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Todd Carney cat :)

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Abbott's gay sister entrant in Archibald prize

Tony Abbott's gay sister, Christine Forster, has been entered in this years Archibald prize along with her partner Virginia Edwards (they can't get married because of Tony Abbott's opposition to that in the federal parliament). Here's the picture entered:

And here is Christine Forster and her partner:

Standing up for gay rights and all.... 

There's quite a bit more to this story. Hypocrisy comes to mind, but I can't say what I'm not allowed to here....... 

Conservatives think the poor have it easy

An interesting US study by the Pew Research Centre. It asked people questions about the poor and correlated their responses with their political stance. As is indicated in the graphic below, the conservatives thought the poor were bludgers sucking money off the gov welfare teat, whilst those politically left thought that the poor were in an unfortunate place in their lives and needed help. In short, lefties were compassionate whilst hard line conservatives weren't.

Footy show nude bloke :)

Oh those crazy footy players and their antics. Although this one isn't as strange as the Todd Carney personal golden shower, this one is to do with a bet.


National bust the budget rally this Sunday

It's the day before the new senators start so looks like a very opportune time to get vocal. Be there or be square baby.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

22% of households with disabled are poor - OECD

Not only are we DSP'ers in Australia highly over represented in poverty figures, but we are joined worldwide by member countries of the OECD. The OECD says that 22% of households that have a disabled person receiving benefits for their disabilities, live in poverty. This is 8% higher than other households.

Australia is not unique in this. In fact we're one of the leaders of the pack with over 40% of us on the DSP in Australia living in poverty. Which is noted in the report as Australia being one of the countries with significantly higher poverty rates:
The OECD when examining inequality noted that "disability benefits reduce income inequality", but they did have the danger of "creating poverty traps" - i.e. someone who stays on disability, unable to get into work and thus earn a better income than the mere $19,544 a year. 

The OECD noted that "many countries have thus started to reform disability benefits to reach a better, and more sustainable, balance between income security and labour market (reintegration of disabled people)". 

This certainly happened here in 2011, and it certainly seems to have worked in reducing the abnormal spike in number from 2009-2011 during the GFC. 

The OECD also noted that DSP was certainly no escape from poverty. It found that "on average in the OECD, 22 per cent of households with a disabled person receiving benefits live in poverty, compared with around 14 per cent for other households." But it noted as well that the gap was significantly higher in five countries, Ireland, Korea, the UK, the USA, and Australia. 

The changes to the eligibility rules in 2011 look to have tightened the system and suggest growth of DSP is now just in line with population growth - and its ageing nature. If Kevin Andrews wants to press ahead with more "reforms" to the DSP he needs to explain why what was done in 2011 was not enough - and he needs to provide more than just nominal "scary numbers" that lack any context. 

Without such an explanation it appears the measures will have little impact other than to reduce equality in Australia by targeting some of the most vulnerable in our society, and as the IMF has found, that's no way to aim for economic growth. more
I keep asking myself, why the fuck is the gov targeting us? We're fuckin poor. WTF do they think we can contribute to the national debt? You can't get blood out of a stone.

In any case, other countries are moving to address this problem of poverty in their disabled populations. Why now is Abbott, the so called Christian, targeting the most vulnerable in the community over the mighty fuckin dollar? And what has now been proven as some of the most vulnerable worldwide. Why? 

Australians losing faith in democracy

Well why wouldn't we? We have a government acting like a dictatorship trying to rip apart the lives of the poor and unfortunate. How's democracy working out for them then?

Or even looking overseas, to the so called leader of the free world the US. Their democracy is seeing the majority of the population become poorer and poorer, with at one point after the GFC saw 21 vacant houses for every homeless person in the country. Some houses were simply bulldozed as no one was living in them and the councils couldn't afford to maintain the utility connections for them. That is certainly a huge failure of the system. The system is obviously broken.

Personally I think it's more of a failure of the system to the disenfranchised, a perversion of democracy itself that sees corporations rule instead of the ballot box. Young people growing up now simply look at what's going on, with access now to vast info resources in the net, and decide that if this is "democracy" then it's pretty fucked up.
According to the spread generated by this year’s poll, only 60 per cent of the Australians Lowy surveyed believed that “Democracy is preferable to any other kind of government”. By contrast, 24 per cent of Australians held the opinion that “In some circumstances, a non-democratic government can be preferable.” Another 13 per cent felt that “For someone like me, it doesn’t matter what kind of government we have” and the remaining 3 per cent of respondents claimed not to know what their answer would be. 


Questions need to be asked – of our elected representatives but also of ourselves. 

What do we mean when we say that “a non-democratic government can be preferable”? 

Do we understand what democracy is and why it’s important? 

Is our distaste for democracy merely a reflection of what the current Abbott government is doing? 

Are the popular demonstrations and protests we’ve seen this year an indication that our disdain for formal, electoral democracy is already being replaced with a post-representative politics of participation? more   

Abbott's carbon tax repeal goes against world trend - graphic

Church outreach claims ability to cure HIV - US

I suppose it was only a matter of time before some crazy church started crapping on about curing HIV. Especially in the US with their seeming descent into theocracy. This bloke in Minnesota is sending his Christian soldiers to some gay pride event over there, where they will heal HIV and people will be converted to Jesus.

