Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The real facts if marriage equality is voted yes (oh the humanity...)

OK...... Well I've tried and tried to get myself to the point of actually taking part in a national survey on my life. I've really really tried darlings. Even David last night announced he would likely vote in the thing, causing a bit of a dramatic exercise in loving disagreement. This caused me even more self angst at my thinking to take no part in it apart from burning the ballot on social media.

Alas my angst reanalysis of my position resulted in no change. I still can't bring myself to the humiliating process of asking fellow Australians if I can have the same human rights as them, like I used to have when I was married to my late wife. Call me proud, call be too sensitive (story of my life BTW that last one) but I just can't do it. It would hurt my deeply held conscience beliefs to do so. Sue me :s  He he he....

Anyway....... so those of anybody reading that are all fired up about this survey like the gov may actually fail to make it a no vote and it comes out "yes", you lot would be interested in this blog rave at The Stirrer. For your convenience I have made a simple snip out of the main bit for plastering over social media to your hearts content. You all know the story, right click, save, post. I'll Twitter it myself in fact, despite my deeply held religious conscience beliefs.

Explaining Yes, spread it far and wide if for no other reason than to really piss off the Neo-Nazis and Lyle Shelton (not that I would ever associate Lyle with Nazis after he called us Nazis) :

The Stirrer

Postal survey “the most unkind thing, for no good reason” - Magda Szubanski (video)


Magda was on TV this morning talking about the damage to young LGBT people that this postal survey will do, saying tearfully that it's "the most unkind thing for no good reason".

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

3 drag queens clobber gay bashers - Sydney, Oxford St :)

This is a serious but funny story which has been reported happening on Oxford St in Sydney, home of gay safe spaces, pubs and the like. Homophobe dickheads coming in to the street attacked a small gay guy after he left one of the gay pubs, dislocating his jaw. Perhaps as a result of the current hatred being spewed over the postal survey for marriage equality? But that's another story....

To the rescue however, and from the sounds of to the shock of the dickheads, came three "angels". Three drag queens intervened and saved the poor guy, making the point "...don't come to our street and expect us to just take it". Good on you sisters!

Again, gays come in all shapes and sizes across the entire human community. The stereotype of us being weakly girlie men is just that; a stereotype :)

You just have to read the whole story darlings, but I've picked out a few highlights:

“Those boys sh*t themselves, they weren’t ready for some drag queens on top of them”


“After the punch I was stunned but the next thing I knew Ivy went in and was scrapping with the guy who punched me. They’re in the middle of the road, cars swerving around them, tooting, and I saw the guy rip her wig off.

“They were bashing each other and she’s still wearing her high heels.”


Ivy said she saw Mr Flinn get attacked and she wasn’t having it. “I said, ‘you want to pick on little guys, you’ll need to fight the big freak. I’m a man underneath all of this, so let’s go.”

Luke Waqa, who performs as Coco Jumbo, also piled in.

“A guy pushed Ivy so I picked him up and threw him into the gutter.

“I don’t think they knew what they were getting themselves into. I used to play rugby league. Plus I have an older brother,” Coco said.

“He tried to run away and I chased him into the oncoming traffic. I’m surprised my wig didn’t come off.”


Ivy said it was “disgusting” some people came to Oxford St to cause trouble. However, she said there had been very few incidents in her seven years on the scene and the community looked after its own.

“There are idiots everywhere but don’t come to our street and expect us to just take it.”

Coco said she had a simple message for the homophobes: “Don’t mess with gay people. Let alone two men dressed as women. Silly boys.” 
After reading that, I wouldn't want to be Turnbull right now :)

"What Would You Do?" - Trans shopper rejected by woman's clothing store (video)

With all the bile being spewed against Australian LGBT at the moment because of Turnbull, this was a very refreshing video to watch. Set up by the show "What Would You Do?" actors portray a scene in a woman's clothing store where a trans woman is demeaned publicly by the saleslady.

As always it's our human stories that destroy the hate. People often don't realise what discrimination can do to a person unless they see it up close.

Watch how the unsuspecting customers react to witnessing this.

Weasel words from Turnbull - gay hate speech

Abetz says LGBT marriage will mean people marrying Sydney harbour bridge. Abbott says it's not about marriage but opening the door to darkness. These are both gov ministers.

