Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Piss head Jamie Briggs - Hong Kong pub behaviour revealed by Laurie Oaks :)

Ah yes, well it's all falling into place now. Political commentator Laurie Oaks has the dirt on Jamie Brigg's behaviour at the Hong Kong bar which resulted in a female public servant making a formal complaint against him.

I will embellish it before you read it below. Being as Brigg's appears to have a serious alcohol problem insofar as it's interfering with his job, I imagine after a meal with wine/beer and onto a bar late at night, by that time Brigg's is pretty fuckin pissed/inebriated. Being as he was a core member of Team Abbott, I picture a slobbering revolting middle aged white misogynist Australian bloke at a bar late at night in Hong Kong making a fool of himself to all in attendance.

This is what transpired during that time:
Channel Nine's political editor Laurie Oaks said Mr Briggs made an inappropriate comment about the woman's 'piercing eyes' before placing his arm around her and trying to 'kiss her on the neck'. 

'I understand that she alleged the minister said she had piercing eyes, that he put his arm around her at one point and that he tried to kiss her on the neck,' he said on Tuesday night. 

Mr Oaks said that Mr Briggs denied the 'kiss allegation', admitting only to giving the woman a 'peck on the cheek' as she was leaving. Daily Mail
In other words he was so pissed he can't remember where the fuck he kissed her. Or to put it in his mental terms "Oh my god, a woman is daring to look at me directly! I will put her in her place by treating her as a sex object! *slobbering kisses and hugs*".

Remember this is the same man that for weeks lied about how he hurt his leg at the Abbott post PM piss up, saying he hurt it whilst running. He stuck to that for weeks, before finally admitting he tried a drunken tackle of Abbott and failed. Doing his leg in. 

So he lies about his alcohol problem as well, a sure sign he has a problem


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