The most worrying thing when reading crap like this is realising that these people can vote.
One of the words we got out of this outreach, the Lord really wanted to demonstrate his goodness to this community by releasing healing of HIV and AIDS, so we believe we’re going to see people healed of HIV and AIDS and we’re just, we’re carrying that word of the Lord into this outreach. And that will be part of our training just praying with boldness for the releasing of healing power and then sending them back to their doctors literally after praying for them. ‘Here’s what I want you to do: go to your doctor, get tested for HIV or AIDS and when you come back negative, you’ve got a decision to make whether you’re gonna serve the God who just healed you’ and then give them some gospel materials that they can take with them and encourage them to call on us and let us know and I’m confident that we’re going to have people healed of HIV and AIDS that are going to be contacting us. The funny thing is Jesus healed the 10 lepers and only one came back to acknowledge him so there may be 10 that get healed but only one come back, you know. This is a strategy that God wants to use so the very fruit of their sin is what he wants to, like, take away to show them his kindness and his goodness. I mean it’s just totally Jesus. I mean it’s like totally his way so we’re excited about that. more

Gay couple marries at UK Consulate - Australia

In a first, gay UK expats can now be married in Australia at the UK Consulate. Here's the first couple to do so being interviewed the day of the wedding :)


Todd Carney golden shower pic :s (warning explicit)

Oh dear. Todd Carney, league footy player and rather prone to stuff ups, has found himself rather in the shit over this picture going around twitter right now. It's only just started coming out on the main stream media in the last hour or so, but of course they didn't include the picture. As I don't do Twitter it did take a bit of searching to find the picture as it doesn't as yet seem to come up in a straight Google search. Anyway I laughed so hard when I found the picture after the attempts by the respectable media to explain the picture without showing it. I cleaned it up a little, brightened it a bit:

WTF? Well, it does look like young Todd might be into some unusual sex fetishes...... 


More Incredibly funny main stream media comments on the picture without being able to show it. This is from another footy player Andrew Johns, who's known a while back from an interview where he said he'd taken drugs throughout his career. OMG, this has bought tears of laughter to not only my eyes, but David's as well :)
Rugby league immortal Andrew Johns has leapt to the defence of Todd Carney after a disturbing photo of the troubled NRL star was posted on social media. 

The image published on Twitter on Saturday night shows Cronulla star Carney standing at a urinal and he appears to be engaged in an unsavoury act. 

Carney's future is again under threat following the publication of the image. 

But Johns said he felt Carney couldn't be sacked by the Sharks over the incident, as the 28-year-old faces being charged with bringing the game into disrepute. 

"Surely they couldn't sack him for that," Johns said on Channel Nine's Sunday Footy Show. 

"It's silly ... it's stupid (but) he is only doing it to himself." more

Update 2:

He got sacked for this "Shameful" act. Oh Todd...... if you're going to get into pissing there's a regular piss party at Headquarters in Sydney, but I reckon you already know that darling.
Cronulla have reportedly sacked Todd Carney after he was photographed committing a lewd act in a public toilet. 

The photograph, which was posted on Twitter, shows the troubled NRL player engaged a shameful act at a urinal. more

Saturday, 28 June 2014

No Royal Commision into finance sector crooks

The Abbott gov is going after union corruption. Fair enough, if there's a crook in the union the members want to know about it! Unionism is after all (despite the gov rhetoric that it's a bunch of "union bosses" trying to take over the world) about union members, and who they want to represent them in negotiations with management. If someone is ripping off their hard earned fees, believe me they will want to know about it. So bring on some inquiry and get these fuckwits out. But don't fuckin accuse the union movement of being the only place where corruption and incompetence exists.

Take the finance sector for example. Where is the big all guns firing investigation into them? Where are the hollers from on high about this dreadful rorting of Australian taxpayers? Oh no, look over here, there some union bloke who ripped off a few thousands. Unions are evil, bla......enter Murdoch.

Such hypocrisy, such obvious favouritism for the big end of town and keeping them untouchable. Yet they want me, trying to survive on a pittance, be punished for paying decades of taxes and told by the gov to pay the impossible.


Australia's biggest mining co Glencore, pays no tax

Fifteen billion dollars (that's $15,000,000,000) is what mining company Glencore earned the last 3 years. Zero is the tax they paid on that $15billion. Yet they want me, who has paid full time tax for 30yrs, to pay more. Oh fuck off.

Have Australians had enough of this bullshit? Why should these companies be able to get away with this? How can it claim tax breaks for such a shonky set up? 
Australia's largest coalminer, Glencore, paid almost zero tax over the past three years, despite income of $15 billion, as it radically reduced its tax exposure by taking large, unnecessarily expensive loans from its associates overseas. 

At up to 9 per cent, the interest rates on these $3.4 billion in loans were double what the company would have had to pay had it simply borrowed the money from the bank. 

As it was claiming tax breaks in Australia on these inflated interest payments, the secretive Swiss-based multinational actually increased its lending to other related parties interest free. This may include its executives. Nobody from Glencore, which used to be called Xstrata, was available for comment despite repeated requests. 

The aggressive tax avoidance tactics of Glencore Coal International Australia Pty Ltd have been identified in an independent analysis of the company's accounts for Fairfax Media by an expert in multinational financing. Along with the blatant irregularities in its borrowing and lending, the study also found a hefty increase in Glencore's coal sales to related companies (up from 27 per cent to 46 per cent of total sales, with no explanation), indicative of transfer pricing - also known as profit-shifting - and an activity that appears to breach Section IVA of the Income Tax Assessment Act - the part that deals with schemes designed to comply technically with the law but whose ''dominant purpose'' is really to avoid tax. 

