Friday, 25 August 2017

This is for Lyle Shelton of the ACL - "Cruise Control" (video)

This was the result of YouTube suggesting this video for me. My I wonder how it's getting to know me like this?

It's a music video type add for a gay sauna in London. Highly unrealistic as you'd never get guys that good looking all in one place in the same sauna. 

But as Lyle Shelton thinks so much of gay sex it'd likely be something he'd like. So I hereby dedicate this video for Shelton. You never know, this post could come up in a Google search of his and grab his interest, he he.

The second video is a bonus one also recommended for me by YouTube. It has Tom Daley in a very strange moment with his team member :s

Watch away Lyle if you ever see this 😁

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