Thursday, 31 August 2017

Chinese doctor in anti-gay marriage add promotes "Conversion Therapy" (AME reply video)

This is the sort of lying bullshit us LGBT are being put through. All because the Lieberals can't get their internal divisions together, they do this to us. It's cruel. It's inhumane. 

The much discredited add from Coalition for Marriage/Australian Christian Lobby, which has already been shot down in flames over the lead mother in it lying about her school saying her son could wear a dress, has had another shocker of a revelation. A second lady in the add is a doctor who promotes Conversion Therapy. Yes, you read that right. Conversion therapy is nothing more than mental torture. Imagine it being done to a straight person to convert them to being gay. It's just impossible. We are who we are.

I'm disgusted. All Turnbull has to do is allow a free vote and none of this needed to happen. Yet he chose his political ass over our lives and released the crackpots on to us. Nutters who suddenly have a national stage to go nuts at us. Turnbull and the whole Lieberal party own this. Honestly, I thought Howard was bad, but this is the most despicable, uncaring, abhorrent gov I've ever lived under, both in NZ and Australia. To treat it's citizens in such a way is beyond words.

ONE of the women who appears in the controversial ‘vote no’ television advertisement campaign against same-sex marriage has been calling on the Chinese-Australian community to oppose same-sex marriage for months — spreading misleading information about gay people, and even promoting conversion therapy.

Dr Pansy Lai is the second woman who appears in the Coalition for Marriage advertisement, after Cella White, who claims her son’s school would permit him to wear a dress.

Ms Lai then goes on to claim that “when same-sex marriage passes as law overseas, this type of program becomes compulsory”.

 Ms White’s claims were questioned by the principal of Frankston High School, who said such an incident never happened, while another woman, Heidi McIvor, who features in the 30-second advertisement, has also been criticised over her views.

But, Dr Lai has largely escaped the controversy, despite the fact she has been disseminating inaccurate material about gay and lesbian Australians for a number of months.
The Australian Marriage Equality add in reply to the bullshit add:

High court will strike down SSM survey - constitutional expert

George Williams, constitutional guru
The high court is due to hear the challenge put forward by LGBT groups to the same sex marriage postal survey next week. A leading constitutional expert has predicted the challenge will succeed and the high court will strike it down.
Professor Williams also said he expected the same-sex marriage postal survey to be struck down. The government has bypassed Parliament using a special fund reserved for "urgent and unforeseen" matters, but given MPs have spoken publicly about the issue for so long, that would be a "tough ask" to justify in court, Professor Williams said. 
 "It has the appearance of a round peg in a square hole," he said. "What about this survey is urgent, except for the fact that it is necessary because of the government's own political imperatives?" Sydney Morning Herald
We've already seen the vile homophobic hate coming from the likes of not only the Australian Christian Lobby but neo-Nazis as well. Along with every other crackpot bigot and hater that now has an excuse to preach their bile. I consider myself fairly tough at my age, albeit I've always been told I'm "too sensitive". Well so what, that's who I am. Surely it's better to be sensitive, caring and empathetic. Hence even I got a bit teary last night about it all.

If this is happening to me, WTF must all this be doing to young LGBT people already vulnerable? I for one would be happy to see this survey knocked on the head. I hope the high court will stop the hate. Why oh why should we be put through the wringer to solve the Lieberal party's internal divisions?

The Project takes the piss out of anti-gay marriage add (video)

The makers of the original add the Coalition For Marriage, and I assume the Australian Christian Lobby that posted the add on it's YouTube channel, are furious that their homophobic and hysterical lying add has been mocked on national telly.

So that just makes me want to post the mockery here, see below.

I think the "no" campaign has really shot itself in the foot with this one.

The funniest thing is that the RWNJ's have accused channel ten of bias and one sidedness. How deliciously ironic.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Abbott chucks a hissy fit - his old school embraces gay marriage :)

Abbott in the midst of his hissy fit
Oh the poor dear. I wonder how drunk he was when he spat this out?

Poor old Tone's has got the shits. The school he attended zonks ago has embraced gay marriage, Catholic and all. Obviously Tone's is in horrified mode. How dare they! The humanity!

So he's had a dummy spit (perhaps in hangover mode?) on the radio. BTW what the fuck is radio? So last century darlings. He prefers that though over the internet "electronic graffiti". 

This guy is anachronistic fossil. 

