Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Turnbull gives green light to backbenchers crossing the floor over marriage equality

Prime minister Turnbull has had no choice in this. It's always been the way that back benchers can vote how they please without repercussions in the Lieberals. A front bench minister in the Lieberals would lose his portfolio for doing so, not the backbenchers. 

Turnbull is stuck with this revolt against the plebiscite-or-nothing policy now. He has only a one seat majority in the lower house. If his pro-marriage equality members cross the floor from the back bench, there is absolutely nothing him or Tony Abbot could do about it.

Yes darlings, the Lieberal right wing are losing of their anti-gay agenda. Could it be that their day is belatedly and finally done?

It has been a travesty of justice in Australia that only a few people on the far right have dictated policy to all Australians for so long of the Abbott/Turnbull gov. It is an outrage to minorities and those of us who find it hard to defend ourselves without much of a voice. They're the ones in power, and they rammed that home when they annulled the first gay marriages in Canberra through the High Court. A complete asshole of an act. More love from the christians.....

Now the momentum has come so strong and overwhelming for the likes of David and I to be married that they fear it's inevitable. Much of the reason they want to control the process now is simply because they're looking at losing the next election big time to Labor and they want to legislate re "religious freedom". 
Honestly it's just pathetic to see where the Lieberals are at now. The gov is made up mostly of religious Catholic zealots still thinking the Catholic church has some sort of moral authority over mostly secular Australia. How they could even imagine that is beyond me, given the fact that the royal commission has put paedophile Catholic priest conservatively at 7% of them all. What moral authority?

Sydney Morning Herald

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