Now Turnbull has the audacity to claim he cares about us, after unleashing the crackpot fringe dwellers on to us. The above poster has appeared in Melbourne, full of lies that have long been disproved.

All this because Turnbull has no balls. Now we have to pay the price for his spinelessness. It beggars belief he could say this. 

As Australians prepare to vote in a postal survey, Mr Turnbull acknowledged people were likely to say things that are "hurtful, unfair and sometimes cruel".

 But rather than stifle free speech, Mr Turnbull said Australians should stand up for any friends and loved ones feeling distressed "at this challenging time".

 "This is a time to put your arms around them, to give them your love and support," he told 2DayFM. ABC

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Bill Shorten saturation bombs Turnbull over postal marriage equality survey (video)

This is from ten days ago, soon after the postal survey was announced. Shorten absolutely destroys Turnbull in a fiery speech defending the LGBT and lambasting Turnbull for releasing the vile hatred on us that will happen should the High Court give it the go ahead.

He also very accurately gives voice to how I feel about the survey, saying how insulting it is for us and how he can understand why we'd simply throw the ballot letter in the bin.

He does want us to participate in the survey though. Each to their own. I won't be judging anybody whatever they decide to do if the survey goes ahead. I personally oppose it with every fibre of my humanity. If that insulting ballot ever arrives in our mailbox I will conduct a ceremonial ballot burning and post it here. Pictures I guess. Or the camera can do low quality video and I can post it from YouTube. 

That's about the most fitting political statement I feel best at making. Personally I just can't take any part in such a flawed process so designed to fail. I note again that Labor if they win the election will ignore the results of the survey for those reasons, remaining committed to implementing marriage equality in the first 100 days of their gov.

Gutless Turnbull avoids LGBT postal survey protest - Tasmania (video)

Oh the irony. Our fearful leader scared of a few LGBT. Poofs telling a straight prime minister to "grow a pair". It certainly does challenge the stereotype of gay men being girlie weaklings.

There was what looked like a small but angry protest outside the Tasmanian Lieberal event of which Turnbull attended and spoke at. However the gutless wonder didn't even have the balls to front up to the protesters and address their grievance. He exited the event out the side door. Pitiful spineless weasel. Scared of us.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Australia's laughable clamp down on internet pirates - link

As I've said many times here, we Australians are the biggest per capita internet pirates in the world. David and I haven't watched normal TV for zonks. We simply download it all, and honestly we can't keep up with how much we download. Fuck Murdoch and his crappy pay TV. Being pensioners $35 a month unlimited ADSL downloads is very cheap entertainment. You can download just about anything as long as the torrent is healthy.

But now Australian courts have come up with the lame idea to block said download sites. I mean seriously, how dumb can they get? For a start if you're a downloader you'll have a VPN which pretends you're in another country. So how the fuckin hell could they block you accessing torrent sites even if they're blocked in Australia? Just moronic.

The Federal Court this morning ordered Australia’s biggest Internet service providers (ISPs) to block 58 individual pirate sites and more than 200 different domains and IP addresses.

 The orders were handed down in response to separate applications for injunction brought by Village Roadshow and pay TV provider Foxtel, with Optus, Telstra, TPG and Vocus ordered to implement new website blocks.

Subsidiaries of the four will also be affected by the injunction, including well-known ISPs such as iiNet, Internode and Dodo. Computer World
Even if you don't have a VPN, you can go here to this site which has a whole bunch of torrent site links just for people who their country has blocked those sites.

Fuck you Murdoch.

"Respectful" debate? - pfffft (image)

This is the sort of lies that they're saying about our LGBT community, because Turnbull doesn't have the ticker to simply call a free conscience vote (like Howard did four times in the life of his gov). It's all hysterical lies and innuendo against us.

Trans people are not sexual predators. The LGBT are not sexual predators. These are lies perpetrated from the stone age. 99% of paedophiles identify as straight. To blame us for the despicable acts that these straight people do is to let them get away with it. And they dare to proclaim"think of the children"?

I'm a parent of a beautiful daughter in her mid 20's. She works in child care and is fully qualified after her studies. To even suggest that because David and I want to marry that therefore I'm a sexual predator is probably the deepest insult you could make to any father.

