Friday, 18 August 2017

The Putin shirtless challenge - pics :s

Putin, apparently not manly enough to grow body hair
I don't know whether to laugh or be completely horrified. I wouldn't ever be so vain and disillusioned to think that my body was something worth looking at on the internet, but evidently there are actually people like that who have equal bodies as me and think it's OK :s

But hey, you put it on the internet and you're putting yourself out there....

The site is here BTW on Instagram; a plethora of weirdo fools putting themselves out there. 

WTF happened to your belly button?
You can't be serious...
Oh baby! Some Russians have actual body hair!
Oh no. This is just ugly... Again, why no body hair?
Why? Just why?
Why would a manly Russian hunk wear such ridiculous girlie slippers?
Lastly, I find it disturbing that there are pictures of children put up there, some very young. This from a country that 80% of them think gays are sick.

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