Friday, 20 October 2017

Ombudsman says 160% increase in NBN complaints "unusual" (video)

An NBN customer's speed test
My speed test just now on ADSL2+
I'm no rocket scientist when it comes to the internet, but even blind Freddy could've seen years ago the national disaster that is now unfolding before our eyes; ie Turnbull's "multi-technology" National Broadband Network. 

What the previous Labor gov was building was fibre to the premises with the capacity at the time suggested at 1Gbps. Turnbull's fibre to the node and copper from there to the home was always going to be a lemon. Now even the technologically ignorant are finding out that the Turnbull promise of a modern Australian internet is indeed that lemon.

The NBN is already planning on upgrades after the rollout is complete. The network is that obsolete already. What Abbott and Turnbull have done is a crime which will cost billions over years to fix.


Don't leave the Yes vote to chance - Latest marriage equality add (video)

This was really well done. Folks, there's only 7 days left to get your Yes vote in the snail mail. Don't be apathetic and think your vote won't matter. That's how Brexit and Trump won. Indeed many people at protests against Trump recently after he was elected admitted they hadn't even voted. Don't leave it up to chance.


Trans school kid reports being assaulted on train by No voter

No campaign actively advocating homophobia

I would again like to thank Turnbull for this.

A trans youth still in school and who'd never before suffered violence because of who they are, says they were assaulted by a man on a train. They were wearing their school sports shirt at the time, making it obvious that they were a child.

Given the new lows reached in memes some of the No campaign is putting out there it doesn't surprise me. The above graphic is a good example. It openly advocates that it's OK to be a homophobe. Respectful debate? *pfffft*
“My older daughter called me and said Seb had rung, very upset, and needed to be picked up from the railway station,” she said. 

 “When I got there he was in tears.” 

She said Camberwell train station staff were “absolutely lovely” and police very supportive when Sebastian reported the incident. 

The alleged assault is the only violence Sebastian has experienced as a young trans person, with Anna describing his school as “great and so supportive” and their inner-east neighbourhood as “safe and boring”. 

Anna blames the campaign against marriage equality for recent violence against LGBTI people, especially young trans people. 

 “The no campaign has been played out over the bodies of trans children,” she said. 

“They’ve chosen a particular vulnerable population and targeted it.” 

Anna said she was particularly upset that a grown man had attacked a child, while other commuters didn’t intervene. 

“He’s someone who’s very obviously a school kid,” she said. 

“He had his school sports shirt on. There’s no way this person did not know that this was a child.” Star Observer  

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Labour wins gov in New Zealand election :)

Jacinta Ardern (centre) is New Zealand's next prime minister
The winds of change are blowing down under folks. In a major shift to the left the NZ Labour party has won gov in a coalition with the NZ First party. Winston Peters of the NZ First party who was left with the decision of who to back to form gov gave the following reasons why he backed Labour:
New Zealand kingmaker Winston Peters has decided the country's next prime minister will be Labour's Jacinda Ardern. 

After more than three weeks of waiting, the New Zealand First leader announced his decision on Thursday. 

Mr Winston said what swayed his decision was hearing from voters that the current leadership was "simply out of touch" with New Zealanders. 

 "We believe that capitalism must regain its human face. That perception has deeply influenced New Zealand First's negotiations," the New Zealand First leader said. 

"We had a choice to make with either National or Labour for a modified status quo or for change. 

"In our negotiations, both National and Labour were presented with that opportunity, working together, corroborating together for New Zealand. 

 "That's why in the end we chose a coalition government of New Zealand First and New Zealand Labour Party." SBS
I really liked the bit about capitalism needing to have a "human face" and that the conservative National party was just out of touch with people. I would estimate this result will be very worrying for the Abbott/Turnbull gov here in Australia.

Only 5% more renewables by 2030 under Turnbull's new energy plan (video)

The Abbott gov celebrates repealing the Gillard gov carbon tax
The capitulation to the fossil fuel industry that is the gov's new energy policy has no hope of reaching the Paris accord targets and no hope of anything like a fast transition to renewable energy. Projections in fact show that the amount of renewables bought in by 2030 will be only 5%; a pathetic number from a pathetic gov full of climate denier skeptics who still think coal is a good thing.

Here Adam Bant of the Greens rips in to the Turnbull energy policy. 


Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Famous British neo-Nazi comes out as gay & renownces Nazi's (video)

Ironic that the one's he hated so much he was one of. Virulently anti-gay for decades, Kevin Wilshaw (organiser for the National Front in the '80's) has come out as gay in an interview and renounced all that he's stood for over most of his life.

It was enlightening to hear him talk about Nazi's in the way they depersonalised people and looked at them as a group rather than people with personal lives and stories. In fact his own mother was part Jewish, but he still remained a neo-Nazi with the view that it was a big Jewish conspiracy happening and not bringing it down to a personal level.

Sound familiar Lyle Shelton? As in this debate with Australian marriage equality, the No side views the LGBT as a movement with an agenda. They don't view us as personal people with personal lives, who's only wish is to live our lives as equals in a society that has so long shunned us. Marriage equality is about David and I marrying, nothing else.

Another openly gay Nazi mentioned in the interview

Australian's see double as Turnbull ditches the Clean Energy Target (video)

Do not adjust your glasses. The image above is real. Malcolm Turnbull has once again caved to Tony Abbott and his coal cohorts and ditched Australia's Clean Energy Target (CET) in the gov's new energy policy. Credit to the Australian Youth Climate Coalition for the graphic above which came in an email about Adani.

The gov has made it worse for renewables in Australia now if they had of done nothing at all, as the new energy policy makes it mandatory to get a certain amount of electricity out of burning coal (so much for the free market).

The decision is completely at odds with Australians and will do nothing to help the gov's abysmal poll performance. Now 8 points behind Labor and behind 21 Newspolls in a row. 

Not only that, but it will make it impossible for Australia to meet it's climate change commitments to the Paris agreement. As Greens Di Natale said, you can't change the laws of physics.


The Shovel

Watch video immediately above :)

Monday, 16 October 2017

Latest desperate add by ACL against marriage equality (video)

Despite the fact that all their other adds have been roundly condemned as scare mongering of what might happen if David and I marry (fear of gay "consequences") the Australian christian Lobby still hasn't changed tactics. They still go on that if David and I marry there will be some kind of "radical" sex education in schools.

I have a daughter soon to be 27. David doesn't have kids. We have nothing to do with sex education in schools. Nothing

BTW, this latest video has comments disabled. What about freedom of speech then?


Lest we forget.... When Shelton called us Nazis (video)

During this time of the postal survey with all the bigot christians now feeling the right to hate the fuck out of us LGBT online, it's time to remember what christianity did to us  in WW2. 

We've been called everything under the sun in Australia in recent years because of our ongoing struggle for equality, by people who profess christianity. And yes we've even been called Nazi's, by Lyle Shelton as the head of the Australian christian Lobby and the late cartoonist Bill Leak.

However we should remember that the Nazi's got the support of German christians. Nazis even went to church and considered themselves as christian. Most of German christianity got on board with Hitler and his concentration camps. Gays were rounded up and imprisoned in said concentration camps and killed.

How ironic it is now that those who profess christianity such as the Australian christian Lobby are now accusing us of being like Nazis :s 
A growing body of scholarly research, some based on careful analysis of Nazi records, is clarifying this complex history.[2] It reveals a convoluted pattern of religious and moral failure in which atheism and the nonreligious played little role, except as victims of the Nazis and their allies. In contrast, Christianity had the capacity to stop Nazism before it came to power, and to reduce or moderate its practices afterwards, but repeatedly failed to do so because the principal churches were complicit with—indeed, in the pay of—the Nazis. 

Most German Christians supported the Reich; many continued to do so in the face of mounting evidence that the dictatorship was depraved and murderously cruel. Elsewhere in Europe the story was often the same. Only with Christianity’s forbearance and frequent cooperation could fascistic movements gain majority support in Christian nations. European fascism was the fruit of a Christian culture. Millions of Christians actively supported these notorious regimes. Thousands participated in their atrocities. Church and State  

The late Bill Leak legacy

Lyle Shelton reluctant to tell me if he's still a National party member?

Lyle Shelton keeps popping up on my Twitter feed with outrage against his posts by all and sundry. I however have decided a different tact and every time he show's up I reply to him asking the below question. 