Respectful debate? These people haven't the slightest respect for David and I and are willing to dredge up anachronistic lies about us and distribute them in a pamphlet. Perhaps they're doing us a favour by showing Australians what hateful lying bigots they are.

LGBT marriage will lead to people marrying Sydney harbour bridge - Abetz (audio)

Yes folks, this archaic Abetz from our federal parliament has come up with his latest reason why David and I can't get married. He says if we do it will lead to people marrying inanimate objects such as the Sydney harbour bridge, thereby equating the love that David and I have for each other with how someone feels about a non-human object.

No, I'm not making this up. The audio is below, in which I read he sounds like a bizarre male version of Siri.

Of course nobody in the LGBT community is wanting to change the marriage act to allow a human to marry something non-human (eg a bridge or an animal). All we want is the marriage act changed to say "two people". Note that it doesn't involve bridges, animals, or the sort of biblical polygamy throughout said book.


Former public servant slams Corman over $122million postal survey (graphic)

I like at the end where it says Corman should "come out" 😁 To me that'd be him coming out as a gov homophobe as to why he wants to put the LGBT through all of this. Either that or a dinosaur.

Friday, 18 August 2017

"Honest" gov add about postal survey - video :)

There's really nothing I can add to this. It pretty much sums it all up 😁

Man sentenced to 7yrs jail for infecting partners with HIV - England

In a major step backwards for ending HIV transmission in England, a man has been sentenced to seven years jail over there simply for not telling his partners that he was HIV positive.

Here in New South Wales the even conservative state gov changed our laws to decriminalise the transmission of HIV, recognising that sex between two people was a two way street. There is a responsibility on the part of the other partner to take precautions against infection. 

Simply put, how can you blame the partner for not telling you that he's HIV+ when you're letting him fuck you with no condom? Many people in fact have HIV and don't even know it for years as they don't get tested or may have contracted it after the last test. The weeks after infection are BTW having a very high HIV viral load that makes the person extremely infectious to others, even though he may not know he even has the virus.

Laws such as this are discriminatory and will hinder efforts to stop the spread of the HIV virus. People will simply not get tested or not get treated for fear of prosecution.

Following sentencing, Detective Sergeant Andrew Hall said: 
 “It has taken a long time to bring the case to court and we are pleased with the result today. The victims now have to live with a terminal illness. They gave evidence during the trial as Reyes-Minana had maintained his innocence but can at least find some comfort in knowing that their offender now has to take responsibility for what he’s done. 
 “We hope this raises awareness of this issue and how important it is to disclose such medical conditions.” 

 A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman added that Reyes-Minana’s actions “will remain with his victims for the rest of their lives.” Towleroad

The Putin shirtless challenge - pics :s

Putin, apparently not manly enough to grow body hair
I don't know whether to laugh or be completely horrified. I wouldn't ever be so vain and disillusioned to think that my body was something worth looking at on the internet, but evidently there are actually people like that who have equal bodies as me and think it's OK :s

But hey, you put it on the internet and you're putting yourself out there....

The site is here BTW on Instagram; a plethora of weirdo fools putting themselves out there. 

WTF happened to your belly button?
You can't be serious...
Oh baby! Some Russians have actual body hair!
Oh no. This is just ugly... Again, why no body hair?
Why? Just why?
Why would a manly Russian hunk wear such ridiculous girlie slippers?
Lastly, I find it disturbing that there are pictures of children put up there, some very young. This from a country that 80% of them think gays are sick.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

"What About Us?" = Pink (music video)

So WTF about us eh Lieberals? It's been all about your internal conniptions about us, and nothing about us....

Vice doco on Charlottesville, USA - video (exclusive from Vice)

I have, understandably, been very involved in Australia's local politics of late about marriage equality. Hence I've been ignorant about WTF is going on in Trump's America. A few days ago some news dribbled though to Aussie media about some US local event in Charlottesville ( I have no idea where that is over there). Something about a protest and conflict involving Nazis and a counter demonstration against them. Somebody was killed during the course of it all when a car ploughed into lefties. Trump defended the Nazis, shocking. 

So this come up on my YouTube feed, a doco by vice about it all. Below.

