

There was also one about "wearing HIV as a badge". WTF? Spreading awareness and being honest about a disease that has become part of who you are isn't wearing it as a badge FFS. *sheesh*


Greens call out Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) - Canberra

Our arch enemies the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) are one of the far right christian wacko organisations in Australia. Our arch enemies due to their continued opposition to anything remotely gay for the most ridiculous and nonsensical reasons.

The latest barrage from the ACL is outrage at the Safe Schools program, a national initiative that includes educating children about bullying of LGBT students. OMG run for the hills! Of course they completely turn the LGBT into politics and politicise the whole issue, saying that schools shouldn't be used for a political agenda or some shit.

It really annoys me when I see stuff like that. Apparently David and I wanting equal rights isn't about our lives but a political issue.....

Here the Greens call out the ACL over it:


This one's for Trump - "Get em up against the wall!"

I was so very reminded of this after watching the video of Trump getting the black guy thrown out at his political rally. Trump may think he's being very original, but fascism has been around a long time.

BTW in the making of the video they discovered something quite interesting, in that the audience being filmed for it started getting right into the whole thing.

So here's this one for Trump, who wants to live inside a wall and stomp on difference and protest:


*Update: This parody is pretty much in the same vein. Although I do think the Pink Floyd one above is much more direct.


Trump says is OK for black protestor to get "roughed up" at his rally - WTF?

This is disgusting. 

A black protester at a Trump political rally was chucked out at the request of Trump from the podium. Yes, unbelievable as it is, Trump decided to single out one person publicly in a crowd of thousands of his supporters, saying "get him outa here". Already at that moment is the element of mob rule.

Mobile phone footage from a member of the crowd records what followed whilst the security attempted to remove the black protester (advocating the "Black Lives Matter" campaign of late). The man is attacked by white members of the crowd. Particularly note the man in the blue shirt during the phone footage with his fists up and attacking the black guy on the ground.

Trump said the next day on FOX "news" that "maybe he did deserve to get roughed up".

What the fuckin hell? That's incitement to violence in anyone's language. Fascism and complete intolerance. 

This from Think Progress, who talked to the black guy who was clobbered at the event:
Southall said he felt unwelcome as soon as he arrived at the event, when Trump supporters physically recoiled from him and his friends. “There was like a six feet space on either side of us,” he said. “The message was: this was not our town. This was not our place.” 

The three tried to get close to the stage so they could have a chance to ask Trump a question. Before the event started, Southall’s friend began livestreaming himself, saying to his camera, “We want to show [Trump] he’s not welcome here.” Upon hearing that, a nearby man knocked the phone out of his hand, prompting Southall to come to his friend’s defense. The three started chanting, “Black lives matter.” 

What happened next was captured on video by a CNN reporter: a crowd of Trump supporters converging on Southall, punching, kicking, and choking him while chanting, “All lives matter.” 

“It was just a sea of white faces,” he told ThinkProgress. “A lady kicked me in the stomach. A man kicked me in the chest. They called me n*****, monkey, and they shouted ‘all lives matter’ while they were kicking and punching me. So for all the people who are still confused at this point, they proved what ‘all lives matter’ meant. It means, ‘Shut up, n*****.'” 

On Sunday, the morning after the rally, Trump told the hosts of Fox & Friends that Southall deserved what he got. 

“Maybe he should have been roughed up,” he said. “It was disgusting what he was doing…This was a very obnoxious guy, a troublemaker, looking to make trouble.” Think Progress  

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Coal won't be around much longer - Greens Australia

The greens have a plan to invest in the future and create new sustainable jobs. The Lieberals are still fossil fools stuck in last century.

You'd think Turnbull could see the writing on the wall as an investor.....


Marriage equality caused the Paris attacks - christians

Well this must be official now according to the christian nutters. I note that this is on the same wacked out show as Jim Bakker's buckets of slop (with a free foldable shovel). Jim Bakker was writing notes during this little performance of stupidity.

So yes, it's us evil gays that caused gods judgement to befall us in the west. Allegedly. Plus he predicts something even worse that 9/11 :s

Dunno what's going on in New Zealand then. They've had gay marriage there for a while and no judgement has befallen them. What gives eh?


Stigma the most hurtful thing about having HIV (video)

HIV stigma and the criminalisation of HIV are the biggest things that affect HIV+ people now. Not the disease itself, but community ignorance and fear. It makes people scared to get tested, when in the end today it's a manageable disease. You're life isn't over after an HIV diagnosis.


Even FOX's Bill O'Reilly is pissed off with Trumps "truth" - freak show alert :s

Bill O'Reilly is even pissed off with Trump now over Trumps racist lying tweet. So what Republican in nearly level pegging with Trump then? None other than Cruz.

Yes Cruz, who unapologeticly attended and spoke at cow scat "kill the gays" pastor Swanson's hate fest.

Talk about a freak show. Racist fascist vs religious hater. *sheesh*   



Kylie and Danni live! - 100 degrees :)


Abbott's Mad Monk Monkey Pod meetings - let them eat cake!

Team Abbott in exile/"The Resistance", has been plotting against Turnbull via of late regular meetings for lunch amongst like minded Team Abbottours. The meetings are being held in (wait for it) the "Monkey Pod" meeting room in Canberra. How deliciously ironic given that Abbott is well known online as the "Mad Monk" :)

These efforts to unstabilise Turnbull's stratospheric polling have included the recent conga line of conservatives saying Turnbull is weak on TERROR!© and that we must send troops to Syria to stop the death cult! Strangely, the people that have been saying that in the media are exactly the same people attending the Mad Monk's Monkey Pod meetings.

