Friday, 31 August 2018

Australian Catholic leaders refuse to report child sex abuse from the confessional (video)

Catholic leaders here have agreed to refuse to break the church's seal of confession to report child sex abuse to the secular authorities, one of the recommendations made by the royal commission into institutional child sex abuse in Australia. Sixty percent of all religious cases presented to the commission involved the Catholic church.

We now have a situation in some Australian states where Catholic priests will be breaking the law and risking jail time to avoid reporting sex abuse to children. What a  preposterous position the church has put itself in.

The church obviously has declared that they will redouble their efforts to stamp out paedophilia within the church, but they have declared the confessional is off limits. They have put the  doctrine of the church above secular law, and above protection of children.

They cite religious freedom as the reason why. Well how has their religious freedom worked out so far then?

It will be up to Pope Francis and his advisers to act on many of the Australian child abuse royal commission's far-reaching recommendations and its implications for centuries-old canon law.

 But Australian bishops will not yield to the royal commission's call to break the seal of confession to reveal child sexual abuse, even if priests face the prospect of criminal charges under extended mandatory reporting laws.

 The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the peak body for religious orders, Catholic Religious Australia, said it was the one royal commission recommendation they could not accept.

"This is because it is contrary to our faith and inimical to religious liberty," ACBC president Archbishop Mark Coleridge and CRA president Sister Monica Cavanagh said. Nine News

Russia has 1 million HIV+ people, but only 1/3rd get treatment (video)

Russia, part of the developed world, now has an HIV infection rate increasing at 10% a year. Not only does this go against the trend of now falling infection rates in the world's developed countries, but it's an infection rate increase higher than in the hardest hit parts of Africa.

Shockingly, only one third of those with HIV are getting treatment.

Much of this has to do with stigma, the great enemy of effective HIV treatment. As well as the Russian Orthodox Church who are against control measures that have been proven to work in other countries. The church is against the use of condoms FFS, needle exchanges to avoid sharing of needles, and sex education.

Why am I not surprised that once again, the church stands in the way of logic....

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

PM Morrison is not on our side - shadow equality minister

The Labor opposition has appointed Louise Pratt in an Equality portfolio, and she has taken aim at the new prime minster Scott Morrison over his record of opposition to Australian LGBT people. 

Particularly in last year's horrendous postal survey on our human rights in which he actively campaigned for the No vote against David and I marrying, and was one of those who joined Tony Abbott in walking out of the chamber in a fit of anger at every one of their amendments to the marriage equality legislation being voted down. Thus abstaining from the final vote and going against the clear will of the Australian people. 

After Australians going through the process of the whole postal survey, participating in numbers surprisingly high and coming up with a resounding Yes vote, Morrison still was against us right to the last. So much so that he boycotted the final vote, I guess he just didn't want to be a part of the vote that would give us equality.

Now that Morrison is in power, we're back to the Abbott prime minister-ship of being deeply against LGBT people. The results of the inquiry into religious freedom were in three months ago, but still haven't been released to the public yet. Why? Are the recommendations in the biased group who put it together (there was no LGBT representation on the board) so against Australian opinion that they want to keep it under wraps? Will Morrison, if against all odds, was elected in the coming federal election as prime minister, would he reveal the contents of the report and act accordingly?

We do have very great reason to be concerned about this prime minister. Particularly as the Australian Christian Lobby wasted no time to endorse him as our new PM.

Abbott walks out of chamber abstaining from final vote - Morrison joined him
Labor’s newly appointed Shadow Assistant Minister for Equality, WA Senator Louise Pratt, says she has concerns over new Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s record on LGBTI equality.

 Pratt, who takes over the portfolio established by Queensland MP Terri Butler, says many have reached out to her following Morrison’s ascension to the top job.

 “I share their concerns,” Pratt said in a statement.

“He defended and praised Israel Folau when he said that gay people were going to hell, saying he had ‘shown a lot of strength of character’.

 “Scott Morrison was a vocal opponent of Marriage Equality. He supported the divisive postal survey as a way of obstructing our path to marriage equality.

