Thursday, 24 August 2017

An accidental day out in the city for David and I - pics :)

David took a sly pub pic
So.....because of a lot of unforeseeable circumstances, including my ones, it's been a long extended time from seeing my doctor about my left eye to getting to the surgery for it. I was sick on the Maraviroc HIV drug that was making me have postural low blood pressure and couldn't attend appts on many occasions, including ones where I was scheduled for at the hospital eye clinic. All of it a very long story, not worth going on about here.

Because now the cataract is so dense they're having trouble getting accurate readings for the up coming operation for my eye. The eye clinic at the hospital that I went to last week didn't have accurate enough machinery to gage this. So they sent me to a private clinic in the city to use their super duper machinery to have another go. 

Unfortunately, it failed to get a good enough reading today for the operation and so the professor referred me back to the hospital where they evidently have some super super duper machine to make the measurements. I'm apparently going to get a phone call soon from the hospital to organise this. Oh joy.

David came with me to the appt as they put that stuff in your eyes that makes them dilate and gives me a headache, so they can see into your eyes with machinery. Unfortunately it makes your vision very blurry so you can see even less than you can already. Oh joy.... 

Anyway I sort of felt my way almost out of the appt with trusty nurse David helping me. We stopped by a friends place taking pics on the way walking through Hyde park on the way to his place. He wasn't home so we went to an Oxford St pub, as you do, and got rather.......

So here are our pics from today of our accidental venture in to the city: 
 Hello darling it's me x x 
Greek gods at the fountain (oh.....)
Some god showing his dick and getting powerful!
David at the pub

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