Saturday, 30 September 2017

Marriage Equality will save lives - Ian Roberts (video)

Retired footballers Ian Roberts who came out some years ago, says that marriage equality will save,lives. He also points out the harm that the likes of Abbott, Bernardi, and Christensen are causing young LGBT people.


Catholic church calls for month of prayer against marriage equality (video)

 Looks like the god squad is seeing the writing on the wall with the postal survey, acknowledging the polls indicate a Yes win for marriage equality in Australia.

So now they want everyone to pray and fast for a "Miracle for marriage". I dunno WTF they want the invisible sky man to do. Change ballot papers from yes to no in some kind of divine intervention? Reach into the minds of people with his invisible hand and turn them into anti-gay bigots? What a complete load of crap.

As if the Catholic church has a shred of moral authority left in Australia, after the royal commission into child sex abuse that revealed conservatively that 7% of Australian Catholic priests are paedophiles. If the Catholic church was a secular organisation it wouldn't be allowed to even set up shop in Australia on those figures. Yet here they are preaching to us about morality. 
UNANDERRA, Australia, Sept. 29, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Australia is in the middle of a government mandated postal survey to decide the future of marriage between a man and a woman. The polls are predicting a defeat for those who believe in the biblical definition of marriage. Australian Christians are asking for prayer from all over the world for a "miracle for marriage" in Australia. The ballots must be posted back by the end of October. The Catholic Church has called for a month of 'Prayer and Fasting for Marriage and Families' through the month of October 2017. See the Catholic Promo Video Here. The broad Australian church is also supporting this historic call for prayer and fasting. Christian News Wire  

Friday, 29 September 2017

Day 1 without the Tivicay HIV med - 1st day with HIV med Isentress

It would only be human to feel nervous about this. I've stopped the HIV drug Tivicay (after only about6 weeks) under suspicion that it was causing the agonising and constant pain in my bowels/stomach. Pain that was unbearable and ended up with me in Emergency with strange doctors grilling me about my whole health history and scared of WTF these strange people might come up with about me, let alone some distressing treatment involved. Not to mention the poking and prodding and my feelings of doo  when even the specialist was stumped.

So today is the first day in about 6 weeks in stopping the Tivikay. Another HIV drug failure for me, perhaps. I hope this is the reason otherwise I'm going to have to go through endless tests and procedures as the medics try to find out the cause of such intense pain that I gave a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale.

Any reasonable person would assume a side effect surely couldn't be so bad. However I've learnt otherwise. Side effects, although the HIV drug is working marvelously on the HIV to make you undetectable.

Simplified a lot, so far for me it's been Truvada; accute kidney failure which put me on dialysis for two months and saw me needing a two year brake from HIV meds to Recover. Kaletra; nearly stopped my heart completely causing oxygen deprivation through all my body, exacerbating the kidney failure causing more damage, and giving me brain damage from said lack of Oxygen. Lately Maraviroc: although taken for about3-4 years  in about the last year or so went haywire causing constant fainting from extremely and dangerously low blood pressure (along with muscle soreness and extreme weakness where I apparently found out what it must be like to be about 90 yrs old :s).

Which brings me to the Tivikay. During yesterdays doctor's visit I explained by discouragement and the constant pain, and if it meant I was having to live with this to be HIV viral load undetectable I couldn't do it and needed a break from the HIV meds (I've never been in such constant and intense pain for two weeks like I have now). Doc thought that was a very bad idea. I hadn't pressured him in any way and he'd already made a script for the new HIV replacement meds.

So this is it now. If it's not the pills then what is it? I'll have to go through a regime of various invasive tests to see WTF is going on.

Funny story BTW. In Emergency the doc asked me if I'd ever had a camera down my throat to see WTF is going on down there. I laughed, calmed myself, and couldn't help smirking at him. I said "no" and unfortunately in the pain I was in that was about the mostest comment I could come up with. Doc laughed though when leaving. Though about it later at home kicking myself. If I'd have been in a right state of mind I'd have said "No, but the gag reflex will be minimal if you want to do that, ha ha ha ha.....