 “He then campaigned actively for the No case and voted “No” during the postal survey,” Pratt said.

“To add insult to injury he supported amendments to the Bill to allow for discrimination against LGBTI people within the Marriage Act.

 “He then went on to abstain from the vote – ignoring the will of the Australian people and indeed, the will of the people within his own electorate.”

 Pratt noted that Morrison was one of just a handful of MPs who abstained from voting on the marriage equality legislation, which was introduced by Dutton backer and WA Senator Dean Smith.

“He was joined by eight other MPs including Andrew Hastie, Tony Abbott, and Kevin Andrews.

“This is the same group of conservative MPs behind the push to replace Malcolm Turnbull in the top job.

 “The LGBTI community should hold concerns about the influence these and other hard right Liberal and National MPs hold inside the Morrison Government,” she said. 

”The LGBTI community can never be complacent. While we have achieved Marriage Equality, the growing conservative control in the Liberal Party means we could see the reversal of the rights we have fought so long and hard for quickly taken away,” Pratt’s statement concluded. Star Observer

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Pastor sues televangelist over sex and vasectomy - (video)

Overly obvious wig man televangelist

If you ever need a story to illustrate that fundamentalist Christianity is completely nuts, then this is it. You just couldn't make this shit up.

A US pastor is suing a US televangelist because he made him get a vasectomy at 18, got him to masturbate in front of him "to make sure he was ejaculating correctly", and was given multiple naked massages by the televangelist. All the while the man trusting the televangelist because he was a "man of god".

Honestly, there must surely have been a point where a normal man on the street sort of guy would have realised what was happening was wrong; specifically at the first order of getting sterilised at only bloody 18? What sane person would agree to that? 

Miller also alleges that Angley, who is now 97, forced him "to undergo a vasectomy — to ensure that he was never able to have children" as a condition of his employment at Grace Cathedral in January 2004. Miller was 18 at the time.

 At the time of his employment, Miller lived across the street from Angley. A few months into his employment, Miller invited Angley to his house because he wanted to ask the preacher questions about his upcoming marriage. Some of those questions were sexual in nature but Miller says he felt comfortable asking them "because he (Angley) was a man of God and a father figure to him."

 During that conversation, Angley allegedly asked Miller to masturbate in front of him to "make sure he was ejaculating correctly."

 "Plaintiff, a heterosexual male, was terrified and uncomfortable during the situation, but he reluctantly agreed because Angley was not only his boss, but more importantly was a man of God and he trusted him at that time," the lawsuit says.

 Following the incident, Angley allegedly told Miller not to reveal what happened to anyone else.

Over the following years, Miller claims that Angley would "frequently" ask him about his sex life and his body.

 He also alleges that he was invited to Angley's home for a "special annointing," where he was massaged by Angley while naked. That occurred "at least a dozen times."

 While "physical assaults" ended in 2012, verbal harassment continued until Miller resigned in 2014, he claims. The Christian Post

"This is the face of HIV today" - Karl Schmid, Australian TV reporter in US (video)

Karl Schmid is an Australian television reporter working on US TV. The other month he came out as HIV positive on a Facebook post about himself.

Now he's given an interview about the absurdity of HIV stigma in 2018. I can personally relate to that absurdity here in Australia. David had a fellow nurse the other year ask people if he coughed could she get HIV. I had a nurse in Emergency at one of the biggest hospitals in Australia, be overheard by David as she was talking about me "I'm not going near him, he's infectious". These incidents are both in recent times. Unfortunately most HIV stigma in Australia now occurs within the health profession.

Watch as an undetectable person who's had HIV for around ten years (I'm nearly there myself BTW) stands against HIV stigma in today's world. 

Dad picture and granddad picture of me :)

*click to enlarge
Was going through some old photos of my daughter when she was a baby, as she was wanting some now that she has her own. 