It's a fair enough question. Has Shelton resigned from the National party in becoming head of the Australian Christian Lobby? One would assume so. Simple Question. So far he's not responded. Maybe he's just very busy and hasn't time to look at all the Twitter comments on his posts? That would seem a bit remiss to me.

He was of course a political advisor to Barnaby Joyce for a time after losing the 2006 state election seat of Toowoomba.


Sunday, 15 October 2017

NZ TV show mocks antigay marriage haters in Australia (video)

The Project show in New Zealand has taken the piss at all the Shelton type Australian doomsayers that fear the "consequences" of David and I marrying. New Zealand is of course known for it's extremely dry tongue in cheek humour. 


Friday, 13 October 2017

No voters protest a same sex couple's relationship outside their home (video)

More love from the christians....

Just when you thought Shelton supporters couldn't get any lower, there's this. It's hard to believe that anyone would go to such ridiculous lengths to express their opposition to marriage equality. Respectful debate my ass. This is intimidation and bullying.

I must again thank Turnbull for this. The sooner this postal survey is over the better.


I'm going to be a grandfather :)

Got a visit from my daughter today who gave the news that she's a few weeks pregnant and I was going to be a grandfather. She's only 27 next month so I don't see any problems at all with the pregnancy. I congratulated her and said the best thing about being a grandfather is you can hand the baby back when they need changing :)

So how's that? I'll be a grandfather at 56.  

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Now Turnbull gov is coming after middle income "Howard battlers" (video)

Whilst those unfortunate enough as I have had to rely on a welfare pittance to survive below the poverty line, the gov has gone about demonising us as welfare cheats bludging off taxpayers. Many in agreement with that are middle income people who work very hard for their money (as I did for 30 years full time before I became ill) who get sucked in to the gov rhetoric that those on welfare are just bludging off the system whilst they go to work to pay for it.

Simplistic logic but it works for a lot of people. The notion that working people shouldn't stand idly by whilst the gov puts the boot in to the most vulnerable Australians seems to escape them. 

However what also seems to have escaped them is that if the gov can rip $4 billion dollars out of the poorest Australians, and they don't stand up for them, who is the gov going to go after next? If they get away with it with us, who's to say who'll they'll try it on with next?

Well it turns out that now the gov has done just that. They're now kicking Howard's battlers. As with us on welfare being gouged $4 billion as the gov wants $50 billion in tax cuts for corporations that pay fuck all tax anyway, the so called Howard Battlers will bear the highest brunt of that in tax increases.

I feel like saying I told you so.


Lyle Shelton was a National party candidate - 2006 QLD state election

Campaign headquarters, 2006
The link between the Australian Christian Lobby and the Liberal/National Coalition is now complete. Lyle Shelton going so far as to run as a candidate in Toowoomba in the 2006 Queensland state election. After failing at that he spent time being a political advisor to Barnaby Joyce. No wonder the Lieberals give him a voice on the national stage, despite the ACL in 2016 having only 11 full time staff.

Amazing what a bit of digging can turn up. First there was this synopsis of Shelton's life advertising his last month's speaking engagement at "Life City Church" against marriage equality: 
About Lyle Shelton
A journalist by profession, Lyle began his career working for regional and farming newspapers in Queensland. He was later appointed Group Commodities Editor for Rural Press Limited, based in Melbourne, Victoria. After six years in journalism, Lyle returned to his home town of Toowoomba to serve as youth pastor at Toowoomba City Church.

In 2000, he was elected to the Toowoomba City Council and was re-elected in 2004. He contested to the 2006 Queensland State election as a candidate for the National Party but was not successful. After a short stint as a political advisor to Queensland Senators Ron Boswell and Barnaby Joyce, Lyle was approached to apply for the position of Chief of Staff at the Australian Christian Lobby. In 2007 he and his family moved to Canberra where he served in this position for the next six years. In 2013 he was appointed Managing Director of ACL. Lyle is married to Wendy and they have four children. Life City Church
I'd heard bits and pieces about him being a National party candidate, so I dug further. He contested the Toowoomba seat in the 2006 state election. Above is a picture outside his campaign headquarters which I found on Flickr.