''The reality is that the whole of the Glencore Xstrata Group is now run as a series of business units controlled by one company (Glencore Xstrata Plc, incorporated in the UK, listed on the London and other stock exchanges), with its registered office in Jersey (a tax haven) and its head office is in Baar (Switzerland),'' the report said. 

''The truth is that Glencore Coal Investments Australia's operations in Australia are, because of the Group's business model, branch operations of the Swiss-domiciled parent entity, which uses the now dormant legal shell of an Australian body corporate in an attempt to hide the reality of its branch business in Australia. Read more

Abetz attempts to subvert parliament - United Voice cleaners union

This is like something out of a kindergarten playground.

Abbott's employment minister Abtez (another bitter old white man) seems to be caught in the same self delusion as Abbott; that by doing a little slight of hand nobody will notice. Seriously, how much are we paying these fuckwits?

Anyway, so the senate overturns some gov decision that would've seen commonwealth cleaners wages drop by as much as $172wk. These are people who already aren't exactly rolling in it. What does employment minister Abetz do? From the United Voice cleaners union:
Federal Employment Minister Eric Abetz has committed an act of political bastardry by back-flipping on Government commitments with his deceitful attempt to betray Commonwealth cleaners. 

This week the Senate voted to protect the Commonwealth Cleaning Services Guidelines, which ensure fair pay and working conditions of cleaners working in Commonwealth buildings. 

But at the same time, Senator Abetz secretly moved to abolish the Guidelines and rip away more than 20% of the cleaners’ wages by reducing their minimum wage from $22.02 per hour to $17.49 per hour. 

This means some Commonwealth cleaners could lose up to $172 a week. 

David O’Byrne, Acting National Secretary of United Voice says “United Voice is taking advice on what seems to be a deliberate attempt by Senator Abetz to subvert the parliamentary process. 

“While the Parliament was debating this matter, there was not a hint from the Government of what they were doing secretly behind closed doors. 

“This makes a mockery of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s statement in Parliament on 16 June when he said ‘I want to make it absolutely crystal clear that no cleaner's pay is reduced.’ 

“We call on the Prime Minister to do be true to his word. 

“Tony Abbott needs to pull his Employment Minister into line, to do the right thing by the Parliament and by the cleaners who work so hard to make sure the Governments’ buildings are clean and safe. 

“The past 24 hours have been bitter for cleaners. Yesterday they celebrated the Senate’s recognition that the Guidelines are essential to ensure fair and reasonable working conditions. Today they face the future with anxiety and uncertainty,” says David O’Byrne. link
In short he tried to subvert the process of parliament and the decision it was making. 

Abbott called out on "No cuts to pensions" - Shorten

Our weasel PM Abbott sees fit to play semantics with pensioners lives. He actually stands there in parliament with a straight face and and says there's no cuts to pensions in the budget. Typical of this gov; black means white.

Try telling that to all the pensioners in QLD and WA who've just lost all their pensioner concessions. Or to the aged pensioners who are now losing their aged pension bonus something or other (I dunno what exactly it's called as I don't get it). Or to every pensioner in the country who will be slowly starved as they get older and frailer with a cut in indexation rates adding up to thousands less over time. Or other budget measures if they passed like the three fold increase in Medicare costs. What does Abbott think we're all fuckin stupid?


Murdoch 1975 order "kill Whitlam" - leaked US report

Certainly a story of intrigue this one.

We all know of The Dismissal in 1975, which saw the Lieberals collude with the Governor General and the Whitlam gov sacked. It was an ignominious end to a gov that pushed major popular reform in Australia, for instance the end of conscription. 

No doubt many of Whitlam's Labor policies displeased Washington, especially ending conscription. Where then would they get their young Australian men to go forth and be canon fodder for the US war machine? And what were these dreadful socialist policies of Whitlams? I dunno how much the US got involved behind the scenes in all of this, but perhaps this new story sheds some light.
Rupert Murdoch reportedly instructed his editors to "kill Whitlam" before the fall of the Labor government in 1975. 

Fairfax says the News Corporation chief's directive regarding former Labor leader Gough Whitlam is revealed in a diplomatic report from the US dated 1975. 

The telegram from the US Consul-General in Melbourne, Robert Brand, reported to the state Department that "Rupert Murdoch has issued (a) confidential instruction to editors of newspapers he controls to 'Kill Whitlam'". 

Mr Brand makes it clear that the words "kill Whitlam" were used in a political context and not as a physical threat, Fairfax says. 

Mr Brand noted that Mr Murdoch had previously supported Mr Whitlam's election but his publishing empire turned against the leader. 

"If Murdoch attack directed against Whitlam personally this could presage hard times for Prime Minister; but if against Labor government would be dire news for party," the telegraph reportedly said. Read more
To be fair, from the quotes it suggests the US was doing nothing more than observing the political situation here and reporting it back to Washington. I'm sure the news in Washington however, that Murdoch had declared war on Whitlam, was very welcome. I mean since when has Washington cared less what sort of nutbag is in power in foreign lands as long as they're a friendly ally, right? They would have been therefore watching what was happening in Australia with keen interest.

This is all quite apart from the usual Murdoch Empire interfering in Australian politics to the detriment of democracy. People need to read balanced reporting to make informed political decisions about who they vote for. What did Murdoch give US last Sept?

There is another question that this raises. What made Murdoch change his mind and go against Whitlam?

