Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Radio caller praises Hitler for killing gays - Melbourne (audio)

Once again I would like to recognise that this is all because Turnbull has no spine and wouldn't allow a free parliamentary vote. Thanks again Turnbull.

So yesterday a redio caller on the ABC in Melbourne said that Hitler putting gays in camps and killing them was a good thing. The Audio is below. I guess this is part of "everyone having their say" about David and I?
However, after about a minute Don made a comment that left the radio hosts shocked. 

“Hitler put all those kind of people in their own concentration camps – it’s one of the two good things he did,” Don said. 

 “Sorry?” Jon Faine replied. 

 “Hitler had concentration camps for these gay people. It’s one of the two good things he did, the other was build the autobahns [the highway system in Germany],” Don reiterated. 

“There’s an old saying in public policy – when people bring up Nazism for or against the argument you pretty much know you’ve lost,” Faine said back. Gaytimes