Thursday, 1 December 2016

Has Barnaby Joyce lost the plot? - today's parliament (video)

Barnyard Barnaby seems to have gone bananas today about Labor members laughing at him across the floor in Canberra. Honestly, WTF?

All I can conjecture is that he must have been at least half pissed as a fart. He screams and occasionally lowers it to a yell, berating the opposition about not sticking up for "jobs and growth" (I expect) using the cruel live export industry to Indonesia which I guess Labor was involved in stopping. 

It was stopped because Australian cows were being slaughtered in the cruelest of ways overseas, but don't let Barnyard let that get in the way of a vacuous rant against Labor about jobs.

Barnyard, mate, stop the hate. All I want is cheaper rent and to be able to pay the bills without having to draw on my super. And marry. WTF'in hell is this?