Also, the ABC Queensland election site for 2006 has a description of both candidates:
Main Candidates 
Sitting Labor MP Kerry Shine was a local solicitor before his election to Parliament. He was the Labor candidate in this normally unwinnable seat in 1998, and probably did not expect to win at his second attempt in 2001, and may even have been surprised to increase his margin by more than 5% in 2004. His National Party opponent is Toowoomba City Councillor Lyle Shelton, who was serving his second term on the Council until forced to stand down by the Beattie government's law that prevents sitting councillors holding their seats while running for state Parliament. He played a prominent part in the 'No' case at the recent Toowoomba sewage re-cycling referendum. ABC
So there you have it. Lyle Shelton was a card carrying member and candidate of the QLD National party. I do wonder after that, is Shelton still a member of the National Party? Whatever the case is, he's definitely not an independent voice but a stooge of the far right in the gov. 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Europe takes the piss on US gun addiction (viral video)

After Las Vegas's gun massacre the consensus here is pretty much, well it's just going to keep happening over there because they won't change their laws. Seriously, if a classroom of school kids being shot at doesn't change anything then nothing will. As usual the sale of guns went up after Las Vegas.

This European video (Dutch but the skit is English) I suspect is more out of frustration that we keep seeing fellow human beings shot down senselessly over there, particularly those of us after Pulse who are LGBT. Everyone offers meaningless "thoughts and prayers" but nothing ever changes. WTF is wrong with US people? It's like they've got some ideological disease.

Of course Australia hasn't had a gun Massacre for over 20 years, since the gun laws were changed after Port Author. 


Abbott - internet is "video entertainment system" not deserving $50billion (video 2010)

I've posted this before but as the internet gets progressively worse with huge demand for streaming video such as Netflix, it's worth looking back to 2010 when Abbott was then opposition leader to the Labor gov. Labor was then rolling out fibre to the premises with a high end capacity for 1Gbps across Australia. 

Abbott in this video describes the internet as nothing more than a "video  entertainment system" not worthy of spending $50 billion on. He even goes on to say it'd be better spent on things that he and Turnbull have slashed funding for drastically, particularly hospitals. (He's also on record as describing social media as nothing more than "electronic graffiti"). 

So instead of a cheap minimum 100Mbps with fibre to the premises (as is now being rolled out across the Tasman in New Zealand) the opposition came up with something that maybe would just cope with the internet in 2010. Today this is what they're still rolling out now in 2017. Those unfortunate enough to get the outdated fibre to the node are stuck with slow speeds of only 25Mbps, if that. 

The Lieberal ignorance of technology will cost billions to fix over time. And it will have to be fixed. What many are getting would be barely able to cope with the internet in 2010, let alone today. This is why the Australian internet infrastructure build has turned in to what has been described as a "national tragedy".

What's more the Turnbull plan has already blown out to over $50 billion anyway, what Labor had budgeted with fibre to the premises. In fact Turnbull has had to buy so much copper to fix the old phone system infrastructure that there's debate about whether he's increased the world price of copper in doing so.


Anglican church created to redefine marriage, gives $1 million to No campaign


Hypocrisy alert!

Not to mention the irony. The Anglican church was created in England so a British king (Henry the 8th) could marry outside of the hallowed Catholic church. King Henry basically gave the Catholic church the finger and created his own church and got married in it; the Anglican church. Effectively changing the religious definition of marriage.
The leader of a church that was only created so that King Henry VIII could remarry to another woman without having to cut his wife’s head off, have today declared they are not in support of changing the legal definition of marriage in Australia. 

 The Coalition for Marriage has confirmed the No campaign received a $1 million donation from the Anglican Diocese of Sydney to help fund the case against same sex marriage – which would result in a drastic addition of three new words to The Marriage Act. 

 The donation was publicly announced by Archbishop Glenn Davies in his address to the 51st Synod earlier today — a meeting of all the churches in the Sydney Diocese — but was made about a month ago – around about the same time Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was being criticised by Christian politicians for publicly backing the rights of 70% of his staff who are currently unable to get married. Betooda Advocate   

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

"Love is in the air" - John Paul Young, Taylor Square SSM concert (video)

The other day they had a marriage equality concert in the heart of gay Sydney Taylor Square. John Paul Young was there and sang "Love is in the air".


US far right involved in Australian postal survey for No side - invasion of privacy concerns

Clients of uCampaign
How is that even legal? How can a foreign power be allowed to exert influence over a domestic Australian survey run by the Bureau of Statistics? Americans are crying foul about Russian influence in their presidential election, but now the Yanks are doing the same thing to Australia. The app released even uses miles and yards instead of kilometres and metres.