She had very bad colic, like my granddaughter does now. It was a horrifying time for my late wife and I. She cried for months from the pain and didn't sleep through the night until nine months old. Was totally exhausting, trying everything to try and make the colic pain more bearable for her. The above picture (would have been 1991) looks typical of one of those episodes where it took ages to get her to sleep and she finally crashed out on me. I'm looking like "OMG, thank fuck she's finally asleep".

The picture below is a much more happier one of me recently. If granddaughter was having a problem I can simply hand her back. I quite like being a grandfather, ha ha.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Murdock directly involved in Turnbull's demise - ExPM Kevin Rudd (video)

*Update: Alan Jones contacted MP's to urge change.

If there was anything that came out of the Liberal party shafting of their second prime minister in it's five year term of gov, it's that the influence of Rupert Murdoch leading the charge against Turnbull became blatantly obvious. Murdoch and his minions who bow down to him and obey him like pawns, along with the Murdoch media, all became (as Chris Uhlmann said last week) "part of the story".

Ex prime minister Kevin Rudd has written a very frank article about last weeks politics in particular, but also spanning the last ten years of Australian politics which has seen now 6 prime ministers in that time. Last weeks insurgency against Turnbull from within the Liberal party itself has to be the most brutal turfing of a PM in that time.

Murdoch's minions also of course include Tony Abbott. Under the Howard gov he was known as the attack dog, and indeed that's all he appears to be good at; attacking and tearing things down, whilst at the same time having nothing to replace it. 

Take the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) introduced and passed into law by the Gillard Labor gov. Abbott demonised the whole thing, panicked people about it, despite the scheme working. Australian carbon emissions were going down under it and political commentators in Canberra agreed that it was a good policy. Along with a large proportion of Australians. 

But for Abbott he didn't give a fuck about good policy, particularly not this one, as a climate change denier. Soon after taking office (with the unfettered help of Murdoch) the Abbott gov repealed the ETS. He had nothing to replace it except token gestures to give the facade of him looking like he was doing something. Ever since then Australia's carbon emission have only increased, and we have no hope of reaching the Paris climate change agreement on this present course. Abbott's answer? Drop out of the Paris agreement. FFS!
Then there is the unique negativity, toxicity and hatred that one man - Tony Abbott, John Howard's political disciple - has brought to our national political life over the past decade.

 Abbott has never cared about policy. He has only cared about politics and winning at any cost. I cannot remember a single positive policy initiative that Abbott has championed and then implemented. Not one. As a result, unconstrained by policy, the entire energy of this giant wrecking ball of Australian politics has been focused on destroying his opponents - within the Labor Party and the Liberal Party. Of all modern politicians, Abbott is sui generis. His singular, destructive impact on national politics cannot be underestimated.

 But on top of all the above, while manipulating each of them, has been Rupert Murdoch - the greatest cancer on the Australian democracy.

 Murdoch is not just a news organisation. Murdoch operates as a political party, acting in pursuit of clearly defined commercial interests, in addition to his far-right ideological world view. The Age - Kevin Rudd
Very recently Murdoch was in Australia along with his even more RWNJ son Lachlan. It was then that Australia's Murdoch media went into overdrive to turf Turnbull. 

Many of Mr Turnbull's supporters in Parliament believe last week's coup was actively supported by News Corp's newspapers and some presenters on its pay-TV station, Sky News, as well as by Ray Hadley and Alan Jones, employed by 2GB, which is owned by Fairfax Media, publisher of this website.

 Senior Liberal sources sympathetic to Mr Turnbull have told Fairfax Media that they believe some commentators overstepped democratic conventions during the coup and became active players, going so far as to lobby MPs on behalf of the insurgents and maintain momentum for Peter Dutton's forces after the first spill failed.

 Channel Nine's chief political correspondent Chris Uhlmann last week said Jones, Hadley, and "Sky after dark" presenters such as Peta Credlin, a former chief-of-staff to Mr Abbott, were "players in the game" to depose Mr Turnbull.

 Senior Liberals close to Mr Turnbull believe Ms Credlin, Mr Jones, and Ross Cameron, a former Liberal MP and current Sky News host, contacted some MPs directly to criticise Mr Turnbull.

