Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Angry Aussie goes bananas at the Lieberals marriage equality postal "survey" (video)

Yes darlings, the so called "postal plebiscite" isn't even that. It's nothing more than  a $122 million postal "survey". 

What a complete and utter farce. What a slap in the face for all LGBT Australians. What a total outrage against us! A none binding survey that the Lieberals will use to bind their vote to "no" as they'll design it to fail.

If the outrage even gets past the High Court, which I seriously doubt it will. After all, beyond the insult to the LGBT that this is, it's also an insult to our democracy. The Lieberals are trying to get around the parliament in a rigged vote. Such is their "born to rule" mentality.

We LGBT continue to get angrier and angrier at our treatment by this gov. This is way worse than they demonise Muslims. After all Muslims can still get married, even though the gov is trying it's very fuckin hardest to demonise them. As they are us. Difference is they can marry but David and I can't. My daughter can marry. I can't.

JUST had enough.....

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