So now folks. Early signs are perhaps encouraging. I went for 6 hours today without tsking any Panadole. Typing this now I feel in less pain. Nurse David says it will take some days for the Tivicay to clear my system. Let's just hope eh?

"Dutton is a Sodomite" - Gosford Anglican Church

 Well the RWNJ's in the gov are going to love this 😊 Father Rod Bower though isn't one to pull punches.

Sodomy these days isn't defined as the Biblical Sodomite was in the Old Testament. Today it means "anal or oral copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex" (yes, oral sex).

However the Biblical version of being a Sodomite is vastly different. The town of Sodom was of course destroyed by God in that Old Testament fairy tail, which has been completely misinterpreted to assume that it was because of anal sex happening in Sodom. This was not the case at all.
Interestingly enough, Jesus did not interpret the sin of Sodom as sexual. First, Jesus says nothing specific about the sin of homosexuality anywhere in the Gospels. He does of course speak of sexual sins, but all of us, regardless of our sexual orientation, commit a few of these. Second, when Jesus instructs his disciples to preach in the towns of Israel, Jesus warns that those who do not receive them peacefully will be judged more harshly than the people of Sodom and Gomorrah (Matt. 10: 5-15). 

Jesus joins other ancient authorities in viewing the sins of the Sodomites as the abuse of strangers, neglecting the poor and needy, and the stigmatizing of outsiders. For example, Ezekiel says that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah "had pride, surfeit of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and the needy" (16:49-50); and the Wisdom of Solomon says that they "refused to receive strangers when they came to them" (19.14). On the other hand, an early Christian book I Clement states that Lot was saved "because of his hospitality and piety" (11.11). It is significant that when Leviticus condemns "men who lie with men," it does not mention the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Nick Gier, Professor Emeritus, University of Idaho
Yes, the sin of Sodom was that they were a bunch of Peter Duttons, pretty much. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Aussie LGBT relationships are not equal without marriage (video)

Partner of 21yrs reduced to "Informant" at bottom of death certificate
The line bandied about that LGBT Australian couples already have the same rights as married straight couples in Australia is a lie. There's a huge amount of paperwork to do just about anything, and questions over who goes on a death certificate or Superannuation payout remain. LGBT are required to prove their relationship every step of the way, whereas straight married couples simply have the wedding certificate to do so.

Would straight couples like to have to prove their relationship with their partner after they'd died? That's the position we're in in Australia today.


Yet another change in my HIV meds - doctor visit today

Saw my HIV GP today and discussed the problems I've been having with the pain in my stomach/bowel area. The pain still hadn't gone away and has been constant for a couple of weeks now. 

The agonised trip to Emergency a couple of weeks ago was the worst pain I've ever experienced, which I explained to him. The feeling that I was being stabbed in the guts, with the pain shooting up the nerve to my left shoulder corner and making that feel like someone was drilling into it. That when the Panadol had worn off the pain was so bad I couldn't move, sit, stand or walk, and breathing was hard because it hurt so much to do it.

The hospital did a very good job that night I must say. Seeing the intensity of it all they put me straight into a Procedure Room and went about trying to help me. I guess I was obviously in a state. The doctor and eventually specialist that saw me were very attentive, as well as the two treating nurses.

The closest thing they could come up with was that it was Gastritus, like a form of extreme indigestion where the lining of the stomach and bowels becomes inflamed and very painful, with the bowel blowing up with wind. At the time I agreed that that sounded like the most likely thing, for whatever reason the cause. 

Anyway afterwards at home I went through the booklet about the HIV drug Tivikay that had replaced the Maraviroc (which had caused postural low blood pressure to the point of 60 over 40 after I collapsed in the street and was carted off to Emergency some weeks back), I've been taking the Tivikay for only about 6 weeks now, and looked again at the side effects it can cause.

Among the most common side effects (affecting 1 out of ten people) was "Stomach (abdominal) pain or discomfort", as well as "wind (flatulence)'. Well that just sounded way too coincidental not to ignore. So I told my GP today that I wanted to switch from the Tivikay to something else, just for the process of elimination even if the Tivikay wasn't the cause. He was fine with that, but did wonder why it's taken over a month of taking it for the symptoms to manifest. Who knows, we shall see...