 The sources in politics and media who spoke to Fairfax Media for this story would not be named because they wanted to protect professional relationships.

 Ms Credlin denies that she had any involvement whatsoever and said that she is enjoying her career outside politics. "I am not in this fight," she said. Mr Cameron declined to comment and Mr Jones did not respond to a call.

 The day before he was forced from office Mr Turnbull himself made it clear he believed that actors outside Parliament contributed to his downfall.

 "The reality is that a minority in the party room, supported by others outside the Parliament, have sought to bully, intimidate others into making this change of leadership that they're seeking," he said.

Several sources close to Mr Turnbull have confirmed his comments were directed at the 2GB hosts, and News Corp.

 Senior Liberals have told Fairfax Media that they believe News Corp's coverage of Mr Turnbull's government has been biased since he took office, but that it turned particularly savage the week before last when Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch arrived in Australia. Some suspect that News Corp editors were acting at the instructions of the Murdochs. The Age

I know in Australia these turfing of PM's has become great sport in the electorate, especially when it's happening on the other side of politics that you support. Australia even has it's own unique term when a spill begins - "It's on!". But honestly this is just at the point of ridiculous now. Climate change policies have been destroyed and in limbo all for the sake of political wreckers in their lust for power. 

It's a game to the likes of Abbott, nothing more. I'll always remember one time Abbott's retort on a TV interview about something he said and then went back on - "It's only politics". In other words he's a career politician who looks at Canberra as a big game that shouldn't be taken seriously; that he can lie and destroy good policy with that justification.

No, this is much more than a political game. Climate change is about the survival of civilisation on the planet, maybe even the survival of humanity itself. Murdoch and his pawns are playing games with our lives.

Not surprising really after the way they made David and I's marriage into a political game. ...

I finally got a new PC

It's taken a year, but I finally got a new PC. Had the other one for about 6 years. The letters were worn off on about a quarter of the keyboard, but I guess that helped my typing in the end. Also the letter K was on the blink and I had to edit stuff to put the K in where it hadn't. Even the space bar was going. Thing is though it was an HP and they seem to last forever. The one I had before that was also an HP and lasted 5 years before I got another one.

This one too is an HP. After two PC's lasting 11 years total, why should I get anything else? The old one is still going fine but very slow with a lot of things online. Online is much more demanding of PC's than it was 6 years ago. The old one will be retired to be plugged into the big telly in the lounge room for a media player, or to just go online on the big super duper screen with the mouse as the remote.

I used the tax return I got from my Super being taxed when I took money out under financial hardship provisions. As I had no other taxable income I got all the tax paid back. I went through Kogan online and it was delivered at the door 2 days later. You can read all about it here.

It's taken me three days to set the thing up the way I had the other one; installing my programs and hardware. Not to mention the torrent downloading ones. But I think I'm finally there now. Hopefully there'll be far less typos to correct now :)

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Angry Aussie mocks ScoMo's religion, ha ha (video)

Failed prospective leader Dopey Dutton, his political career now in tatters
Australia's next prime minister failure; Pentecostal coal groupie 

For those that don't know Australia's latest prime ministerial failure, Scott Morrison, he's a radical Hillsong Pentecostal happy clapper. He believes in the "prosperity gospel", meaning that if you pray hard enough to Jesus you'll be healthy and rich. That therefore being poor or sick is a "sin" because you haven't prayed hard enough to Jesus.

Abbott leaves chamber for last marriage equality vote
A while back I remember he asserted that he was being persecuted for his christianity, just like LGBT were being persecuted for who they are. It was dubbed at the time "ScoMo-phobia".

Meanwhile he was a core member of the gov ministry who stood against marriage equality every last step of the way. Right up to the very end, Morrison left the chamber (along with a few others) and refused to vote in the final division. 
As well as the four who voted against the bill, nine others were absent from the chamber and failed to support the bill.

 Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Tony Abbott, Andrew Hastie, Michael Sukkar, Kevin Andrews, Scott Morrison, Alex Hawke, George Christensen and Rick Wilson all abstained from the vote.
Yet he claimed he was a persecuted christian FFS! He didn't even have the balls to vote with the lonely 4 just like Abbott. Even Dopey Dutton voted; Yes BTW. Just like Abbott, a coward full of wind. All show and no go, just like Abbott's failed prime ministership.

In around 6 months there'll be a federal election. I'm predicting a Liberal wipeout.

Dinner time the cats tell me :)

Shame the picture is so blurry. Must have focused the camera wrong.

Anyway this was a few days ago before our gov disintegrated into it's own vomit. I'm sitting at my PC and Zac (left) and Natasha give me the dinner look. They sit there and just keep looking at you. Natasha (right) is the instigator. Fifteen year old matriarch :)

Friday, 24 August 2018

We now have a coal loving Pentecostal for Prime minister

Praise the Lord!

Scott Morrison has stolen Dutton's victory, beating him in the party room to become our 6th prime minister in just ten years. The vote was even tighter than Turnbull's at 45/40. Even less of an endorsement than Turnbull.

Scott Morrison (or "ScoMo" for short) was the hard nosed treasurer after being a hard nosed anti-refugee border protection minister. He also loves coal, going so far as to bring a lump of coal into parliament as a prop one time. He's also from Hillsong, the happy clappy Pentecostal church of Sydney.

God, how did Australian politics get this low?

Despite grand announcements from various Liberal party MP's that the spill is over and they're all making daisy chains together now, the Dutton camp has not given up.

I wish they'd just call an election so we can euthanise the Liberal party. 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Angry Aussie on the latest Libspill (video)

I agree with Angry. At this point in time, facing the soon to be sixth Australian prime minister in ten years, we've all had enough. Stop the self absorbed career politics and think about us Australians. Stop the ideological warfare and FFS govern the country. 

Stop politicising every issue that comes along and making it into a political point scoring exercise. Swallow you're ego's and think of the actual people being affected by said politicising. Like us  LGBT with the marriage equality survey. Like the homeless who can't afford a place because of negative gearing.

Stop pushing a fuckin agenda and do what you're supposed to; govern for the good of all. Stop preaching to us what's right or wrong and just FFS help us.

I'm 56 years old and spent years in three countries (NZ, US, Australia). Never in my life have I seen such an idiotic and incapable gov as this one. Driven by their own individual political careers, and interest groups who have the money to bribe them. Driven by their own sense of self worth bought on by growing up in privilege. Driven by the notion that they're born to rule, instead of to serve if given the chance.

Newscorp waging war against PM - Chris Uhlmann, political commentator (video)

Dutton is challenging again for the prime ministership of the Liberal party, for the second time in the space of a week. The Turnbull gov has fallen apart with ministers resigning from their portfolios left right and centre as they withdraw their support for him. Later today there will be another meeting in which Turnbull will lose his job as prime minster of Australia. We've gone through 5 prime ministers in ten years.

Politically it is a catastrophic move by the Liberal party. Dutton is hugely unpopular in the electorate and doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever winning a federal election. As I recently stated, Dutton is about as popular as an unpolished Abbott turd. Plus he may not even be eligible to even be in parliament having interests in two child care centres that receive funding directly from the gov. No doubt Labor is sharpening it's knives for that one.

But of most interest for me today has been the Chris Uhlmann castigation of Newscorp and their role in the rolling of another Australian prime minister. Uhlmann states very forcibly that Murdoch's Newscorp has been waging a war against the PM, and that Dutton has been getting advice from Newscorp journalists (as well as his own advisors). That Newscorp are a bunch of glass jawed bullies. The disconnect between the Newscorp media and what the electorate is actually thinking.

Uhlmann is known for his right of centre stance politically, which makes the video even more unusual. Really have to watch this one, it's quite something.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Progress after cataract surgery - one week

The lunatic is on the grass
Went back to the eye clinic today for the doctor who operated on me to examine the progress on my previously blind eye. It had become completely blind due to a very dense cataract. All I could see out of it was if it was night or day, nothing else.

