Thursday, 31 December 2015

Gays are paedophiles and children need protection from them - Anglican christian, England

The BBC is coming out with some bullshit that he didn't really mean that gays were paedophiles, but I don't know how in the world they could get that given what he said, unchallenged, on the show. Outrageous.

He also puts "African christian leaders" alongside "legal experts". WTF? Does he not realise many of those leaders have simply been brainwashed by US christian fundamentalist missionaries who have gone over to Africa and preached gay hate?
Speaking on Radio 4’s Sunday programme, Dr Chris Sugden of evangelical lobbying group Anglican Mainstream claimed his “significant research” shows anti-gay laws around the world actually just protect children from child groomers.

He said: “There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about this. I have done significant research on this in Africa, and talked to African Christian leaders and legal experts.

“The situation is this – what they are concerned about is the protection of children from grooming. “It’s not homosexuality, it’s homosexual behaviour… they need to protect children from grooming. In India only last week, there was a bill [to decriminalise gay sex] brought before Parliament which failed to get through – because they want to protect children.”

He is referring to Section 377 of the Indian penal code – a newly reinstated Colonial-era law which bans gay sex. The bill makes no reference to child abuse. Pink News  

Ted Cruz for guns and Jesus - new Cruz add

I'm trying to imagine the reaction if such an add were broadcast here in Australia during an election campaign. No doubt the public would ridicule it's complete stupidity. Particularly placing together in the same 30 second add christianity and guns as a big accomplishment to be proud of.

Honestly, WTF is going on over there in the US? By the YouTube comments below the video, people actually like this add as "Merica". What do they do, take out their brains before watching the thing? Can even "Mericans" be that gobsmackingly imbecilic?  


Trump spokeswoman wears bullet necklace on telly interview

Is it just my imagination or have the Republicans all gone batshit crazy over there? 

A necklace made of bullets? Apart from being incredibly strange and bizarre, how must the loved ones of those killed in US massacres feel about the necklace? It's rubbing their noses in it. It says gun rights are more important than the life of their loved one. Despicable.


GetUp - a force to be reckoned with

GetUp proved once again in it's tenth year that it is a powerful force in Australian politics. It came about ten years ago over disgust with the policies in Canberra being so unrepresentative of what the electorate actually wanted. A truly grass roots organisation, crowdfunding court action to stop the Adani coal mine in it's tracks and organising from the electorate directly to the senate are examples of it's effectiveness. 2015, the tenth year of GetUp, was a very big year.


Natasha and Teddy - update :)

Natasha just looooooves her teddy. Here she is sleeping next to it and snuggling into teddy :)

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Lieberal says environmentalists are racist for opposing Adani - FFS!

I will start this post with a short story of an experience of mine many years ago when I was in the US.

I was having an argument about something with a coloured guy over there in which it was obvious we disagreed and couldn't come to a resolution on the subject. I can't remember WTF the argument was even about now, other than the fact we were being very polite with each other and not getting angry. At least I thought.

Then I was flabbergasted with what he said to end the argument (and it did end right there and then). He resorted to race. Whether he believed what he was saying or not didn't matter, it was said and it ended the debate. He said "You're just racist, that's why you don't agree with me". 

I was shocked. Sideswiped. Blindsided right out of left field. I spluttered something about growing up in New Zealand which had virtually no racism compared to the US. I was really angry at the guy for doing that. It was underhanded and wrong.

It appears though the the Lieberals are using the same tactic against Australian environmentalists in the debate about the Adani Reef wrecking biggest ever coal mine planned for Queensland. I've been following the issue for many months now, and not once in all the Green protests about it has anything ever been mentioned about the fact that Adani is run by Indians. Or to put it more bluntly, by India brown people. 

The arguments have been intelligent and sensible, focusing solely on Adani's environmental wrecking history and the damage that even an environmentally good company would do by dredging the Reef and shipping coal through it at such an amount that it would go on long into the foreseeable future. The court cases have been about the environmental damage and global warming, not about the colour of the skin of those running Adani.

