Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Tony Burke rips gov new asshole over Barnaby being Kiwi (video)

For the overseas people reading this, the Australian constitution has a very clear law that you can't be a member of the federal parliament if you are a duel citizen of another country. There are two Lieberal ministers currently falling afoul of this law.

Adani lover Canavan has resigned as minister of his northern Australia resources portfolio after he "found out" that he'd become a duel citizen of Italy, without signing a single piece of paper to do so, blaming his mum for it all saying she made him so as an adult without his knowledge. It's going to the High Court.

Now Nationals leader of the gov coalition (the Nats get fuck all votes BTW, riding on the Lieberal gov coat tails for relevancy) Barnaby Joice has come afoul of the constitution. He's "found out" that he's a New Zealand citizen by descent of his father who was a Kiwi, despite Barnaby being born and spending his life in Australia. Apparently it all escaped his mind to actually check such things decades ago when he entered parliament. That's going to the High Court too.

So now we have a gov with a one seat majority, referring Barnaby to the High court to find out if they still have that majority. The High Court will likely make it's decision by December, leaving Australia's democracy in limbo until then. If the court decision goes against him there will have to be a by election, and the possibility he could lose his seat. Which could bring down the gov and force an early federal election.

In short Australia doesn't currently know if it has a legitimate gov. 

In short this possible illegitimate gov is hoisting an unconstitutional postal "survey" on Australia, giving bigots the chance to have a say if David and I can get married. That's going to the High Court too.

I thought I was disgusted with the plebiscite before this, but now I'm beyond disgust.

BTW, hi Ashleigh-Rose! xxx

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