Friday, 27 June 2014

Discrimination case intensifies

The latest development in David's work and the discrimination episodes has taken a new turn. The lawyers are now taking it seriously and have referred the matter to the captain lawyer of the place, who will get back to him next week apparently. Well the fact that it's now gone to the head guy is promising, if only for the recognition of David's plight in the whole matter. Who knows, maybe something might actually come out of it.

David has now, to put it in a polite way, has exhausted all his resources soon after his work decided they weren't going to ring him anymore (he is employed permanent casual, whatever the fuck that means......). This is after giving him so few hours in this last financial year that he earned only about a third of what he earned the financial year before. To date he's not worked in at least 5 weeks.

We are now at financial crisis point. The only income he and I have got in the last 5 weeks is my pension, which doesn't go far at all as it's not meant to support two people. We have therefore, for such basic things as half the rent and eating, have had to use my credit card to do so. All this time his work ignoring him and the lawyers dithering. At least now they're taking notice.

It's the catch 22 sort of thing. People are reluctant to go on benefits (even if he could as he's still technically employed and therefore can't get a thing) as they think work will be around the corner; they'll ring me soon with a shift, bla. Suddenly it's a month without any income.  

Takei's Take - How Star Trek, Social Media and Technology Changed the World

The new senate - First dog on the moon :)

Life regrets that haunt people

Well here I am again shortly after another one of my daughters dummy spits where she never wants to see me again, bla. The dust has started settling with the three people she involved in this episode (me one of them). People have been made angry, hurt, and bewildered at her capacity for manipulation.

It did occur to me though that she's setting herself up for some very intense pain and anguish in the long run. Although I'm only "dead to her" at the moment, one day I'll really be dead. When that time comes she's going to really regret everything she's done to me through all of this. 

You only get one life. Why waste it in bitterness and hate?

I've seen it before with my wife and her death. Some close friends had huge regrets about not being with her for those last months, coming up with excuses about not liking hospitals or whatever. Years after she'd died, they still struggled with those regrets about what they didn't do for their best friend in her dying months. I have no answer for them. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Futile Care - when medicine is pointless

An extremely interesting look into the issues surrounding the medical care of someone who's dying.

Obviously I know about this from my own experience with my wife when she was dying. She spend 9 months in hospital at the end and died after being transferred to a nursing home. During those last months it became clear that she wasn't going to get better, and what that meant as far as medical intervention went. For example she didn't want to be resuscitated if she'd had another heart attack.

But still the hospital kept trying to make her better. At one stage she was taking 60 or so pills a day FFS. It was only when she got to the nursing home that all the meds were simplified and she had the space to die. 

I know it's a complicated subject and finding the right balance can be hard, but I do feel that the hospital kept her alive needlessly for about 3 months too long; only to suffer terribly. It was something neither of us wanted for her.


US Ambassador's moving testimony on gay marriage

This was at the National Press Club in Canberra. The US ambassador to Australia John Berry, gives a moving and heart felt account of what it was like to get married after 17 years together.


"Don't cut the Pension"

Ground Hog daughter day

Good grief, back to square one with my daughter :s  *sheesh*

So, I get an email yesterday that was supposed to be arranging to pick up a couple of her baby videos. She wanted to meet at the shops. Then sent this lovely bit of WTF? "BTW this is not a reconciliation. I just want the videos". Like I said, WTF??

Given as I don't know where she lives and these videos are the only originals and irreplaceable, I'd already changed my mind about lending them out anyway. Which I replied in the email, along with a comment about how the fuck can she ask for something from someone she's not reconciled with? Or namely "dead" to her?

Of course the phone starts ringing later on in the evening when she gets my email, but I just couldn't be bothered with it. If I picked up the phone and talked all it would be would be her yelling in the phone and not taking in a word I'm saying. A completely pointless exercise. Then came an angry text, wanting pictures then if she couldn't have videos. Another WTF? moment. Is it my fault she left in an almighty rage and left most of her pics growing up here?

By this stage I'd had enough. After 4 calls (not answered) and the test, I went and got the PC and emailed her a long, honest, heartfelt email. Said I didn't want to hear from her for a while for my own mental health reasons. She keeps aiming for my vulnerabilities (yes, this is my own daughter) and I just don't need that sort of crap stirring up memories from the past that nearly killed me. 

It wasn't a hateful or angry email, but of course she replied a hateful angry email. Bla...... I dunno what she's trying to accomplish but it's not working. Told her I'd email her later this year and if she blocked me that'd be her problem.

There's quite a bit more to the story to do with possible legal matters too, which I'm not going to put here. Suffice to say she's starting to step on some very thin ice. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

US church gives away guns, to get more Christians

Normaly I've gone beyond the point of the US lunacy with their guns and saying anything about it. I mean what can you say over and over every time they have another mass murder over there? Yet there is never any comprehension that less guns will reduce the problem. In fact they go so far as to think that the loss of their guns = the loss of their freedom. FFS, what sort of society requires you to have a gun to be deemed free?

So here we have a Christian church, I assume located somewhere in gun wacko-ville, running a gun giveaway as a drive for church attendance. I kid you not. Here's their online video infomercial :s

In an effort to “get more people to follow Jesus,” a Joplin, Missouri, church held a raffle giving away two Black Rain AR15 assault rifles. 

On Father’s Day June 15, Ignite Church gave away two of the weapons as part of a marketing strategy to bring more young men into the fold, according to the Joplin Globe. 

