Sunday, 3 December 2017

UN says you can't discriminate over religion

The UN is visiting several countries including Australia, to encourage companies to adopt their new Standards of Conduct for Businesses in regards to discrimination against LGBT people in the workplace. 

In what will send shivers down the spine of Lyle Shelton and his Australian Christian Lobby, the UN specifically points out that LGBT should not be discriminated against in the workplace because of a person's religious beliefs.

So what's next for the ACL and Shelton? Shelton vs the United Nations? It wouldn't surprise me.
Even though the officials in the company may not hold discriminatory attitudes, Ms Gilmore said there was a duty of care to ensure peers and relationships with suppliers and customers rooted out discrimination. 

The Deputy High Commissioner praised companies in the United States who denounced the controversial "bathroom bill" for transgender people, and said it was a good example of companies fighting for human rights. 

So far, 24 companies have signed up to the UN's standard of conduct and an additional seven will be announced at the Melbourne event, which follows from events in New York, Mumbai, Paris, London and Hong Kong. 

Ms Gilmore said discrimination against LGBTI people in Australia was real and it affected their ability to talk openly about their relationships. 

She said people had a right to their religious beliefs, but they should not impose those beliefs on others. 

"There's no religion, tradition or culture, no matter how fervently held that can be used to deny others their human rights," she said.
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Lyle.

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