Monday, 7 August 2017

Gov blocks marriage equality again - keeps plebiscite delay tactic (video)

Sydney Morning Herald
In Turnbull's latest show of complete spinelessness and lack of leadership, the Lieberals have again caved to the far right of the party. After a party room meeting this afternoon in which they could have decided on simply a free parliamentary vote that would have passed marriage equality, they have again reiterated their plebiscite-or-nothing doctrine to Australians.

The original plebiscite that failed in the senate and will fail again.

After which they will try a postal plebiscite which looks highly likely to fail in the High Court when challenged. Even if it didn't it will fail in practice. We LGBT will boycott such an insult to our rights and commentators are already saying the participation rate will likely be well less that 50%, making the poll meaningless.

It's delay, delay, delay, delay, delay..... Our human rights stay and stay in the Lieberal too hard box. Pun intended. These unrepresentative swill wouldn't know love if it bit them on the ass. Bitter, hard right, white, privileged, Catholic middled aged men, clinging to their mutation of christianity like their miserable lives depended on it. Holding the entire country back even in the face of a tsunami of public support for marriage equality as there has been of late. 

All their opposition to the push for our human rights over the years by them to us won't be forgotten. But today especially. An historical moment was reached and they blocked it yet again. They have labeled themselves a party of homophobes to Australia and a party stuck in the last century.

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