“If we get people in the door, we get to preach the gospel,” said Heath Mooneyham, Ignite’s lead pastor. “If we can get more people to follow Jesus, I’ll give away 1,000 guns. I don’t care.” more
Onward Christian soldiers indeed........

NSW saved from pensioner concession cuts

Quite apart from the slow starvation cuts to pensions over time, there has been another insidious development that will cost as much or probably more than the change in indexation. It didn't even receive much media attention in the immediate hoopla following the budget, but has now come fair and square into the spotlight.

The budget also contains the cancellation of an agreement between the federal gov and the states for the funding of pensioner concessions. Obviously with all the other slashing and burning going on in the budget, the states have been left up shit creek without the proverbial paddle. The Abbott gov gave the states no warning about these cuts, even though they met with the state premiers only two weeks before. 

So far two states have cancelled the pensioner concessions entirely, Queensland and Western Australia. I'm pleased at least that representation has been made to the NSW state gov by pensioner groups on this matter, and thankfully we in NSW have been spared.
In a move to protect NSW pensioners and seniors, the 2014-15 NSW Budget includes an additional $107 million to continue concessions that were cut in the Federal Budget. 

Minister for Ageing John Ajaka said the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government had committed one year’s worth of additional funding to ensure the state’s pensioners and seniors would not bear the brunt of harsh cuts to concessions while representations were made to the Federal Government. 

"A National Partnership agreement was axed without consultation in the Federal Budget, resulting in $450 million over four years being withdrawn for pensioner and senior concessions from July 1 this year," Mr Ajaka said. 

"To deliver such a budget shock to so many valued citizens in our community was tragic. The people who were going to be affected were some of our most vulnerable and that was unacceptable. 

"Funding this shortfall is a prime example of the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government appreciating some of its most valued citizens by ensuring their benefits are protected. 

"Pensioners can now rest assured that they will maintain their concessions including reduced costs of travel on public transport, motor vehicle registration, land rates, energy bills and water." more
If the NSW gov did go ahead as QLD and WA have done, then I too would lose the concessions that I need to get by. Bus transport is a huge one, obviously I need it simply to function in modern life and get around. Electricity and phone is discounted by a bit, it all helps. Losing such concessions would have a huge impact on me.

Tackling climate change will grow economy - World Bank

Looks like Abbott's friendless at the World Bank as well. 

His anti-climate last century views are now completely at odds with what's happening in the world. His assertion that the carbon tax or other climate change measures ran the risk of "clobbering" the economy has been dealt a fatal blow by the World Bank, who has come out with this study that shows exactly the opposite. 
Fighting climate change would help grow the world economy, according to the World Bank, adding up to $2.6tn (£1.5tn) a year to global GDP in the coming decades. 

The findings, made available in a report on Tuesday, offer a sharp contrast with claims by the Australian government that fighting climate change would “clobber” the economy. 

The report also advances on the work of economists who have argued that it will be far more costly in the long run to delay action on climate change. .


The World Bank president, Jim Yong Kim, said the findings put to rest claims that the world could not afford to act on climate change. 

“These policies make economic sense,” Kim said in a conference call with reporters. “This report removes another false barrier, another false argument not to take action against climate change.” 

Australia's prime minister, Tony Abbott, said during a visit to Canada earlier this month that it was too costly to fight climate change. “What we are not going to do is clobber our economy and cost jobs with things like a job-killing carbon tax,” he said. 

Kim did not comment directly on Abbott's remarks but he said pointedly that the World Bank study provided solid data on the effects of pro-climate policies, in contrast to “opining” about their costs. 

“This modelling shows that smart choices that will also improve local and global economies,” Kim said. 

The findings are also a step forward from the work of economists such as Lord Stern who have focused on the costs of delaying action on climate change. more
No shit Sherlock. It's common knowledge in Australia how much the new Green industries have grown in only a few years.  Contributing to the overall economy. Abbott's false notion that green energy and economic growth are incompatible with each other is false. 

Tasmania world heritage forests saved - Abbott humiliated

I wonder if anyone in the Abbott gov is yet getting the idea that they're all a bit radical for everyone else on the planet? Any observation of what happened at UNESCO shows the Abbott gov position as well and truly out on a limb, with no friends.

They seriously thought that delisting 74,000 hectares of Tasmania's world heritage area would get through. They must of to even try and attempt it. Unfortunately for them though it looks like they've become rather a laughing stock, with Portugal calling the justification for delisting the area as "feeble". Nobody supported it, and the forests have been saved.

So how much did this whole bullshit exercise cost taxpayers then?

From Bob Brown:
The World Heritage Committee has unanimously rejected the Australian Government proposal to remove 74,000 ha of forests from the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. 

It took less than 8 minutes for the Committee to dismiss the proposal, in a forum where lively debate often continues for hours. 

After the two UNESCO expert scientific bodies, ICOMOS and IUCN, dismissed the proposal as "sparse" and a backward step, three countries spoke against proposal. Portugal described the proposal as "feeble" and noted the opposition from the Australian Senate, environment groups and indigenous Tasmanians. 

When the chair invited member states to speak in support of the Australian proposal, there was complete silence. 

The proposal was unanimously rejected in a humiliating rebuke to the dishonest attempt by Prime Minister Abbott and Senators Abetz and Colbeck to mislead the World Heritage Committee. more  

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

$120 bankruptcy filing fee killed by Greens

In an utterly stupendous show of Lieberal social engineering, it has come to light in their budgetary shenanigans that they decided that the dept that looked after applications for bankruptcy, should fund itself; ie they introduced charges. Quite a substantial charge of $120 in fact.