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has taken a swipe at his former school after it came out in defence of same-sex marriage.

 The rector of Sydney’s prestigious Saint Ignatius’ College, whose alumni also include Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, has written to parents and staff outlining the merits of same-sex marriage.

While stopping short of endorsing a “yes” vote in the upcoming postal survey, Father Ross Jones says many same-sex couples wish to marry for the same reasons as heterosexual couples.

 Mr Abbott opposes same-sex marriage but insists his position is not driven by religion but by the fact marriage produces families which are the foundation of society.

 “It sounds like they’re sitting firmly on the fence, which is a pretty painful place to be,’ he told 2GB of his former school on Wednesday.

 He also dragged his gay sister, Christine Forster, into the debate, arguing that while she and her partner “do a good job” raising their children, it was best when kids had a mother and a father.

 “Chris has made it very clear that as a family we can all get on even though we don’t always agree on everything,” he said. The Australian
Sitting on the fence is "painful"? What in the fuck is he talking about? The mind boggles. The fence post? Has Abbott the Mad Monk been painfully sitting on fence posts? Has he been painfully fucked by Catholic priests? He's certainly defended paedophile priests in the past. Why the fuck would he say that in that way? Pell is up on charges.............

Lyle Shelton hangs himself debating LGBT marriage (video)

This was an absolute sight to behold.

Lyle Shelton the other day was in a discussion with Tony Abbott's gay sister Christine Forster. It wasn't pretty. Lyle appeared like a raving lunatic fringe dweller. Which is pretty much what he actually is, with all his Australian Christian Lobby 11 employees.

This is a must watch. It's bizarre, weird. and dead set creepy what Shelton comes out with. The man is in some sort of christian psychosis. He's lost touch with reality.

AME Alex Greenwich responds to last nights ant-gay marriage add

Alex Greenwich of Australian Marriage Equality has responded to the anti-gay add aired on TV last night. They're in the process of putting an add out in direct response to the scaremongering.

You can donate to their efforts here

This from the email:

What do you do if you oppose something the vast majority of Australians want? Easy. You try to make the debate about something else.

 That’s exactly what we’re seeing right now from opponents of marriage equality, and it’s what we can expect to see more of as this campaign continues. (In fact, they have promised there is more to come.)

 Last night they launched their first national TV ad. It features a series of concerned-looking mums claiming that marriage equality will lead to children being subjected to what the no campaign's email refers to as “radical gay sex education in schools”.

 I know, patently ridiculous. Blatantly dishonest. And also their only hope: scare people into voting no.

 We’ve got a better idea: unite Australia with a message we can be proud of. One that celebrates fairness and equality, and the common dignity and decency of extending to every Australian the same opportunity to marry the person we love.

 So we’re filming not one but two very important ads this week — and we need your help to get them on the airwaves starting as early as tomorrow.

 Our first ad is a direct response to last night’s insult. It features Dr Kerryn Phelps explaining that the only young people affected by marriage equality are young gay people who, for the first time, will have the same dignity as everyone else in our country. Filming is happening today, with a view to get this message on air ASAP tonight or tomorrow.

 Then on Saturday we’ll be filming a big and bold new YES ad. It affirms the reality that marriage equality is about two things: two people who want to commit their lives to one another, and the families who want to celebrate with them. That’s it. But we need your help to get the message out far and wide.

 This is how we’ll finally win equality: with a campaign we can all be proud of — supported by Australians from all walks of life who are prepared to personally stand up for the people they love and care about, to prevail over fear and dishonesty. The time is now, so thank you for giving what you can!

 More soon,

 Alex Greenwich
The Equality Campaign Donate here
He also says the anti-marriage side is aiming to spend $35,000 a day.

Coalition For Marriage anti-gay add caught out in lie (video - posted ACL YouTube)

The first anti LGBT add aired across Australian telly last night, and boy oh boy it's gone down like a lead balloon. Lambasted on social media for scaremongering, it links gay marriage to the Safe Schools program for young LGBT people. The gov de-funded the program after the lunar right (Abbott etc) started jumping up and down saying it was "Marxist" and "social engineering". What Safe Schools has to do with same sex marriage is beyond me. 

The add is below. It's posted on the Australian Christian Lobby YouTube account. It has Lyle Shelton written all over it.

Now it's come to light that the leading mother was lying when she said that a school told her son "he could wear a dress next year if he felt like it". It never happened.