So tomorrow I start another new HIV pill, this one Issentress. It's two pills a day one morning and night. The night one will take a bit of getting used to as I'm likely to forget with my bloody brain, but I thought just getting into the habit of taking it with dinner would work out fine.

So folks let's hope this bloody one works. Since 2009 when I was diagnosed the list of HIV pills that I can't take is slowly getting larger. Truvada, Kaleetra, Maravoc, and now Tivikay. Ironically they've all "worked" in that they made the HIV viral load undetectable. Just those bloody side effects that fuck it all up. 

It's bird hunting season! - cat pic

*click to enlarge
It's Spring here in Sydney and the birds are mating like there's no tomorrow. Calling to each other with mating calls and having bird parties in trees. Much to the fascination of cats Casper and Cloe, who are experiencing their first Spring.

The back area has a huge tree and the birds fly in and out of it and screech and chirp to each other in bird bliss. They search for worms and bugs in the lawn just next to the back door where the cats sit and watch them fascinated from the cat viewing chair through the screen.

Yesterday late afternoon Casper discovered birds chirping and flitting through the walkway between us and the neighbours house. Hence he decided to get a betterview of the spectacle.  


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

No campaign brings US RWNJ anti-gay book into play

All I can say is they must be getting bloody desperate. And this early on in the campaign and all. 

I mustn't forget to again thank Turnbull for this.

I came across this tweet after posted a homophobic replay on a thread about a business raising $30k for the Yes campaign. Almost blocked the princess but took a look at their twitter feed, and lo and beyond came across this tweet from "It's OK to say no", promoting a book endorsed by a who's who of extremist US haters.

One of the haters endorsing the book none other than Scott Lively himself, who goes around saying that gays are Nazi's and wrote a book called the Pink Swastika. 

"Mass Resistance"

This sort of extremist far right christianity is pretty foreign to Australia. It shows the new lows the No campaign is now reaching in this so called "respectful" debate. 

Update: It appears I've touched a nerve 😁 . Just got that snip before the princess/snowflake blocked me. *sigh* fun's over.

Gov saves $billions on the back of the poor, sick, and old

How any gov could be proud of this is beyond me. Whilst giving $50 billion in tax cuts to business in proven failed "trickle down" ideology, the gov has ripped billions out of the poorest and most unfortunate Australians. The fact that they've succeeded in doing this gives an inkling of the suffering they've created in the most vulnerable of us. 

What's more they've royally fucked up the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) meaning there's a huge backlog of applications that have been delayed in being processed, hence the gov spend in that area was less. They call that a "saving", not a fuck up.

After 25 years of uninterrupted growth Australia has 3 million people living below the poverty line, with inequality increasing. We have one of the lowest pension rates in the OECD, and the dole is beyond a joke. These are the people the gov has targeted for budget savings. Tell it to us that there are better economic times ahead. After a quarter century we're not holding our breath.

This gov has been the worst in that quarter century, yet they're crowing about it. How they can be proud of kicking us when we're down is beyond me. 

Also, quoting how many jobs were created is entirely misleading. How many jobs have been lost over the 5 years of the Abbott/Turnbull gov? The ratio of job availability vs number of applicants remains poor.
The Turnbull government has clawed back $4 billion from the budget deficit by making billions of dollars in savings from payments to disabled people, students and the unemployed. 

The figures from Tuesday's final budget outcome show the government saved $1.1 billion on payments for services for disabled Australians between July 2016 and July 2017. 

"On the spending side the largest item in terms of less-than-expected expenditure is lower than anticipated payments to the National Disability Insurance Scheme reflecting a more gradual transition of participants," Treasurer Scott Morrison said in Sydney on Tuesday. 

The government says the saving is also a result of fewer people being dependent on government support. 

"When you look back over the past 12 months we had 250,000 jobs created," said Mr Morrison. 

"So that was more people becoming economically independent in our society." 

The NDIS has also been hampered by roll-out delays that has prevented it from processing thousands of applications from disability providers. 

