Monday, 12 December 2016

A German, a Hungarian and an American lose their cows.... (pungent joke)

An interesting article about Trump's America and how caring for the less fortunate has over time become the US way, particularly now with the Republicans under Trump. I've often wondered why this is so,  as obviously the christian message has been turned on it's head to where the poor and unfortunate are demonised as not worthy of help. Such is the present message coming from Republicans who rely so much on the conservative votes of fundamentalist christians.

That the poor are poor because of their own life decisions; that it's their fault for getting themselves into that mess in the first place so they don't deserve help. This sort of message of human unkindness has now become the moral thinking of of the Republican party (and the Abbott backbench here in Australia) with fundie christians supporting such thinking.

It's a long read but right at the end it sums everything up beautifully with a short little pungent social comment joke, comparing how many Americans would behave vs other people:
There were three farmers: a German, a Hungarian and an American. Each had a cow. One day, misfortune befell them, and their cows died. Each remonstrated against God, saying God had failed him, and each lost faith. God realized he had to do something to make amends. So he came to Earth and approached the German. 

"What can I do to restore your faith?" He asked. And the German answered, "God, I lost my cow. Please give me another cow." And God did so. 

"What can I do to restore your faith?" He asked the Hungarian. And the Hungarian answered, "God, I lost my cow. Please give me that cow and another to compensate." And God did so. 

And finally God came to the American, and He asked, "What can I do to restore your faith?" And the American answered, "God, I lost my cow. Shoot my neighbor's cow." 

Republicans brought us here with the assistance of a passive media. Whether we can bring ourselves back is the new existential question. Until then, we are shooting our neighbor's cow. Raw Story