Fuck off Yanks and mind your own bloody business! Keep your nose out of our elections. It's bad enough that ever Australian far right loony gets to "have their say" on our lives, let alone those fuckwits in the US too.

An email sent from the Equality campaign explains:
We’ve known for a while now that the ‘no’ campaign has some big backers from the right in the USA. But last week we had it confirmed.

The 'no' campaign have launched their ‘Freedom Team’ app. According to the Sydney Morning Herald the app was developed for them by “American company Political Social Media LLC, trading as uCampaign, which built apps for Donald Trump's presidential campaign, Brexit's "Vote Leave" and the powerful National Rifle Association.” [1] The app prompts ‘no’ supporters to visit the homes of undecided voters.

The ‘no’ campaign have already received help from right wing sources in the USA. Republican-linked US pollster WPA Intelligence has been targeting households with robocalls which the Australian Market and Social Research Society described as “push polling” for the ‘no’ campaign.

All of this can’t have been cheap.

Let me level with you. We don’t have this kind of backing. We never expected to – but we also didn’t think the ‘no’ side would be linked so heavily to the American right.

The ‘no’ campaign have been 100% negative and have tried to talk about anything but marriage equality, while our YES campaign has been 100% positive and talked about a fairer Australia.

We don’t need to match the ‘no’ campaign. But we do need to make sure our campaign can reach those YES supporters who haven’t yet posted their YES.

We’re doing that through highly effective online advertising aimed at getting YES supporters who haven’t posted yet posted their form to get their YES vote in the mail.

Can you help us continue to message these voters?
You can donate to the equality campaign here

The Sydney Morning Herald has more. If you thought a random text message was invasive, get a load of this. If this isn't an invasion of anyone's privacy then I don't know what is:
Among the features of the "Freedom Team" app, launched Wednesday evening, is a tool that maps the home addresses of people whom the Coalition for Marriage says have not yet engaged with the campaign. 

 "The app will provide turn by turn directions to your nearest neighbour who is yet to hear from the campaign," the Coalition told supporters in an email. "And it will give you talking points for when you get to the door." 

The design means people's home addresses are supplied to thousands of potential doorknockers. After visiting the home, users can mark the resident as "not home", "refused", "bad info" or "survey", indicating they have been interviewed. 

 It was not clear how the list of addresses was generated. The Coalition for Marriage said the data it used came from the Australian census and the government's freely available Geocoded National Address File. 

The app was clunky when tested on Thursday. Fairfax Media was able to mark a resident as "not home" or "refused" without actually traveling to the address, although the app required the user to be within 18 yards (16 metres) of the home to actually commence a "survey" (the app measures distance in imperial units including yards and miles). 

 As with uCampaign's products in the US, the Freedom Team app attempts to "gamify" the campaign by creating a social network and allocating "action points" to users for each activity or referral they undertake. Sydney Morning Herald
  What's more, they're using the archaic old US imperial system of miles and yards. Miles and yards? Only in America, not Australia. This imported app has no place in our country or our democracy. Imagine if this was a federal election and this was happening. There'd rightly be an uproar. Why is it OK to do it in a survey of Australians about our lives?

Cat Pride :)

*click to enlarge
Here they all are, our little cat pride luxuriating together on the beloved pink blanket.

Zac is close to his little mate Cloe who he's really taken under his paw (two left cats). Natasha seems to have taken it on herself to teach Casper and keep him in line. He's got a few biffs on the head with her paw now and then.

We found out Natasha is younger than we thought. David rang the vet where she was fixed and microchiped and it turns out she's only a bit under 14. Said to David that's a big miscalculation, 4 years :s  

MP Matt Canavan confronted by gay man over SSM - Q&A (video)

Gov minister Matt Canavan (who's still waiting for the high court to rule if he's even eligible to be in parliament because he's a dual citizen) appeared on last night's Q&A and was confronted by a gay man over the whole marriage equality survey. In particular his comment that gays should "grow a spine" in the debate.

Of course he had the usual argument from the No camp of being persecuted and censored by the Yes people, sheesh. Then he said said how terrible it was that LGBT people dared to point out the high rates of suicide among young LGBT, feigning outrage that people lives could be used to gain political points. Needless to say he didn't do the No side any favours.

