Saturday, 3 December 2016

The problem with HIV criminalisation - graphic

This is from the US but I found the graphic (above) very clear and concise as an explainer of why the criminalisation of people with HIV is counterproductive and unfair. 

You can download the whole report here if you like, but the synopsis on that page is pretty self explanatory too: 
LGBT Policy Spotlight: HIV Criminalization Laws examines the problematic basis for HIV criminalization laws and their detriment to public health and the justice system. Ignoring modern medical knowledge, these laws carry harsh penalties such as 35-year prison terms and registration as a sex offender for behaviors now known to carry no risk of transmission. These laws perpetuate dangerous stigma and misinformation about the disease and people living with HIV, create a strong disincentive for individuals to find out their HIV status, and disproportionately target LGBT people. The report includes commonsense policy recommendations to reduce the harmful consequences of such laws and encourages states to modernize or repeal their HIV criminalization laws. Movement Advancement Project