Wednesday, 21 December 2016

"Papa John Pizza" franchise owner arrested for assaulting 2 gay men for hugging - England (video)

It's hard to believe this sort of stuff could still go on in such a country as England. It wasn't by anyone who was just an employee either, but the actual franchise owner of the pizza shop in Middlesex. This complete with the man wearing the Papa John Pizza logo emblazoned on his chest for all the world to see.

It started when the two men were hugging in the shop and the man warned them about it. A verbal exchange enshewed which escalated with the man forcing them both out of the shop in a very threatening manner, and proceed with the man physically assaulting them outside the shop (the $600 phone that was filming was broken when it landed on the ground).

It's an out and out case of discrimination and threats of violence, including "actual bodily harm" that the police charge the man with.

FFS, all this over a hug? Video below.

BTW the accent is a bit hard to understand for me down under in Sydney. David lived in England for a while so I bet he'd get it all. I will say though that the pizza man had a very feminine voice which perhaps indicates he might be in the closet? In any case the two gay guy's voices where much more manlier than his darlings, and they were gay! 👬
The 27-year-old recruitment worker said: "My friend told me he had been promoted at work and I gave him a hug when the (worker) said something along the lines of 'we don't want none of that behaviour in here' and 'you're too close for my liking'. 

"I said 'don't speak to me like that' and the guy said 'I'll slap you silly' - that's when I started recording." 

As the video begins to play the alleged victim can be heard to ask: "What do you mean you are 'going to slap me silly'?" 

The man behind the counter can be heard to reply: "Let me tell you something you gay b*****d... 

The customer's friend tries to interrupt by telling the worker: "Hey, that's enough..." 

The worker tells the friend: "Don't you point that finger at me! Get the hell out of my store!" 

Both customers are now asking why: "Because I am gay?" - as the worker repeatedly tells them "get the hell out of my store". 

But then his orders turn to threats: "...or I'll break that phone and I will make you eat it." 

One of the alleged victims asks what is going to happen if they don't leave - but the worker insists "this is my store, I own it". 

The two customers can be seen on the video being edged towards the door and pushed out of the store by the worker - apparently aided by a colleague. 

One of the victims is still asking: "Why did you call me a gay b*****d?" 

As the customers argue with the worker by the entrance to the store he can be seen to kick out at the pair with his foot. 

The worker then steps out of the store and as one of the alleged victims asks: "Am I a gay b*****d?" the employee can be heard to reply: "Yeah, you are..." 

He repeats this phrase several times as he walks towards the pair - and as one of the alleged victims warns him off camera he will lose his job he replies: "I don't give a s***." 

The worker then points at one of the men and asks "would you shove his mouth on your c***?" 

One of the alleged victims replies: "Yeah he would, and what's that got to do with you?" 

The worker can then be seen to lash out at one of the men. 

In an apparent invitation to fight, he continues: "Take your coat off, let's do it now" - and, after a further exchange of words, eventually the worker lashes out at the camera lens. 

The video ends with the £600 Samsung S7 cameraphone falling to the ground - with the alleged victim claiming "he slapped it out of my hand". Mirror, UK