As being both a New Zealander and Australian dual citizen, I speak for both countries in saying how shocked, upset, and horrified I feel about this video. I know I keep saying it but the bar goes lower from the US and I have to keep saying it. From a citizen of the strongest ally the US has ever had, I never thought ever in my life that I would see a video remotely like this coming out of the US. 

Indeed, this is Trump's America. I for one don't want any part in it.

Labor will bring marriage equality in even if postal survey is "no"

Labor has reiterated it's commitment to bring in marriage equality within the first 100 days if it wins the next election. 
Asked what Labor would do if the postal survey returned a no vote, Dreyfus said it was “clear Labor policy” that “marriage equality should happen in Australia”.

 “We don’t want to be the last country in the developed world to have marriage equality. And we’ll bring it to the parliament after the next election if we’re successful.”

 Dreyfus said the high court challenge to the postal survey was backed by “strong arguments” that there was no legislative authority to spend $122m and it was beyond the power of the Australian Bureau of Statistics to conduct the poll.

 Asked to estimate its chance of success, he replied: “I’m not going to give legal advice on national TV. Let’s say 50-50.” The Guardian
To me this is confirmation that the postal survey is rigged for a "no" vote. That it's an unscientific survey that is an insult to the intelligence of Australian pollsters and to the lives of Australia's LGBT. How you could justify this joke as any sort of gauge of the overall opinion of all Australians is beyond me. 

What's more, if the survey says "yes" then what guarantee is there that the Lieberals will then go ahead and have a free vote? They've been against us every step of the way. Who's to say that the lunar right will threaten to withdraw support for Turnbull if he goes ahead with it? Nothing would surprise me from this lot.

I've thought about it a lot over the last few days and I still haven't changed my mind. I simply can't, with good conscience, bring myself to vote in this shame survey. To me it would be participating in the homophobia of the Liberal party. It's so unfair in so many ways, and it's just plain wrong. Rather I can do what I can to see this homophobic gov turfed out of office at the election. To me this is the only clear course to marriage equality that doesn't involve us LGBT enduring hate and lies from extremists. A Labor gov is and has been committed to marriage equality for some time now. I would rather wait than go through this postal survey.

The High Court has listed the challenge against the survey for Sept 5th and 6th.

Meanwhile, giving more credence to the whole survey being a sham, the gov doesn't know how Australia's homeless people would vote in it, further disenfranchising young LGBT:

Some of Australia’s most vulnerable people — those with no fixed address — could be further disenfranchised in the postal survey on marriage equality, in an issue that will disproportionately affect young LGBTQI+ Australians who are over-represented in the homeless system.

 In a compulsory election, the Australian Electoral Commission works closely with homeless support groups to sign up as many people with no fixed address to the electoral roll as possible. But the postal survey, should it survive a High Court challenge, will not be run by the AEC. It will be run by the Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS], which has little experience running nationwide polls like the postal survey.

 Homeless groups fear the government has not made adequate preparations to ensure young homeless people will be given postal ballots to have their say on same-sex marriage in the proposed postal survey. Junkee
The ABS? Oh FFS, look at the mess they made of the census fail! 

Also, the gov has admitted it almost let kids vote in the survey:

As political commentator Stephen Murray laid out in a comprehensive article on the issue, 16 and 17-year-olds are able to apply to be on the electoral roll. They aren’t able to vote until they turn 18, but they are legally permitted to enrol.

 The legislation makes it very clear, numerous times, that 16 and 17-year-olds who have registered to vote are on the roll, which would appear to give them the right to take part in the postal plebiscite under the government’s current ministerial direction.

The government maintained that 16 and 17-year-olds were not permitted to vote, but legal experts said the claim was unlikely to stand up in court. It really, really looked like the government had fucked up. Junkee

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

"You push me down" Music video

I dunno exactly the click I made but I came across this. It's about it all about what our Australian gov is doing to us with a postal survey.