A mother's claim that her son was told he could wear a dress to school, as aired in an anti-same sex marriage advertisement, is false, says a Melbourne principal.

 Cella White appears in the Coalition for Marriage's television commercial saying "the school told my son he could wear a dress next year if he felt like it".

 But Frankston High School principal John Albiston told Fairfax on Wednesday the offer to students "never happened". Nine News

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The postal survey is about two people marrying, nothing else - Q&A video

The yes vote has a surprising ally in that nutter ("people have the right to be bigots") Lieberal attorney general George Brandis. Brandis is passionately pro marriage equality. 

I never thought I'd see the day where I agreed with every word he said (*faints*) but here we are. It just shows that marriage equality isn't and should never have become a political issue in Canberra. It's simply a human issue; a human rights issue.

A question was asked about religious ministers being forced to do gay marriages. You know like the religious sky will fall. The answers to this are simple. It's about David and I getting married. Nothing more.

Meanwhile in Abbott land after watching Brandis .....

Meanwhile in "no" campaign land, this extremely lame ass add. Seriously, is this all they've got?

Cats cuddling - pics :)

*click to enlarge
Got up late today. David had been up for ages. When I woke up next to me were Cloe and Casper asleep together cuddling. Awwwww. They just love each other to death, brother and sister from the same litter.

Cloe remains the small, mischievous and feisty femme fatale. Casper was the runt of the litter but he's just exploded growing like mad. Never seen anything like it. He's going to be a big cat.   

Monday, 28 August 2017

Marriage equality "Yes" leaflets to download and print

Fun for all the family folks, especially the rainbow ones. 

Posters, leaflets, and flyers to vote yes in the postal survey are available to download here. In keeping with the postal theme, the two up A4 ones can be cut in half and are perfect for letterbox dropping. I guess you'd have to check your ink levels but they don't look too heavy on the ink.

BTW I think I might actually be getting over my initial rage at the postal plebiscite and the gov. People seem to be getting on board big time with this to stick it to the gov. Indeed the amount of new electoral enrollments are historic. Young people are all for marriage equality and can't understand why their friends can't get married.

The below picture isn't much related to this post, I just wanted to post it again. Why should a drunk hold such sway over our lives? Pun intended.

Lieberals & Nationals for marriage equality - "Libs and Nats for Yes"

Coalitioin party members are launching  a campaign for yes to marriage equality called "Libs and Nats for yes" campaign. In doing so they're breaking ranks with the far right in Canberra who've had a stranglehold against marriage equality and Turnbull's balls.

No doubt Abbott and co will be fuming about it as they've lost control of the debate. Never mind, the poor dears will likely have a drink and commiserate with each other in the monkey room. 

It appears many in both the Liberals and National party have had a gutfull of these people stalling such an obvious issue to solve simply because of their religious prejudice against the LGBT.
While all but a handful of Labor MPs and all of the Greens MPs back same-sex marriage, the Coalition is split between supporters and opponents of a law change; to date, the "no" campaigners in the Coalition have dominated debate within the party and in the public sphere.

The new campaign group is led by Andrew Bragg, who was until recently the acting federal director of the Liberal Party, and hopes to persuade voters of the case for same-sex marriage within the liberal and conservative traditions embodied by the Liberal Party.

 The campaign has released a short ad in which a series of voters declare it is time to vote "yes" for same-sex marriage, while also declaring their allegiance as Coalition voters.

Mr Greiner said he had joined the "yes" campaign because one of his children, Justin, could get married and the other, Kara, could not – and that struck him as fundamentally unfair.

"I have two kids, one of whom is in a model of a traditional marriage, one of of whom is in a model of a same-sex relationship. I don't see how in heaven's name we can ask their kids [Mr Greiner's grandchildren] to think it's acceptable that one partnership is inferior to the other," he said.

"I don't see why my grandchildren should be subject to a different state or government view of their parents' relationship.

 "This is a classic conservative issue, both in the sense of being pro-marriage, and a Liberal issue in terms of being about freedom of choice." Brisbane Times

Sunday, 27 August 2017

More "respectful" debate from Lyle Shelton, ACL (pic)

Lyle Shelton, of the 11 employee or so Australian Christian Lobby, has used the opportunity of the postal survey to spew more of his bile at us LGBT. He has not only insulted us this time but he has insulted our flag.