Overall, the government spent $2.5 billion less on all social security and welfare payments than it had estimated at the May budget, with biggest savings outside the disability sector coming from students, aged care, payments to families with children and general administration. Brisbane Times  

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Polling indicates a big Yes win in postal survey (video)

Fairfax/Ipsos polling is indicating a big win for the Yes campaign for marriage equality. 

Although you may not believe that if you read many of the online comments about the survey from No voters. They talk of a "silent majority" who aparently have been there for the last decade but haven't voiced their opposition to LGBT marriage until they tick the no box in this survey. Supposedly they're too scared to even tell regular pollsters if they're asked their views. This all feeding in to the evil gays going to take over the world meme.

I honestly don't think Australians could be so stupid as to listen to these people. They're like a bunch of zealots  raving crazy irrelevancies and doom at Australian's family and friends getting married.


The New Star Trek was bloody brilliant!

Watched the new Star Trek Discovery yesterday, both episodes one and two. David and I were very impressed. Looks like it was worth the wait. Was originally set for release in Jan but suffered delays over the script or something.

You can download the torrent for episode one here, and episode two here. I assume it'd be on Australian TV in the near future, but my experience of Aussie TV and Star Trek has been very bad. Voyager they buried at 11-12PM once a week and the broadcast times were never the same each week. Likewise with Deep Space Nine. Thankfully technology has moved on from that now 😏

Francis Abbott (daughter of Tony) makes video supporting LGBT marriage (video)

Abbott with daughter Francis in 2013 election campaign

Cripes you wouldn't want to be around this dinner table at Christmas time!

It's well known that Christine Forster (sister of Tony Abbott) is in a same sex relationship and is pushing for marriage equality. Usually in families where one is LGBT the family supports them and comes out supporting their relationship and wanting them to have the same rights as everyone else.

Well not with ideologue Abbott, who's dogmatic stance against marriage equality see's him standing in the way of his own sister being married.

Now Abbott's own daughter has made a lovely video in favour of marriage equality, below.


Monday, 25 September 2017

Brisbane Pride march doubled as Marriage Equality rally (video)

The Brisbane Pride march turned in to an opportunity this year to voice support for marriage equality, turning out one of the biggest crowds ever for the march.

The god squad was there in small but vocal numbers and were decidedly unpopular. 

The latest polling from Newspoll has support for LGBT marriage at 57%, compared to 34% against. The biggest challenge is apathy and getting people to mail in their ballots. 


Spectacular Juno flyby pic of Jupiter

Believe it or not, the above image is just the Thumbnail. You can download the full 11.7mb image here.

Taken at the beginning of the month during the latest Flyby of Juno's, here Juno is 7,500 kilometres above Jupiter's clouds. 

Cast of Will and Grace interview (video)

All in the Family, The Golden Girls, and Will and Grace are the only three shows where each cast member has won an Emmy. Interesting. 

Includes the opening clip from the new Will and Grace, airing this Thursday in the US. I guess that means about mid Friday here for torrent down loaders 😄  


Sunday, 24 September 2017

It's OK for Christians to vote yes - Fr Rod Bower‏ (video)

Fr Tod Bower of the Gosford Anglican Church, famous for it's pro LGBT church signs, explains clearly and concisely why Anglicans who believe the churches teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman can still vote yes.

Secular marriage is a different thing. The state doesn't have the right to discriminate on the basis of religion. 

"Vote Yes" from Martin Place, Sydney (pic)

*click to enlarge
My daughter sent me this picture she took at Martin Place in the city. Looks much better than that poxy skywriting "Vote No" thing. Lasts much better too :)

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) relates love and marriage (video)

He and his partner have been together for 15 years and have recently married. Parson's speaks of what it's like falling in love and what marriage means to him and his partner as a gay couple.

This is of course what we're fighting for in Australia.


Tough week

This time last Saturday I was being carted off to Emergency in agony, the pain on the left side of my stomach and shooting up to my shoulder was unbearable. I gave it a ten out of ten on the pain scale. 

