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20 worst sermons ever - far out man :s

There were two or three that I only realised at the end of them that my chin was scraping in the keyboard. Oh ma lawd!

Don't be put off that the video is longer than ten minutes, this is well worth the watch. Take a look at the crazy christians.....

BTW, the iconic moment for me in the whole lot was the preacher guy with a coffin prop, preaching that everyone dies. Apart from that apparently being a major revelation from god on his part to his congregation, it didn't actually go to plan. The prop failure and the man of god saying "Oh crap!" as it does is priceless! It says it all about this whole conga line of con artists :)

Satirical painting of Trump - confirms what we all suspected :)

“Make America Great Again” is about the significance we place on our physical selves. One should not feel emasculated by their penis size or vagina, as it does not define who you are. Your genitals do not define your gender, your power, or your status. Simply put you can be a massive prick, despite what is in your pants.

*Click to "enlarge".....

Reaction to attack on Safe Schools program - Angry Aussie :)

David's cacti are going bananas :)

A couple of shots from today that he took. The pink one is starting to flower again, doesn't last long when it does. Just once a year. Been very hot weather in Sydney, Feb is always the hottest month. 

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Australia becomes more reliant on coal under Lieberals - major polluters increase emissions

It was all just window dressing. Abbott's "climate change is crap" attitude well and truly stamped on the Lieberal's so called greenhouse emissions reduction scheme. Now numbers are coming in as to how much it's worked. The result on last year? It hasn't.

In fact greenhouse emissions have actually increased and Australia has become more reliant on coal. AGL had it's emissions double from the year before.
The data, and an analysis from the Australian Conservative Foundation, confirm that in the same year that Australia signed up to the historic Paris climate deal – an agreement to actively pursue efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels – the nation’s carbon pollution levels increased, as the country’s electricity generation sector became even more reliant on coal power. 

The ACF report finds that despite the federal government’s assurances that its climate policies are working, the amount of climate pollution being emitted is rising – the vast majority of which comes from burning black and brown coal to generate electricity. 

“Energy companies in the 10 biggest climate polluters list are responsible for the equivalent of 22 per cent of Australia’s climate pollution,” says the report, and nearly all through scope 1 emissions (scope 1 emissions are those that result directly from an activity at a facility (or machine) owned by a company. Scope 2 emissions come from the consumption of electricity produced at another facility). 

Using the latest National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting Scheme data, the report shows that all but two of these 10 companies polluted more in the last year than in the previous one; a trend led by AGL Energy which, as you can see the in table and chart below, effectively doubled its emissions (yoy) in 2014-15, despite its well publicised efforts at a green energy makeover. Renew Economy  

Gay 15yr old bullied and tried suicide - petition to Victorian education minister

Nathan Whitmore

*Update: The Age

This is the sort of thing that the Safe Schools program is set up to address. 

This 15 year old in profound honesty tells the harrowing tail of how he was bullied in school because he is gay. He's had to leave one school over death threats from other students, and been admitted to hospital after a suicide attempt. He now suffers depression and has had a lot of time off school over it.

His petition is to the Victorian education minister for free counseling. Must work differently in Victoria I guess. Here in NSW my daughter got free counseling through the adolescent psychologist thingo at the hospital nearby when she was cutting herself. Can't believe it's not free down there. Certainly a worthy cause.
​I am a fifteen year old who tried to commit suicide after years of being bullied because I'm gay - I'm different. 

I would tell the teacher's and my mum would talk to the Principal but nothing was ever done. I was bashed with a skateboard. The Police and school didn't care. My mum even spoke to the Education Department. No body helped and I just felt alone. 

I was told by one boy that he was going to stab me to death and I was on the top of his kill list. My mum told the Principal and he found a machete in his locker. He only got a three day suspension and then all his friend's said I was going to get bashed for dobbing. I didn't go back to the school again after that. 

I tried to kill myself and after that my Psychiatrist admitted me to hospital. I spent a bit of time there. 

I have been seeing a Psychologist for two years. It has cost my mum so much money. I have had so much time off school because of my Depression. 

I am still no where near recovered. Sometimes I self harm to cope. It takes the pain from my head and makes me focus on something else. My childhood was taken away and this has effected my whole family. 

I feel so guilty that my mum has spent so much time and money on me. 

