Thursday, 17 August 2017

Vice doco on Charlottesville, USA - video (exclusive from Vice)

I have, understandably, been very involved in Australia's local politics of late about marriage equality. Hence I've been ignorant about WTF is going on in Trump's America. A few days ago some news dribbled though to Aussie media about some US local event in Charlottesville ( I have no idea where that is over there). Something about a protest and conflict involving Nazis and a counter demonstration against them. Somebody was killed during the course of it all when a car ploughed into lefties. Trump defended the Nazis, shocking. 

So this come up on my YouTube feed, a doco by vice about it all. Below.

As being both a New Zealander and Australian dual citizen, I speak for both countries in saying how shocked, upset, and horrified I feel about this video. I know I keep saying it but the bar goes lower from the US and I have to keep saying it. From a citizen of the strongest ally the US has ever had, I never thought ever in my life that I would see a video remotely like this coming out of the US. 

Indeed, this is Trump's America. I for one don't want any part in it.

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