I was home later that night as they'd settled the pain with some super stomach medicine and they gave me an outside prescription so I could take more stuff at home for it. In hindsight I probably should have stayed in overnight as they gave that option, but I just hate being in hospital.

Anyway the pain is still there now in my stomach but much less. Panadole helps it a lot. I tried taking the pills prescribed from the hospital but for some reason they kept me awake and almost speeding, and the symptoms I experienced on the Maraviroc came back; weak and sore muscles, couldn't walk any distance without being out of breath and so weak I'd have to sit down for a bit. Ended up stopping the tablets and it was like coming down FFS. The next day I slept 16 hours straight, just couldn't wake up.

Am due to see my HIV GP anyway so will discuss all this with him. He wants a blood test to see how the switch to the new HIV meds is going. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

"You need a bullet in the head" - YouTube comments "Australian Conservatives"

The last comment even shocked me. This is on the YouTube channel of "Australian Conservatives", the fringe party started by Cory Bernardi after he left the Lieberals saying they weren't conservative enough.

I posted most of this the other day, but the last comment has just popped up.

These are the sort of people who support Bernardi and the sort of hate Bernardi is stirring up by his constant rhetoric against the LGBT. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

From country Australia, vote Yes (video)

In the lastest couple of videos from Australian Marriage Equality comes this one. Again, another personal story. This is about a gay guy who grew up in country Australia where him and his family remains. The family all supportive of him, asking why one son could get married a year earlier but the other one can't. Simply because he's gay.

Vote yes so he can be married like his brother.


US based "push polling" enters Australia against marriage equality

"Push polling" is polling that seeks to impose information onto the person being polled, rather than getting information from them about how they'll vote.

This push polling has surfaced in the media here after a Liberal MP in favour of marriage equality was robo called by it. What's more it has no authorisation as to who was responsible for it or who funded it, which is now illegal after the gov tried to patch up the postal survey's massive flaws.

The robocall, unbelievably, was from a US based organisation that was involved in Ted Cruz's US presidential campaign.
A Liberal MP, phoned by a robo-call claiming that same-sex marriage will lead to “radical gay sex education”, has labelled it push polling designed to “mislead and deceive” the Australian public. 

The robo-poll from WPA Intelligence, a Republican-aligned research company in the United States, first appeared on Tuesday last week and is now the subject of a complaint by the Equality Campaign because it does not say who authorised it. 

 The call asks a series of neutral questions before re-testing support for same-sex marriage after the proposition it “may lead to negative consequences such as radical gay sex education being taught in school, threats to freedom of speech and freedom of religion”. 

The Liberal MP, a supporter of same-sex marriage, said he received the call, which he described as a “push poll” because it “made ridiculous allegations that a change in the Marriage Act would lead to radical gay sex education”. 

 “It was clearly an effort to mislead and deceive the public,” he said. “It had no authorisation and didn’t disclose who was funding it ... I don’t think anyone would be surprised to see these deceptive phone calls aligning very closely to many of the no campaign messages.” The Guardian   

Vote Yes so these three couples can marry (video)

As always it's the personal stories that change minds and enlighten the issue. These are three LGBT couples telling their personal stories of why they want to be married.

These are people who aren't out to destroy society or the religious freedoms of fellow Australians, They don't have an agenda of "political correctness" or to reduce freedom of speech. They just want to get married.

To deny these people marriage would be cruel in the extreme. Please vote Yes so they can marry.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How to survive the postal survey - Anthony Venn Brown (video)

Anthony Venn Brown is well known in Sydney's gay community. He was a Pentecostal preacher with the Assemblies of God but ended up not being able to hide his sexuality. He came out to the church and was summarily booted from it. The book he wrote all about it is called "A life of unlearning".

Here he gives tips on how to keep yout head above water in this whole postal survey bullshit.


Roger Corbett's cringeworthy interview against LGBT marriage (video)

Corbett is the former manager of Woolworths in Australia and is promoting the No vote in the postal survey. This interview was on the ABC's 7:30 report which goes nationwide across the country.

It has been generally described as "embarrassing".