Perhaps the best point was made near the very end by the gay audience member:
But Canavan’s comments didn’t hold much sway with the questioner, who went on to ask why we needed to conduct the postal survey – rather than a parliamentary vote – in the first place.

“We’ve lived in a democracy for more than a hundred years,” he said. “Why does this one ‘debate’ as you call it… need a different brand of democracy to any other law that we’ve ever passed?” Junkee
Of course we all know the answer to that.....


Monday, 9 October 2017

Cat night vision - Zac and Cloe (pics)

*click to enlarge
It's been one of the warmest Sydney winters ever, and we now have an unseasonably hot Spring. Hence the Kitchen door left open at the beginning of the night to let air in.

Zac and Cloe are close mates. A cat team. Zac is teaching her the ways of cat observation in view of a cat prey. It looks as dark as the ace of spades out there expecially with the kitchen light on, but they seem to see it all. 

Zac 3 years old in human, Cloe it's her first Spring. 


De facto's don't have the same rights as married couples - Amnesty Int.

I was going to post this much earlier today but Turnbull's internet in Eastern Sydney has been almost unusable all day. ADSL2+ in 2017, with even the NBN a year off by current estimates. But I digress....

Anyway, the other day Australia's fossil fool captain made another captain's call. This is up there with his "marriage has been between a man and a woman since time immemorial". Obviously he has no idea of the Biblical form of marriage in only recent human history. It's a complete lie.

But of course the christians will use the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, to condemn us.

This time Abbott comes out with the line that gay people, being de facto's, have all the same rights as married people do anyway so why do they want to be married? Again, another lie.
That, in fact, is the Australia we've had for years. It's a long time, thank God, since gay people have been discriminated against and just about everyone old enough to remember that time is invariably embarrassed at the intolerance that was once common. Already, indeed, same sex couples in a settled domestic relationship have exactly the same rights as people who are married.

To demand "marriage equality", therefore, is quite misleading. Same sex couples already have that. This debate is about changing marriage, not extending it. And if you change marriage, you change society; because marriage is the basis of family; and family is the foundation of community. Sydney Morning Herald
Amnesty International has even taken Abbott to task over it.  An example from the article:
Differences under law The laws regarding de facto couples differ between states and the Commonwealth, and from one right to another. 

For Centrelink purposes, you are a de facto couple from the moment you start living together; for migration law it is after 12 months of cohabiting (unless you have a child together or de facto relationships are illegal in your country of origin). 

Under family law it is different again: a minimum of two years (unless you have a child together, have registered your relationship, or have made significant contributions to the relationship). 

Where married couples use IVF, both spouses are automatically legal parents. But for de facto couples using reproductive technologies, their child’s parentage depends on whether a de facto relationship is proven to exist. 

Couples who are or were married must file for property and/or spousal maintenance proceedings in the Family Court within one year of finalising a divorce, but have the option to agree to an extension of time in which to file. No such provision exists for de facto couples; they must file proceedings within two years. 

In many states, a new marriage nullifies an existing will, unless that will was quite specifically worded. This is not the case when you enter a new de facto relationship. In the latter situation, if you die before making a new will, a court might need to decide how your assets are allocated (with costs borne by your estate). 

 In all contexts, de facto relationships require significant proof, which means partners may have to provide evidence about their living and child care arrangements, sexual relationship, finances, ownership of property, commitment to a shared life and how they present as a couple in public. These criteria can be absent from a heterosexual marriage, but it is still deemed a marriage. 

Despite the wording in the marriage ceremony that marriage “is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”, it is up to married partners whether or not they share their finances, their housework, their childcare responsibilities, their homes or their beds, and how long they want to stay married. Amnesty
There's no legal reason to refuse one section of society equality under the law. No legal reason why a portion of society should be allowed to access a marriage institution whilst excluding others. Abbott again shows himself to be last century's man yet again. 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Overseas Aussies can vote in the marriage equality survey (video)

Wherever you are on the globe you can still vote in the marriage equality survey in Australia. Watch to see how.


