Saturday, 24 December 2016

Bernardi set to Trump Lieberals & form new party - "Australian Majority"

Bernardi's new "Australian Majority" website

Oh my.....👀... It seems the fizza is well and truly fizzling now.

You see despite Turnbull puppet doing exactly everything the lunar right backbench of the Lieberal party wants (ie everything the great majority of Australian's don't want) it doesn't appear to be at all good enough for the likes of extremist right winger Cori Bernadi. He reckons the Lieberals (no this isn't a joke) aren't conservative enough under Turnbull. *faints*

How could any party be any more conservative than this lot? Attack the poor, trickle down Reaganomics, make the wealthy richer, attack workers, unions, bla..... Yet this isn't enough for the Corgi. Therefore, as he's hinted at for a while now, he may split from the coalition and start his own extremist lunar fuck knows how far right conservative party. He's now set up a website for it, believe it or not called "Australian Majority".  

This from the crazy Australian newspaper who consider that it would be a "mainstream" party (WTF are these people on?):
News of the website, which includes the tagline “coming soon”, will further fuel Liberal concerns that the outspoken conservative senator is set to formally split from the party in the new year to spearhead a new conservative force. 

It is unclear whether the senator intends to use the new group as a conservative political activist group to rival left-wing GetUp!, or whether Australian Majority is the foundation for a new mainstream political party. 

Senator Bernardi has remained tight-lipped about his plans for next year, but in further signs the Australian Majority group may be poised to become a political party, the website uses software popular with formal election campaigning — including the Brexit and Trump movements — called NationBuilder. The Australian
It's the Lieberals own fault you know. Bernadi has always been a gullible nutter for anything far right, but that didn't stop them from sending him to the UN during the election of Narcissist fascist Trump. Now he's back all Trumped up (pun intended) fired up over Trumps win and wants to Trump up Australia I suppose. Good luck with that mate 👎 ... 

Being as the Turnbull gov has a majority of only one, this is a huge problem for Turnbull. Another way of looking at it is that I'd guess it's highly likely this is all a big plot by Abbott to take the leadership back from Turnbull to settle the lunar right horses about to bolt. Abbott would come in as the great saviour of the party bla, Trumping Turnbull (pun intended).

But there's more.....

Not only has Bernardi set the chooks among the Lieberal hens (feathers flying in great internal bitch fights darlings) by implying a split from them, but he has a fellow Abbott ally. None other than Christensen, every much Bernardi's equal in lunar right insanity, has hinted he may be about to "pull the pin on the gov" and leave, no doubt to join Bernardi's party.

Being as this would mean both of them leaving a mainstream Australian political party to become fringe dwellers, as I said I strongly suspect this is all an Abbott plot. Abbott has after all already made noises about keeping in touch with the parties "base". 

Whatever that is. The Lieberals today are a long way right from the Howard reign of terror largely because of Abbott himself, who conned them all by winning against a lackluster minority Gillard gov in the throws of self destruction.