But Queensland Lieberal George Christensen sees it much more simplistically than that. According to him, no it's not about the environment because shipping coal through the Great Barrier Reef after dredging it to do so won't do any environmental damage. And global warming doesn't exist. So what's left? The environmentalists don't agree with the Turnbull gov about mining the biggest ever coal mine in Australia's history because we're just racist. We don't agree with them because the Adani company is run by brown people. Simple as that.

What a fuckin insult. This shows the level of brain dead moronic stupidity held within the Lieberals; our glorious Canberra leaders:
EXTREME green groups are guilty of veiled racism in their relentless and targeted campaign against Indian company Adani and its “brown-skinned executives”. 

This is a mining development which will breathe new life into Mackay with the jobs and opportunities it will provide. 

The extreme green anti-mining campaign has only focussed on an Indian company which is veiled racism, and the veil’s pretty thin. 

It’s almost a case of ‘you can’t trust the Indians’. 

Along with defaming an Indian company, these extreme green groups are now attacking the Indian brown-skinned executives of that company. 

They want to hark back to issues in other jurisdictions, but I’m wondering why they haven’t come out with stories of breaches by Australian, American or British-owned mining companies? 

There are a plethora of these white-faced mining companies who have blotted their copy book in terms of environmental management of mines in other countries. 

Why is it that the extreme green groups have only gone after a company that is headed by people with brown faces? 

Why is it that these extreme green groups have only attacked a mining executive who has a brown face?” George Christensen MP  

Piss head Jamie Briggs - Hong Kong pub behaviour revealed by Laurie Oaks :)

Ah yes, well it's all falling into place now. Political commentator Laurie Oaks has the dirt on Jamie Brigg's behaviour at the Hong Kong bar which resulted in a female public servant making a formal complaint against him.

I will embellish it before you read it below. Being as Brigg's appears to have a serious alcohol problem insofar as it's interfering with his job, I imagine after a meal with wine/beer and onto a bar late at night, by that time Brigg's is pretty fuckin pissed/inebriated. Being as he was a core member of Team Abbott, I picture a slobbering revolting middle aged white misogynist Australian bloke at a bar late at night in Hong Kong making a fool of himself to all in attendance.

This is what transpired during that time:
Channel Nine's political editor Laurie Oaks said Mr Briggs made an inappropriate comment about the woman's 'piercing eyes' before placing his arm around her and trying to 'kiss her on the neck'. 

'I understand that she alleged the minister said she had piercing eyes, that he put his arm around her at one point and that he tried to kiss her on the neck,' he said on Tuesday night. 

Mr Oaks said that Mr Briggs denied the 'kiss allegation', admitting only to giving the woman a 'peck on the cheek' as she was leaving. Daily Mail
In other words he was so pissed he can't remember where the fuck he kissed her. Or to put it in his mental terms "Oh my god, a woman is daring to look at me directly! I will put her in her place by treating her as a sex object! *slobbering kisses and hugs*".

Remember this is the same man that for weeks lied about how he hurt his leg at the Abbott post PM piss up, saying he hurt it whilst running. He stuck to that for weeks, before finally admitting he tried a drunken tackle of Abbott and failed. Doing his leg in. 

So he lies about his alcohol problem as well, a sure sign he has a problem


Chinese doco about mothers of gay kids and their kids - now unbanned :)

What a beautiful documentary this is.

It gives a small glimpse into Chinese life and a look into gay kids coming out to their mothers. It's so refreshing how the gay issue is handled there. Not once was religion or the bible mentioned. Not once. Instead the issue is treated as it should be, in a human way as a new issue to grasp and move forward on.

It's worth mentioning too that the documentary was banned from streaming by the Chinese authorities, but the filmmaker took them to court and won. The documantary is now therefore no longer banned.

And here it is in full, Mama Rainbow


Win a shotgun engraved with Ted Cruz's name - Ted Cruz raffle money beg

Far out. Only in America.

Yes folks, you can contribute to Ted Cruz for 2016 and enter a raffle for a shotgun with his name engraved on it at the same time. 

2 Lieberals want Abbott to fill front bench vacancies :s

Team Abbott in exile evidently has it's mouth watering over two front bench vacancies in the Turnbull gov, after Brough and Briggs have stepped aside amid scandals aplenty. 

