Sunday, 20 August 2017

Bill Shorten saturation bombs Turnbull over postal marriage equality survey (video)

This is from ten days ago, soon after the postal survey was announced. Shorten absolutely destroys Turnbull in a fiery speech defending the LGBT and lambasting Turnbull for releasing the vile hatred on us that will happen should the High Court give it the go ahead.

He also very accurately gives voice to how I feel about the survey, saying how insulting it is for us and how he can understand why we'd simply throw the ballot letter in the bin.

He does want us to participate in the survey though. Each to their own. I won't be judging anybody whatever they decide to do if the survey goes ahead. I personally oppose it with every fibre of my humanity. If that insulting ballot ever arrives in our mailbox I will conduct a ceremonial ballot burning and post it here. Pictures I guess. Or the camera can do low quality video and I can post it from YouTube. 

That's about the most fitting political statement I feel best at making. Personally I just can't take any part in such a flawed process so designed to fail. I note again that Labor if they win the election will ignore the results of the survey for those reasons, remaining committed to implementing marriage equality in the first 100 days of their gov.

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