I give full credit to Turnbull for this, letting the dogs off their leashes on us.

I'd nearly got to the point of actually mailing in my postal vote if it comes, as Australian's appear to be motivated to have our back and I'd like to be a part of that. In a way sticking the postal survey right up the gov's ass. 

I read this and I just get hurt and angry again, could I really ever be a part of this?..... 

Especially because Shelton is so closely linked to this gov; he used to be a political advisor to Barnaby Joyce.

HIV status revealed of thousands by private health insurer mailout - US

I'd not like to be anyone in the mailing house contracted by the insurer over there to do their mailing. I worked in one for over 13 years here in Sydney and, although there was the odd privacy breach by the odd stupid person (we had to sign a confidentiality agreement upon employment there), with said odd person being summarily fired, I've never seen anything like this happen in all those years working there.

In this case it was a problem with the HIV status of the those mailed to, showing through the envelope window. The insurer is going to look at every process involved apparently, but that doesn't change that people found out about the HIV status of those who wanted nobody to know. Unforgivable. Disclosure is a huge issue for HIV+ people especially those who have only recently been diagnosed. To have this information disclosed against their will is a violation of the highest order.

In my experience in the mailing industry I can hypothesize about the possible events that may have happened to cause this. My guess is the data coming from the insurer to the mailing house was flawed in that private health info could have ended up in the window face. The mailing house processed the data for it's systems but rushed and under pressure for the mailing deadline overlooked the error. The mailing went to the laser machines to be printed, the laser operators under equal pressure to print without knowing what was going to happen when the printed material got to the mailing machines. The mailing machine operators likely would have simply assumed what they were processing was OK as they were the end of the process line and any mistakes must have been picked up by then (ie Quality Assurance) and just gone ahead with it, again even more under deadline pressure at the end of the line.

Why nobody in mailing queered WTF they were doing is beyond me. Such a blaring  breach of privacy should surely have been checked by a supervisor. Even though it must have been a snowball of errors, who OK'd how the letters were folded and showed in the window face?

It's stories like these when I thank myself for the public system in Australia. The public system has procedures and processes that must be followed at all costs. What happened in this case is just diabolical.

WASHINGTON — Thousands of people with HIV received mailed letters from Aetna last month that may have disclosed their HIV status on the envelope.

 The letters, which Aetna said were sent to approximately 12,000 people, were meant to relay a change in pharmacy benefits. Text visible through a small window on the envelopes listed the patients’ names and suggested a change in how they would fill the prescription for their treatment for the virus.

 “People have been devastated. We’ve had a number of people tell us they had chosen not to disclose their HIV status to family members — but this is how their family members found out,” said Sally Friedman, legal director at Legal Action Center, which is pushing Aetna to correct the mistake and which highlighted the violation Thursday.

 “People with any private health conditions can just imagine, whether you’re being treated for cancer or a behavioral condition, just imagine having that flat out on the front of an envelope for anyone to see. It should be a grave concern to everyone,” she added. STAT news   

Saturday, 26 August 2017

HIV infections lowest since 1985 - NSW

Congratulations to all involved, including an engaged community taking part in their health outcomes. 

Particularly with the introduction of a very large PrEP trial targeted at high risk groups, infection rates in New South Wales have plummeted since last year. That combined with all other strategies to end the transmission of HIV looks like the state may well reach their target of just about ending HIV transmission by 2020. What a great effort!

I'd even have to congratulate the state gov even though it is a Lieberal one. They made HIV meds here free by picking up the co-pay fee after the PBS had subsidized it. The more people on meds the better as it's proven by studies now if you have an undetectable HIV viral load it's just about impossible to pass it on.

NSW was the first state in Australia to trial implementing PrEP at scale, and EPIC-NSW currently has more than 6,700 people at high risk of HIV participating in the trial. The study provides HIV negative people at high risk of HIV with a medication called pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP. When taken daily, PrEP prevents HIV negative people from acquiring HIV.

 “The strategy behind the EPIC-NSW trial was the rapid and targeted rollout of PrEP in the community,” said Professor Cooper. “In close collaboration with our key partners at NSW Health, ACON, and private and public clinics across the state, we have successfully targeted the thousands of people in the state at high risk of HIV, and the figures released today are confirmation that this strategy works.