Somehow I don't think Abbott has a snowballs chance in hell of Turnbull putting him anywhere near the front bench. Surely it must be as obvious to Turnbull as it is to us plebs, that Abbott has lost the plot totally. There's even been talk of concern amongst Lieberals about Abbott's mental health since being deposed as prime minister. Indeed the way he keeps opening his mouth (aside from the fact he puts his foot in it) he appears to be talking like he's still the PM. 

Perhaps he's living in some fantasy world where he was never deposed? Or perhaps he's struggling to accept it? I don't know but something's not right. A few kangaroos loose in the top paddock. Whenever he does open his mouth he just reminds the electorate of why they hated him, that he's a complete fuckwit, and we never ever want him to have any power again.
Senator Eric Abetz, who lost his own ministry in the Turnbull coup, said the ex-PM should be restored to Cabinet in order to foster unity in the party. 

“I hope that he stays in the Parliament and I hope that there will be a place for him, a prominent place for him in a future ministry, should he decide to stay,” the Senator told ABC radio on Wednesday. 

“Just as much as when other leaders have been deposed they have been rehabilitated into cabinet or shadow cabinet and I think that is important for the unity of the party, if that is at all possible.” The New Daily   
Abetz is of course a core member of Team Abbott - gov in exile.


Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Mal Brough steps aside over Ashbygate, another minister resigns over behaviour

Mal Brough

Looks like Turnbull's taking out the trash when people are busy getting pissed on the holidays. 

In a big move, Mal Brough has stepped aside as Special Minister of State in charge of ministers good behaviour. He has behaved rather badly in the past admitting on the nationally televised 60 Minutes that he did procure James Ashby to get copies of Peter Slipper's confidential diary; a serious crime carrying jail time if found guilty. The whole case is currently being investigated by the federal police, who have recently raided both James Ashby's residence and Mal Brough's home.  

In another unrelated matter, another front bencher in the Turnbull gov Jamie Briggs, has resigned over poor behaviour during an overseas official visit to Hong Kong, after a complaint by a female public servant over his behaviour late at night in a crowded bar with her. Sounds deliciously tantalising doesn't it, but the official version is very clean cut and polite, not giving much away I'm afraid. Never the less, a drunk male Aussie gov minister in a crowded Hong Kong bar doesn't leave much to the imagination does it :) 

Jamie Briggs
Here's Briggs again; the one who injured his leg during the Abbott piss up after losing the prime minister-ship. Looks like he really likes a drink eh?

 photo ImageProxy.mvc_zpsfcwvaxrv.gif

USAF reckons lasers on fighter planes by 2020 - ha ha ha....bullshit!

Doesn't the US military war machine so like to brag about it capabilities. Somehow though I feel a massive load of bullshit in this report. A star wars type laser weapon that the US Air Force is saying will be on fighter planes in 2020.
The invention of guns took warfare to a whole new level. Later, airplanes radically changed it again. Now, experts say another big shift is coming, led by energy weapons, including lasers.

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, or AFRL, said it's on track to demonstrate a working laser weapon on a fighter jet by 2020.

"It really is a national tipping point," said Kelly Hammett, chief engineer for the AFRL's directed energy directorate. "We see the technology evolving and maturing to the stage where it really can be used." CNN
Um, well, F-35 lemon anyone? So who's writing the software for the lasers? The same people as is doing the software for the F-35? See, the F-35 won't even be able to fire it's front cannon until 2019 due to software glitches and delays:
The Pentagon’s newest stealth jet, the nearly $400 billion Joint Strike Fighter, won’t be able to fire its gun during operational missions until 2019, three to four years after it becomes operational. 

Even though the Joint Strike Fighter, or F-35, is supposed to join frontline U.S. Marine Corps fighter squadrons next year and Air Force units in 2016, the jet’s software does not yet have the ability to shoot its 25mm cannon. But even when the jet will be able to shoot its gun, the F-35 barely carries enough ammunition to make the weapon useful. The Daily Beast
Lasers on fighters just a year later? Good luck with that. I smell a yellow aroma of lemon coming on. And how many $billions is the USAF going to sink into this little frolic?


Obama gets another rainbow - Are rainbows divinely inspired too then?