But what would you expect? The No case has no logical argument against David and I marrying. When they do try to muster together something akin to an argument they end up looking completely stupid. As in this case.

His notion that marriage is only for straights and that gays should have their union called something else but with the same legal standing is bullshit. That's not equality.

I also noticed he said he was scared. Of what? Same old irrational fear of gays = homophobia. 

All in all his arguments are nonsensical and built out of his fear of us. No wonder people say the interview in embarrassing  😄


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Shelton supporter calls LGBT "a disease" (snipped comments)


*Update: I received one last message after politely saying goodbye to the phobe, of which I've posted the last bit of exchange below:

This an example of some of the online abuse being directed at us because of Turnbull's postal survey.

In an ABC interview with Lyle Shelton posted on YouTube (Shelton hung himself badly in it BTW it's worth a watch) I got in a discussion with a guy who was posting about the video in the comments supporting Shelton. I've posted much of it below in the snip. Note the not so subtle reference to my HIV.

So these are the sort of people who support Lyle Shelton; people who call the LGBT a "disease".

Thanks Turnbull. 

 Oh I just noticed another YouTube notification. This was a short comment I made on a Cory Bernardi interview. Note the responses from the No side. They have no argument, just nasty personal abuse.


Gov MP says "No" isn't looking down on gay relationships - Q&A (video)

And he had to audacity to say that to a gay couple in the audience. 

He also says that voting No doesn't mean you're a homophobe.

The very definition of homophobe is "a person who fears or hates homosexuals and homosexuality" The simple fact that a straight person doesn't want gays to have the same rights as them shows they're fearful of us doing so. That's why they keep banging on about "the consequences" argument to play on the fears of people in the electorate that if LGBT people get married that children will be corrupted by gayness, and that because gays are accepted in marriage then they'll be more accepted in other parts of society. Oh the humanity! That would mean society would pressure them to be more accepting as well. The stuff of homophobic nightmares folks! 

The truth is they do look down on our relationships. They don't want ours to be equal to theirs. For MP Sukkar to say he doesn't when he doesn't want our relationships equal to his in law is nonsensical and an outright lie. Not that a politician has ever been known to lie before 😁

BTW, I thank Turnbull for more of this drivel coming out of the No side.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Yes vote "on the wrong side of history" - Bernardi at "No" campaign launch (video)

It's OK to be bigots apparently
The No slogan is "It's OK to vote no", and it's really creeping seeing a whole crowd of people salving their conscience at being bigots with that slogan. As I posted the other day by Angry Aussie, bigotry is the only reason to vote no. But call out bigots and they deny it, hence the slogan I guess.

But the most bizarre part of the video is Bernardi shouting that the Yes vote is "on the wrong side of history". What planet is he on? Does he think if an unreliable survey such as this produces a No vote that we're just going to go away? Labor has already said it will introduce a bill for marriage equality in it's first 100 days if they win power, no matter what the survey says.

Sick to death of these hysterical voices claiming the sky will fall if David and I marry. Surely these extremists have held sway for far to long in Australia. They've stood in the way of LGBT people every step of the way with lies and prejudice. There must at some point when a watershed moment comes and Australians say they've had enough of these raving lunatics. A big yes vote would really stick it to them.


David and I's postal survey has arrived -Oh joy :s

So this is it. This is where it's come to. Our human rights to be decided by Australia Post, with every nutcase in the country being able to "have their say" in David and I's relationship. Only this gov could dream up something so vile and cruel.

As I've said we've both decided to vote, even though it's a complete insult, if nothing else but to stick it to the gov with a big yes vote.

I scanned it for posterity. The time when LGBT human rights were put to a vote, not by parliament but by the general population. Turnbull and this gov will forever own the vile hatred that this has unleashed in the community against us.

BTW if anyone is interested, as I worked in mailing for years, there's an identifying code on the left of the voting form. Just underneath the bottom fold. I blotted most of it out (as well as erasing the identifying bar codes) but at the very end of that code is the count number from the laser machines running the job. My one is over the 1 million mark in the 16 million run. 