The results to date have been nothing short of modern medicine miraculous. I still have blood around the bit that sees things as I moved during the laser surgery (fell asleep to be exact from the anesthetic) but no biggie. That'll be gone in a couple of weeks I'd say.

But the ability to see hasn't at all been affected by that side issue. Today on the eye chart I was able to read the second to bottom line of small letters without my glasses. In fact my glasses make me see worse as they're prescription glasses and now the left lens isn't suited to my left eye. I now go about the day without glasses, but still need them for near vision. But honestly they're just not right for me anymore.

Another thing that I've noticed is the huge difference in focus and colour in the left operated on eye, as opposed to my right eye which was the only one I could see anything with. I was told by a specialist through the course of everyone trying to get my eye measurements for the operation, that my right eye was also starting to develop a cataract. Which has evidently progressed somewhat whilst I was on the waiting list for this surgery.

So now because my left eye is healing and improving as it does so, everything is way more colourful and clear. Now if I look out of my right eye only it's quite cloudy in comparison and blurry. I wasn't able to read the same line of the eye chart that I did with my left eye. Doctor said that once this left eye is all sorted out and healed then she'd look at what the right eye was doing.

Cripes, no wonder I was bumping into things and all. I wasn't half blind, I was about two thirds fuckin blind!

The change, as it is so far, has taken some getting used to. Was watching a movie recently with David and I had to change the contrast. I'd set it to 100% FFS because I was trying to manage with one cloudy eye.

BTW the TV we got after our other one carked it looks fantastic :) Seeing it with two eyes now.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Granddaughter loves the shower, and Felix (the cat)

Granddaughter has really taken to being in the shower with her mum. She's got a bit of colic and spewing a lot, as babies do. I'm glad the shower is a bit of respite as my daughter was getting quite overwrought with all the crying and vomiting that comes with colic.

Granddaughter also appears to love Felix :) 

Turnbull is now the walking dead - Darth Dutton's failed challenge to PM (video)

Prime mister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull
Darth Dutton - challenger

The spill has happened, in the Liberal party, again. Turnbull yesterday declared the prime minster position was open and took it to a vote in the party room. He won against Dutton by a very small margin, hardly a ringing endorsement from the party at 48/35. There was just seven votes in it, otherwise we'd now have Darth Dutton for prime minister.

On the up side, Dutton has lost his front bench portfolio of being Darth Dutton to refugees. They'll have to find someone to replace him there, but they'd be hard pressed to find someone as evil and vile as him. The man has no conscience, or any sort of moral compass to differentiate what is right and wrong. It would have been a dark day for Australia if he'd become PM. As of now however he's banished to the back bench with all the other bitter and twisted RWNJ's. You know, the ones that are really running the gov as Turnbull has no spine.

Indeed before the spill Turnbull abandoned any carbon reduction target in his policy of the National Energy Guarantee. Woefully pitiful and a move that would cause a huge backlash against the gov in the electorate, which wants meaningful and solid action on climate change. Chances are the NEG will die on the senate floor, along with the $80 billion tax cuts to corporations. So again, in trying to appease the lunar right of the party he again accomplishes nothing.

Dopey Dutton hasn't ruled out another challenge, which pretty well means one is coming, possibly soon. As I said there was only seven votes in it.

Leaving Turnbull a walking dead man. Lame duck. Yes folks, we now have a zombie for prime minster.

Interesting that even in the main stream media now the prediction is for a Bill Shorten landslide at the next election, which must be called by May next year at the latest.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Rainbow Warrior is returning to NZ to celebrate NZ banning new offshore oil exploration (videos)

The bastard French terrorist sunk the 1st one.....

The new Rainbow Warrior is coming back to New Zealand! Hooray!

It's to celebrate NZ's new Jacinta Arden's Labour party, in that the other month it made a law that there would be no new licences issues for offshore oil exploration in NZ's 200 nautical mile sovereign zone. Apparently it made world news.