Yes, they introduced a $120 charge to declare bankruptcy. 

Or to put it another way, to declare bankruptcy you have to tell the gov. You have to pay the gov to tell them.

So, as is mentioned in the video, being as you're bankrupt, how in the fuck do you get $120 to say so? Charge it on the credit card? So what will the bank say about that then? Possibly that you defrauded them because in paying to declare bankruptcy you knew you'd never be able to pay that fee back.

This a very representative portrayal of people who face bankruptcy and who finally make the decision to do so as a last resort. Bankruptcy in most cases isn't caused by some sort of character inadequacy, but loss of income. 


"Puppet Government: Closed for Business" :)

Dr Oz a symptom of disease

People are suddenly going bananas about Dr Oz. It's being asserted that his promotion of dietary supplements is in fact a sham. 

We get the show here on that ghastly thing call day time telly. If you ever do happen to have the misfortune of being in front of the telly when it comes on, it's like a long infomercial. On the interest level it's well behind Dr Phil, and even follows The Doctors. The Doctors itself is bad, inciting such legendary boredom as to inspire such comments as "I'm so bored I'm watching The Doctors". But Dr Oz is in a class of it's own. The interest level is zero, and the boredom level extreme. Indeed I would rather watch a blank screen. Day time telly for me is like having my fingernails slowly pulled out. No wonder the internet is taking over.

Anyway, so it was no surprise to anyone really that Dr Oz has now been called out as an infomercial snake oil salesman. I mean why would it be a surprise? That's how the whole commercial system works; selling stuff.

This dietary supplement stuff however, in the US is highly unregulated and has certainly questionable outcomes. Even deaths caused by them.

I take Vitamin C is all. I dunno how much I need it or not other than they tell you to take Vitamin C in the winter to help your immune system. My personal opinion about supplements is that if you eat a balanced diet then you shouldn't need them. That they're for sick people, not healthy people who eat well. I mean seriously, would you rather have a steak or an iron tablet?

Here in Australia there's adds on the telly now, vitamin pills for kids designed as lollies for them to take. The first time I saw it my mouth fell open. FFS, do they know how stupid these adds sound to someone who grew up in a farming community in New Zealand? If the parents feel the need to give their kids vitamin pills in the rich suburbs of Sydney, then I think the parents need to take a good hard look at how well they're actually feeding them for them to require such pills.


Psych appt

Had a resigned sort of meeting with the psychologist yesterday. The main topic of discussion was the latest in my daughter saga. Both David and I were in almost mild shock after the news the day before. Things have calmed down now but it still a very touchy subject. Where the relationship is going between her and I after all this is anybody's guess.

Also talked about the bills piling up. David has still not been called into work after the discrimination incident involving him about 5 weeks ago. There needs to be some sort of resolution to this a soon as possible as we can't go on just throwing all the bills on the credit card. My DSP is enough to support me but not him of course. Problem is too that it's really affected him mentally being discriminated against. People who think that HIV discrimination doesn't exist in Australia are sadly mistaken. The psychological impacts on the victim can be severe.

Other than that we appear to be OK :s One thing that's constant is the strength of David and I's relationship.

Today I have the renal clinic. 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Disturbing news

Got the psychologist today but don't feel like going at all. I will as have missed the odd appt recently, and there's things to discuss about daughter developments, but lets just say I won't be feeling so enthusiastic going.

Sometimes things can be so depressing that I just don't feel like talking about them at all. Like it's a real effort to go there in my head and deal with issues that threaten to overwhelm. 

There was a bit of news yesterday too that was pretty bloody disturbing. It appears there are still things coming to light that happened during the time my daughter was living here with David and I. Things that I'd never have known she had the capacity for. This morning am feeling pretty stunned.

I can't say any more than that as things are on a knife edge at the moment and could easily end up in court if she's not careful. It's right out of my hands now and I have no control over what trouble she might end up in. I'm shocked that she could've even contemplated what she was planning back then.

Still haven't heard from her after she said she was going to email about meeting for coffee. Think it might be an idea to pospone that for the moment when she does contact me again. At the moment I have no idea what to say to her.  

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hewsons lesson for Abbott - lie

I didn't know, but it turns out Abbott was John Hewson's understudy. Hewson lost the unlosable election in the 19's after detailing to the public what he was going to do if he won office. Called "Fightback" for the campaign, it soon became known in the public domain as "Frightpack", and was pretty much in line with what Abbott is trying to do now but didn't tell us before the election. Peter Hartcher writes:
The cruel hoax on the public of undeliverable election promises “has got worse in the last 15 or 20 years”. 

That timing is not coincidental. It’s 21 years since Hewson lost the so-called “unloseable election” against an unpopular Paul Keating. 

The reason he lost was his complete honesty with the electorate. His detailed, 650-page manifesto “Fightback!” was a program of radical reform, honestly set forth. 

Keating exploited it to wage a mighty scare campaign, with dishonest promises including the so-called L-A-W tax cuts that he dumped after winning power. 

Fightback! is often called the longest suicide note in political history. It was also the last time that a political leader was rash enough to level with the Australian people. The 650 pages of detail is a stark contrast to the glossy 40-page pamphlet put out by Abbott. 

