Monday, 28 December 2015

The US is subservient already - an inconvenient truth for the gun lovers

In a recent video from Fox News, there was agreement between opposing sides about gun violence that the US needs guns. The quote was "An unarmed America is a subservient America". 

I thought what a ridiculous statement FFS. Does that mean us Australians are subservient for not letting maniacs blow us away? Far out.

Don't those in the US realise that they're already subservient? I don't see anyone pointing any guns at the people they're slaves to though. Too busy blowing each other away for that.

I'd like to see the study below done in Australia at some point. I'd guess that Australians are a lot less subservient than the US. You've only got to look at what the senate has blocked here since Abbott and the Lieberals took office, because of the people having a senate say. We even got rid of asshole Abbott after only 2 years. How many in the US can say that about their president? 


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