Sunday, 17 September 2017

Another traumatised trip to Emergency

So yesterday the pain in my stomach came back and there was no choice but to ring another ambulance. Have never experienced such intense pain as that. Worse than broken ribs and worse than my back tooth needing a root canal. It was like being stabbed in the stomach every time I moved and breathing I had to do very shallow as taking in more air was agonising. Because of where the pain was in my stomach meant it was connected to my shoulder nerves, and it felt like someone was drilling into my shoulder as well. Ambulance had to take me in on the stretcher as I could barely walk.

Anyway after much prodding, blood and urine tests, a chest x-ray and the usual interrogation of my medical past, they tried some super duper anti-acid liquid. It numbed my throat on the way down I guess doing the same in my stomach and intestines. Doctors said it was Gastritis; an inflammation of the stomach lining'

So now I have yet another pill for that, that can be taken up to three times a day. Stomach down to the bottom of my tummy is still very sore and tender today, I'm exhausted and weak standing up can only stand for a minute or so and have to sit or lie down again. Makes even going to the toilet a challenge. Talk about a hellish time. 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Agonising pain today

Have had a bit of a pain in my left side for a couple of days. A bit uncomfortable but not that bad. However I woke up this morning and the pain was excruciating. I could barely move. At various points it was so intense I was having trouble breathing though it. Went from my left shoulder down past the left side of my belly button.

David rang an ambulance after a bit as it was so bad. However in the time it took from ringing it the pain dropped off considerably. The last thing I wanted was another stint in Emergency. I rang and cancelled the ambulance explaining the improvement. The lady was really nice and said if I had problems later on to not hesitate to ring again.

So I've been a bit shell shocked today. The pain is still there but appears to be reducing. Nothing like it was. Have never felt pain like that before. Of course David has ordered me to go to hospital if the pain comes back like it was. 

The anti-gay marriage adds just got worse (latest video)

Posted on YouTube just 6hours ago, this add is the latest in the Australian Christian Lobby's efforts to stop David and I being married. Unbelievably they use the lying woman from the first add in the whole thing.

Lyle isn't just evil, he fucking stupid. To think that he used to be political advisor to Barnaby Joyce beggars belief. To think Barnaby Joyce is now our deputy PM and currently in charge of the country even more beggars belief.

The add is ridiculous. I think it's even worse than the first clusterfuck add. Here Lyle backs up his notion that parents can change their offspring's gender identity, just like they can apparently change their sexuality. 

As if anyone can change somebody's gender identity. A school program certainly can't. A parent certainly can't. The child certainly can't. They are who they are, and to try and change who they are is nothing short of child abuse and psychological torture.

This add is disgraceful. Obscene. Vile and LGBT-phobic. Protect your kids from their sexuality? FFS!

Why does this Australian Christian Lobby with only 11 full time employees able to have such an unrepresentative and hateful influence in Australia? Is it because Lyle Shelton used to be a political advisor to Barnaby Joyce?


Friday, 15 September 2017

"Stop The Horror" short film - for voluntary assisted dying campaign (video)

I've posted the half minute trailer below, but as the video is R rated you have to go to the link here

It's about a man who dies of brain cancer and him and his family suffering terribly through the ordeal despite the best of care. Victoria is soon to vote on a voluntary assisted dying bill in their parliament. As usual the Australian Christian Lobby is against it.

It's hard to describe what loved ones go through when their family member dies such a long drawn out death with so much suffering involved. Visiting my late wife in hospital for her last nine months I could certainly tell some stories of horror. In the end that suffering haunts you after the death for years and turns the grieving experience in to a horror story of it's own. Her suffering ended when she died, thankfully. Ours went on for my daughter and I.


Shelton wants minors forced into gay conversion therapy - Christians condemn him

The face of evil
Lyle Shelton of the Australian Christian Lobby is really showing his extremist colours during this postal survey campaign. 

I an interview where average Australians would recoil in abject horror, Shelton has said that parents should be able to make their kids under the age of 18 go to gay conversion therapy. Which of course has been much disproved as effective and tantamount to mental torture and LGBT suicide. 