3 girls took their lives last year. ​The Education Minister knows this is a huge problem in schools. Kid's don't just get called Homophobic names and told to kill themselves everyday without causing them damage. I am so scared for my younger siblings who still have years of school left. 

I am asking the Education Minister James Merlino to provide bullied kid's with free counselling with Psychologists and Psychiatrists. 

No-one deserves to feel that their life doesn't matter. Bullying is a MAJOR problem and it needs to be stopped NOW! 

Please sign this petition so every child can have the resources they need if they find themselves in the same position as me. sign here  

15 year old Nathan's video message to James Merlino – making a plea to help prevent suicide of teens bullied at school. SHARE if you support.
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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fairfax newspapers apologise for the reporting of the 1978'ers in 1st Mardi Gras

I honestly don't know why it was supposedly practice "at the time" to publish the full list of the 53 people arrested at the first Sydney Mardi Gras. Now fairfax has apologised for doing so; 38 years later. 

On June 24, 1978, more than 500 activists took to Taylor Square in Darlinghurst in support and celebration of New York's Stonewall movement and to call for an end to criminalisation of homosexual acts and discrimination against homosexuals. The peaceful movement ended in violence, mass arrests and public shaming at the hands of the police, government and media. 

Three days after the melee, Fairfax Media newspapers including the Herald publicly outed 53 people involved in the pro-equality march, publishing their names, addresses and occupations in the newspaper. Subsequent editions published the details of more protesters, including the names of 104 people facing charges resulting from a homosexual rights march the previous weekend in Sydney. 

As was common practice at the time, the press routinely published the full details of people who appeared in court, regardless of the nature of the offence with which they had been charged. 

The public lists saw many protesters further discriminated against, in some instances causing the loss of jobs and homes. 

Apologising to the 78ers, Darren Goodsir, editor-in-chief of The Sydney Morning Herald, said: "In 1978, The Sydney Morning Herald reported the names, addresses and professions of people arrested during public protests to advance gay rights. The paper at the time was following the custom and practice of the day. 

 "We acknowledge and apologise for the hurt and suffering that reporting caused. It would never happen today." Sydney Morning Herald

Reactions from the bullied LGBT to Lieberals anti-Safe Schools message

Some reactions to the gov's insane rhetoric and investigation into the Safe Schools program. 

There's a petition here, up to 30,000 now, telling the Lieberals to leave Safe Schools the fuck alone


But I honestly believe that if I had the resources available to kids with the Safe Schools program, I would have been more equipped to handle the stress of coming out during my high school years.

I wouldn’t have put my best friend in that terrible situation. I wouldn’t have stayed silent as people were bullying the gay kid in the year above me. And I wouldn’t have so many regrets about accepting myself sooner.

I find it deplorable that Malcolm Turnbull is giving Cory Bernardi the satisfaction of an inquiry into the effectiveness of the program in Australian schools.

Bernardi says: “We have got children as young as 11 being told to imagine they’re 16 and in a sexualised environment, others in a same-sex or opposite-sex attraction, to imagine themselves without genitals and being bullied.

“This is about the appropriateness of materials presented to our kids,” Bernardi said.

I had a look through the resources in question and they’re absolutely wonderful. Among the resources available are: ‘Guide to hosting inclusive school formals’, ‘Stand out against homophobia in schools’ and ‘OMG I’m queer’. They even talk about coming to terms with gender dysmorphia! A concept I had no idea even existed until well after high school.

These materials promote an important gender diversity that has nothing but positive repercussions for current disparaging statistics surrounding LGBTIQPA+ youth. Same Same


In the immediate aftermath, my state was beyond hysterical. And yet, I vividly recall every detail. I remember how badly my chest hurt from holding in a torrent of tears, so as to not give the culprit the satisfaction. I remember the feeling of betrayal that an adult would do such a thing. I remember that long, bumpy bus ride home that seemed to go on forever. I remember the smell of the dirt as I clambered up the drive, desperate to get inside. I remember thoroughly collapsing into myself in a way, thankfully, I haven’t since. 

I remember feeling like there was no reasonable alternative than to take my life. And so I broke open a disposable razor and retrieved the blade, and sat, violently shaking, on the edge of the bath. 

I don’t speak about my adolescence often. The truth is that I’m still traumatised by the unspeakably horrific things I endured as a teenager that the mere thought of them makes me ill. 