Indeed, it was Hewson’s negative model of politics – how to lose an election by telling the people the truth – that had a greater impact on his apprentice than any of his positive lessons. Read more
Which raises an interesting point in the mind of Abbott. So, Abbott see's his mentor Hewson go down in flames and lose the election because the public were horrified of his agenda for Australia. What then does Abbott take as a lesson from this?

Does he adjust his policies to be more in line with public opinion and expectation? No. He instead decides that the best way to go if ever he was in Hewson's situation, would be to keep his extremist policies secret from the public until after he gets elected. This is obvious because it's exactly what he did, unveiling them for all to see in the budget. Unfortunately the public had no chance to vote on this Frightpack as they did with Hewson.

So it was lies plotted from the very beginning. Deception. Lying on a scale never before seen in Australian politics. A contempt for Australians themselves. An insult to their intelligence. 

Just a note for interest, I don't accept that Keating lied about the L.A.W. tax cuts. He did not can the tax cuts after gaining office, he put them into a policy where they would be used to increase the superannuation contribution, the gov matching what was contributed by workers. If that had of gone through the superanuation contributions would have been not 9% as they have been for zonks, but 12% from about the late '90's or so I guess. Howard came into power after beating Keating in the next election and canned the superannuation policy that Keating had set up using his promised tax cuts. At the time I remember reading in the newspaper that the move would cost about $100,000 for the final retirement balance worked over a lifetime.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Real reason for huge electricity price rises

I remember in the last state election here in New South Wales, coming home from work one day and noticed an election flyer on the footpath at the bus stop. Picked it up and it said something like "Vote no to the carbon tax, vote Liberal" bla.... I thought to myself, WTF? The carbon tax is a federal issue for a start so WTF would a state gov do about it? On top of that it was blaming the huge price rises in electricity at the time (nearly bloody 20% in one single year in some cases) fairly and squarely on the carbon tax. This was when Abbott was in opposition and was blaming the carbon tax for everything that ever happened to anyone in Australia, so the lies were flying aplenty from Lieberals aplenty that the carbon tax was causing these increases. It was one of the biggest lies of the Abbott 3yr opposition. Needless to say I thought it was appalling that such a lie counld be extended to a state election campaign.

The real reason for the electricity price rises got drowned out in the Abbott hysteria that the world would end as we know it if the carbon tax happened (it didn't). As explained in the video report below from when Gillard was in power, it was because of a demented system that encouraged building infrastructure in some weirded out deal with the state gov.

This brings up some awkward questions then for Abbott's new grand budget plan. Will the electricity prices go down by 20% or so with the removal of the carbon tax? As he said they went up 20% or so because of it? Of course we all know the answer to that one.

While I'm on the subject, one of the things that the implementing of the carbon tax did, was to raise the tax free threshold (the amount you could earn before having to pay any income tax) from about $6,000 a yr to about $18,000 a year. The carbon tax is now in place and making up the gov revenue for that tax cut for the poor. Now, how is Abbott going to make up that tax cut for the poor if he cans the carbon tax? Where will he get the money?


Daughter contacted me

The other day I sent a funny email to a few people and decided to include my daughters email in it. Last I heard was months back when she stated I was dead to her and hung up on me. I didn't think she'd even get the email as she'd told me she'd blocked me. *Sheesh* So I've not even attempted any communication until that little email.

She must have got it as she sent an email a few days later. This the first communication from her since that phone call. It wasn't an apology, or an "I've calmed down now" email, or of course an "I've got the utility money I owe you" one. Nope, it was asking to borrow one or two of her toddler videos to get transferred onto DVD. Must say I had no idea what to say, and had to leave it for a while before deciding what to reply.

So later on in the day I'm about to go to the PC and email her back, then she rings my phone. This is now the first spoken word I've heard from her since that last phone call. We arranged for her to email what videos she was wanting, and we would meet and have coffee at the shops. She also has a pile of mail from the bank here. 

So there it is. Dunno what to say really. 

David's a bit concerned she may want to move back in here, but I keep telling him over and over it's not going to happen. I can't have her put me through again what she's done three times now. It's time my mental health is considered in all of this. She's a 23 year old adult.

"The Exorcism" :)

Friday, 20 June 2014

Anti-gays are gay - Dan Savage

Nothing surprising there, but it's a hilarious little discussion about it. He puts it very clearly about why they're so hateful. I love the quote near the end too that these people are afraid a dick is delicious :)


10 years of US drone strikes

What revenue gov loses by killing the carbon tax

Far out. This is a Hockey shocker. From Wayne Swan's facebook page (click to enlarge):

Yes folks, but getting rid of all things to do with the carbon tax will cost $28billion in gov revenue. Why the fuck not keep it then? It's bringing in money. If they're so concerned about the budget bottom line surely keeping $28billion in revenue would be a good start? Not when it's about ideology.......

"Australia, don't become America"

With Iraq back on the world stage, this little video has come out about Australia's involvement with the US in war and human rights violations, and the seeming love affair our politicians have for the US that blinds them to what the US is actually doing. The video has a short clip of ex PM Malcolm Fraser talking about American exceptionalism. 


First Australian FSM collander ID photo

In an Australian first, a bloke in Adelaide has succeeded in getting a licence picture taken with the Flying Spaghetti Monster's religious head wear on; a colander:

Although it was only a firearms licence.

However despite getting this picture taken, the head wear worn as a sign of worship to the FSM, and having the picture happily sitting in his wallet, this did not stop him being persecuted for his faith.