 “We are seeing a rapid decline in new HIV infections, particularly among gay and bisexual men, the main population targeted by EPIC-NSW. The number of gay and bisexual men diagnosed with HIV within 12 months of infection in the first half of 2017 is 39 per cent lower than the same period of time over the past six years, and is the lowest on record since 1985.

 “We are extremely fortunate in NSW to have government, clinicians, community and researchers working together towards a variety of HIV prevention strategies including increased testing, improving treatment uptake and providing access to PrEP. Thanks to these partnerships and strategies, evidence-based policy, and a strong response from the community, NSW is on track to virtually eliminate HIV transmission by 2020,” said Professor Cooper.

 PrEP was approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for use in Australia in June 2016, but due to cost, most people in Australia can currently only access PrEP through research trials. On Friday, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) deferred its decision to place PrEP on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), citing high costs of the therapy and the need for further information about the cost-effectiveness modelling.

 “The results released in NSW today provide strong evidence to support wide availability of PrEP to prevent HIV transmission,” said Professor Cooper. “We are working closely with PBAC to provide further information on the cost benefit of PrEP in Australia, and are hopeful to see PrEP on the PBS in the near future.” The Kirby Institute  

Friday, 25 August 2017

This is for Lyle Shelton of the ACL - "Cruise Control" (video)

This was the result of YouTube suggesting this video for me. My I wonder how it's getting to know me like this?

It's a music video type add for a gay sauna in London. Highly unrealistic as you'd never get guys that good looking all in one place in the same sauna. 

But as Lyle Shelton thinks so much of gay sex it'd likely be something he'd like. So I hereby dedicate this video for Shelton. You never know, this post could come up in a Google search of his and grab his interest, he he.

The second video is a bonus one also recommended for me by YouTube. It has Tom Daley in a very strange moment with his team member :s

Watch away Lyle if you ever see this 😁

Remove the ACL's tax free status - petition

A new petition calling on the federal gov to remove the tax free status of the Australian Christian Lobby.
The Australian Christian Lobby use their position of privilege and the funds they save thanks to their tax free status, to launch hate campaigns against LGBTI communities.

 NZ just passed a law removing the tax free status of Family First (their version of ACL).

 If the church wants to fund the hate campaign, they can... but not with our tax dollars. sign here

Thursday, 24 August 2017

An accidental day out in the city for David and I - pics :)

David took a sly pub pic
So.....because of a lot of unforeseeable circumstances, including my ones, it's been a long extended time from seeing my doctor about my left eye to getting to the surgery for it. I was sick on the Maraviroc HIV drug that was making me have postural low blood pressure and couldn't attend appts on many occasions, including ones where I was scheduled for at the hospital eye clinic. All of it a very long story, not worth going on about here.

Because now the cataract is so dense they're having trouble getting accurate readings for the up coming operation for my eye. The eye clinic at the hospital that I went to last week didn't have accurate enough machinery to gage this. So they sent me to a private clinic in the city to use their super duper machinery to have another go. 

Unfortunately, it failed to get a good enough reading today for the operation and so the professor referred me back to the hospital where they evidently have some super super duper machine to make the measurements. I'm apparently going to get a phone call soon from the hospital to organise this. Oh joy.

David came with me to the appt as they put that stuff in your eyes that makes them dilate and gives me a headache, so they can see into your eyes with machinery. Unfortunately it makes your vision very blurry so you can see even less than you can already. Oh joy.... 

Anyway I sort of felt my way almost out of the appt with trusty nurse David helping me. We stopped by a friends place taking pics on the way walking through Hyde park on the way to his place. He wasn't home so we went to an Oxford St pub, as you do, and got rather.......

So here are our pics from today of our accidental venture in to the city: 
 Hello darling it's me x x 
Greek gods at the fountain (oh.....)
Some god showing his dick and getting powerful!
David at the pub

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The real facts if marriage equality is voted yes (oh the humanity...)

OK...... Well I've tried and tried to get myself to the point of actually taking part in a national survey on my life. I've really really tried darlings. Even David last night announced he would likely vote in the thing, causing a bit of a dramatic exercise in loving disagreement. This caused me even more self angst at my thinking to take no part in it apart from burning the ballot on social media.

Alas my angst reanalysis of my position resulted in no change. I still can't bring myself to the humiliating process of asking fellow Australians if I can have the same human rights as them, like I used to have when I was married to my late wife. Call me proud, call be too sensitive (story of my life BTW that last one) but I just can't do it. It would hurt my deeply held conscience beliefs to do so. Sue me :s  He he he....

