Wednesday, 14 December 2016

People actually bothered to complain about this Aussie add - LGBT kiss

The Advertising Standards Bureau here evidently releases it's top ten most complained about adds on the telly, and surprisingly this one came in at number 9. The Bureau didn't see fit to bother with the complaints after reviewing the add and thought it was all good.

So who were the complaints from? Who else but the christians and bigots. And why? Because there were two LGBT couples that actually gave a quick kiss to each other lasting less than a second in my estimation. Oh the humanity!

The Bureau has a sample of some of the complaints received. I think some people just have too much time on their hands:
I am not a prude but I don't believe this is appropriate. I should be able to explain about people with alternative lifestyles when I feel it is appropriate. I wouldn't let my young children watch a show with homosexual couples on it, but how am I supposed to censor advertisements? It is totally inappropriate and it pushes someone else accepted values on to my family. As a Christian do I have to keep the television turned off? Surely I do not have to also censor ads during family viewing times. 

I object to advertising showing males kissing males, females kissing females as well as seeing a breastfed baby directly on the nipple of a female. I don't mind seeing my daughter breastfeed her babies - I do object to seeing strangers breastfeeding in an advertisement on my TV in my own home. There are boundaries - I would not join Medibank if they are going to advertise like this - not necessary! I know that in this day and age government agencies and advertising companies expect us to understand the modern trend of anything goes - well it does not - and some people still have principles and because of them, we feel the need to switch channels because of an offensive advertisement. 

Why don't they have all couples kissing? I have nothing against what other people do behind closed door but I don't want my young kids seeing this on TV. 

I don't want to see two men kissing. 

I object to the content of a woman kissing a woman and a man kissing a man and it being portrayed as "normal" family. The rest of the advert is ok, but it seems that no thought of how normal families who view it has been taken into account. My husband and I find it very offensive and I object to my children seeing it. We are aware of the fact that there are gays, if there was a warning of the nature of the advert then I can turn it off, or show it when families aren't viewing it. PDF download here 
What's wrong with kids seeing it? What about rainbow families with young kids? What's  a "normal" family in today's diverse Australia? *sheesh* And we're not even having a plebiscite.