Sunday, 13 August 2017

Trump's America - "Fuck you fagot" (video)

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I'm disgusted. Appalled. Outraged. This is the country that we've followed in to war every stupid step of the way. Mind numbingly stupidly, but yet we've been there for them, dying along side them in every stupid war they've bloody created.

And now we get Trump's America. Beyond Trump's America the below video fuckwits chant "Fuck you fags".

I try to get my head around how they could say that about David and I, who are part of the closest and strongest alliance the US has ever had. I'm deeply insulted. Deeply hurt that such a "friend" could be so judgmental about David's and I relationship on the other side of the world. Many thousand of kilometres from their shores. It really hurts.... A lot......

But something hurts even more than that insult.

Our gutless prime minister has said today that we will follow the US into war with North Korea. Such is how our present spineless gov soooooo sucks up to a maniac Trump! A complete madman comparing missiles with Kim what's his face as dick sizes :s

Honestly, I just don't get this utter utter lunacy. It's an outrageous affront on all of humanity who simply want to live our lives without nuclear radiation going bananas to our detriment.Two countries who happen to be so powerful as to have nuclear weapons have the right to decide our fate right on the other side of the world? Down under in fact, across the international time zone in the pacific.


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