Sam Dastyari posts Eric Abetz's 1994 press release on gays

So on Monday night Labor's Sam Dastari was on national telly with Eric Abetz on the same Question and Answer (Q&A) panel. As the conversation went along to LGBT rights and now the postal survey that the Lieberals have all deemed to be god's fuckin will or some shit (saying again to LGBT that it's our survey to save our party and fuck anyone if they don't agree with that) Labor's Sam Dastyari, Aussie citizen BTW to the exclusion of all others, ripped in to fuckwit Tasmanian moron Abetz about it all.  Watch:

I say Tasmanian moron as Abetz was a player in the bitter Tasmanian parliament debating the issue in the 1990's if being LGBT should be decriminalised. Abetz was against it and argued so, dressing his bigoted argument up in some bullshit about state vs federal rights. 

Tasmania took years to eventually decriminalise homosexuality. The "respectful" debate got very bitter and twisted on the no side from what I can gather, and eventually saw a young Tasmanian gay suicide over the hate being preached by the haters in the public domain. 

Long advocate of marriage equality Rodney Croome was deeply involved in that Tasmanian debate and appalled that a young gay man was driven to suicide over it. Croome was head of Australian Marriage Equality (AME) when the Lieberals decided that to have a national plebiscite was the best way to address their internal capitulations about LGBT getting married.

In light of Croome's Tasmanian experience of the hatred unleashed by said "repectful" debate, Croome quit as head of Australian Marriage Equality to devote all his energy at stopping the Lieberal plebiscite (we succeeded). His successor to AME is now Alex Greenwich, New South Wales independent gay senator.

I relate this to give an idea of the pain and damage a vote and "debate" in the public sphere can cause to our LGBT minority; a minority that the present homophobic gov has gone out of it's way to not protect. Abdicating their gov responsibility in doing so as Turnbull let's the lunar right bigots hold sway. Appalling, such a thing saying much about this gov...

Abetz, who is one of the far lunar right nutter backebenchers Keeping Trumbles in power, is now one of the advocates of this bullshit postal survey. You can read his press release from Tasmania in 1994 below in all it's infamous glory.

No wonder I refuse to take part in this asshole hoop that they have again fousted on us. I simply refuse to dignify this with any kind of participation in it. It's the most deepest of insults to David's and my love for each other. An unscientific survey that wouldn't at all pass an Australian Electoral Commission audit for legitimacy.

Rave over ....

Staying strong in a vile hateful "debate" on our lives - ACON graphic

The gov has given yet another platform to the bigots and extremist religious to vent their hatred at us LGBT, albeit it likely will be short lived facing a High Court challenge. The postal plebiscite (or in reality the postal survey) yet again opens the door to extremist bigots putting their lies and innuendo in the public sphere like it's the truth. They're cashed up and ready for a fight. 

They will say all manner of lies about us the longer this process goes on. That marriage is about children, who do better in hetro relationships. That the freedom to practice religion will be destroyed by marriage equality. That the LGBT bombed the headquarters of the Australian Christian Lobby. That the freedom to be a bigot will no longer exist (the humanity!). That freedom of speech will no longer exist. That the LGBT have worse mental health problems so why should they have kids, victim blaming us for the effects of their discrimination. That children will be taught the Safe Schools anti-bullying program (the humanity!). And on and on in a never ending stream of drivel, lies, half truths, innuendo and bile.

And all the while saying that it's all "respectful" discussion supported by freedom of speech.

ACON has a page dedicated to helping the mental health of the LGBT, and specifically if this plebiscite survey by some miracle ends up going ahead. The PDF is here along with other resources. Above is the Twitter graphic.

I remain completely disgusted with this gov, and committed more than ever to seing the demise of these homophobe bigots at the next election.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Angry Aussie goes bananas at the Lieberals marriage equality postal "survey" (video)

Yes darlings, the so called "postal plebiscite" isn't even that. It's nothing more than  a $122 million postal "survey". 

What a complete and utter farce. What a slap in the face for all LGBT Australians. What a total outrage against us! A none binding survey that the Lieberals will use to bind their vote to "no" as they'll design it to fail.

If the outrage even gets past the High Court, which I seriously doubt it will. After all, beyond the insult to the LGBT that this is, it's also an insult to our democracy. The Lieberals are trying to get around the parliament in a rigged vote. Such is their "born to rule" mentality.

We LGBT continue to get angrier and angrier at our treatment by this gov. This is way worse than they demonise Muslims. After all Muslims can still get married, even though the gov is trying it's very fuckin hardest to demonise them. As they are us. Difference is they can marry but David and I can't. My daughter can marry. I can't.

