Monday, 14 December 2015

In the light of Paris climate talks - a Lieberal picture from last year

Just one and a half years ago in July last year, whilst scientists were pulling their hair out in despair over climate change, this was our gov celebrating on the floor of parliament. They were celebrating their success in repealing Australia's carbon trading scheme, or as Abbott would've put it, they had succeeded in "axing the tax".

The carbon trading scheme, when introduced and implemented by Labor, was a world leader in it's scope. Over time figures show it was working efficiently to reduce Australia's carbon emissions. All who talked about it (apart from the Lieberals) saw it as a piece of very good legislation.

What will future generations of Australians think of this picture in decades to come? My guess is that they'll see it for what it was; playing politics with the planet for  short term political gain. 

History will not remember this gov well. Long after they're dead and gone, they will be noted by history as climate vandals, willing to sacrifice their children's future on the planet for their own ego massage.

BTW, Greg Hunt (on the far left of the picture above) is today's minister for the environment in the Turnbull gov.

Now one and a half years later, Australia is running just about dead last on climate change. The Lieberals only contribution to a solution was to become part of the problem. 

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