At my NRL-mad, all boys Christian school, it was painfully obvious that I was gay. I didn’t play sports. I liked to hang out in the library. I loved writing and art and theatre. I was tall, gawky, not very cool and a bit camp. 

And every single day for years, things were hell. I feared for my life. I ran, hid, kept my head down, stifled my spirit, tried to be the furtherest thing from myself — anything to avoid being a target. 

I was bashed, ridiculed, taunted endlessly, you name it. I was almost run over. At a school camp, I was tied to a tree and beaten with an oar. Teachers seemed indifferent. Some blamed my “personality”. I lived in despair, although in hindsight, it’s clear I wasn’t really living at all. 

That’s why programs like Safe Schools are important. And it’s why the lunacy of the debate about it in recent days has enraged me. The fact that an elected official could so gleefully draw comparisons between homosexuality and the “grooming” of children is incomprehensible and abhorrent. It shows just how far we have to go when it comes to reaching the ultimate goal of tolerance, let alone the even basic expectation that adults might be able to debate an issue without skirting terrifyingly close to pure evil. Herald Sun 

 Why has Turnbull even put this up for debate? How can there be any doubt that young Australians don't deserve to be treated like this?

 photo ImageProxy.mvc_zpsfcwvaxrv.gif  

Same sex marriage plebiscite - First dog on the moon :)

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"I would have won this election" - Abbott's delusions of granduer

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile in la la land, as Turnbull struggles to cope with the ship of fools left behind after Team Abbott's two year reign of insanity, Abbott has now come out with the preposterous claim that he would have won this coming election. I suspect that never before has there been a politician suffering such complete and obvious delusion in Australian politics.

After the marches and the 2014 budget disaster against the horror that that budget would have done to the poor, slaying them on the grinding wheel of capitalist doctrines, the rebellion by Australians of a budget so un-Australian as to not even resemble fairness in the slightest, Abbott now says he'd have won on the strength of that budget. 

His delusion is now complete. His derision of democracy clear to all. He seriously belongs in a padded cell and straight jacket at this point. Someone so utterly devoid of reality certainly doesn't belong in the federal parliament supposedly representing an electorate.
Tony Abbott has launched a defensive of his prime ministership, saying he would have won the federal election with budget cuts and lower taxes. 

"The poll-measured unpopularity of the Abbott government was not due to any shirking of responsibility but to our determination to do our duty by getting our own spending under control," Mr Abbott says in a forthcoming essay obtained by The Australian. 

The former prime minister has also issued a warning for Malcolm Turnbull saying his successor's biggest challenge will be to retain popularity once he has a credible narrative of his own. 

Mr Abbott said he wore his unpopular 2014 budget as a badge of honour and that the problem was less that it was tough but more that it failed to pass the parliament. ninemsn
And why the fuck didn't it pass the parliament? Because it was a fuckin turd. Unrepresentative of the people of Australia.

Indeed, if Turnbull loses this coming election to Labor, much of the blame will lie fair and square at the feet of Team Abbott. 


Turnbull's hopeless attack on Labor's promise to reduce Negative Gearing

Turnbull sort of lost it last week. If this is some gov all out attack on Labor's planes for Negative Gearing then all I can say is either Turnbull has been taken off guard and has the jitters, or he's completely stupid. I think a bit of both.

Absolutely hopeless. As soon as he faces a real challenge he falls to bits.

One thing's for sure, he's treating the electorate as completely stupid.



Two gay bashings in one night - inner Sydney

With Mardi Gras only one week away, last weekend there were two gay bashings in Sydney's inner city in on night. One of them was bashed twice, the second time whilst trying to get home from the first assault.

I would have to ask, is this part of the increasingly hysterical anti-gay Lieberal rhetoric in recent times? The police are concerned as two assaults like that in one night were "uncommon".
His boyfriend, Darren Hedderman, 27, said the couple, from Ireland, had invited friends over to their apartment on Saturday night, after which his boyfriend went outside to make sure their guests had got in a taxi safely. 

Mr Hedderman said he went to bed, expecting Mr Souster to follow him in shortly, but he woke up an hour-and-a-half later to Mr Souster screaming for help. Mr Souster then told him what had happened. 

