Monday, 28 August 2017

Marriage equality "Yes" leaflets to download and print

Fun for all the family folks, especially the rainbow ones. 

Posters, leaflets, and flyers to vote yes in the postal survey are available to download here. In keeping with the postal theme, the two up A4 ones can be cut in half and are perfect for letterbox dropping. I guess you'd have to check your ink levels but they don't look too heavy on the ink.

BTW I think I might actually be getting over my initial rage at the postal plebiscite and the gov. People seem to be getting on board big time with this to stick it to the gov. Indeed the amount of new electoral enrollments are historic. Young people are all for marriage equality and can't understand why their friends can't get married.

The below picture isn't much related to this post, I just wanted to post it again. Why should a drunk hold such sway over our lives? Pun intended.

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