Wednesday, 6 September 2017

High court decision tomorrow at 2:15pm - will they stop the hate? (video)

The high court will give it's decision tomorrow whether the postal survey will go ahead or not. It requires 4 out of the seven high court judges to knock it back.

It's LGBT groups that have challenged the survey as unconstitutional. The hate that has already been expressed by various nutters is the reason for the challenge, but not actually the core of the challenge. It's mainly about whether the gov can bypass the parliament and our democracy and spend $122 million of public money without parliamentary approval. This is unprecedented and would set a very worrying precedent for our democracy and the checks and balances involved in it.

The senate is there for a reason as a house of review. It's because the senate has rejected the plebiscite twice that the gov is trying to bypass it through this process. If it succeeds it would mean that any future gov could target a minority using gov funds to do so, without parliamentary approval.

Must say the last couple of weeks of hate has left me anxious and feeling nervous all the time. Seeing my psych next week.

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