"He walked up McEvoy Street a little bit and couldn't see them [their guests], so he turned around," Mr Hedderman said. 

"As he turned around, somebody hit him, and the next thing he remembers is waking up in Waterloo Oval being kicked in the head. 

"He doesn't know how he got to the oval. We don't know whether he was dragged there or whether he ran, he doesn't remember." 

That attack about 1am on Saturday was brutal enough - but he then was assaulted by a "Good Samaritan-turned-bad", Mr Hedderman said. 

"They finally stopped kicking him in the oval and [Mr Souster] started to come home. He met a guy on the street and asked him for help, and the guy said 'Yeah, no problem, are you OK? What happened?" Mr Hedderman said. 

"So the guy walked him all the way back to our apartment block." 

At the apartment block, the man asked Mr Souster if he wanted him to call his girlfriend to take him upstairs. Mr Souster replied that his boyfriend was in their apartment, and he could go to him. "

And he said 'Oh you have a boyfriend, you're a queer', and he hit him in the face," Mr Hedderman said. Sydney Morning Herald  

Kill the gays because Mohamed - Indonesian MP

More love from religion.....

Just goes to show there are extremists in both christianity and Islam. Both religions have people saying gays should be put to death. This is unusual though in that it comes from a moderate Muslim nation which Australia has managed to have a constructive relationship with over the decades, with it being just to our north (albeit Abbott's "stop the boats" bla). 
On Friday, Indonesia’s former Information and Communications Minister Tifatul Sembering, tweeted, “A saying of the Prophet [Mohamed]: Whomever you find committing the acts of the community of Lot (homosexual) should be put to death.” 

Sembering is now a member of Parliament from the Islamist Prosperous Justice Party. His tweet is the latest example of a rise in anti-LGBT rhetoric by high-profile politicians in an uproar that began in January. On Monday, Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said the LGBT community is more dangerous than nuclear weapons, because “it skews the mindset of our nation away from our base ideology.” 

Sembering later deleted the tweet in response to online criticism. A few people, including religious studies scholar Akhmad Sahal, suggested Sembering was importing the rhetoric of ISIS, which has publicized the execution of many alleged gay men that it justifies with this same passage of scripture, to Indonesia. Buzzfeed

Bernadi's domain name taken by gays -

There's not much on there yet. However Bernadi's name has, I guess been used in vain? 

The story is that Bernadi didn't renew his domain name (that internet thingy is such a challenge for the Lieberal Jurassic's you know). So teh gayz have taken it :)

So far no comment from Bernnadi.


Friday, 26 February 2016

Turnbull refuses to rebuke Christensen over Safe Schools paedophile accusation

After Christensen's outrageous comments saying the Safe Schools program is akin to paedophilia, one would think it'd be a no brainer for PM Turnbull to pull him up about it. I'm sure it would be for the great majority of Australians.

However not so. Once again Turnbull slimes his way around it with words, but stops short of pulling up Christensen over it.

How would you feel in some of the over 500 schools around Australia that have introduced the Safe Schools program? What if you were a student accessing it? Then to be told that you were being duped by paedophilia? It's completely absurd, and the fact that Christensen hasn't been reprimanded over it beggars belief.

It's also an insult to the entire LGBT community, with the same old same old from yesteryear that gays are paedophiles.
The prime minister is facing pressure to reprimand Mr Christensen for saying the anti-bullying program was akin to a paedophile grooming a victim because it recommended pornographic content, sex shops, sex clubs and adult communities to school kids. 

The program had links to websites which advised kids about chest-binding, penis-tucking and gay sex and gave instructions to children about unblocking websites without their parents’ knowledge, he told parliament. 

Greens senator Robert Simms, who is openly gay, said the prime minister should condemn the “homophobic comments”. 

“To compare a program that’s about helping young people to ‘grooming’ is utterly reprehensible – it’s profoundly offensive and deeply hurtful.” 

However, Safe Schools is gaining popularity despite the push by conservative MPs to shut it down. 

The number of schools signed up to the Safe Schools Coalition has jumped to 515 from 490 in just over two weeks. 

The Greens are seeking a Senate inquiry into homophobic bullying in schools. The New Daily

"WiFi Swap" video - pissed off with Aussie internet!