Just a coincidence, but if gays were all christians into the invisible sky man I'm sure some sort of divine inspiration would be read into this picture. The rainbow ends where Obama is staying. 

Oh Obama must be divinely inspired! Obama stops floods! Rainbows are blessed by god! Listen to Obama's godly inspirations! bla.....  

I prefer the Flying Spaghetti Monster myself :)  


US constitution "divinely inspired" - Ted Cruz's christian father

Oh for fucks sake, give the world a fuckin break man. "Divinely inspired"? Oh pleeeeaaaase..... Think of that next time there's a gun massacre in the US then.....

BTW included in this divine inspirational is also the US Declaration of Independence.

Both are interesting and a mite inspiring at times, but FFS stop saying some invisible sky man zapped these thoughts into the heads of the people that wrote them. If nothing else it takes away from the credit they deserve for writing something that's lasted this long. 

Of course this all feeds into the American Exceptionalism doctrine; namely that US citizens are somehow better than any one else on the planet. *pffffft* 

Not surprisingly this bit of invisible sky man inspirational theory comes from christians. In this case the father of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Rafael Cruz has written a book (no doubt spending much time listening to the invisible sky man's voice - did he forget to take his medication?) and Right Wing Watch has a review of it here.  They quote Rafael Cruz from the book thus:
I believe without a shadow of a doubt that the reason the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States have lasted over two centuries is that they were divinely inspired and then written by men who had spent time on their knees. These were men of God seeking revelation from God, and that’s what He gave them. Of course, these two documents aren’t equivalent to the Word of God, but God certainly directed the men who crafted them. - Right Wing Watch
Note he starts with "I believe...". Well it must be right then, especially as he also says he believes "beyond a shadow of a doubt". WTF does that sentence even mean? That without a shadow of a doubt he believes? Fuck, he's not a very good writer either. 

Monday, 28 December 2015

The US is subservient already - an inconvenient truth for the gun lovers

In a recent video from Fox News, there was agreement between opposing sides about gun violence that the US needs guns. The quote was "An unarmed America is a subservient America". 

I thought what a ridiculous statement FFS. Does that mean us Australians are subservient for not letting maniacs blow us away? Far out.

Don't those in the US realise that they're already subservient? I don't see anyone pointing any guns at the people they're slaves to though. Too busy blowing each other away for that.

I'd like to see the study below done in Australia at some point. I'd guess that Australians are a lot less subservient than the US. You've only got to look at what the senate has blocked here since Abbott and the Lieberals took office, because of the people having a senate say. We even got rid of asshole Abbott after only 2 years. How many in the US can say that about their president? 


Australia's internet speed fell by nearly 2% overall - 2014 third quarter


Bloody hell! Am in the middle of Sydney and the net seems like it's just crawling along. No sign of the NBN around anytime soon, if that's even going to make much of a difference? The other day it was running near 15Mbps, so it seems to get very clogged with traffic very easily. Gotta love that copper eh?

Makes it hard to do things though. Sometimes YouTube won't even bother connecting FFS. The other day during high traffic I had no access to the blog at all for about 3 hours. Frustrating. Have learned to just switch the thing off and leave it until later.

I was interested to see how this dismal speed above compares to neighbouring countries. The answer is not good. In fact, Australia was one of only 3 countries in the Asia-Pacific region where overall internet speeds actually fell, falling by nearly 2% in doing so.

Good on ya Malcolm :s   You have presided as Communications Minister over Australia's internet speed actually going backwards. How's that for innovation then eh Mr Prime Minister? How exciting it is to be alive in this new age of technological innovation bla.....

 photo ImageProxy.mvc_zpsfcwvaxrv.gif  

"What sort of Australia do we want?" - Lock the gate president Drew Hutton

Kings Canyon - Watarrka National Park, Northern Territory

Drew Hutton says we are winning the war against the environmental vandals. Here he gives an inspiring little speech asking what sort of Australia do we want?


Lieberal voters want Sunday penalty rates kept - poll

Shows how completely out of touch and far right extremist the Productivity Commission is, and it's recently released recommendations to cut Sunday penalty rates for low paid wage earners in Australia.

Even those in the Lieberal stronghold seats of Abbott and Joyce, voters are strongly opposed to any changes in Sunday penalty rates, with some even wanting them increased.