And he's the sort of extremist asshole that would say "Think of the children"? He wants homophobic parents to impose their view of what their child's sexuality should be on the vulnerable child.
Leading "no" campaigner in Australia's same-sex marriage survey, Lyle Shelton, says parents should have the option to send their kids to gay conversion therapy.

 In an interview with the BuzzFeed News political podcast Is it on? on Thursday, Shelton, who is the managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), said that while he did not think adults should be forced into conversion therapy, it was up to parents as to whether their children should be counselled about same-sex attraction.

"I think anyone who wants to seek help for any issue they might be facing in their life should be free to do that," he said.

"Should people be forced to go to conversion therapy? No, absolutely not. Now, children — they are under the care and responsibility of their parents, so I think if someone's a minor, it is up to their parents. And I think parental rights should be respected. Buzzfeed
However fierce opposition to his statements have come from the Australian Christians for Marriage Equality, condemning him over his words. The whole article is worth a read, but incredibly opposition to Shelton has even come from a Pentecostal Pastor.
Australian Christians for Marriage Equality condemns the remarks by ACL’s Lyle Shelton yesterday that parents should be allowed to force their children into ex-gay therapy. 

“Forcing children into ex-gay therapy is tantamount to child abuse. These programs are based on a fundamental lie, and are intrinsically homophobic,” said Rev Dr Margaret Mayman, Chair of Australian Christians for Marriage Equality. 

“Sadly, Mr Shelton’s comments show that deep aversion to, and a refusal to accept the existence of, LGBTI orientation and identity is at the heart of the opposition to marriage equality for many,” Dr Mayman said. 

“We call on all leaders of the Church who are encouraging a ‘no’ vote to publicly reject Mr Shelton’s dangerous and damaging words. Mr Shelton is the identified public leader of the ‘no’ campaign. When he speaks, he speaks for the whole campaign,” Dr Mayman said. 

Pastor Brad Chilcott from the Pentecostal Activate Church in Adelaide said: “The church’s involvement in ex-gay conversion therapy should be cause for shame and repentance. The Church must be a place of welcome and hospitality to all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender diversity, or else it is not a church of Jesus Christ. It is time Christians afforded same-sex attracted people the dignity of full humanity and the protection from abuse that comes with it.” 

 “Once again, Mr Shelton has misrepresented Jesus’ teachings in the Bible. The majority of Australian Christians do not feel represented by the ACL and its exclusionary opinions”, Pastor Chilcott said. Australian Christians for Marriage Equality
Not only does Shelton want to control David and I's relationship and our being able to marry, he wants a gay hating parent to send their kid to gay conversion therapy. I don't often use the word as it's a man made concept mostly to do with religion, but in this case I will. This man is evil. A religious zealot who'd probably feel comfortable if christianity imposed it's rules like the Taliban. 

Amnesty Int. says vote yes for marriage equality in Australia

Pledge to vote yes here

Some think Amnesty International shouldn't get involved in wanting gays to be able to marry, arguing ridiculously that it's not a human rights issue. There was a very viscious reaction to a page put up some months back in the reply section on Amnesty supporting same sex marriage. That they supported Amnesty in everything else but not this. I made a comment or two in favour and was summarily called a sick paedophile, and to "get help". Amnesty ended up taking the whole page down a couple of days later it was so vile.

Of course it's a human rights issue. Equality before the law is in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Tell a straight person they can't get married because they're straight and I'm sure they'd be on about their human rights being violated.
Australians are coming together like never before to say YES to equality under the law. 

Right now, Australian LGBTQI couples don’t have the freedom to express their love and commitment to one another through marriage, but we have a chance to change that and with your support, we can win. Are you with us? 

Now that the postal survey is happening, it’s up to each of us to make pledge to say YES to marriage equality in Australia. Keep an eye out for the mailing form in your letter box, but in the meantime make a pledge to vote YES. 

YES to equality before the law, YES to fairness and YES to all Australians being able to marry the person they love. 

 This is for the people we love. Our friends, families, neighbours and colleagues. Join us and thousands of other Australians in the fight for marriage equality now. Let’s win this! Pledge to vote yes with Amnesty Int.