Saturday, 7 October 2017

Vote counting for SSM survey being done by a private company - my old work (video)

Well well well. I suspected so but this is the first confirmation I've seen. The postal survey is being done by my old work that I was at for thirteen and a half years, before they canned the whole Print dept and outsourced it. About ten or of us (or "units" as we were described) were made redundant.

I joined the company when it was HPA and in Erskineville. Not long after it moved head office to Matraville, which suited me fine as it was much closer to home for me. That plant I worked at for the remainder of the 13 years I was employed with them. During that time they were bought out by Salmat in a friendly takeover, and not long after my redundancy they were bought by Fuji Xerox. Not long after that they closed the Matraville plant and merged it with their Moorebank plant, making that the new head office. Website here.

Of course because of the sensitive mailing (bills, statements, etc) everyone is required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Those odd people who breached that agreement were summarily fired. All fair enough.

As it's such a big mailing house I suspected it would be one of the few in Australia that could handle a 16 million run through the laser and mailing machines. The Handline dept would be the one doing the counting; a whole dept of people sitting at tables doing handline stuff, like opening letters and counting votes. No doubt Handline has a large number of casuals bought in for this. Yes, my human rights in the hands of casuals 😕

Some might question the vote being done by a private company, but I'd say that it's all pretty safe with this one. Strange though that a vote about my human rights is now being counted by my old work. Many of the Handline staff there would know me. 
Observers tasked with maintaining the integrity of the same-sex marriage postal survey count are subject to a confidentiality agreement that bans them from ever speaking about it publicly. 

Vote counting for Australia’s voluntary non-binding same-sex marriage postal survey is under way at a Fuji Xerox office in Moorebank in Sydney’s south-west. 

But representatives from the yes and no campaigns who are observing the counting are powerless to challenge disputed survey responses, and face prosecution if they speak out about irregularities in the process. 

Guardian Australia has obtained copies of the confidentiality deed that all observers are required to sign, as well as guidelines that spell out their role assuring “the integrity of the count”. Guardian  
Video below has a lot of little clips of the process going on. I've probably used some of those blue stack trolleys myself. Small world.


Aust. internet could collapse in peak times - NBN lemon files

I present the gov's technological incapability
What is it about this gov and technology? Abbot infamously described the internet as nothing more than a "video playback device". Now it can barely even do that.

An expert is warning that with the huge uptake in streaming media, such as Netflix, the NBN will be in danger of collapsing during peak time in the evenings.

Well for us it's already happening. It's been very noticeable the change in the internet in the last couple of years here in eastern Sydney. Especially at peak times. Recently in fact there are times when I've had to just give up and turn off the PC as it simply won't connect to anything. It says that it's online and connected but nothing connects.

The best times are in the mornings before midday, all seems to go well then. After that anything can happen. Turning the modem off and on (power surging) seems to work well, but sometimes even that fails. Can't even log in to email or anything.

We're still on ADSL2+ with the NBN probably about a year off. Likely because Kingsford Smith is a safe Labor seat.
Australia’s internet is at risk of collapse at peak hour as the public’s love of internet streaming outpaces the broadband network’s capacity to handle the traffic, an expert has warned. 

 “The network could effectively stop between 5pm to 9pm,” Mark Gregory, electronic and telecommunications associate professor at RMIT University, told The New Daily. 

He said the unprecedented uptake of high definition (HD) online streaming services, such as Netflix, put Australia in danger of a network collapse during peak time despite the nation’s biggest-ever $49 billion infrastructure spend on the national broadband network (NBN). 

New figures last week from the Australian Bureau of Statistics demonstrated our growing obsession with binge watching, revealing Australians download one million terabytes of data between March and June this year. 

Total downloads in Australia between June 2016 and June 2017 grew by a massive 43 per cent to just shy of three million terabytes. 

 This all comes as the total number of internet users grew by only 2.1 per cent, suggesting demand will continue to surge regardless of population growth. The New Daily  

Friday, 6 October 2017

Cat space

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I walked into our bedroom to this. Bottom left Zac, top left Natasha, and right Cloe. Cloe rolls on her side looking cute when she sees you. Zac is "Meh". Natasha is "I know you're there just let me sleep".

Update: Some hours later Casper (white) got into the act. Zac is still "meh, like whatever", Casper is thrilled to be partaking in the bed ritual and totally snuggled, and Natasha has not changed her spot and still wants to sleep in peace.