Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Full press conference Equality Campaign on gov plebiscite decision (video)

Here we have the full press conference from The Equality Campaign after the Lieberals yesterday dodged a conscience vote on marriage equality and decided instead to reintroduce the failed plebiscite legislation from last year again. 

I must say I've never seen Alex Greenwich so fired up (the first speaker). Usually he's very much for working together with people and negotiating a positive outcome despite differences. Here however he gives it to the gov with both barrels. 

Such is the historic significance of what the gov did yesterday. It won't be forgotten. To the LGBT now the gov is permanently labeled as the gov that is against them, in much the same way as workers know the gov is for big business and not them. This won't be just a passing feeling, but a permanent alienation into the future.

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