Anyway....... so those of anybody reading that are all fired up about this survey like the gov may actually fail to make it a no vote and it comes out "yes", you lot would be interested in this blog rave at The Stirrer. For your convenience I have made a simple snip out of the main bit for plastering over social media to your hearts content. You all know the story, right click, save, post. I'll Twitter it myself in fact, despite my deeply held religious conscience beliefs.

Explaining Yes, spread it far and wide if for no other reason than to really piss off the Neo-Nazis and Lyle Shelton (not that I would ever associate Lyle with Nazis after he called us Nazis) :

The Stirrer

Postal survey “the most unkind thing, for no good reason” - Magda Szubanski (video)


Magda was on TV this morning talking about the damage to young LGBT people that this postal survey will do, saying tearfully that it's "the most unkind thing for no good reason".

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

3 drag queens clobber gay bashers - Sydney, Oxford St :)

This is a serious but funny story which has been reported happening on Oxford St in Sydney, home of gay safe spaces, pubs and the like. Homophobe dickheads coming in to the street attacked a small gay guy after he left one of the gay pubs, dislocating his jaw. Perhaps as a result of the current hatred being spewed over the postal survey for marriage equality? But that's another story....

To the rescue however, and from the sounds of to the shock of the dickheads, came three "angels". Three drag queens intervened and saved the poor guy, making the point "...don't come to our street and expect us to just take it". Good on you sisters!

Again, gays come in all shapes and sizes across the entire human community. The stereotype of us being weakly girlie men is just that; a stereotype :)

You just have to read the whole story darlings, but I've picked out a few highlights:

“Those boys sh*t themselves, they weren’t ready for some drag queens on top of them”


“After the punch I was stunned but the next thing I knew Ivy went in and was scrapping with the guy who punched me. They’re in the middle of the road, cars swerving around them, tooting, and I saw the guy rip her wig off.

“They were bashing each other and she’s still wearing her high heels.”


Ivy said she saw Mr Flinn get attacked and she wasn’t having it. “I said, ‘you want to pick on little guys, you’ll need to fight the big freak. I’m a man underneath all of this, so let’s go.”

Luke Waqa, who performs as Coco Jumbo, also piled in.

“A guy pushed Ivy so I picked him up and threw him into the gutter.

“I don’t think they knew what they were getting themselves into. I used to play rugby league. Plus I have an older brother,” Coco said.

“He tried to run away and I chased him into the oncoming traffic. I’m surprised my wig didn’t come off.”


Ivy said it was “disgusting” some people came to Oxford St to cause trouble. However, she said there had been very few incidents in her seven years on the scene and the community looked after its own.

“There are idiots everywhere but don’t come to our street and expect us to just take it.”

Coco said she had a simple message for the homophobes: “Don’t mess with gay people. Let alone two men dressed as women. Silly boys.” 
After reading that, I wouldn't want to be Turnbull right now :)

"What Would You Do?" - Trans shopper rejected by woman's clothing store (video)

With all the bile being spewed against Australian LGBT at the moment because of Turnbull, this was a very refreshing video to watch. Set up by the show "What Would You Do?" actors portray a scene in a woman's clothing store where a trans woman is demeaned publicly by the saleslady.

As always it's our human stories that destroy the hate. People often don't realise what discrimination can do to a person unless they see it up close.

Watch how the unsuspecting customers react to witnessing this.

Weasel words from Turnbull - gay hate speech

Abetz says LGBT marriage will mean people marrying Sydney harbour bridge. Abbott says it's not about marriage but opening the door to darkness. These are both gov ministers.

Now Turnbull has the audacity to claim he cares about us, after unleashing the crackpot fringe dwellers on to us. The above poster has appeared in Melbourne, full of lies that have long been disproved.

All this because Turnbull has no balls. Now we have to pay the price for his spinelessness. It beggars belief he could say this. 

As Australians prepare to vote in a postal survey, Mr Turnbull acknowledged people were likely to say things that are "hurtful, unfair and sometimes cruel".

 But rather than stifle free speech, Mr Turnbull said Australians should stand up for any friends and loved ones feeling distressed "at this challenging time".