At some stage the cops see this religious picture associated with some paperwork. Instead of respecting this bloke's sincerely held religious beliefs however, they decided that he looked like a bit of a nutter and questioned whether he was sane/safe enough to hold a firearms licence, and proceeded to confiscate his firearms pending a psychological examination.

What an outrage! Colander head wearers are not terrorists! This persecution must stop least we be radicalised or something! Don't hurt our religious feelings!

It had a happy ending though. The psychologist thought it was funny and declared him sane. However the cops are still persecuting his religion by demanding he take another licence photo without the colander!
After convincing the woman who took his photo at the transport department he was allowed to wear the colander, Mr Albon finally had his unique licence. 

"I thought it was an absolute scream," Mr Albon said. 

"As far as I know I'm the first person to do it (in Australia)." 

It wasn't until six months later, in about June last year, when he submitted paperwork to have his licence classification changed that police became nervous about allowing a man with a colander on his head access to firearms. 

He said two uniformed officers visited his home and seized his licence and four firearms - two rifles and two handguns worth about $2000 in total - until a psychiatrist confirmed he was safe to own weapons. "I passed," Mr Albon said. Read more  

Thursday, 19 June 2014

"We are the best friend Australian pensioners have ever had" - Hockey

Stunning doublespeak! Black is white. Bad is good. 

Smokin sloppy Joe has had the audacity to stand in federal parliament, and bluster "We are the best friend Australian pensioners have ever had" across to the opposition benches. 

This after Abbott has the nerve to stand there and slyly say that there's "no cuts to pensions" of course not saying anything about huge impossible Medicare increases. Fuck he must think we're all absolutely stupid.


$250million school chaplains unconstitutional - High Court

Hah! The High Court has ruled that using Commonwealth funds to put religious idiots in schools is unconstitutional. Fuckin no shit Sherlock. You have to be a High Court judge to know that?

Well what a fuckin embarrassing turn of events for fuckwit religious person Abbott, who even though he's PM it didn't actually occur to him that spending a quarter of a billion$ of our secular money to put his fellow religious fuckwits into our schools, wouldn't create a bit of a problem down the track? What do ya think? Especially when it involved sacking the already qualified secular counselors that were already in place, and the howls of protest coming from the LGBT community.

Alas Tone's dream of an Australian theocracy has bitten the dust before it even made it to the senate. Seriously, WTF are we paying this idiot? He hasn't got a clue.

Well there you go, the budget now has a quarter of a billion more money to spend. How much of an F-35 is that?:
The High Court has upheld a challenge to the National School Chaplaincy Program, ruling the law used to maintain Commonwealth funding for chaplains is unconstitutional. 

Despite the court challenge, the program was allocated nearly $250 million in this year's federal budget to be spent over four years. 

It is the second time the funding arrangements have been challenged in the High Court. 

Queensland father Ron Williams won a court challenge against the program in 2012 when the court ruled the program was not being funded in a lawful way. 

After the 2012 decision the federal government moved quickly to shore up that program, and more than 400 others potentially affected by the ruling, by passing a new law. 

Today Mr Williams, who lives in Toowoomba, won his challenge over the validity of that law. more   

Gov too chicken shit to call election

Firstly, here is what Abbott said just 3 days before the election, who it has come to light now was saying anything to become PM. So basically it's all complete bullshit. But never the less, perhaps we should put our minds into those unfortunate people's who actually trusted what Abbott what saying as fair dinkum. This is what he said:
OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott will go to a double dissolution if necessary to repeal the carbon tax if the Coalition is elected to Government.

On a visit to Tasmania yesterday Mr Abbott said that he would use all constitutional options to scrap the carbon tax if the Senate proved "recalcitrant" and blocked repeal legislation.

"We will do whatever we need to do to scrap the carbon tax including use constitutional options open to us, but I don't believe for a second a Labor Party which loses an election which is a referendum on the carbon tax would persist in supporting this toxic tax." more
Wow, what a leader. What a tough guy. He'll get it all happening. bla.....

Well if there was ever any cause for frustration by the Abbott gov over senate "recalcitrance", it is now. It's nearly a year since Abbott was elected, and the carbon tax and other green things remain in place. The senate has knocked back twice the repeal  of one of the major platforms of the carbon tax, which currently still exists bringing in gov revenue.

Now, given what Abbott the tough guy said just 3 days before being elected PM, what would the logical person think that his next action would be over this recalcitrant senate? Why to call an election of course! Get this pesky bloody senate out of the way and on with the show! ............. *crickets* ..........

And then........  Hockey enters the fray......... 
 photo emot-doh.gif

I'm not sure what the fuck he's trying to accomplish by entering the fray, other than confirm for the umpteenth time that he's a fuckwit who should never have entered politics let alone become the treasurer of fuckin Australia. 

So what is his response to this recalcitrant senate? Or Abbott's? Call an election? No. He has a dummy spit and declares he'll introduce the bill again next week. Nah nah nah. Why? So you can be even more frustrated and it's even more obvious you're too chicken shit to call an election?
But Treasurer Joe Hockey has instead lashed out at Labor and the Greens for ''defying'' the judgment made by voters at the last election and said the government would introduce the repeal bill for a third time next week. 

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam threw down the challenge in the Senate on Wednesday, calling on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to call an early election on climate change policy. ''Prime Minister Abbott if you really believe that this is absolute crap and that the Clean Energy Act is going to wipe Whyalla off the map, how’s that working out?'' he said. ''If you really believe that renewable energy can't deliver, then here is the double dissolution election trigger you’ve been waiting for. Read more