Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Sam Dastyari posts Eric Abetz's 1994 press release on gays

So on Monday night Labor's Sam Dastari was on national telly with Eric Abetz on the same Question and Answer (Q&A) panel. As the conversation went along to LGBT rights and now the postal survey that the Lieberals have all deemed to be god's fuckin will or some shit (saying again to LGBT that it's our survey to save our party and fuck anyone if they don't agree with that) Labor's Sam Dastyari, Aussie citizen BTW to the exclusion of all others, ripped in to fuckwit Tasmanian moron Abetz about it all.  Watch:

I say Tasmanian moron as Abetz was a player in the bitter Tasmanian parliament debating the issue in the 1990's if being LGBT should be decriminalised. Abetz was against it and argued so, dressing his bigoted argument up in some bullshit about state vs federal rights. 

Tasmania took years to eventually decriminalise homosexuality. The "respectful" debate got very bitter and twisted on the no side from what I can gather, and eventually saw a young Tasmanian gay suicide over the hate being preached by the haters in the public domain. 

Long advocate of marriage equality Rodney Croome was deeply involved in that Tasmanian debate and appalled that a young gay man was driven to suicide over it. Croome was head of Australian Marriage Equality (AME) when the Lieberals decided that to have a national plebiscite was the best way to address their internal capitulations about LGBT getting married.

In light of Croome's Tasmanian experience of the hatred unleashed by said "repectful" debate, Croome quit as head of Australian Marriage Equality to devote all his energy at stopping the Lieberal plebiscite (we succeeded). His successor to AME is now Alex Greenwich, New South Wales independent gay senator.

I relate this to give an idea of the pain and damage a vote and "debate" in the public sphere can cause to our LGBT minority; a minority that the present homophobic gov has gone out of it's way to not protect. Abdicating their gov responsibility in doing so as Turnbull let's the lunar right bigots hold sway. Appalling, such a thing saying much about this gov...

Abetz, who is one of the far lunar right nutter backebenchers Keeping Trumbles in power, is now one of the advocates of this bullshit postal survey. You can read his press release from Tasmania in 1994 below in all it's infamous glory.

No wonder I refuse to take part in this asshole hoop that they have again fousted on us. I simply refuse to dignify this with any kind of participation in it. It's the most deepest of insults to David's and my love for each other. An unscientific survey that wouldn't at all pass an Australian Electoral Commission audit for legitimacy.

Rave over ....

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