 "This is a time to put your arms around them, to give them your love and support," he told 2DayFM. ABC

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Bill Shorten saturation bombs Turnbull over postal marriage equality survey (video)

This is from ten days ago, soon after the postal survey was announced. Shorten absolutely destroys Turnbull in a fiery speech defending the LGBT and lambasting Turnbull for releasing the vile hatred on us that will happen should the High Court give it the go ahead.

He also very accurately gives voice to how I feel about the survey, saying how insulting it is for us and how he can understand why we'd simply throw the ballot letter in the bin.

He does want us to participate in the survey though. Each to their own. I won't be judging anybody whatever they decide to do if the survey goes ahead. I personally oppose it with every fibre of my humanity. If that insulting ballot ever arrives in our mailbox I will conduct a ceremonial ballot burning and post it here. Pictures I guess. Or the camera can do low quality video and I can post it from YouTube. 

That's about the most fitting political statement I feel best at making. Personally I just can't take any part in such a flawed process so designed to fail. I note again that Labor if they win the election will ignore the results of the survey for those reasons, remaining committed to implementing marriage equality in the first 100 days of their gov.

Gutless Turnbull avoids LGBT postal survey protest - Tasmania (video)

Oh the irony. Our fearful leader scared of a few LGBT. Poofs telling a straight prime minister to "grow a pair". It certainly does challenge the stereotype of gay men being girlie weaklings.

There was what looked like a small but angry protest outside the Tasmanian Lieberal event of which Turnbull attended and spoke at. However the gutless wonder didn't even have the balls to front up to the protesters and address their grievance. He exited the event out the side door. Pitiful spineless weasel. Scared of us.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Australia's laughable clamp down on internet pirates - link

As I've said many times here, we Australians are the biggest per capita internet pirates in the world. David and I haven't watched normal TV for zonks. We simply download it all, and honestly we can't keep up with how much we download. Fuck Murdoch and his crappy pay TV. Being pensioners $35 a month unlimited ADSL downloads is very cheap entertainment. You can download just about anything as long as the torrent is healthy.

But now Australian courts have come up with the lame idea to block said download sites. I mean seriously, how dumb can they get? For a start if you're a downloader you'll have a VPN which pretends you're in another country. So how the fuckin hell could they block you accessing torrent sites even if they're blocked in Australia? Just moronic.

The Federal Court this morning ordered Australia’s biggest Internet service providers (ISPs) to block 58 individual pirate sites and more than 200 different domains and IP addresses.

 The orders were handed down in response to separate applications for injunction brought by Village Roadshow and pay TV provider Foxtel, with Optus, Telstra, TPG and Vocus ordered to implement new website blocks.

Subsidiaries of the four will also be affected by the injunction, including well-known ISPs such as iiNet, Internode and Dodo. Computer World
Even if you don't have a VPN, you can go here to this site which has a whole bunch of torrent site links just for people who their country has blocked those sites.

Fuck you Murdoch.

"Respectful" debate? - pfffft (image)

This is the sort of lies that they're saying about our LGBT community, because Turnbull doesn't have the ticker to simply call a free conscience vote (like Howard did four times in the life of his gov). It's all hysterical lies and innuendo against us.

Trans people are not sexual predators. The LGBT are not sexual predators. These are lies perpetrated from the stone age. 99% of paedophiles identify as straight. To blame us for the despicable acts that these straight people do is to let them get away with it. And they dare to proclaim"think of the children"?

I'm a parent of a beautiful daughter in her mid 20's. She works in child care and is fully qualified after her studies. To even suggest that because David and I want to marry that therefore I'm a sexual predator is probably the deepest insult you could make to any father.

Respectful debate? These people haven't the slightest respect for David and I and are willing to dredge up anachronistic lies about us and distribute them in a pamphlet. Perhaps they're doing us a favour by showing Australians what hateful lying bigots they are.

LGBT marriage will lead to people marrying Sydney harbour bridge - Abetz (audio)

Yes folks, this archaic Abetz from our federal parliament has come up with his latest reason why David and I can't get married. He says if we do it will lead to people marrying inanimate objects such as the Sydney harbour bridge, thereby equating the love that David and I have for each other with how someone feels about a non-human object.

No, I'm not making this up. The audio is below, in which I read he sounds like a bizarre male version of Siri.

Of course nobody in the LGBT community is wanting to change the marriage act to allow a human to marry something non-human (eg a bridge or an animal). All we want is the marriage act changed to say "two people". Note that it doesn't involve bridges, animals, or the sort of biblical polygamy throughout said book.