A new organisation has sprung up in Australia, dedicated to letting the world know how fucked up Australian internet is. They are the "Australians Responding To Serious Flaws In Internet Systems And Technology" (ARSFIST).

Their home page looks like this
 photo preloader_zpstxyawkct.gif

Here's their new protest video "WiFi Swap":

 photo ImageProxy.mvc_zpsfcwvaxrv.gif
What innovation!

Lieberal Christensen says "Safe Schools" is paedophile “grooming” :s


Lieberal George Christensen has used parliament to allege that the Safe Schools Program for the LGBT is the same as paedophile grooming. Yes, you read that right, he actually said that.
“If someone proposed exposing a child to this material, the parents would probably call the police, because it would sound a lot like grooming work that a sexual predator might undertake,” Christensen said, further claiming that the activities of Safe Schools and similar entities “sound sadly familiar” to the grooming practices engaged in by child molesters. 

“The Safe Schools program focuses heavily on child and teenage sexual activity and sexual attractions”, Christensen noted, claiming that the program “leaves students open to being groomed on websites, or being advertised to by adult sex vendors”. Junkee
If you can be bothered listening to the drawling diatribe against an innocent program designed to accommodate the problems that the LGBT face (remember we're talking about a vulnerable minority 6 times more likely to suicide) the video is below.

He even calls out the YouTube channel Minnus 18 as some kind of evil thing. In fact it couldn't be more innocent. I've been subscribed to it for ages and have seen absolutely nothing there to warrant any sort of concerns at all. Certainly YouTube doesn't have a problem with it.

What fuckin drugs is Christensen on? A fat middle aged heterosexual man in Canberra, brainwashed by the god squad, actually thinks he knows what's best for the LGBT? Fuck! Talk about delusions of grandeur. Un-fuckin-believable.

This is one of the idiots Turnbull has caved to in ordering an inquiry into Safe Schools.



Man on PrEP tests HIV postive - Highly resistant strain of HIV

I guess it's the same with any sort of safe sex, that nothing is 100% effective. Condoms can break for example. In this case although the man was taking Truvada correctly as prescribed, and despite the proven effectiveness of PrEP to stop HIV infection, he has tested positive to the virus. 

The reason? A highly resistant strain of HIV:
Researchers have for the first time documented a case of an individual contracting HIV, a multi-drug resistant strain, while apparently adhering well to the daily regimen of Truvada (tenofovir/emtricitabine) as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The scientists concluded that it is indeed possible for individuals who are adherent to PrEP to contract HIV when they are exposed to a virus that is resistant to both drugs included in Truvada. 

While this case is concerning, experts in the PrEP field believe that such failures of PrEP will likely remain rare. 

David Knox, MD, an HIV specialist at the Maple Leaf Medical Clinic and the lead author of the case study, presented findings at the 2016 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Boston. 

Evidence suggests that the individual in question, a 43-year-old man who has sex with men, adhered well to PrEP over the long-term. Nevertheless, after 24 months on Truvada he tested positive for HIV. Initial tests indicated that he was acutely (very recently) infected: He tested positive for the p24 antigen, which appears within about three weeks of HIV infection and disappears a few weeks afterward; and at that time he tested negative for HIV antibodies, which typically appear two to eight weeks after infection. 

Researchers estimate that men who have sex with men (MSM) who take Truvada at least four times a week are more than 99 percent protected against HIV. (CDC guidelines advise taking Truvada daily for maximum protection, but the drug apparently has a good amount of dosing “forgiveness.”) Real-world use of Truvada as HIV prevention has suggested it is indeed highly effective. For example, none of the more than 1,400 generally high-risk individuals taking PrEP through the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco PrEP program have contracted HIV to date, despite their very high rate of other sexually transmitted infections, including two cases of hepatitis C virus (HCV) . 

All of PrEP’s power to curb HIV notwithstanding, this new case study underlines the fact that in science there is, unfortunately, no 100 percent guarantee. POZ  

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Beautiful African remix of "Same Love" - banned in Kenya

A totally beautiful remix of the Same Love song, done for Africa. It's so well done, I watched it twice so far. Perhaps it's because of the struggle Africans face over being gay, and the reaction to that in the video, that makes it so profound? 

Unfortunately, the gov in Kenya has banned it. Good luck with that Kenyan gov. Far out. Haven't these bigots heard of of that internet thingy yet? 