Of course you can't arrange an insurrection by national security alone. So whilst the "send in the troops" line fizzled miserably (including in the Lieberal party itself I suspect) they employed another parallel strategy; a cake lunch.
At the same time Mr Abbott, Mr Dutton, Mr Nikolic and Mr Sukkar all attended the latest lunch on Tuesday, with the former prime minister bringing cake for his colleagues.

The quartet of conservatives were joined by fellow conservative MPs, senators and Abbott supporters Angus Taylor, Zed Seselja, Natasha Griggs, Craig Kelly and Ian Goodenough for the take-away meal. Sydney Morning Herald
None the less this double destabilisation strategy did nothing more than raise a collective WTF? from the rest of the Canberra Lieberal party. The overall consensus when the press gallery interviewed a number of them?
The overwhelming view of those MPs is that, as one minister put it, Mr Abbott's supporters were "hanging on to the last vestiges of the Abbott days, when conservatives thought they could do or say whatever they liked". 

"Government is actually functioning well again after the last two years, we are actually focusing on things that matter. Some of their comments on national security show an enormous naivety. We aren't concerned by these clowns." Sydney Morning Herald
Let the clowns eat cake! Hah! 


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Far right race hate takes hold in Sweden

This is really sad. At the end one of them says "this is multi-culturalism" but it's just not. This is xenophobia and an unwillingness by a number of Swedish people to accept and embrace foreign people. It's the furthest from multiculturalism that you could imagine.

Then there was the straw man argument, that if you have lots of cultures then they all want their own holidays, food, etc. So what? That's great. 

Who the fuck reckons Christmas is so wonderful? I hate the asshole time of the year, which is nothing but an excuse for a buying binge capitalist orgy. Nobody says to change offical holdays anyway. Various culures take them when they're due from their yearly holidays. From Chinese new year to Ramadan.

So what if there's different food? Fuck I grew up with a very boring and reserve New Zealand white Anglo-Saxon menu. Always discovering new things to eat or new ways to make things. My wife taught me how to make spaghetti bolognaise after she learned it from her first partner who was Greek (who was taught it by his Greek mother). Fantastic recipe.

To watch this from Sweden I just think what a bunch of small minded and selfish people.



Hillsong hypocrite pastor Brian Houston - excuses instead of support

*Update: video here.

*Update 2: "AHA"s full statement here.

Sydney Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston failed to report his father's sexual molestation of a victim to the police, and along with him and the church elders decided to keep the crime a secret. 

The church has also been found by the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse to have not followed even it's own protocol when dealing with the crime.

The victim's needs were not addressed, instead offered a measly $10,000 at a local McDonalds that was supposed to make up for a ruined life. The church said it had dealt with the issue appropriately.

Ironically below I came across a little happy clappy preaching video of Brian Houston entitled "No more excuses". What a hypocrite

It took a year before Brian Houston reported it to the church elders. (Daily Mail Australia).
"We are satisfied that, in 1999 and 2000, Pastor Brian Houston and the National Executive of the Assemblies of God in Australia did not refer the allegations of child sexual abuse against Mr Frank Houston to the police," the commissioners wrote in their report. 

The commission heard that Mr Houston suspended his father from the church but it was decided at a meeting of senior Assemblies of God members the allegation would be kept confidential and Frank Houston would be allowed to quietly retire without the reason being made public. 

"We consider that a conflict of interest first arose when Pastor Brian Houston decided to respond to the allegations by confronting his father while simultaneously maintaining his roles as National President (of the Assemblies of God in Australia) and Senior Pastor," the commissioners found. 

The report concluded that senior staff at the Assemblies of God failed to follow their own protocol regarding sexual abuse claims and did not support the victim. 

"The commissioners express the view that the NSW executive failed to appoint a contact person for the complainant, interview the complainant, have the state or national executive interview the alleged perpetrator, or record any of the steps it took," the commissioners wrote. 

In his evidence, AHA said Frank Houston would come into his room "nearly every night of the week" and sexually molest him while staying with his family in 1970. 

AHA told the commission the abuse had "destroyed his childhood", leaving him "full of shame, fear and embarrassment". 

The commission heard AHA was offered $10,000 in exchange for his signature on a dirty napkin at a meeting with Frank Houston and Hillsong Church elder Nabi Saleh at Thornleigh McDonalds in 2000. 

Hillsong Church released a statement saying Mr Houston acted appropriately. Sydney Morning Herald  

"Vote for Trump if you think Mexico's a dump" - satiracle song for Trump :)

It's so close to the Trump truth that a lot of people seem to be having trouble realising it's actually satire and a total Trump piss take. 
"Our hope in branding ourselves as a political action committee is to make our song appear to be a legitimate anthem in support of Trump," Tom Maxwell, the song's co-creator, said in an email. 

"Red, White, and You PAC and our song Vote For Trump are satirical and were created with the purpose of drawing attention to the absurdity of Donald Trump's candidacy," Maxwell continued. "We haven't raised any money and absolutely do not support Donald Trump for President of the United States." US News & World Report  

Cow scat "kill the gays" pastor Swanson - we're in trouble with god

Oooooooo,,,,,,, time to be soooooo scared........

Cow scat Pastor Swanson says we're all in trouble with god. And something about a cyst and ants.

Evidently he appears to think that the media furor (well in the blogo-sphere anyway) over his preaching about how to kill all us gays, is wrong because we're criticising god you see (ie cow scat man) and now god is really pissed off at us about it.

Oooooooooo.... We're in trouble with god....... ooooooooooooooooooo..............