       The Turnbull government will face overwhelming opposition from voters in key Liberal and Nationals seats if it supports the move to cut Sunday penalty rates. 

With Labor and the union movement working hard to persuade voters that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull favours cutting Sunday pay for retail and hospitality workers, exclusive ReachTEL polling conducted for the left-leaning Australia Institute shows the move will face strong opposition from electors in key Coalition seats. 

Polling across the federal electorates of Warringah, held by former prime minister Tony Abbott, Dickson, held by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, New England, held by the Nationals' deputy Barnaby Joyce, and the NSW seat of Page on December 17 found between 65 per cent and 79 per cent of people in those electorates want Sunday penalty rates in the retail industry either kept the same or increased. sydneymorningherald  

Vladimir Putin has released a calendar of himself for 2016 :s

A propaganda exercise gone horribly wrong and tacky? 

Putin has released a 2016 calendar. Of himself. With pictures of himself. And quotes. Twelve months worth. 

Very strange.....  Politicians trying to be cool just never works.


Dr Spitzer dies - the man who fought to declassify gay as mental illness

electro-shock therapy was used to treat gays before it was declassified as a mental illness
Dr Robert Spitzer, who fought in the 1960's to declassify being homosexual as a mental illness, has died at 83.

Notably he came out with a controversial study later on claiming that some gays could change to being straight. However in later life he became doubtful of the study, especially after talking to some of the subjects involved in it and how they came to be so. 

He retracted the study and apologised to the gay community for it, saying the study had no way to ascertain the reliability of the subject's assertions that they had changed their sexuality. In other words, they may  well have been lying or in self delusion, but the study simply relied on what they said as the truth.


Credit card lenders fleecing Australians $billions in high interest - senate

I just looooove graphs :)
I did wonder at the time during the course of my credit card train wreck with the Commonwealth Bank, why the interest rate on the thing had remained so high when cash rates had fallen about 3% or so during the GFC. Not that it would've saved me, but paying 17% instead of about 20% would certainly have helped. 

Even 17% seems high. In fact it is if you compare the difference between cash rates before and after the GFC; a 13% difference on credit card interest to the cash rate before the GFC, and 18% difference afterwards. If these differences had of remained at the same percentages after the GFC as before, with the cash rate now at around 2% the credit card interest would have been only 15% on my credit card and not 20%. That certainly would have made a big difference to a balance of over $20,000 which I was dealing with last year. Albeit in our position last year it still wouldn't have saved us.
The committee also found that the banks have raised margins on credit cards in a period of falling interest rates. The Federal Treasury told the committee that while the official cash rate had fallen by 2.75 percentage points to current levels of two per cent since late 2011, credit card rates have stayed the same with standard rates sitting at about 20 per cent. 

As a result the spread between the cash rate and standard credit card rates is now 18 per cent compared to around 13 per cent prior to the GFC. Low-rate credit cards offer interest rates at around 13 per cent and have also held their rates flat. 

TV journalist David Koch told the committee that as a result of this “average Australians are getting fleeced at every step on the credit card journey”. 

Many people argued in the inquiry that the growing gap between the cash rate and credit card interest rates could only be explained by the fact providers were taking advantage of consumer inattention to credit card interest rates. The banks rejected that, saying that credit card interest rates were high because of the risks involved in that kind of lending and that Australian rates were similar to this in the US and UK. 

However, academic Professor Abbas Valadkhani claimed that the gap between the cash rate and credit card rates was substantially wider in Australia. He claimed if credit card spreads in Australia were like those in the US, Australians would be $840 million better off and if UK spreads prevailed, $2.2 billion better off. The New Daily
Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Bank continues to make profits in the $billions. Last year their profit was $9 billion.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

CNN taken over by TERROR!© - along with MSNBC and Fox

TERROR!©, TERROR!©.... Surprise surprise, pay telly is using TERROR!©  Must get attention I guess.