They'll ban a video of love like this, at the same time letting in US evangelical hate preachers stirring up lies and innuendo about us. Then say that it's a Kenyan cultural thing.....
Kenyan band Art Attack had released a music video earlier this month for their remix, which features images of same-sex couples and pride marchers in the country. 

However, the Kenya Film Classification Board denied the video a license for release – banning it because “it does not adhere to the morals of the country”. 

According to Kenyan newspaper reports, the Board’s exec Ezekiel Mutua urged the public not to distribute the song, and claimed the producers did not obtain the correct filming license for the video. 

He tweeted: “Same Love-Remix’ restricted for violation of the law,KFCB classification guidelines, moral values. 

“KFCB is a regulator. We don’t do what’s popular; we do what’s legal and right.” 

Art Attack describes the song as “a Kenyan song about same sex rights,gay rights,LGBT struggles,gender equalities,gay struggles and civil liberties for all sexual orientations”. 

On YouTube, it includes the disclaimer: “WARNING: This video contains imagery and a message that may be unnecessarily offensive to some.” 

Some of the Kenyan commenters on the video called for the band to be arrested, with one writing: “What kind of a man is that who finds another man sexy?” Pink News   
BTW it's not so much about "sexy" although yes that's a part of it. It's much more about love. Love doesn't discriminate. People do.

I'd not have put a warning on the video either. 


NSW parliament makes "living apology" for the violence suffered by 1978'ers - first Sydney Mardi Gras

I knew there was violence but I had no idea it was as bad as I recently found looking it all up. Police took off their badges a basically laid into them. 

This is an historic and very very long overdue apology for the police brutality suffered and the media demonisation that followed. It's taken 38 years, as I said, long overdue

One can only hope the New South Wales police will also apologise for it's criminal thuggery that night. Not holding my breath for that one.

Watch as the apology is made, interrupted on occasion with much applause by those in the gallery. I cried. A lot.

Liberal MP Bruce Notley-Smith  makes the gov apology here.


Another bakery refuses gay wedding cake because Jesus - US

Edie Delorme, christian bigot baker

More love from the christians.....

Another bakery in the US has refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, citing religion as the reason.

So where does it end? If their religion excluded mixed race couples, would they refuse because of that? Is the US now becoming a theocracy? What possible harm would it do to make a cake for two paying customers? Is their money different from anyone else's? Is their blood a different colour?
Asked by a bakery employee what the cake was for, Valencia said it was to be for his and his partner’s wedding. The woman at the Longviewbased bakery said they did not make cakes for same-sex weddings, Valencia said. 

Describing the conversation, Valencia compared the woman’s tone to the “disgusted” tone someone would use upon seeing a cockroach. 

“I feel like people should be able to go to somewhere to get something done without having to worry about who they are,” Valencia said. “Obviously we don’t have laws that protect against that sort of discrimination in Texas, so you really can’t sue the lady, but I just think people should know that that happened. Businesses have the right to refuse service, but if she’s going to be like that, why doesn’t she just put a sign that says, ‘We don’t make homosexuals’ cakes’?” 

Kerns Bake Shop owner Edie Delorme explained the decision was not about the two men as individuals or how they choose to live their lives, but about the business’ belief that marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman. 

“We just felt that was not an event that we needed to participate in,” Delorme said, adding she felt all the parties involved were polite in the situation. 

One reason Valencia said he was taken by surprise was because he had never experienced discrimination like he did in the situation. 

“I guess to me that’s maybe what made me so sad was because I don’t judge people, and I guess I kind of expect not to be judged in return,” he said. 

“But I can’t control how other people think or how other people act, so you can’t force somebody to like you or be your friend.” Kilgore News herald  

Very sharp aggregate move away from Turnbull Lieberals - Bludgertrack

After the Newspoll bombshell this week, the Bludgertrack aggregate polling moves away from the Lieberals for the 4th week in a row. This week being the biggest movement of .8%.

This is a truly astonishing development. The turning away looks ever bit as steep as the initial euphoria of Abbott being turfed. So much glee and hope was placed in Turnbull, but alas now it seems the voter disappointment is profound.

The dead cat bounce

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

God squad reaction to Tennessee rejecting "Natural Marriage Defence Act" - whaaaaaaa

OMG! Why Jesus?