Arden has defined banning these licences as a "nuclear free moment" for NZ. Harking back 1987 when NZ declared itself the first country in the world to be nuclear free. Back then the ban led to American warships being banned from Auckland Harbour because NZ didn't know if they were nuclear powered or not. 

It also led to America dropping us out of the ANZUS alliance saying their ships couldn't dock here so what was the point of us being in it? They cut us off from all American intelligence, which was probably a blessing as Kiwis didn't go to Iraq, ha ha. But Australia gave NZ all the intelligence the US was giving anyway, and us Kiwis still didn't go to Iraq.  Ha ha, stupid Australians and Americans..... (dual citizen speak there).

I was living in Auckland at the time being a Kiwi in the lead up to the nuclear free legislation. I remember an American warship coming into Auckland harbour and having to stop because there were so many protest boats in front of it. The next day the headlines read "Protesters stop US warship!".

NZ's position to the French was entirely understandable. We had protested long and hard against the French nuclear bombing tests on Moruroa Atoll in the South Pacific that was progressively turning the atoll to smithereens and releasing radiation into the South Pacific. The French considered it "their land" which begged the question, why couldn't they then carry out these tests in France itself? Their land, and not in our space?

But the French kept on, even going to underground testing and sinking the atoll lower and lower. Kiwis kept on protesting, and back then the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior felt compelled to protest with us. Those protests would include going into the bomb zone to stop the testing. NZ'ers considered the Rainbow Warrior an expression of our protest and supported it's actions.

However the French powers that were hated it, and us Kiwi's, for daring to even protest their destruction and radioactive release to the environment that Moruroa Atoll had become, and most of all they hated the Rainbow Warrior for daring to interfere in what they considered their own territory and own testing grounds.

It came to a head with the French gov committing an act of terrorism in Auckland Harbour on Marsden Wharf, NZ's largest city of 1 million people. On July 10th 1985, French secret agents in wet-suits dived into Auckland Harbour and attached two bombs to the outside of the Rainbow Warrior moored on Marsden Wharf. When they exploded they sink the ship instantly, in the process murdering the photographer on-board who couldn't get out.

NZ was shocked to the core. However the secret agents were soon caught (dumb asses) and in NZ custody. Us Kiwis wanted to bloody throttle them! Put them under our laws and jail them as the NZ judiciary would. However it was not to be. You see France is a big world power, particularly in the European Union.

France told NZ to give up the two terrorists or it would use it's EU powers to block all NZ dairy product exports to the UN, thereby destroying NZ's economy. The gov had no choice but to give the terrorists over. It was sort of a bit of a deal, not really. 

The two ended up going to French Polynesia, a tropical island sort of thing holiday place.  A year or two after that the France repatriated them back to France as heroes. After that I realised that in the world we have little countries like NZ get shitted on by big countries like France, and that's just the way it is in this world.

But in the end, decades later......

Now the NZ prime minister Jacinta Arden calls stopping all future oil drilling licences offshore in NZ waters as her generation's "nuclear free moment". All of the above puts perspective on that for all Kiwis.

“New Zealand has led the world on climate action with the ban on new offshore oil and gas permits, but our work has only just started. Despite the climate crisis and the obvious need to rapidly wean ourselves off dirty energy, oil companies with existing licenses to explore and drill could still have a presence here for decades to come,” she says.

 “We’re in the midst of a new age of technology, and clean energy is our trump card in the fight against climate change. By making significant investment in a new clean and smart electricity system for New Zealand, we could make dirty energy obsolete quite quickly – New Zealand could be an oil free nation.

” The first stop for the Rainbow Warrior will be Matauri Bay on September 10. The Northland bay is the final resting place of the original Rainbow Warrior, which was bombed in 1985 by the French Secret Service in retaliation for protests against France’s Pacific nuclear testing programme.

 In 1987, New Zealand became the first country in the world to declare itself nuclear free.

 Simcock says it’s fitting that forty years later, in the lead up to the offshore oil and gas ban announcement, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern famously labelled climate change her generation’s “nuclear free moment”.