Obama has criticised the corporate pay stations in the US for carrying virtually nothing but TERROR!© on their outlets. They diasgreed but it appears Obama was right.
For example, a search of CNN coverage between November 21 and December 21 of this year yielded 427 hits (instances where an individual show mentioned the word at least once) for the search phrase “terrorism” and 404 hits for “ISIS”; the same search for “poverty” yielded only 34 hits. Here are the terrorism search strings compared to the other topics in chart form (note that the anti-privacy CISA legislation, directly related to terrorism, was not mentioned at all) The Intercept
Cripes, WTF do they want people to do over there, huddle in their homes scared to death of moving? Exactly what terrorists would want. Make everyone freak out. Stop  living lives. Just be terrified of the next event. FFS..... Makes you wonder doesn't it.... 


What people got stuck in their orifices in 2015 - Angry Aussie :)

This is pretty funny. I think because David is a nurse and has actually seen stuck things in Emergency in real life. He has a particularly funny story, but that's for him to tell not me.


A christmas message from Panti Bliss - don't fear change

Panti has a message for not only Ireland but other countries as well. 

I particularly like how she states that humanity doesn't simply stop at one point in time and never go on from that. Something that I've always said about religion, or in the west's case christianity. Are we supposed to believe that human moral perfection was reached by a bunch of desert nomads 2,000 years ago? That their culture and society was the ultimate perfection on earth? That we now must go back there so to speak and live by their rules?

Human social evolution is as unstoppable as time itself.


US citizens want more guns - poll

Not sure how to look at this polling. Is it a measure of just how stupid US citizens can be? Or is it a measure of just how much of a stronghold the US NRA has over the national discourse?

In any case, the majority of people don't want a ban on assault weapons, in fact more now than in the last 20 years. 

And why? Because TERROR!©
A majority of Americans oppose banning assault weapons for the first time in more than 20 years of ABC News/Washington Post polls, with the public expressing vast doubt that the authorities can prevent “lone wolf” terrorist attacks and a substantial sense that armed citizens can help. 

Just 45 percent in this national survey favor an assault weapons ban, down 11 percentage points from an ABC/Post poll in 2013 and down from a peak of 80 percent in 1994. Fifty-three percent oppose such a ban, the most on record. ABC US
Makes you wonder doesn't it. Some over there have called the NRA a terrorist organisation. Perhaps they might be right? Just promote guns like fuck and sit back watching them all kill each other.


Turnbull's xmas hypocrisy - says to think of the poor and ill, FFS

This is one of the reasons I hate christmas. The rest of the year Turnbull has done nothing but make national decisions detrimental to the poor and sick, the Lieberals latest attempt at a co-payment for blood tests is a good example. Yet now at christmas he puts on the facade and tells everyone to think of the poor and sick. Ugh, I feel like throwing up all over the PC screen.

 photo emot-barf.gif photo emot-barf.gif photo emot-barf.gif photo emot-barf.gif photo emot-barf.gif photo emot-barf.gif
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called for reflection in his traditional message, urging Australians to think of those less fortunate. 

Mr Turnbull also called on voters to donate their time or money over the Christmas period. 

In a statement, he encouraged others to follow his example of donating, having spent time with veterans such as Soldier On founder John Bale. 

“Poverty, loneliness, illness, the loss of loved ones – these shadows hang heavier at Christmas,” he said. 

“We can lift some of those shadows by sharing our love with others – beyond our family and close friends. 

“If you can donate time or money, charities like the Wayside Chapel, the Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society, Meals on Wheels and Black Dog Institute among others do wonderful work all year, and especially at Christmas.” The New Daily
Well it's going to need more than christmas platitudes and airy fairy talk of "love" to help fuckwit. How about thinking of us all year and in policy making, instead of us having to scream our heads off at you lot in Canberra to even register in your brains that we exist.

How the hell does this man sleep at night? Coming out with crap like that? Does he think people like me are going to pull money out of thin air for a blood test co-payment? How about lifting that dark shadow that hangs heavier after your mid year budget? Asshole! Again we've got to rely on the senate to vote down yet another despicable war on the poor Lieberal measure, whilst a quarter of corporations operating here pay no tax.

One thing Turnbull said in the above was actually correct. Yes those charities mentioned do very good work all year helping the less fortunate. It's a pity people like Turnbull only give it lip service at christmas.

Just like all the rest of the assholes. 

 photo ImageProxy.mvc_zpsfcwvaxrv.gif