Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas nightmares

We're a couple of christmas grumps around here at the moment. Both for various bad memories from the past, all involving family. It's a bad time of year for both of us. Just have to give each other space until it's over again.

The nightmares aren't a figure of speech, but real nightmares sometimes all through the night in the lead up. The sort where you wake up and spend half the day trying to free yourself from the bad feelings generated by them.

It's also been a pretty bloody horrible year politically for us, having to endure all sorts of accusations of immorality in the marriage equality debate. That our love isn't real, that we're sick in the head, that we're not part of a normal family, and on and on. Christmas can sometimes be nothing more than a horrible reminder of bigotry and homophobes.