Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Staying strong in a vile hateful "debate" on our lives - ACON graphic

The gov has given yet another platform to the bigots and extremist religious to vent their hatred at us LGBT, albeit it likely will be short lived facing a High Court challenge. The postal plebiscite (or in reality the postal survey) yet again opens the door to extremist bigots putting their lies and innuendo in the public sphere like it's the truth. They're cashed up and ready for a fight. 

They will say all manner of lies about us the longer this process goes on. That marriage is about children, who do better in hetro relationships. That the freedom to practice religion will be destroyed by marriage equality. That the LGBT bombed the headquarters of the Australian Christian Lobby. That the freedom to be a bigot will no longer exist (the humanity!). That freedom of speech will no longer exist. That the LGBT have worse mental health problems so why should they have kids, victim blaming us for the effects of their discrimination. That children will be taught the Safe Schools anti-bullying program (the humanity!). And on and on in a never ending stream of drivel, lies, half truths, innuendo and bile.

And all the while saying that it's all "respectful" discussion supported by freedom of speech.

ACON has a page dedicated to helping the mental health of the LGBT, and specifically if this plebiscite survey by some miracle ends up going ahead. The PDF is here along with other resources. Above is the Twitter graphic.

I remain completely disgusted with this gov, and committed more than ever to seing the demise of these homophobe bigots at the next election.

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