 “The Rainbow Warrior is the link between these two important historic events. Back in the 1980s, New Zealand stood up to the world’s nuclear powers, becoming leaders on the biggest global threat of the time,” she says.

 “In 2018, there has never been a greater threat than climate change, and it’s driven by the relentless pursuit of more fossil fuels to burn. By replacing the dirty energy industry with clean energy, we have a real chance in New Zealand to make oil history.” Greenpeace

OMG! US Pastor "missionary" to Uganda drunk curses Ugandan hotel ppl via Jesus (video)

More love from the christians.......

An American conservative Pastor and self described missionary to Uganda (one of the most anti-gay countries in the world) has gone on a vile tirade against a Ugandan hotel employee over his hotel key. 

During this tirade (see video below) he invoked Jesus, Ugandans who hated Jesus, the hotel employee who he reckoned hated Jesus, the "nigger" word at the black hotel employee, his fist at the employee gaining a punch on the back of his head at one point, the word "bitch" at the employee, the statement "fuck Uganda", and the extremely racist statement at the black employee "nigger bitch. You're not human".

The pastor was later arrested and charged.

He blamed his actions on PTSD. Well I have PTSD and it's never caused me to carry on like that.
A Vietnam veteran claiming to be a missionary assaulted hotel workers in Uganda in a very ungodly display where he called the employees the n-word and threw punches in the name of 'Jesus'.

 Jimmy L. Taylor's angry tirade was caught on camera and he was arrested soon afterwards and charged with assault and malicious damage for his attack at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala on Thursday.

 Video of the 69-year-old's attack has gone viral displaying the Arizona man, seemingly drunk, jump over the hotel front desk to smash glasses and insult workers, all because he wanted to get his room key.

 He told police he is a former marine and is a missionary. Daily Mail

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Australia has enough renewable energy to power ourselves 500 times over - Climate Council (video)

All this talk of coal being the only one that can provide "baseload" power is a lie. Put out by the coal loving RWNJ's in the gov to convince people that we need more coal fired power stations.

Unlike their far right mantra of the market supposedly sorting everything out, they want to fund these coal fired power stations with tax payers money. This is despite energy supply companies (in the market themselves) saying renewables are a much more effective and cheaper way to deliver cheaper and reliable electricity to the grid.

In fact coal fired power stations in Australia are very unreliable and coal is now more expensive than renewable energy. Building a big battery is way faster and cheaper than the years it takes to build a coal fired power station, and by the time it was built renewables would beat it hands down in price, even more than now.

Why has this gov politicised such a simple thing as providing electricity? Commercially coal is on it's last legs and not viable. Renewables are the new way to go to both save the planet and deliver Australia from some of the most expensive electricity prices in the world.

Yet this gov clings to coal for dear life. It's become an ideology to them, against all science, market forces, and just plane logic.

Australia should be switching to renewables as a big new industry here, which would create a huge amount of jobs across the country. Instead we have these Canberra dinosaurs pushing energy policy.

Friday, 17 August 2018

300 Pennsylvania Catholic priests accused of child sex abuse (video)

More love from the christians.....

A grand jury report recently released shows that over 300 priests in Pennsylvania molested children over decades. The church covered it all up.

This is what they did with their "religious freedom":

More than 300 Catholic priests across Pennsylvania sexually abused children over seven decades, protected by a hierarchy of church leaders who covered it up, according to a sweeping grand jury report released Tuesday.

 The investigation, one of the broadest inquiries into church sex abuse in U.S. history, identified 1,000 children who were victims, but reported that there probably are thousands more.

 “Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing; they hid it all. For decades,” the grand jury wrote in its report.

 The 18-month investigation covered six of the state’s dioceses — Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Scranton — and follows other state grand jury reports that revealed abuse and coverups in two other dioceses. The grand jury reviewed more than 2 million documents, including from the “secret archives” — what church leaders referred to the reports of abuse they hid from public for decades, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro said at a news conference Tuesday. Washington Post