JUST had enough.....

Tony Burke rips gov new asshole over Barnaby being Kiwi (video)

For the overseas people reading this, the Australian constitution has a very clear law that you can't be a member of the federal parliament if you are a duel citizen of another country. There are two Lieberal ministers currently falling afoul of this law.

Adani lover Canavan has resigned as minister of his northern Australia resources portfolio after he "found out" that he'd become a duel citizen of Italy, without signing a single piece of paper to do so, blaming his mum for it all saying she made him so as an adult without his knowledge. It's going to the High Court.

Now Nationals leader of the gov coalition (the Nats get fuck all votes BTW, riding on the Lieberal gov coat tails for relevancy) Barnaby Joice has come afoul of the constitution. He's "found out" that he's a New Zealand citizen by descent of his father who was a Kiwi, despite Barnaby being born and spending his life in Australia. Apparently it all escaped his mind to actually check such things decades ago when he entered parliament. That's going to the High Court too.

So now we have a gov with a one seat majority, referring Barnaby to the High court to find out if they still have that majority. The High Court will likely make it's decision by December, leaving Australia's democracy in limbo until then. If the court decision goes against him there will have to be a by election, and the possibility he could lose his seat. Which could bring down the gov and force an early federal election.

In short Australia doesn't currently know if it has a legitimate gov. 

In short this possible illegitimate gov is hoisting an unconstitutional postal "survey" on Australia, giving bigots the chance to have a say if David and I can get married. That's going to the High Court too.

I thought I was disgusted with the plebiscite before this, but now I'm beyond disgust.

BTW, hi Ashleigh-Rose! xxx

Cat crime! - pics

*click to enlarge
I couldn't stop laughing last night when I opened the loungeroom door and discovered (insert dramatic music) a cat crime!

My daughter's cat Felix is the only cat up until now that has unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper, but that time the whole lot just ended up on the bathroom floor directly underneath the toilet roll holder.

This however was a much bigger crime. This involved the guilty cat of actually getting the roll of toilet paper off the holder and playing with it, hence unrolling it out the bathroom doorway, across the hallway, and slightly into the lounge room as the door was slightly open.

Zac can be seen in the second photo inspecting the scene of the crime. However we don't think it was Zac. We strongly suspect Cloe and Casper, but it's only circumstantial evidence based on their character profile :s Once those two get together anything can happen.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black tie the knot (video)

A lovely video of the wedding between the two of them.

Note the world has not ended and western civilisation has not collapsed 😁

Star Trek Discovery nearly here (video)

Yellow alert folks. Star Trek Discovery is nearly upon us, and will go to air on Sept 25th. From the trailer below it looks pretty bloody good to me.

Note the lady who got killed off in the coffin in The Walking Dead, now plays a key role in this series.

So have your download programs on standby and get ready for a Star Trek Torrent download. Mice at the ready to click!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Kiwi haka - best of (video)

Yes I'm a dual citizen of New Zealand a d Australia. Just like Barnyard who doesn't see to comprehend WTF that means. Evidently according to the the Oz constitution it means he wouldn't be able to enter parliament.

He is our deputy prime minister.

He should be turfed for that. as others recently have. But it's going to another high court case to decide his fate.

This could destroy the gov majority. Are we now to go to an early election?


David and I were interviewed yesterday for the HIV book project

Phil and Roy, in charge of the HIV book project, stopped by yesterday to interview us about living with HIV and all that that entails. I originally signed up myself and told David I was going to be interviewed for this book project. David was rather wary at first but as the date approached he decided he'd like to be a part of it too. So it was a double interview, us being the first couple that Phil and Roy have done so.

There's a Facebook post put up here, with a picture taken on the day and a short explanation:

Love has no bounds is an apt description of the relationship our two HIV+ models enjoy in this weekend's photo shoot and interview.

Their stories intertwine lighthearted comical anecdotes of their lives together. Peter and David share intimate details of an obviously loving relationship that has stood the test of time, of major illness, and the legal drama associated with HIV work place discrimination. All of which they have overcome.

They both share their inspiring loving story.

Thank you from Roy and Phil. The HIV Book Project 
The whole idea of the project is to give a human face to those with HIV, and that we're just people like everyone else, who live and love just like anybody.