Honestly, I can't stop laughing at these idiots. Praying to the invisible sky man. Whaaaaaa........ Didn't get their bigotry going. Whaaaaa........

Seriously, this actually happened in a public legislature building as the sponsors of the anti-gay legislation failed. The sponsor was a Republican politician Mark Pody. Here he is on the left before they went and flattened themselves on the floor over us evil gays :s 

The Australian Christian Lobby has got nothing on these guys. Imagine the ACL doing that in Canberra! I think they'd be laughed out of the country. 

Trump painted as Hitler - Bristol, England

Painted in Bristol, England

Keep ALL Australian youth safe from bullying - tell Turnbull

All Out has a petition going to tell Turnbull  that  he's a dickhead  that all young Australians need to be protected from bullying. Especially those one's six times more likely to kill themselves such as the young LGBT.

Please sign :)  Tell Turnbull to protect our vulnerable.
Imagine you're 16 and you're being bullied by your classmates, just for being gay. You try to reach out to someone at school for help - but the government has decided that people like you don’t deserve support. Sound outrageous? Well, it’s happening in Australia right now. 

The Safe Schools coalition was created to stop bullying of lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) youth in Australia. But after months of lobbying from anti-gay politicians, PM Malcolm Turnbull has caved to pressure: yesterday, he announced the program will be reviewed and could be cut altogether. 

But there’s still a chance to save it. The review’s just been announced, and Australians are outraged. If we join them and create a huge, global outcry in the next few days, we could pressure the government to keep the program and make sure LGBT kids are safe. Sign here  

ACL behind anti-Safe Schools emails to Canberra politicians - Safe Schools will end civilisation :s

Email generator anti-Safe Schools program; source of many of the emails sent to Canberra politicians

A day after Turnbull orders an investigation into the LGBT directed Safe Schools Program, it comes to light who's been doing the shit stirring against the program. As entirely suspected, it is the dastardly Australian Christian Lobby. The unrepresentative Canberra swill for christians. 

You see they've had this email generator thingo going, similar to the sort of thing that GetUp does for campaigns. Unfortunately the people that it's attracted to send emails through appear indoctrinated and uneducated fools who can barely put a sentence together let alone spell. Never mind that though, don't worry about the stupidity, as it's plain to see that the Safe Schools Program is going to end civilisation! End the program or it's the end! *Good grief*

Here's some of the emails quoted at New Matilda
  • “Do not allow these funds to be use for the advancement and propagation of gay lesbian agenda. We do not want our children to adopt these unnatural habits,” 
  • “It is an thinly disguised attempt to indoctrinate our children and young people into accepting homosexuality and ‘gender diversity’ as normal,” 
  • “I am very disappointed to find a backside way to approve things God Almighty forbid using our children to force us to accept and also to distort a whole generation by insulting the human race. God only created am man & a woman nothing was unclear, to get marry each other & have babies & fill the earth.” 
  • “Please note, I am not homophobic. That implies a fear. That would be like saying I’m lie-aphobic. Or treat-your-parents-disrespectfully-aphobic. Or steal-aphobic. Or murder-aphobic. I just believe homosexual behaviour is wrong.” 
  • “Please stop. Gay and lasbians. (Abominacion) God never aprove gays and lasbians. Stop Know.” 
  • “Why all the propaganda…. seems very political to me. Once again the loud gay community with lots of money is influencing our politicians,” 
  • “The focus on explicit sexual deviations from the natural design of the human body lead to health risks both mental, physical, and sociological. The fact is the vagina in a female is primarily for the male penis to introduce sperm to fertilise ova and thus create another life. God created this act to be pleasurable. The anus is meant for expulsion of body waste products, and using it for sex is unhealthy and dangerous.” 
  • “Any society that can countenance such evils has reached an advanced stage of auto-destruction,” New Matilda
I can't resist replying to just a couple of points there. 

"Loud gay community with lots of money".... um, I'd like to know where all that money is as I've not seen any of the so called "pink dollar". In fact most of the gays we know are either average wage earners or poor like us.

"The anus is used for expulsion of body waste products, and using it for sex is unhealthy and dangerous".... As someone who has been married to my late wife, so is the vagina. For urination and period blood. 

So there it is. Turnbull takes heed of the ACL unrepresentative swill.